Feel the breath of spring, Chongqing is full of flowers and intoxicated tourists.

After beginning of spring, everything recovered, and the life that had been dormant for a winter was quietly in full bloom, and it entered Chongqing’s parks, scenic spots and sightseeing agricultural complexes. Pear blossoms were whiter than snow, rape blossoms were gorgeous and warm, peach blossoms were tender and delicate, and plum blossoms, plum blossoms, begonia flowers and tulips all blossomed brilliantly.
On February 24th, the reporter of New Chongqing-Chongqing Daily combed the information released by the Municipal Cultural Tourism Commission and other departments, specially arranged a number of good places to enjoy flowers, punched in with family and friends, and felt the breath of spring at a glance.
When you go to Chongqing to enjoy flowers in spring, the first thing is naturally the "train to spring" talked about by countless netizens. Its address is located in Fotuguan Park, Yuzhong District. At present, the plum blossom here has been opened for the second time. In addition to the colorful flowers and quiet and pleasant fragrance, you can also take a close-up photo with Rail Transit Line 2 when you go to Fotuguan Park to enjoy the plum blossom. It should be reminded that citizens and tourists come here to enjoy the flowers and take photos. Apart from the fact that the rail train passes through the flowers, the scene of the train on Line 2 entering the tunnel in front of Daping Station is also very aesthetic. The wide angle of the lens can be enlarged, and the picture of Jialing River water and binjiang road can be captured.
▲ Plum blossoms along Baigongguan-Zhazidong Scenic Area. Photo courtesy of respondents
At present, the foot of Geleshan Mountain has a breath of spring. Tens of thousands of square meters of red plums are planted in Meiyuan in Geleshan and along the east side of Baigongguan to the south side of Zhazidong. Citizens and tourists can first take photos and punch in the hillside beside Songshan Square/in front of Zhazidong, and then walk along the mountain line, enjoying the flowers and enjoying the Hongyan spirit.
▲ Plum blossoms in Caiyunhu National Wetland Park in Jiulongpo. Photo courtesy of respondents
At present, a wide variety of plum blossoms have been in full bloom in Caiyunhu National Wetland Park in Jiulongpo District. In addition to a large area of Meilin landscape, the entrance, platform and other venues are also decorated with cultural landscape elements such as landscape walls and cave doors, which increases the cultural atmosphere of Meiyuan.
The plum blossoms in Huayan tourist area have a unique style against the red wall, which can let citizens and tourists appreciate the leisurely Zen of red plum. Plum blossoms are planted on the roadside around the lake in the tourist area, which is combined with the scenery around the lake and has a unique charm.
▲ Cherry blossoms in Jiangjun Village, Qitang Town, Bishan. Photo courtesy of respondents
Jiangjun Village, Qitang Town, Bishan District, a small farmhouse with brick walls and blue tiles, is embedded between green mountains and green waters, and the clouds are faint and smoky, which is a vibrant scene. At present, more than 100,000 cherry blossoms here are also in full bloom, and the trees and clouds are bright and moving, much like the comic book world. In addition to cherry blossom viewing, you can also go fishing, pick fruits and vegetables, taste farm dishes, etc., which has an original ecological countryside taste.
More than 60,000 red cherry blossoms have also entered the best viewing period in the beautiful cherry blossom sea scenic spot in Jinlong Village, Shimen Town, Jiangjin. A cherry blossom feast, a beautiful myth and a feeling of traveling through time and space … At present, the eighth Red Cherry Blossom Festival and the second classic "Shan Hai Jing" are being held in the scenic spot, offering a visual and cultural feast to tourists.
▲ Rape flowers in the hometown of Chen Yu in Weinan. Photo courtesy of respondents
The 2024 Chongqing Tongnan Chentuan Hometown Cauliflower Festival will also open on February 28th, inviting citizens and tourists to meet "Tong": enjoy the most beautiful flowers and punch in the most beautiful spring. This year, the cauliflower festival lasted for one month, built 30,000 mu of high-quality art scenic spots, upgraded and put into use 68 kinds of amusement facilities, and launched more than 20 wonderful cultural tourism activities in three categories, with many fancy new explosions and fancy new games to let tourists enjoy the "rhyme of spring".
▲ Jinfeng Jiufeng Lihua Mountain in High-tech Zone. Photo courtesy of respondents
It is worth mentioning that the Municipal Urban Management Bureau has also issued the "Spring in Parks in Chongqing in 2024", which includes the flower viewing information of nearly 50 flowering plants in more than 220 flower viewing spots from February to May in all districts and counties of the city, including urban parks, street roads, squares, flower seedling bases and rural tourist destinations.
At the same time, major parks in Chongqing will also hold a series of "Spring in the Park" activities, including lantern viewing, cultural performances, theme photography, popular science interaction and many other special cultural activities. Interested citizens and tourists can check the guide through "Chongqing Urban Management" WeChat WeChat official account.

Newsletter: The 2024 FIVB Beach Volleyball Championship will be held in Yunyang.

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The Deed Tax Law will be implemented from now on: the deed tax will be exempted in six situations, such as the transfer of ownership by husband and wife and the inheritance of real estate by children

The Deed Tax Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) (hereinafter referred to as the Deed Tax Law) shall come into force on September 1, 2021, and the Provisional Regulations on Deed Tax of People’s Republic of China (PRC) (hereinafter referred to as the Provisional Regulations) shall be abolished at the same time. Has the deed tax rate really increased? Compared with the Provisional Regulations, which provisions of the Deed Tax Law have changed and which have not? Don’t worry, we’ve arranged it for you.
1. The statutory tax rate has not changed.
The Deed Tax Law maintains the tax rate of 3% ~ 5% as stipulated in the Provisional Regulations, and does not increase it. It only adjusts the procedure for determining the applicable tax rate according to the principle of statutory taxation: it is determined by the provincial people’s government and put forward by the provincial people’s government and reported to the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress at the same level for decision, and then put on record according to regulations.
Second, the scope of taxation has been slightly adjusted.
The scope of taxation stipulated in the Deed Tax Law has been slightly adjusted, and the most important thing is to include the "transfer of collectively operated construction land" in the scope of taxation.
Third, the preferential targets have been expanded.
On the basis of the original preferential treatment, the Deed Tax Law has added provisions to exempt some non-profit organizations from deed tax. At the same time, the Deed Tax Law makes it clear that if the ownership of land and house is changed between husband and wife during the marriage relationship, the legal heirs can enjoy the privilege of exemption from deed tax by inheriting the ownership of land and house.
Fourth, it is more convenient to declare and pay taxes.
The Deed Tax Law combines the declaration period and the tax payment period into one, so taxpayers can complete the declaration and tax payment at one time before going through the registration formalities of land and house ownership.
Fifth, the rights and interests of taxpayers are more secure.
The Deed Tax Law also clarifies the tax refund situation and strengthens the confidentiality of tax-related information, which is an important embodiment of fully protecting taxpayers’ rights and interests.
See the following table for details of specific changes:
People’s Republic of China (PRC) deed tax law
(Adopted at the 21st meeting of the 13th the NPC Standing Committee on August 11th, 2020)
Article 1 The units and individuals who transfer the ownership of land and houses within the territory of People’s Republic of China (PRC) are taxpayers of deed tax and shall pay the deed tax in accordance with the provisions of this Law.
Article 2 The transfer of ownership of land and houses as mentioned in this Law refers to the following acts:
(a) the transfer of land use rights;
(two) the transfer of land use rights, including sale, gift and exchange;
(three) the sale, gift and exchange of houses.
The transfer of land use right mentioned in the second paragraph of the preceding paragraph does not include the transfer of land contractual management right and land management right.
Where the ownership of land and houses is transferred by means of fixed-price investment (share purchase), debt repayment, transfer or reward, deed tax shall be levied in accordance with the provisions of this Law.
Article 3 The deed tax rate is 3% to 5%.
The specific applicable tax rate of deed tax shall be proposed by the people’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government within the tax rate range specified in the preceding paragraph, submitted to the Standing Committee of the people’s congress at the same level for decision, and reported to the NPC Standing Committee and the State Council for the record.
Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government may, in accordance with the procedures prescribed in the preceding paragraph, determine different tax rates for the transfer of ownership of different subjects, different regions and different types of housing.
Article 4 Tax basis for deed tax:
(a) the transfer and sale of land use rights, the sale of houses, the transaction price determined for the transfer contract of land and house ownership, including the money to be delivered and the price corresponding to the physical objects and other economic benefits;
(two) land use rights swap, housing swap, the difference between the exchanged land use rights and housing prices;
(3) The land use right gift, house gift and other transfer of land and house ownership without price are the prices legally approved by the tax authorities with reference to the market price of land use right sale and house sale.
If the difference between the transaction price and the swap price declared by the taxpayer is obviously low without justifiable reasons, it shall be verified by the tax authorities in accordance with the provisions of the Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) Municipality on the Administration of Tax Collection.
Article 5 The taxable amount of deed tax shall be calculated by multiplying the tax basis by the specific applicable tax rate.
Article 6 Under any of the following circumstances, the deed tax shall be exempted:
(1) State organs, institutions, social organizations and military units shall inherit the ownership of land and houses for office, teaching, medical care, scientific research and military facilities;
(two) non-profit schools, medical institutions, social welfare institutions to bear the ownership of land and housing for office, teaching, medical care, scientific research, pension, relief;
(three) bear the barren hills, wasteland, wasteland land use rights for agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery production;
(four) during the marriage relationship between husband and wife to change the ownership of land and housing;
(five) the legal heir to inherit the ownership of land and housing through inheritance;
(six) foreign embassies, consulates and representative offices of international organizations in China that should be exempted from tax according to the law shall inherit the ownership of land and houses.
According to the needs of national economic and social development, the State Council can provide for the exemption or reduction of deed tax for the housing needs of residents, enterprise restructuring and post-disaster reconstruction, and report it to the NPC Standing Committee for the record.
Article 7 Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government may decide to exempt or reduce deed tax in the following cases:
(a) because the land and houses are expropriated and requisitioned by the people’s governments at or above the county level, the ownership of the land and houses is re-assumed;
(two) the loss of housing due to force majeure, to bear the ownership of housing.
Specific measures for the exemption or reduction of deed tax stipulated in the preceding paragraph shall be proposed by the people’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, submitted to the Standing Committee of the people’s congress at the same level for decision, and reported to the NPC Standing Committee and the State Council for the record.
Article 8 Taxpayers who change the use of relevant land and houses, or have other circumstances that no longer belong to the exemption or reduction of deed tax as stipulated in Article 6 of this Law, shall pay the tax that has been exempted or reduced.
Article 9 The time when the obligation to pay taxes on deed tax occurs is the day when the taxpayer signs the land and house ownership transfer contract, or the day when the taxpayer obtains other certificates with the nature of the land and house ownership transfer contract.
Tenth taxpayers should declare and pay the deed tax before going through the registration formalities of land and house ownership according to law.
Article 11 After a taxpayer handles tax payment, the tax authorities shall issue deed tax payment vouchers. Taxpayers handle the registration of land and house ownership, and the real estate registration agency shall check the deed tax payment, tax reduction or exemption certificate or relevant information. If the deed tax is not paid in accordance with the regulations, the real estate registration agency shall not handle the registration of land and housing ownership.
Article 12 Before the registration of land and house ownership in accordance with the law, if the ownership transfer contract or the nature certificate of the ownership transfer contract is invalid, invalid, revoked or cancelled, the taxpayer may apply to the tax authorities for refund of the tax paid, and the tax authorities shall handle it according to the law.
Thirteenth tax authorities shall establish a deed tax information sharing and cooperation mechanism with relevant departments. Natural resources, housing and urban construction, civil affairs, public security and other relevant departments shall provide the tax authorities with information related to the transfer of land and housing ownership in a timely manner, and assist the tax authorities in strengthening the management of deed tax collection.
The tax authorities and their staff shall keep confidential the personal information of taxpayers they know in the process of tax collection and management, and shall not disclose or illegally provide it to others.
Article 14 The deed tax shall be collected and managed by the tax authorities where the land and houses are located in accordance with this Law and the Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on Tax Collection and Management.
Fifteenth taxpayers, tax authorities and their staff in violation of the provisions of this law, in accordance with the "People’s Republic of China (PRC) tax collection and management law" and the provisions of relevant laws and regulations shall be investigated for legal responsibility.
Article 16 This Law shall come into force as of September 1, 2021. On July 7, 1997, the Provisional Regulations on Deed Tax in People’s Republic of China (PRC) issued by the State Council was abolished at the same time.
Source: China Tax News, New Media, Legal Home.

On the first day of work years later, all walks of life in the new district quickly entered the working state.

  Open column language

  New year’s new atmosphere, strive to open a new bureau! 2023 is the first year to implement the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, a crucial year for Tianjin to build a socialist modern metropolis in an all-round way, and a crucial year to speed up the construction of a beautiful "coastal city" in the new era. At the beginning of the new year in the Year of the Rabbit, all the development zones, towns, departments and units in Binhai New Area are working hard, and every minute counts. A tough battle centered on the implementation of high-quality development support and leading actions in Binhai New Area is blowing horns and beating drums in the land of Bincheng. The vast number of builders in the new area are facing difficulties and seizing the opportunity. With the winning belief and high-spirited attitude of "starting at the beginning of the year, starting a decisive battle", they have turned a high-quality development "construction drawing" into a "real map". In order to fully show the vivid situation and brand-new look of "struggling to open a new bureau and make a good start" in the new district, and further carry forward the spirit of "starting a second business" in Binhai New Area, the media center of Binhai New Area has launched a column "Bincheng opened a new bureau to win a good start".

  Yesterday was the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday. The reporter walked into various departments, enterprises and construction sites in Binhai New Area, and a busy labor scene appeared in front of him. Everyone has said that we should start early, not take a nap, and quickly enter the working state with a full mental state to show the new year’s new atmosphere.

  The department actively serves the enterprise masses.

  At 9 o’clock yesterday morning, the government service staff in the bonded area had already sat in front of the computer. "Hello, what business do you handle?" The deputy agent wearing a "red ribbon" warmly greeted the staff of the enterprise after seeing them. After inquiry, it was learned that it was the enterprise that needed to apply for the Drainage Permit. Under the guidance of the deputy agent, the enterprise staff soon got the Drainage Permit through the "notification commitment system".

  "I thought that just after the New Year, the approval of the license would not be so fast. I didn’t expect the work efficiency of the bonded area to be so high after the year. It is so convenient for the company to get the Drainage Permit immediately by signing the letter of commitment! " The business staff said with satisfaction.

  Teng Lizhen, head of the government affairs service hall in the bonded area, said: "Although today is the first working day after the Spring Festival, the service windows of the government affairs service hall have all been opened, and the staff members are full of enthusiasm and full of energy to receive the business people who come to handle business.

  On the first day of work, the reporter learned from the District People’s Social Security Bureau that in order to seize the favorable opportunity of the Spring Festival and actively implement the relevant policies of stabilizing employment and ensuring employment, the new district began to organize a "Spring Breeze Action and Employment Assistance Month" job fair every week from January 29, and organized a live post-taking activity every month. In combination with the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, offline recruitment activities were launched in a timely manner to build an efficient docking platform for employers and job seekers to help all kinds of people with employment needs get full employment. The vast number of job seekers and enterprises can log on to "Bincheng Employment Talent Network" in https://www.bhrc.com.cn to sign up.

  It is understood that the activities are mainly aimed at rural workers who are willing to work and start businesses, including rural laborers who plan to go out to work and start businesses nearby, migrant workers, workers who come to Tianjin in the pairing assistance area, all kinds of people with employment difficulties, graduates from previous universities and other job seekers, as well as employers with employment needs, especially key industrial chain supply chain enterprises.

  Enterprises strive to achieve a "good start"

  On the first day of work years later, although the festive atmosphere has not completely dissipated, all the staff of Tianjin International Biomedical Joint Research Institute quickly returned to their posts with full spirit and started a new journey in the New Year. In the laboratory on the eighth floor, several staff members in lab clothes are absorbed in the experimental operation. The R&D Center for Transformation Products of the Joint Research Institute has been deployed according to the work plan for 2023, and the annual order task has been arranged. All the staff of the center began to carry out relevant experiments in early January. "At present, the first batch of customized synthetic orders (ADC drug Liner) has been completed halfway. On the first day after the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the center staff immediately put into the experiment, made synthetic feeding, and closely connected the experimental work before the holiday to ensure that the order task was completed in an orderly manner according to the time node. " Dr. Cai Yan, director of the R&D Center for Transformation Products of the Joint Research Institute, was busy with the experiment while introducing it.

  Yesterday, the reporter learned from Lishen Battery, an enterprise in High-tech Zone, that Lishen Battery adheres to the spirit of "decisive battle is the beginning, and sprint is the beginning", and has continuously produced, stabilized and increased production, welcoming the "acceleration" of production and "a good start" of development.

  In the production workshop of Lishen battery, the PACK production department made every effort to ensure that the upcoming Dongfeng supporting power battery project was successfully delivered, and the front-line employees stuck to their posts without taking a nap and quickly put into work. From equipment inspection, commissioning, line alignment to first article confirmation and start-up production, the team cooperated tacitly, and the production rate was planned to reach 100% on the same day. The person in charge of Lishen Battery said that in the new year, the company will usher in new development opportunities and achieve new breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation, capacity improvement and base construction. In 2023, the project is expected to produce supporting power batteries for more than 45,000 new energy vehicles.

  On the first day of work after the holiday, the dry composite film workshop, the third phase expansion project of Gaolier (Tianjin) Packaging Co., Ltd. located in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, showed a busy scene: the equipment was running stably, the technicians were skilled in operation, and the composite film was running smoothly on the roller … After joint acceptance, electromechanical installation and joint operation and debugging of the equipment, the project entered the trial production stage. However, the related equipment operation indexes of photovoltaic power generation projects that have just completed grid-connected power generation have also remained stable, and enterprises have enjoyed the new impetus brought by green energy.

  It is understood that Gaolier (Tianjin) Packaging Co., Ltd. belongs to Italian Gaolier Group, an industry leader in the field of flexible packaging. Since it was completed and put into operation in Tianjin Port Bonded Zone in 2006, it mainly produces composite packaging bags for liquid products and patented products in the coffee field, and is committed to providing a full range of customized packaging solutions. After more than ten years’ development, the company has all kinds of excellent packaging equipment and a complete set of quality inspection equipment, which ensures sufficient production capacity and stable quality.

  The construction site played the "Endeavour Music" for returning to work after the holiday.

  The reporter saw at the construction site of Tianjin Port’s special freight passage project yesterday morning that a new year’s construction has been started here with the rumble of machines. On-site graders and bulldozers are advancing back and forth in an orderly manner, and the site is being leveled; Excavators and drillers are lined up in turn, and drilling is performed according to the working procedure. The company broke the practice of entering the site after the spring blossoms in previous years, implemented the project content according to local conditions, and rationally arranged and adjusted the process plan according to the temperature conditions, which greatly improved the effective utilization rate of time during the construction period.

  It is understood that in order to achieve the project construction goal, 300 workers and more than 100 sets of construction equipment have been put into work after the holiday. At present, the main construction contents of the project are bridge pile foundation construction, water supply and drainage construction, subgrade construction and temporary construction of the project.

  The Spring Festival holiday is not over yet, and all the builders of the second phase project of Binhai New Area Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine have already returned to their posts and made all the preparations before construction. The second phase of Binhai New Area Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has a construction area of about 40,000 square meters, and 426 beds are planned to be added. It will build single buildings such as administrative research building, inpatient building and fever inpatient building, which is expected to be completed in 2026. On the basis of the Luban Award of China Construction Project in 2022-2023, the first phase of the project will create a high-quality project with the management of "standardization, standardization and refinement". The reporter learned at the scene that at present, the pile foundation project of the project has resumed construction, and the "Endeavour Song" for returning to work after the holiday has been fully played, and it has been advanced in an efficient and orderly manner towards the established construction goals.

Source: Bincheng Times


Henan college entrance examination reform plan: foreign languages will be tested twice in 2021 regardless of arts and sciences.

  Henan college entrance examination reform plan was released and started in autumn of 2018.

  College entrance examination in 2021: foreign language test twice regardless of arts and sciences.

  Exam subjects: 3 optional subjects except language number.

  In Henan college entrance examination in 2021, the division of arts and sciences will be abolished, and the total score of the college entrance examination will be 3 national unified examination subjects +3 selected examination subjects for high school level examination. Foreign languages will provide two examination opportunities and the listening test content will be increased … … Under the expectation of everyone, yesterday, the reform plan of Henan entrance examination was finally officially unveiled. In 2018, our province will start to implement a new comprehensive reform plan for college entrance examination, that is to say, senior one students who enter school in the autumn of the following year will become the first batch of "crab eaters" who take part in the new college entrance examination.

  The plan revolves around the issues that everyone cares about, such as "what to change and how to change", from general education, vocational education, continuing education to higher education, from examination, admission to management, and the corresponding system design is carried out as a whole, and the reform timetable and road map are planned. Zhengzhou Evening News invited industry experts who participated in the formulation of the "Program" to make a detailed interpretation for the majority of candidates and parents.

  Zhengzhou Evening News reporter Zhang Jingyu


  Wang Jidong, Director of Student Affairs Department of Provincial Education Department.

  Liu Linya, Director of the Second Division of Basic Education, Provincial Education Department

  Du Ximin, Deputy Director of Provincial Admissions Office

  Time: fully launched in 2018

  Our province will start the comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination enrollment system in 2018, which means that the first-year students in our province who are newly enrolled in the fall of 2018 will welcome the "new college entrance examination" in 2021. The "3+3" mode is adopted in the examination, which means that the total score of candidates consists of three subjects of Chinese, mathematics and foreign language (including foreign language listening) in the unified college entrance examination and three subjects of high school level examination selected by candidates themselves. In terms of admission, it is a common practice in developed countries and the direction of this reform to explore the reform of voluntary reporting and investment admission with professional priority.


  Why start the comprehensive reform of college entrance examination in 2018?

  The reason why it is scheduled to start in 2018 is mainly based on the fact that by 2017, the pilot cycle of a senior high school student can only be completed by the pilot of "one province and one city". For a province with a large source of students like Henan, the task of development is already very heavy, and the reform must be extremely cautious. By then, the reform experience that Henan can learn from will be more mature, which is crucial to ensure the smooth promotion of the reform of the examinee enrollment system in Henan and even the whole country. At the same time, it also provides more ample preparation time for our province.

  At present, 25 provinces and cities across the country have announced reform plans.

  ■ Policy interpretation

  What is the new model of "3+3" college entrance examination?

  Arts and sciences are no longer divided into subjects, and "3+3" is the new model of college entrance examination in the future. The so-called "3+3" model means that the total score of candidates consists of three subjects of Chinese, mathematics and foreign language (including foreign language listening) in the unified college entrance examination and three subjects of high school academic level examination selected by candidates themselves. Among them, the scores of Chinese, mathematics and foreign languages in the unified college entrance examination remain unchanged. Foreign language subjects provide two test opportunities to increase the content of listening test, and candidates can choose the higher test score to count. According to the requirements of applying for colleges and universities and their own specialties, candidates choose three subjects from six subjects, including ideological and political, history, geography, physics, chemistry and biology, as the examination subjects.

  In particular, it is worth mentioning that, in terms of admission, it is a common practice in developed countries to explore the reform of volunteering and filing admission methods with professional priority, which is also the direction of this reform.

  How to change the academic proficiency test?

  The reform of our province’s academic level examination will be tried out in 2017, and it will be officially implemented from the first grade of ordinary high schools enrolled in the fall of 2018, and the results will be presented in grades. The examination is divided into qualified examination and optional subject examination included in the total score of college enrollment.

  The scope of the qualification examination covers the compulsory contents of all subjects in senior high schools stipulated by the state. The selected subjects are selected by candidates from ideological and political, history, geography, physics, chemistry, biology and other subjects according to the requirements of colleges and universities and their own specialties. The examination scope covers the compulsory and elective contents of all selected subjects.

  The two major types of examinations are unified in the province, including unified proposition, unified examination, unified organization of marking and unified announcement of results. The results will be used as the main basis for the graduation of ordinary high school students and the recognition of high school equivalent, and the results of all subjects will be provided to enrollment universities.

  What’s the use of passing exam results?

  Ordinary high school students, students in other schools in high school stage, students with ordinary high school status, and those who apply for the same academic qualifications in ordinary high schools should take the qualification examination. Once a year, the exam will be held at the end of the last semester of each academic year, covering all subjects. Students have two exams for the same subject during their school days, and they can take one exam in the second and third stages of high school (including make-up exams). If students take multiple exams in the same subject, the higher score will prevail. Long-term effective grades are an important reference for independent enrollment in higher vocational colleges in our province.

  How to choose the exam subjects?

  The selected subjects will be arranged at the end of the next semester of senior three, and will be tested together with the unified college entrance examination in June, and will be conducted after the three subjects (except languages) of the college entrance examination. Once the selected subjects are determined, they shall not be changed.

  Each student has an opportunity to take an exam, and students from other schools and social workers in senior high school take the elective subject exam with senior three students in ordinary senior high schools. The qualified test scores of the selected subjects must be qualified, and unqualified subjects shall not be selected as the selected subjects.

  The examination results of qualified elective subjects are valid in the current year, and are converted into corresponding scores and included in the total scores of college enrollment, which is one of the basis for college enrollment.

  According to the requirements of discipline construction and professional training, colleges and universities should put forward the requirements for students to choose the subjects and the methods for comprehensive quality evaluation, and announce them to the public in advance.

  Illustration of Henan Province’s High-tech Policy Reform ①

  (1) What does the unified college entrance examination take?

  The subject scores remain unchanged, reducing the current "comprehensive literature" and "comprehensive science" examination subjects. The content of the examination will further enhance the foundation and comprehensiveness, and strengthen the ability of students to think independently and use what they have learned to analyze and solve problems.


  There are three exam subjects.

  foreign language


  foreign language

  Provide two exam opportunities

  Increase the content of listening test

  The total score of candidates

  Unify the scores of Chinese, mathematics and foreign languages (including foreign language listening) in the college entrance examination.

  Test scores of three elective subjects in high school academic level. (Selected subjects: Students can choose 3 subjects independently from 6 subjects, including ideological and political, history, geography, physics, chemistry and biology. )

  Qualification examination

  (2) Academic proficiency test subjects

  The scope covers the compulsory content of all subjects in senior high school stipulated by the state, and students should study each course carefully.

  Elective subjects

  According to the requirements of colleges and universities and their own specialties, candidates independently choose three subjects from ideological and political, history, geography, physics, chemistry, biology and other subjects, and the examination scope covers the compulsory and elective contents of the selected subjects.

  (3) Examination time

  Qualification examination: arranged once a year, the examination will be held at the end of last semester of each academic year, covering all subjects. Students can take the exam once each in Grade Two and Grade Three (including make-up exams).

  Elective subject examination: the time is arranged at the end of the next semester of senior three, and it will be taken together with the unified college entrance examination in June, and will be taken after the three subjects (except languages) of the college entrance examination. Once the selected subjects are determined, they shall not be changed.

  (4) Number of examinations

  During the period of school, students can take two qualified exams and one elective subject exam in the same subject.

  Students in ordinary high schools are required to take the academic proficiency test. Students from other schools and social workers in high school can also sign up. Students, former students and social workers transferred from outside the province must take the elective subject examination organized by our province to participate in the college entrance examination.

  (5) Examination results

  According to the proportion of the number of people, the scores of the qualified examination are divided into

  A B C D E five grades.

  The test scores of selected subjects are divided into 5 grades, ranking from high to low.

  The proportion of people at all levels of A B C D E is as follows:

  Among them, the E grade is unqualified, and the proportion is not more than 5% in principle.

  A 15%

  B 30%

  C 30%

  D+E 25%

  A 15%

  B 30%

  C 30%

  D+E 25%

  Only when the qualification examination reaches Grade D and above can you obtain the qualification of the corresponding elective subjects.

  ■ Policy interpretation

  Admission is based on "two bases and one reference"

  In the new college entrance examination reform scheme, the focus of the reform is to implement a comprehensive evaluation scheme of "two bases and one reference" for college entrance examination admission. The so-called "two bases, one reference" refers to the enrollment and admission mechanism based on the unified college entrance examination results, the high school academic level test results, and the comprehensive quality evaluation of students.

  In addition, it is one of the key points of this reform to merge and reduce the enrollment batches of colleges and universities, so that students can choose suitable majors and schools from their interests and specialties. From 2017, our province will merge three batches of undergraduate courses with two batches of undergraduate courses, and gradually reduce the number of ordinary undergraduate courses.

  Was there a transitional policy before the reform?

  From 2016, the scope of parallel volunteer’s application will be expanded from the first batch and the second batch of ordinary college entrance examinations to the third batch of undergraduate courses and ordinary college admission batches (except for arts, sports, military, etc. in advance), so as to reduce the risk of candidates applying for the exam and improve the voluntary satisfaction rate. Starting from 2017, three batches of undergraduate courses and two batches of undergraduate courses will be jointly admitted, and the number of ordinary undergraduate courses will be gradually reduced.

  ■ Future development

  The specific plan will be announced in 2018

  According to reports, the Ministry of Education approved 17 provinces (autonomous regions) such as Henan to start the comprehensive reform of the examination enrollment system of ordinary colleges and universities in 2018, and the specific reform plan will be announced to the public in 2018. In addition, it will increase the opportunities for candidates in our province to receive high-quality higher education, gradually increase the number of rural students entering key universities, reduce and strictly standardize the extra points for college entrance examination, improve the enrollment methods for primary and secondary schools, and narrow the enrollment gap between regions, urban and rural areas and schools.

  The Implementation Plan of Reducing and Standardizing the Items and Scores of College Entrance Examination in Henan Province was released last year. Next, our province will orderly introduce supporting reform plans such as comprehensive reform of college entrance examination enrollment system, high school level examination, and comprehensive quality evaluation of high school students.

  Classified examination will become the main channel for higher vocational college enrollment.

  The examination enrollment in higher vocational colleges is relatively separated from that in ordinary colleges, and the evaluation method of "cultural quality+vocational skills" is implemented. Graduates from secondary vocational schools (including technical schools) apply for higher vocational colleges and take part in the test of combining cultural foundation with professional skills. Ordinary high school graduates apply for higher vocational colleges, take part in vocational adaptability tests, and use high school academic level test scores for cultural quality scores, with reference to comprehensive quality evaluation.

  Improve the enrollment method of individual examination in higher vocational colleges and gradually expand its enrollment scale. After 2017, classified examination enrollment will become the main channel for higher vocational colleges to enroll students. Students can still take the unified college entrance examination and enter higher vocational colleges.

  Compulsory education in district system and nine years of consistent counterpart enrollment.

  On the basis of compulsory education, we will try out district system and nine-year consistent counterpart enrollment methods. Optimize the allocation of educational resources, promote the balanced development of compulsory education, narrow the gap between regions, urban and rural areas and schools, and resolve the contradiction of choosing schools for admission.

  Deepen the reform of the examination enrollment system in senior high schools, and gradually establish an enrollment system in senior high schools based on the examination results of junior high school level and comprehensive quality evaluation; Implement the enrollment method of reasonably allocating the enrollment places of high-quality schools to junior high schools in the region, and the allocation places shall not be lower than the proportion stipulated by the Ministry of Education; Improve the recruitment system and standardize the recruitment behavior.

  Illustration of Henan Province’s High-tech Policy Reform ②

  (6) What are the contents of the comprehensive evaluation of senior high school students?

  Our province will try out the comprehensive quality evaluation of ordinary high school students from 2017, and the first-year ordinary high school students who entered school in the fall of 2018 will be officially implemented.

  Comprehensive quality evaluation

  Includes five aspects.

  ● Ideological and moral character: it mainly examines students’ performance in loving the party and patriotism, ideals and beliefs, honesty and trustworthiness, kindness and friendliness, responsibility and obligation, and law-abiding.

  ● Academic level: it mainly examines students’ basic knowledge, basic skills and ability to use knowledge to solve problems.

  ● Physical and mental health: mainly examine students’ lifestyle, physical exercise habits, physical function, sports skills and psychological quality.

  ● Artistic accomplishment: It mainly examines students’ aesthetic feeling, understanding, appreciation and performance of art..

  ● Social practice: it mainly examines students’ hands-on operation and experience in social life.

  (7) What is the basis for college enrollment?

  Two bases

  A reference

  ● Colleges and universities will unify the results of the college entrance examination and the high school level examination according to the candidates.

  ● Select students according to their comprehensive quality evaluation.

  (eight) the admission method has changed, and the reform is divided into three steps.

  Low undergraduate and junior college general admission batches are all implemented in parallel volunteer. Our province continues to implement the unified college entrance examination results after the announcement of candidates to fill in their volunteers.

  ● Three batches and two batches of undergraduate courses will be admitted together, and the number of ordinary undergraduate courses will be gradually reduced.

  first step

  Starting from 2016, three batches of undergraduate students enrolled in the general college entrance examination and three batches of general admission to specialized colleges will try out the parallel volunteer filing method.

  Second step

  From 2017 onwards, three batches of undergraduate courses and two batches of undergraduate courses will be admitted together, and the number of ordinary undergraduate courses will be gradually reduced.

  Third step

  Accelerate the reform of candidates’ voluntary reporting mode and admission method based on their total scores, professional aspirations and learning specialties.

  (9) candidates’ right to choose is expanded.

  ● The choice of examination methods is increased. Candidates can choose to enroll students in the unified college entrance examination according to their actual situation, or they can choose to enroll students in the classified examinations of vocational colleges, or they can also enroll students in the national independent enrollment pilot universities.

  ● The choice of examination subjects has significantly increased the number of examination subjects included in the total enrollment scores of colleges and universities. Students can choose three subjects from six subjects, including ideological and political, history, geography, physics, chemistry and biology, and there are 20 choice combinations, which can better meet the students’ development of their own academic specialties and interests, and change the current situation of choosing one from two in liberal arts.

  (ten) to promote the classification examination of higher vocational colleges.

  ● Higher vocational colleges (including junior colleges)

  Examination enrollment is relatively separated from ordinary colleges and universities, and the evaluation method of "cultural quality+vocational skills" is implemented.

  ● Graduates from secondary vocational schools (including technical schools) apply for higher vocational colleges.

  Take the test of combining cultural foundation with professional skills.

  ● Ordinary high school graduates apply for higher vocational colleges.

  Take the occupational adaptability test, use the high school academic level test scores for the cultural quality scores, and refer to the comprehensive quality evaluation.

  ■ Everyone talks.

  Wang Hongxi, Associate Professor of Heda University:

  Get rid of the "one test for life"

  This reform can be regarded as the most comprehensive, systematic and comprehensive reform since the resumption of the college entrance examination, which will have a far-reaching impact on China’s basic education teaching practice, talent selection model and talent training in colleges and universities. Its purpose is to get rid of the disadvantages and crux of the development of basic education in our province caused by "only score theory" and "one exam for life", and finally realize educational fairness and promote scientific talent selection.

  Dr. Huang Siji, Department of Education, anyang normal University:

  "Forcing" Colleges and Universities to Accelerate Specialty Construction

  The reform will "force" colleges and universities to explore and establish an enrollment model suitable for their own characteristics, and will also "force" colleges and universities to speed up the "specialty construction", and inspire colleges and universities to unswervingly take the road of connotative development and build strength and innovative development models with "professional development" as the core.

  Forced junior high schools and primary schools to implement new ideas. China has implemented the new curriculum reform since 2001. Because the college entrance examination system has not been reformed, some places are still unwilling to reform. This reform will inspire schools in compulsory education to further change their educational concepts and innovate education and teaching management models and enrollment models.

  Chen Baoxin, Henan Basic Education Teaching Research Office:

  The evaluation is more comprehensive and the operation is simpler.

  The new method makes it clear that the content of students’ comprehensive quality evaluation is divided into five aspects: ideological and moral character, academic level, physical and mental health, artistic accomplishment and social practice, and the key points of each aspect are clarified. At the same time, before the change, the comprehensive quality evaluation should be based on the evaluation contents and standards, and students should be divided into different grades through self-evaluation, peer evaluation, class evaluation and other links. It is emphasized that students should record and organize themselves through basic procedures such as realistic recording, sorting and selection, public review, and file formation. Except for a few evaluation contents such as academic proficiency tests, grades are generally not divided. The evaluation content is more comprehensive, the operation is simpler, and the management is more credible.





Why is it so "pit" that the coach is unqualified and the swimming pool is unsanitary?

  Ms. Kong’s 8-month-old child in Tianjin developed a small pimple on her stomach after swimming, and was diagnosed with contagious molluscum. She went to the hospital every one or two weeks and was completely cured in more than three months.

  With parent-child swimming becoming more and more popular with young parents, swimming like Ms. Kong’s children is infected with various diseases, and even babies are in danger of drowning. A survey by Xinhua Viewpoint reporter found that many parents-child swimming classes, which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time, lack qualified coaches, and the health management of swimming pools is chaotic, and the safety of children is not guaranteed.

  Parent-child swimming blooms everywhere, and a class costs hundreds to thousands of dollars.

  A reporter from a water education early education hall in Guangzhou saw that there was a pool of about 8 square meters in the middle of the water education hall, and there were two small swimming pools next to it. There were swimming AIDS such as neck rings, pillows and underarm rings in the hall. According to the person in charge of the swimming pool, children aged 0 to 6 can come to swim.

  Parent-child swimming pools like this are blooming everywhere in major cities. The reporter visited many parent-child swimming institutions in Chengdu and Guangzhou and learned that the general courses are divided into group classes and private classes. Group class is a class where a coach leads many parents and children together, and the general charge is above 300 yuan per hour; Private classes are one-on-one teaching, and the tuition is relatively more expensive, usually thousands of dollars an hour.

  Swimming institutions offer a wide variety of courses. The Australian "WWSS" course shown to reporters by a staff member of a large parent-child swimming pool in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, shows that through learning, the baby can strengthen the ability of primitive reflex, hand-eye coordination and learn body control and breathing control. "The goal is to let the baby really learn to swim and fall in love with swimming. Our youngest here came to class 15 days after birth. " The staff member said.

  It is understood that the courses of most parent-child swimming institutions are packaged and sold. The reporter saw in the investment list of "Yourui International Parent-child Swimming" that, taking Beijing as an example, the average unit price per class hour is 350 yuan according to the membership standard, and the average annual class hour per student is 40 class hours. Some parent-child swimming institutions in Guangzhou start selling at least 58 class hours, which means that parents invest at least about 20 thousand yuan at a time, and there are 70 thousand yuan or 80 thousand yuan in expensive class bags.

  Changing water in the swimming pool cannot be guaranteed, and auxiliary equipment can be used at will.

  Many parent-child swimming pools have advertised slogans such as "Enhance the baby’s physique from the root", "Children who swim for a long time have high immunoglobulin index in their blood", "Parent-child swimming makes babies less sick" and "Swimming is the only independent exercise that can start from the age of 0", and some institutions have also publicized the concept of "implanting foreign parent-child swimming concept".

  "Parent-child swimming is just a normal exercise. Children’s swimming can really promote development and growth to a certain extent, but it does not have those exaggerated effects. Babies under 1 year old are very weak and still in the initial development. It is not recommended to start swimming too early. " Zhu Hua, chief pediatrician of Chengdu Third People’s Hospital, said.

  Zhou Weihang, a former national swimmer, told reporters that many parents believe in the propaganda of some organizations and hope to achieve some unrealistic results through swimming. In fact, the main purpose of parent-child swimming is not to teach children to swim, but to explore each other and establish deeper parent-child feelings during swimming.

  Hygiene is the most concerned issue in parent-child swimming. Some parents reported that although many swimming pools promised to change water every day, they could not guarantee it and were not supervised. In a large parent-child swimming pool in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, the staff said that it was disinfected and replenished with new water every day. When the reporter asked whether to change the water every day, the staff vaguely said that the whole pool is close to 100 square meters, and it will take a long time to change it all, unless there are really children urinating in it, the water will be changed temporarily. "Changing the water will affect the course arrangement, and it is very troublesome to send a notice temporarily."

  In order to prevent children from urinating in the water, the swimming pool will require children to wear waterproof diapers. The reporter saw in a parent-child swimming pool in Guangzhou that a warning paper was posted by the pool: "Any child who urinates in the pool will be fined 360 yuan." There are three children about one year old swimming in the big pool, and none of them are wearing waterproof diapers.

  There are also many bath towels in swimming pools that also have health hazards. Ms. Kong told the reporter that the child was looking for the cause of the illness after he got sick. The doctor said that the child might have been exposed to unclean bath towels. Infectious molluscum is mainly transmitted through direct contact, and many patients are infected in public bathrooms or swimming pools.

  In addition, security risks can not be ignored. Some parent-child swimming pools are quite casual in the use of baby swimming AIDS. A staff member of a swimming pool in Guangzhou told reporters that there is no uniform standard for children to use auxiliary swimming equipment. Generally, they wear neck rings for less than 6 months, pads for more than 6 months, and underarm rings for more than 2 years old.

  Zhou Weihang introduced that the neck ring is easy to cause certain damage to the child’s spine. The children’s bones did not harden six months ago, and it is easy to hurt the spine with the neck ring, which poses a safety hazard. In May last year, a July-old boy in Fuzhou drowned in a swimming pool wearing a sitting swimming ring. Fortunately, the child was not life-threatening after being sent to hospital.

  "Some informal swimming pools have misunderstandings about parent-child swimming, and the methods are more radical. They want to teach in a few months, and the curriculum is unreasonable, which does not meet the physical development of small babies." The coach of a parent-child swimming pool in Chengdu said.

  Emerging industries urgently need to establish health and safety standards.

  The reporter learned that at present, the opening of the parent-child swimming pool only needs to register a business license, and there are no standards such as health inspection and personnel requirements, and there is no clear supervision.

  Coach is an important guarantee for children’s safety. The reporter learned in the investigation that some parent-child swimming pools claim to learn from foreign countries in their coaching training methods, but many of them have no qualifications at all. "Some parent-child swimming pools have almost zero threshold for recruiting employees. Some are kindergarten aunts who are recruited to be coaches of parent-child swimming. How to ensure the safety of children?" An industry insider in Chengdu said.

  Shen Yong, head coach of a parent-child swimming pool in Guangzhou, said that there is no uniform standard for parent-child swimming pools in China at present, and it depends entirely on industry self-discipline. "For coach specifications, each swimming pool generally sets its own standards." Some standardized swimming pools require coaches to obtain lifeguard certificates and swimming social sports instructor certificates, and at the same time, they must be trained as parent-child swimming teachers for infants before they can take up their posts.

  Chen Yunde, director of the Complaints and Consultation Department of Sichuan Consumer Protection Committee, said that parent-child swimming is a new industry, and it is urgent to formulate clear standards in sanitation and disinfection, personnel qualifications and safety management to ensure the safety of infants and young children. People in the industry call for speeding up the guidance and establishment of industry self-discipline standards, such as coach training mode and the threshold for recruiting students, so as to make this emerging industry develop healthily and orderly.

  Zhu Hua and other experts said that parents should treat parent-child swimming correctly, and focus on parent-child interaction, instead of seeking to let babies learn swimming skills quickly.

  (According to Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, April 4 th)

This Spring Festival, gold has sold out again! Zodiac transit beads sell thousands of pieces a day. Netizen: Wait until the price is reduced before buying.

China Economic Weekly-Economic News The China Gold Association said on the 18th that during the Spring Festival, despite the high price of gold, China’s gold consumption is still hot, and gold jewelry and dragon year gold bars have become the most popular products.
According to CCTV’s financial report, a person in charge of a gold shop said that the zodiac transshipment beads will sell more than thousands of pieces every day. Judging from the sales situation in different regions, gold consumption has also entered second-and third-tier cities from first-tier cities.
Gold analysts said that not only the first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai have strong sales demand, but also the demand for gold jewelry, including gold investment, has increased significantly in various provinces and cities across the country.
Some netizens said, "Even the gold jewelry in my hometown’s 18-line county during the Spring Festival is sold out!" "Zodiac transit beads have emotional value needs, and gold products also have the function of maintaining and appreciating investment, so the gold consumer market continues to prosper." "Wait for the price of gold to be reduced before buying, and regret that I didn’t start before." "Investment needs to be cautious!"
New Media Editor: Wang Xinjing

What are the bonus points policies for self-study exams?

What are the bonus points policies for self-study exams? Self-study examination is one of the important ways to improve academic qualifications. In the era when academic qualifications are valued, especially for newly graduated students or young people who have just entered the workplace, the recruitment requirements of units and enterprises will clearly state the requirements for academic qualifications. The purpose of self-study exam to improve academic qualifications is to obtain an academic qualification. If you want to pass the exam smoothly, you must know some common questions about self-study exam in advance. The following small series answers the relevant information about the self-study exam for everyone, hoping to help everyone!

If you have any questions about the self-study exam, don’t know how to choose the main college and major, and don’t know the local policy of self-study exam, click to learn now > >

What are the bonus points policies for self-study exams?

Self-study examination is an important part of adult higher education in China and an important way to improve academic qualifications. In order to let more people have the opportunity to receive higher education and encourage people who are positive and full of positive energy, the self-study exam has introduced corresponding care policies, including: admission without examination, extra points for admission, and lower points for admission.

Won the title of national model worker, national advanced worker, and the winner of the national’ May 1st’ Labor Medal, you can enter the school without examination. Upon my own application, and with the approval of the provincial sports administrative department, the "Recommended Form for Excellent Athletes to Apply for Admission to Adult Colleges and Universities without Examination" (supervised by the State Sports General Administration) can be admitted without Examination after the examination of the provincial admissions office and the consent of the admissions school.

Candidates over the age of 25 can take care of 20 points when they are admitted. Candidates from poverty-stricken townships in the old areas (the household registration and salary relations are all in the units of poverty-stricken townships) can take care of 20 points. Children and spouses of martyrs; Children of returned overseas Chinese and candidates from Taiwan Province Province; Candidates from ethnic minority townships and villages in areas where ethnic minorities live in concentrated communities clearly defined by the provincial government can take care of 20 points when they are admitted.

Admission policy of dropping points: majors such as agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, geology, mining, public security, prison, surveying and mapping, ocean transportation, social welfare, etc. can be appropriately dropped when the number of online students is insufficient, and the drop rate is no more than 20 points.

The above is related to the self-study exam, and candidates can use it as a reference, which is subject to the official announcement! Candidates who want to get more information about the self-taught examination, such as the registration time, examination time, application conditions, preparation knowledge and related news, please pay attention to the online self-taught examination channel of China Education.

Popular recommendation:

If you have any questions about the self-study exam, don’t know how to choose the main examination institution and major, and don’t know the local policy of self-study exam, click to learn now > >

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In April, 2024, all provinces registered for self-study exams in official website.

Summary of Registration Time and Entrance of Self-taught Exams in April 2024 by Provinces

Watch the collection live and enjoy the beautiful scenery online.

  As the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, the tourism industry has gradually resumed production. Recently, the 19 peaks scenic spot in Chuanyan, Xinchang County, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province has attracted many tourists to visit in the spring through the form of "online cloud tour+offline experience". People’s vision

  Core reading

  Based on the principle of "orderly opening up" and "paying close attention to online", we will persist in accurately, orderly and solidly promoting the return to work and production of cultural and tourism enterprises. At the same time, accelerate the development of digital tourism industry.

  Online and offline concerted efforts

  A number of scenic spots held live online activities, attracting many tourists to participate.

  "Canceled the travel itinerary, and it is also very informative to visit online at home." These days, Lin Ying, a college teacher in Yangpu District, Shanghai, took her daughter to watch the live broadcast of Xi ‘an Beilin Museum online. Together with more than 300,000 "online tourists", she followed the commentator to the museum to learn about history. "The commentator’s explanation is humorous and vivid, and my daughter is very interested."

  Since February, some scenic spots have held live broadcast activities such as "Cloud Tour" on Internet platforms such as Tik Tok, Taobao, Tencent and Aauto Quicker. This new way of traveling has attracted many tourists to participate. At most, the single-day viewing of live events in museums alone has reached 10 million people.

  "Actively introducing new service methods is an effective measure for cultural tourism enterprises to cope with the impact of the epidemic." Jing Linbo, president of China Academy of Social Sciences Evaluation, believes that the epidemic has different impacts on different regions and industries, and the tertiary industry is the most affected as a whole. Tourism is directly related to the flow of people and is directly affected by the epidemic. According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, from January to February, the retail sales of travel goods dropped significantly, including the catering income related to tourism dropped by 43.1%, and the room income of the above-designated accommodation industry dropped by nearly 50%.

  At present, on the one hand, tourism enterprises actively resume work and production, on the other hand, they strive to seek transformation. In order to guide the national tourist attractions to continue to implement epidemic prevention and control, and steadily do a good job in the work related to the resumption of opening up, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently issued the "Guide to Prevention and Control Measures for the Resumption of Opening Up of Tourist Attractions", proposing that each scenic spot should gradually resume opening up in different regions and projects according to the actual situation, and clearly control the tourist flow, implement real-name registration and other scenic spot tour management measures.

  On March 1st, the Potala Palace held its first live webcast, with more than one million viewers in one hour. On March 9th, the Potala Palace once again boarded Taobao’s live broadcast room, which was broadcast live with 5G signal for the first time. The picture was clearer and smoother, and it was well received by viewers. According to incomplete statistics, up to now, more than 30 famous domestic museums, such as China National Museum, Dunhuang Research Institute, Nanjing Museum and Suzhou Museum, have held live webcasts, and some museum curators have gone online to tell the audience the story of national treasures.

  Scenic tours can be broadcast live, and industry training can also be broadcast live. Since mid-February, Jingyu Mama Group began to organize large-scale public welfare cultural travel live classes. This course, which is introduced once a day and lectured by tourism experts, has become a set of timely and rich training materials for tourism practitioners who are "busy charging" and "practicing internal strength" during the epidemic. As of the beginning of March, the cumulative number of viewers of the live class has exceeded 200,000.

  As the situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control continues to improve, the situation of offline tourism resuming production is also improving. On March 16th, shenzhen happy valley, windows of the world, splendid china Folk Village and other scenic spots under OCT Group resumed opening in an orderly manner. According to the relevant person in charge of shenzhen happy valley, after re-opening, visitors are required to keep a distance of more than 1.5 meters and wear masks all the way to the park, and the amusement equipment will be taken in separate seats. The staff will fully disinfect the seats immediately after each group of tourists leave.

  According to the 2020 Destination Recovery Index Report released by Ctrip. com, as of March 11th, the number of scenic spots reopened for booking on Ctrip platform has exceeded 900, and the number of 5A-level scenic spots nationwide has exceeded 100, accounting for nearly 40% of the total number of 5A-level scenic spots.

  Looking for new growth points

  The market fundamentals supporting the operation of tourism economy have not changed, and the tourism industry should continue to exert its efforts in improving quality.

  "During the epidemic, although people’s travel was suspended, the demand did not disappear and the upgrading trend did not disappear." Zhai Xiangkun, an associate professor in the Tourism Department of China Institute of Labor Relations, believes that tourism is directly affected by the epidemic, but it may rebound faster than other industries after the epidemic. After the epidemic, the new growth point of cultural tourism enterprises is still focused on improving quality.

  The market fundamentals supporting the operation of tourism economy have not changed. Recently, a special survey for urban and rural residents in china tourism academy showed that more than 70% of the respondents expressed their hope to travel after the epidemic.

  "The epidemic did not make the demand for tourism disappear, but it was delayed." Sun Jie, CEO of Ctrip, said that not long ago, Ctrip and global tourist destinations jointly launched the "Revival V Plan" and launched a 1 billion yuan recovery fund to help the tourism market regain its vitality.

  Yao Jun, general manager of OCT Group, believes that the current cultural tourism industry is undergoing profound changes, and the problem of "whether it is available or not" has been basically solved, and the problem of "whether it is good or not" is more and more prominent. After experiencing the rapid growth in the early stage, cultural tourism is facing transformation, traditional scenic spots are facing development bottlenecks, and the industrial structure is not suitable for market demand. The high-quality development of cultural tourism is an inevitable requirement.

  Innovation is the main source of new growth points. On March 26th, Song Cheng Performing Arts announced that its romance of the song dynasty, Guilin and Zhangjiajie will resume their performances on April 3rd, and hangzhou paradise will resume its opening on the same day. After the reopening of the park, a series of brand-new performances will be presented in Song Cheng, Hangzhou, including a number of new dramas, such as Hua Xiang Rong, Katyusha, Modern Times and Phantom, which were created during the epidemic period, and are expected to become new highlights to attract tourists.

  Looking forward to a lot of help.

  Help digital tourism enterprises to reduce the losses caused by the epidemic and expand the supply of high-quality digital tourism products.

  Zhai Xiangkun believes that the demand for travel will quickly pick up after the epidemic has become the consensus of the industry, and the cultural tourism industry, which is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, needs to make efforts in many ways.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, we will adhere to the principle of "orderly opening up" and "paying close attention to online", and promote the resumption of work and production of cultural and tourism enterprises in an accurate, orderly and solid manner, and formulate open guidelines or guidance for tourist attractions, public libraries, cultural centers and cultural and cultural institutions respectively, so as to provide safer consumer products and places for the people on the premise of preventing and controlling the epidemic. At the same time, accelerate the development of digital tourism industry, strengthen the construction of smart tourism in 5A-level scenic spots, guide the scenic spots to change their development concepts, promote the deep integration of industries, constantly expand the connotation and extension of industries, create diversified products and improve the supply structure.

  In view of some problems faced by the development of digital tourism industry, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will issue relevant policies, including the implementation of fiscal, taxation and financial policies, to help enterprises reduce the losses caused by the epidemic and enhance the development confidence and stamina of digital tourism enterprises. At the same time, expand the supply of high-quality digital travel products, accelerate the release of emerging consumption potential, develop immersive experience-based travel consumption, and guide and cultivate new hot spots and new modes of consumption such as online consumption, experiential consumption and intelligent consumption. In addition, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will strengthen the construction of new infrastructure, promote the deep integration of cultural tourism and digital economy, and promote the digital, networked and intelligent development of the cultural tourism industry.

  In order to help enterprises trapped during the epidemic, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently issued a notice to temporarily refund part of the tourism service quality deposit and support travel agencies to cope with operational difficulties. At the same time, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism also set up a column on official website to support the development policies and measures of enterprises in response to the epidemic situation, and set up online courses such as Red Tourism Cloud Classroom, Face-to-Face Live Classroom of Rural Tourism, Cloud Classroom of Tourist Attractions and Cloud Lecture Hall of Cultural Tourism Industry. At present, policies in finance, finance, taxation, social security and other aspects have benefited cultural and tourism enterprises.

  To tide over the difficulties and fully recover, the tourism industry also needs to work together. In order to alleviate the pressure on partners, the tourism platform Mawei has fully opened up and integrated the platform’s high-quality resources, and provided urgently needed action guides for partners free of charge, which has been welcomed by many partners.

  Recently, Linyi Blue Ocean International Hotel under Shandong Blue Ocean Hotel Group has found a new revenue growth point. The Blue Ocean Hotel, which joined the "Stay +X" evergreen plan of the US Mission, launched a take-away service during the epidemic, and the daily average take-away order increased rapidly from about 10 to 160, and the transaction volume also increased from 500 to 800 yuan at the beginning to nearly 13,000 yuan.

  Jing Linbo believes that as long as the cultural tourism enterprises accurately analyze the current trend of tourism consumption upgrading, further update tourism products, change tourism management and operation methods, and improve the risk management mechanism, they will certainly enhance their ability to resist risks and the driving force for sustainable development, thus achieving a comprehensive recovery of the cultural tourism industry.

  People’s Daily (April 1, 2020, 19th edition)

The "answer sheet industry" behind the exam

Yang Daxin cartography

  Internet has become the main tool for cheating.

    With the approach of the entrance examination for postgraduate students in 2009, there are a lot of information on the Internet selling the answers to postgraduate entrance examinations. Enter any two of the keywords "postgraduate entrance examination, answer, postgraduate exam, and pass the exam" in the search engine, and you can easily see a large number of peddled posts.

    "It’s less than 40 days before the’ postgraduate exam’. There is no free lunch in the world. It’s very important to choose a good home. It’s not good to expect mixed answers! My price is slightly more expensive than that of my peers, but it is worth the money, and a penny is worth the money! "

    "Honesty and professionalism, caring service, and payment after the exam."

    "The latest equipment in 2009, anti-shielding, anti-‘electronic dog’, let you feel at ease."

    Among all the information, the author noticed three organizations selling answers —— "exam-aid alliance", "answer carrier" and "Zhongzheng Education and Training". The author wrote down their QQ and telephone numbers respectively, and talked with them as postgraduate students.

    As soon as I talked, the "answer carrier" urged the author to "speak quickly, the exam is coming soon, and I have been busy with a lot of business recently."

    "I’m preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, but I’m not fully prepared. Can I get any help from you?" The author asked.

    "You can provide answers in English and politics, and both subjects can be guaranteed to be above 70 points."

    What is the concept of "over 70 points"?

    In the postgraduate examinations in recent years, the national re-examination scores for English are all around 45 points. Although some popular majors in famous universities have higher requirements for English, they are all far below 70 points.

    "English is guaranteed to be above 70 points", which is very attractive to most candidates.

    Postgraduate entrance examination, as an extremely important national unified examination, according to common sense, the management of examination papers should be very strict, so where do the answers provided by the agencies selling answers come from?

    In the conversation with Yonghui Education, the author asked: Can you provide the answers before the exam?

    The answer is: "it’s impossible. If anyone has the correct answer before the exam, I’ll chop off my head and give it to you as a stool."

    The "Test Aid Alliance" also said, "This is no better than CET-4 and CET-6, and it is very difficult to get the answers before the postgraduate exam."

    It is very unlikely to get the test paper and answer before the exam. So where did the answer come from?

    The "answer carrier" asked the author to log in to his QQ space, saying, "Take a good look and everything will be clear after reading it."

    In the personal space of "Answer Aircraft Carrier", the author found a picture uploaded at 11: 29: 31 am on November 30, 2008, which was taken at the examination site. The content of the test paper "Administrative Ability Test" for civil servants in 2009 is from questions 111 to 115. Enlarge this picture and watch it clearly.

    The time when the photo was sent-11: 29: 31 am on November 30, 2008 shows that the photo was sent during the exam.

    Like the "answer carrier", many answer providers put some photos of the test papers on the website or QQ space to prove that they have the strength to get the test papers and provide effective answers. On the website of Zhongzheng Education and Training, the author saw six pictures of the operation of CET-4 and CET-6. In order to prove the shooting time, there was also a reference message on December 20 (the date of CET-4 and CET-6 in 2008). The middle position of the computer screen also showed that the shooting time was 10: 22: 44. At this time, the CET-4 in December 2008 was in progress.

    In the column of "Proof of Strength" of its website, the "Test Aid Alliance" posted photos of the test papers of more than 10 test items, such as "08 Notes, Justice, 08 Public English Level 3, College English Level 4, Professional Physician, PETS Public English, CPA Certified Public Accountant, local civil servant in the first half of 2008, and 08 Professional English Level 4".

  The website exposed the "answer in the exam" transmission.

    What kind of high technology does the seller of answers rely on to get the test paper out from under the eyes of the invigilator?

    According to the introduction of the "answer carrier" and a number of answer providers, the so-called "answer in the exam" mainly takes the following steps-

    First of all, people who are qualified to take the postgraduate exam are hired to take the exam. On the day of the exam, the employees bring miniature scanning instruments or pinhole cameras with wireless transmission function into the examination room, and after they get the test papers, they send them to the off-site through the above equipment. After the off-site people get the test papers, they immediately send them to the hired experts who do the questions, and the experts who do the questions send the answers to the transit people in the shortest time. The transit people then send the answers to the QQ group composed of candidates who buy the answers, and then wait on the computer.

    It can be seen that the internet plays an extremely important role in the process of cheating, whether it is pre-test propaganda or passing answers in the exam. Why do cheaters use the Internet to cheat so easily?

    The author interviewed internet society of china and 12321 Bad Information Reporting Center, but both units declined the interview. Mr. Zhong, who is in charge of publicity at the Internet Society, said, "The Society is only a non-governmental organization. I suggest you find other units." The 12321 Reporting Center said that "we only accept reports here, and nothing else will be accepted."

    Nowadays, you can still easily get a lot of information about selling answers through search engines, but the focus of selling has shifted from the postgraduate entrance examination to the upcoming local civil service examinations. For example, "Answer Aircraft Carrier" announced in its QQ space as early as a week before the postgraduate exam: the research exam is progressing smoothly and the Zhejiang civil service exam is being actively prepared.

  Cheating equipment is mostly produced by Shenzhen enterprises.

    Wireless cameras and pinhole cameras that send papers out of the examination room, wireless earphones that transmit answers, watches, pens, erasers that can display words, and professional transmitters … Where do these cheating tools with scientific and technological content come from?

    "The equipment I recommend to you is the new model in 2009. It is not an earphone or a pen, but a mechanical watch that can take pictures. On the surface, this kind of watch is no different from ordinary watches, and the information displayed on it can only be seen within half a meter from the watch screen. "Answer Aircraft Carrier" introduced the superior performance of this cheating watch to the author with great interest and sent a URL link through QQ.

    The introduction of all kinds of cheating devices on the webpage is extremely detailed, but there is no explanation for the company address, customer service phone number and email. The author entered the ICP number of this website into the website management system of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the query result was "No information found"-this website is illegal.

    According to the inquiry of the brand (SUNLIPS) of cheating watches provided by Answer Aircraft Carrier, we know that this mechanical information table is produced by Sanlipu (Hong Kong) Network Technology Co., Ltd., a network technology company registered in Hong Kong and produced in Shenzhen. The author called the marketing manager of the company, and when asked if he knew that the sales agents in various places sold the watch to the answer provider for cheating, the manager hastily hung up the phone without asking whether he could.

    In the follow-up unannounced visit to Yonghui Education, the author has continuous and in-depth contact with the answer buyer Mavericks (a pseudonym). The night before the postgraduate exam, Mavericks said that they had bought an information form for cheating at Yonghui Education. When I looked at the information table, I found a "instruction manual of SUNLIPS mechanical pointer information table". The calf said to the author, "This is the manual of the watch."

    In this year’s postgraduate examination, the "answer carrier" is not the only one who focuses on the mechanical information table. In contact with the "test-aid alliance", the "test-aid alliance" also believes that the safest equipment this year is the mechanical information table. "Many people tried it in the CET-4 and CET-6, and it generally reflected well."

    The mechanical information table recommended by the "Test Aid Alliance" is more advanced, and you need to wear special glasses to see the contents presented on the watch screen through infinite transmission. "The naked eye can only see the dial and the hands."

    After repeated inquiries by the author, the "Test Aid Alliance" revealed the brand of the mechanical information table-"Will Reiss". Upon inquiry, the "Welles" mechanical watch was produced by Shenzhen Welles Technology Development Co., Ltd. In the prominent position of the company’s website, there is a detailed introduction to the "photoelectric dense display pointer paging watch": "1. Anti-cheating gram, invisible earphone detector, electronic dog; 2, to prevent leaks, to prevent others from peeping, breaking the characteristics of traditional pagers that are not confidential enough. The first special glasses introduced from Germany Short photoelectric technology and matched with ordinary appearance in China can really be seen by me, even if others are around or facing the sun. Safety comes first in the information age; 3, the shield, this product adopts forward error correction, data interleaving access, adaptive equalization and other technologies, so that the shield has a very small impact on it … "

    Check out the display of products produced by Shenzhen Weireisi Technology Development Co., Ltd., including "photoelectric dense display pointer paging watch, transmitter antenna, 50W transmitter, glasses and ruler (when they are at a certain angle, you can observe infinitely transmitted words)". All the above products are cheating tools highly recommended by online vendors.

    Login to the "Enterprise Information Inquiry System" of Shenzhen Administration for Industry and Commerce failed to find the relevant information of Shenzhen Weireisi Technology Development Co., Ltd.. The person in charge of the company’s surname Liu said to the author on the phone: "You have no right to know whether the enterprise is registered in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau." And said angrily: "You and I have no grievances in the past and no enmity in recent days. I hope you don’t ask for trouble."

Editor: Li Xiuwei