How long can BYD Han battery last?

How long is the service life of BYD Han battery?

The battery life of BYD Han can reach about eight to ten years, but the specific life will be affected by the driving habits of the owner and many factors. It is recommended to replace the battery after driving about 1 million kilometers. Correct use and maintenance skills are helpful to prolong the service life of batteries. Byd Han is a medium-sized and large-sized car with a body size of 4950mm, 1890mm, 1490mm and a wheelbase of 2940 mm. In terms of configuration, it is equipped with ACC adaptive cruise, electric suction door, head-up display, parallel line assistance, lane keeping assistance and inductive opening of trunk. In terms of power, BYD Han is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system and a 6-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox.

In February, Celeste new energy vehicles increased by 360% year-on-year. Aito asked the world to win the monthly sales champion of new forces.

  On March 1st, Cyrus Group Co., Ltd. (601127.SH hereinafter referred to as "Cyrus") released the February production and sales express. The data shows that in February, the sales volume of Sailis new energy vehicles reached 30,257, a year-on-year increase of 360.04%; From January to February, 2024, the sales volume of Celeste new energy vehicles totaled 67,095 vehicles, up 485.37% year-on-year.

  In February, 2024, AITO asked the whole department to deliver 21,142 new cars, AITO asked the new M7 to deliver 18,479 cars in a single month, with a cumulative delivery of more than 100,000 cars. The cumulative delivery of the M7 in the asking sector was set to exceed 150,000 cars, leading the first monthly sales list of new forces in China market with absolute advantage, creating a new record for the sales of single cars of China automobile brands.

  Cyrus ranks among the top five luxury brands in the world.

  Since the beginning of this year, AITO has shown sustained upward momentum. According to the data, from January 1st to February 18th, 2024, Celestial World ranked among the top five luxury brands in China market with a cumulative sales volume of 46,200 vehicles. It is worth mentioning that in the sales list of the fourth week of February (February 19-February 25), Celestial World ranked among the TOP3 luxury brands with a weekly sales volume of 7,200 vehicles, beating the traditional luxury cars Audi and Mercedes-Benz, second only to Tesla and BMW, becoming the highest ranked China brand in the luxury brand list.

  On February 26th, the nationwide delivery of Celestial M9 was fully launched, and over 100 cities officially ushered in large-scale delivery. As the latest product jointly built by Celestial Automobile and Huawei for three years, Celestial M9 has been well recognized by users, and it has exceeded 50,000 vehicles in 62 days since its listing. In addition, all versions of AITO Wujie M5/ New M7 have also started to speed up delivery, and the car can be delivered in 2-4 weeks at the earliest. It is reported that at present, Sailis has more than 700 experience centers and more than 200 user centers in 220 cities, bringing users a better product and service experience.

  Super factory completed and put into use institutions continue to be optimistic

  On February 5th, Sailis Auto Super Factory was completed and put into use. It is built in accordance with international leading standards and industrial Internet requirements, and has four characteristics of high efficiency, intelligence, cutting-edge and green, which has become a new benchmark for China new energy automobile intelligent manufacturing factory. The factory has more than 3,000 robots intelligently cooperating to realize 100% automation of key processes; Use the industry’s first quality automation testing technology to achieve 100% quality monitoring traceability; Through the world’s leading 9000T die casting machine, the highest integration among integrated die casting parts is realized; At the same time, it also achieved the highest production efficiency in the world.

  Zhang Xinghai, chairman (founder) of Celestial Group, said: "The M9 is a high-end luxury boutique model that we have built with our heart, adhering to the tenet of’ taking users as the center and serving users wholeheartedly’. We will continue to iterate and improve, improve at the fastest speed, and meet the needs of all users as much as possible. Let the high-end be higher, the luxury be more luxurious, and the intelligence be smarter! "

  Many institutional research reports are also optimistic about the future market performance of Celestial M9. Huaxin Securities Research Report pointed out that at present, the M9 has been delivered, and the new model is expected to continue to exert its strength. According to the latest research report of Founder Securities, with the increasing proportion of sales in AITO’s brand after the production capacity of M9 climbs, the volume and price of Cyrus are driven upward in Shuang Sheng, and it is expected that the profit contribution of models will turn a profit in June 2024 at the earliest, and the profit cycle will be started in the third quarter of 2024.

2023 Dragon Bomb 256,800 yuan listed Great Wall Gun Super Pickup lineup stunning appearance at Chongqing Auto Show.

On June 10th, 2023 new product launch conference was launched in Chongqing International Automobile Exhibition in 2023. Two series of new models, guns with guns and bombs, were unveiled at the auto show. Heavyweight modifications were made to create 2023 dragon bombs, 2023 passenger guns of global smart luxury pickup trucks and 2023 commercial guns of global smart luxury commercial pickup trucks, which showed their hard-core strength.

Heavyweight modification to create the ultimate experience of 2023 dragon bullet hard-core off-road

Great Wall Gun insists on taking users as the center and will carry out co-creation to the end. This auto show brought a customized model named Desert King 2023 Dragon Bomb jointly created by Great Wall Gun and Yuanda Shelby, which was another heavyweight modified model created by Great Wall Gun after it hatched a series of bomb products that users loved, such as black bombs, dragon bombs and fire bombs.

The official guide price of the 2023 Dragon Bomb is 256,800 yuan, which can be ordered through the Great Wall Gun APP. The top 200 users of the Dragon Bomb have the right to give away the anti-roll frame, which is the ultimate hard-core off-road.

This performance beast combines the spirit of cross-country racing with the Great Wall Gun, which also contains powerful genes, and is committed to providing the ultimate experience for top pickup players in terms of appearance, performance, power and configuration.

The design is domineering and wild. The front face design of "rattlesnake" has more visual attack power; "Wings of Vultures" competitive wheel eyebrows and sharp-edged shapes are more suitable for the adjusted wheel track of 1738mm; At the same time, there are "Baha ‘i fanatic" competitive front and rear bars, and the approach angle and departure angle of the whole vehicle are increased to 32/23, all of which reflect the dragon bomb’s enthusiastic pursuit of competition.

Off-road performance has been comprehensively improved. The 2023 Dragon Bomb is equipped with 285/70R17 Bailuchi KO2 tires and KMC wheels, which has better passability, smoother turning stability; K-man high-performance shock absorber, 8-stage damping adjustable, based on the user’s various road conditions, to ensure comfort without losing off-road fun.

In addition, the whole vehicle is raised by 1.5 inches, and the chassis of the model has been modified and strengthened to improve off-road capability and cope with multi-environment and complex terrain and road conditions, and it is compatible with the comfort of urban roads, retaining the original excellent design concept and giving players the confidence to go wild if they want to.

The momentum is invincible. The 2023 Dragon Bomb is equipped with 2.0T+8AT part-time 4wd power system, which responds to the outdoor off-road demand at any time, adopts high-power engine, and the maximum net power is increased to 160kW and the maximum net torque is increased to 380N·m, so it can easily cope with the outdoor complex terrain and wading through mountains and rivers.

Luxury technology is within reach. Simple horizontal extension cockpit design, immersive outdoor comfort zone; At the same time, it adopts the brand-new 7-inch instrument +12.3-inch Zhilian large screen double suspension design to provide high-end luxury driving experience for hardcore players.

The arrival of the 2023 Dragon Bullet, a heavyweight modified model, will once again lead the off-road trend of pickup trucks, and together with more hard-core players who love off-road, create the story of ultimate conquest in the vast world!

Brand upgrade in an all-round way Great Wall gun category evolution

As the leader of pickup trucks, Great Wall pickup trucks ranked first in sales for 25 years in a row, with global cumulative sales exceeding 2 million, and its market share exceeding 50% from January to May in 2023. Great Wall Gun has been on the market for more than three years, with a cumulative sales volume of over 10,000 in 33 months, ranking first in the domestic pickup truck market and becoming the first high-end pickup truck brand in China to break through 450,000 units.

Great Wall Gun insists on category innovation to promote market expansion and continuously enhance category value. At present, the brand of Great Wall Gun has been upgraded in an all-round way, and it has evolved into two categories: passenger leisure and fashion business.

The passenger leisure category covers medium-sized, large-sized and full-size pickups in an all-round way, and is committed to meeting the diversified and personalized needs of users, improving the quality of life of users around the world, and empowering pickup trucks to be culturally upward. Fashion business goods focus on building compact and medium-sized pickup trucks, and are committed to building a car of value and people’s livelihood for thousands of industries, helping users to have good business and a better life!

The global champion strength of intelligent luxury pickup truck is upgraded again.

The Great Wall Gun redefines the pickup truck, endows it with riding value, and initiates a new era of riding and globalization of pickup trucks in China. The global smart luxury pickup truck-2023 passenger gun, which was unveiled at this auto show, is a new and upgraded Great Wall gun with advanced strength and smarter! More luxurious! Safer! More comfortable!

The official guide price of 2023 passenger gun gasoline model is 126,800-159,800 yuan, and the official guide price of diesel model is 133,800-166,800 yuan. At the same time, car buyers will also enjoy five major gifts: financial gift, replacement gift, interconnection gift, service gift and recommendation gift. The sincerity of increasing the allocation and not increasing the price is full!

The 2023 passenger gun, built on the world’s leading intelligent professional off-road platform, has been tested in 76 kinds of global roads and extreme environments such as "extremely cold, extremely hot and plateau", with a test mileage of over 6 million kilometers and leading technical performance at the same level. It also continues to evolve in terms of higher intelligence. The driving control is upgraded to L2+ intelligent driving assistance level, equipped with a new generation of vehicle networking, and supports remote vehicle control. It is the first of its kind to be equipped with a fully automatic parking system, freeing hands and getting it done with one button.??

In order to fully meet the needs of users, the 2023 passenger gun strives to create a new luxury technology experience, adopting a brand-new exquisite technology wind interior, with a large-area soft coating, a 7-inch color LCD instrument+a 12.3-inch Zhilian touch screen double suspension design, and a laser carving process luminous decorative board, which is bursting with technology. Large storage boxes are added on the left and right sides of the dashboard to increase storage space, leading the same level.

At the same time, the 2023 passenger gun is also designed with armor-level safety protection, with 6 airbags, 14 radars, high-strength door anti-collision beam, high-strength cage body, etc., to ensure the safety of the owner to the maximum extent; Highly integrated body stability system, with multiple functions such as rollover prevention, up and down slope assistance, dynamic direction stability, etc. Ultra-practical low-speed emergency braking, front and rear collision warning and other functions are all available to protect every step of the trip.

In terms of comfort, the 2023 passenger gun is comparable to the SUV of the same class. Equipped with 2.0T+8AT gold power combination, matching five-bar rear suspension and TOD intelligent four-wheel drive, as well as upgrading four-door one-button lifting & anti-pinch & automatic window closing, 50W wireless fast charging and other intimate equipment, making travel convenient and efficient; Equipped with the first hidden container boarding pedal in China, it is convenient and comfortable to get on and off. In addition, the passenger gun comes with the electronic lock of the container, which is really worry-free and reliable.

The 2023 passenger gun can also realize multi-purpose of one car and expand diverse life. The original factory has its own towing qualification, which can tow RV, Luya boat, motorcycle, etc. A number of refitting interfaces and original car switches are reserved to meet the diverse refitting needs of users.

The arrival of the 2023 passenger gun will once again break through the traditional cognition of Chinese people on pickup trucks, lead the value of pickup trucks in China to jump upward, and let everyone who loves life live a vast and amazing life.

Five strengths of global smart luxury commercial pickup trucks are renewed

Great Wall Gun is the best pickup truck in China, constantly setting a new record for pickup trucks in China! Among them, commercial guns have won the trust of thousands of users by virtue of their superior product strength, ranking first in the sales of single models in the pickup truck market in China.

At present, standing at the starting point of the new era, commercial guns are renewed and upgraded again! Global intelligent luxury pickup truck-2023 commercial gun has become the preferred business partner and intelligent assistant of business elites in the new era with five leading strengths of "super enjoyment of driving, super power, super safety, super load bearing and super ingenuity", which is safer, more comfortable, more worry-free and more efficient!

The official guide price of 2023 commercial gun gasoline models is 99,800 yuan-135,800 yuan, and the official guide price of diesel models is 106,800 yuan-142,800 yuan; In addition, car buyers can also enjoy four gifts: financial gift, replacement gift, service gift and recommendation gift! Great value for money!

Super enjoy driving, smart and comfortable. The front face of the 2023 commercial gun is completely refreshed, with a large area of V-shaped mesh matrix mesh, which is fashionable in atmosphere; The brand-new upgrade of the interior, smart floating screen design, 12.3-inch Zhilian large screen blessing, large-area soft material coating, etc., will surely trigger a comprehensive benchmarking follow-up by friends; There are also high-level intelligent equipment such as keyless entry+one-button start, automatic parking, electric sunroof, automatic headlights, and a new generation of intelligent car networking, which supports AI intelligent voice, vehicle remote control, FOTA wireless upgrade, online map, smart parking and other functions. The technology is convenient. You can also send and receive WeChat, brush Tik Tok, K songs, etc., with rich entertainment functions.

Super power, surging and reliable. Equipped with 2.0T "China Heart" top ten engines, the power of gasoline and diesel reaches 70kW/L and 60kW/L, which is powerful. Together with 6MT/8AT transmission, it forms a golden power combination, which is more powerful, more economical, more environmentally friendly and more reliable. The shift at the same level is the smoothest and the response speed is the fastest. Equipped with Borgwarner electronic control part-time 4wd, it is easy to operate and fearless of all rugged road conditions on the road to wealth creation.

Super safe, guarding all the way. Commercial guns have benchmark-level safety equipment. In terms of active safety, the whole system comes standard with ESP, integrating brake assistance, traction control, uphill assistance, steep slope descent and other functions. At the same time, it is equipped with right front blind spot monitoring, tire pressure monitoring and other configurations, and it is optional to install a 360-view system with megapixels to prevent accidents to the maximum extent. In terms of passive safety, it is equipped with four airbags, and the proportion of high-strength steel in the whole vehicle is as high as 48%. The high-strength cage body, high-strength door anti-collision beam, automatic collision unlocking and automatic fuel cut-off ensure the safety of users in all directions.

Super bearing capacity, high efficiency and convenience. Great Wall is the first enterprise to apply the passenger car standard to pickup trucks. No matter the design, manufacture and production are made according to the passenger car standard, the body is made of galvanized sheet, and the salt spray test lasts for more than 1000 hours. The chassis is made of high-strength trapezoidal frame and leaf spring, which leads the same level in bearing capacity. Only by loading more can you earn more! Standard metal anti-roll frame, effectively protecting vehicle safety, adding external rope hook, making it more convenient to fix items; Equipped with metal chassis guard, it is easy to deal with all kinds of bumpy roads on the road to wealth creation. The original factory has its own traction qualification to expand diverse lives.

Excellent ingenuity and convenient service. Great Wall Gun is not only a leading product, but also a benchmark in the industry. Great Wall pickup truck has the most complete sales and service system of pickup truck brand, with 2000+ sales and service outlets nationwide, which is more convenient for sales and service, and provides 24-hour rescue service, which is trusted by millions of users.

The arrival of the 2023 commercial gun will empower the pickup truck to make a breakthrough in commercial value, and create a better future together with thousands of new era strugglers in Qian Qian!

Great Wall Gun continues to make great efforts in category innovation, and constantly meets the diversified car demand of users with a more excellent product experience. In the future, the Great Wall Gun will continue to fully evolve into two categories: passenger leisure and fashion business. The global product layout of the Great Wall Gun will achieve full lineup, full scene and full price coverage.

The king of pickup trucks has a worldwide reputation. The Great Wall Gun will continue to lead the pickup truck culture in China to upgrade and make pickup trucks really popular.

Luo Xiang, a professor of law, spoke for Volvo to see how Volvo XC60 came out of the circle.

A series of seemingly jokes, such as "Can I fight back after being chased by a panda", are serious legal issues. The impression that the UP owner left on the Internet was "indecent", but in fact, we learned a lot of serious legal knowledge in this "indecent".

This big shot was born in China University of Political Science and Law, and he was an inaugural professor. He was also a well-known lecturer in the criminal law of Houda Law Examination in academic circles at that time, and he was famous in the legal field. Previously, this time, the professor was serious, speaking for Volvo cars and telling everyone about Amway cars. So what strength does Volvo have to make this "not serious" professor suddenly serious? Pass next.
get away
) and
To illustrate the contrast.

Both cars are the best among medium-sized luxury brand SUVs. As a typical representative of Nordic luxury, Volvo has a large audience in the domestic market. Volvo XC60 has a lot of powder for its super-high face value, super-high safety and power.

First of all, at the design level, the unique air intake grille on the front face of the new Volvo XC60 is integrated into the new bumper design, making the whole face more impactful. Straight waterfall chrome plating, LED
The design of headlights and Viking axe taillights endows them with solid and delicate workmanship. The front of Audi Q5L adopts the traditional family design, and the front face style has entered the aesthetic fatigue period. On the whole, Volvo XC60 wins in novelty and visual impact.

Secondly, in terms of performance, both Volvo XC60 and Audi Q5L are equipped with 2.0T engines, but after entering the electrification era, the power system has also been adjusted accordingly. Volvo XC60 adds a 48V hybrid system on the basis of 2.0T, which has faster dynamic response and no sense of frustration at the beginning. And according to the book data given by official website, Volvo XC60 is also better than

Finally, on the safety level, Volvo’s safety performance can be said to be engraved in the brand gene. Since the car was built, Volvo has always put safety first. I saw a video of a Volvo XC60 stacked car before. In the video, seven cars were vertically stacked on each other, and the Volvo XC60 at the bottom of the car took on all the weight. The scene looked spectacular, and the strong safety was perfectly reflected in the Volvo XC60! At this point, Audi Q5L may only be discouraged in front of Volvo.

In the highly competitive automobile market, the strong are like a cloud, and if they don’t advance, they will retreat. Perhaps it is because of its extraordinary strength and determination to forge ahead with the enterprise that law professors can take a fancy to Volvo!

Promote the high-quality development of the city’s care for the next generation! The working meeting of the city’s working Committee was held

Following the announcement on March 29th that the price of Zhiji L7 Pro was 408,800 yuan, this time, Zhiji Automobile announced the configuration and price of Zhiji L7 Dynamic for 368,800 yuan.

At the press conference, Zhiji Automobile announced the record of Zhiji L7 drifting continuously for 1 hour, 6 minutes, 258 laps and 43.646 kilometers.

Zhiji L7 has the power comparable to that of a 4.0T engine, and the zero-acceleration performance of the whole vehicle for more than 10 consecutive times has no attenuation. At the same time, based on the high-density energy battery, the four-wheel drive version has a cruising range of 615km CLTC, which meets daily travel.

Zhiji L7 ran into the "3-second acceleration club" with the measured result of 3.87s acceleration of 000 km. Zhiji L7 has a length of more than 5 meters and a wheelbase of 3.1 meters, and can achieve an ultra-small turning radius of 5.4 meters. Zhiji L7 adopts electric four-wheel vector drive technology, and the rear wheel can achieve a super steering angle of 12 in both directions, which can realize the intelligent adjustment of "virtual wheelbase" under different working conditions.

According to reports, in terms of performance configuration, Zhiji L7 Dynamic is equipped with 400V voltage power density, straight waterfall cooling oil gallery design, innovative technology of 8-layer Hair-pin flat wire winding and magnesium alloy shell. Zhiji L7 cooperated with Williams Foresight Engineering Team to test and adjust 108 chassis indexes and software parameters in two rounds at Millbrook proving ground in England.

Zhiji Auto founded the "Clean Taste Workshop", allowing users of Zhiji L7 Dynamic to enjoy the clean taste space 180 days in advance. Zhiji L7 Dynamic has 9 double-deck sound insulation glass, equipped with silent tires and silent motors, to create a quiet driving cabin. At the same time, its intelligent audio-visual system has a 1120W power amplifier and customized software algorithms, which can create a real and highly restored stereo field and create an ethereal sound field by immersive audio-visual. Zhiji L7′ s "huge immersive intelligent scene screen" that can be lifted automatically can enter the "sound, light and electricity global immersive super-running mode" with one button.

Volvo S60 in Yuncheng has greatly reduced its price, with the latest offer of 224,900! just this once

Recently, car home Yuncheng preferential promotion channel has launched an exciting preferential activity, and the preferential car series is. This luxury car is currently on sale in Yuncheng area, with a maximum discount of 88,800 yuan. The starting price is 224,900 yuan, which allows car buyers to buy this high-quality model at a more affordable price. If you are interested in this model, you can click the "Check Car Price" button in the quotation form to get a higher discount.

Volvo S60 is a car full of modernity and luxury, and its exterior design adopts a unique front face design, showing the unique charm of the brand. The air intake grille adopts Volvo’s family-style straight waterfall design, and with large-size chrome-plated decorative strips, it creates a strong brand recognition. The overall style is simple and generous, the lines are smooth, and the body lines are smooth and dynamic, showing an elegant and steady temperament. No matter from the front or rear of the car, the Volvo S60 shows its unique design charm, which is impressive. The lines on the side of the car body are smooth and powerful, and it is more dynamic with large-sized wheels. Generally speaking, the design of Volvo S60 is full of modernity and luxury, which leaves a deep impression on people.

Volvo S60 is a medium-sized car, with a body size of 4778*1850*1437, a wheelbase of 2872mm, and a front and rear track of 1600 mm.. The body lines are smooth, the side design is simple and atmospheric, and the overall shape is fashionable and dynamic. Tyre size is 225/50 R17, the front tires are the same as those in tyre size, and the rim style is simple and exquisite, which adds a sense of stability to the vehicle.

Volvo S60′ s interior design is simple and generous, with black and brown color scheme, giving people a sense of high class and comfort. The steering wheel is made of leather, which feels comfortable and the position can be manually adjusted up and down and back and forth. The 9-inch central control screen is large in size and equipped with voice recognition control system, which can control multimedia system, navigation, telephone and air conditioning. Both the front row and the back row are equipped with two USB/Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for charging and connecting devices. The seat is made of imitation leather. The front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment and lumbar support adjustment can be carried out for the main and co-pilot seats. The driver’s seat is also equipped with electric seat memory function. The front seats also have a heating function. Generally speaking, the interior design of Volvo S60 is exquisite, comfortable and practical.

Volvo S60 is equipped with a 2.0T 197 horsepower L4 engine with a maximum power of 145 kW and a maximum torque of 300 N m.. This engine is matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, which can provide a smooth shifting experience and abundant power output. Whether it’s city driving or high-speed cruising, Volvo S60 can do it easily. At the same time, this engine also has excellent dynamic response and fuel economy, making your driving experience more comfortable and economical.

In the communication with the owner of car home, we learned that he spoke highly of the design of Volvo S60. Although there are relatively few color choices, he thinks that the overall appearance is very atmospheric, especially the front face design is quite beautiful. Volvo has always been famous for its unique design and exquisite craftsmanship, and S60, as one of the main models of the brand, naturally lives up to expectations. From the evaluation of car home car owners, we can see that the design of S60 has been widely recognized. I believe that in the near future, S60 will continue to bring amazing driving experience and beautiful driving memories to more car owners.

Zhenjiang Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is on sale! 15,000 discount, don’t miss it.

In the car home Zhenjiang preferential promotion channel, the current preferential car series is. The discount range of this model in Zhenjiang area is very large, with the highest discount amount reaching 15,000 yuan. The minimum starting price is 137,800 yuan. If you are interested in this model, you can click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher preferential car purchase price.

Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is an SUV with a modern and scientific sense, and its design is fashionable and atmospheric. The car adopts a unique front face design, and the air intake grille adopts a polygonal design, which makes the whole front look wider and more stable. The body lines are smooth and the overall style is very smooth, giving people a very elegant feeling. In addition, the car also uses LED headlights to make it safer to drive at night. The side of the car body adopts streamlined design, which makes the whole car look more dynamic and increases aerodynamic performance. The rear of the car body adopts a unique design, which makes people shine. In a word, the exterior design of Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris is excellent, and it is a very recommended model.

Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris is a medium-sized SUV, with a body size of 4781*1920*1671mm and a wheelbase of 2815 mm. The body lines are smooth and strong, showing a luxurious and atmospheric style. The car has a front track of 1641mm and a rear track of 1642 mm. It is equipped with 235/55 R19 front and rear tires, and the rim design is fashionable, which further enhances the sense of movement of the whole car. The smooth lines on the side of the car body highlight the elegance and dynamics of the car, and people can be attracted by it at a glance.

The interior design of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is full of modernity, with a leather steering wheel, which is comfortable and supports manual up and down+front and rear adjustment. The 12.3-inch central control screen has large size and clear display effect, and supports the voice recognition control system of multimedia system, navigation, telephone, air conditioner, skylight and window, which is convenient and practical. USB/Type-C interfaces are configured in the front and rear rows to meet various charging requirements. The front row also has a mobile phone wireless charging function. The seat is made of imitation leather. The main driver’s seat supports front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment and height adjustment (2-way), while the co-pilot’s seat supports front and rear adjustment and backrest adjustment. The rear seats support the proportion of falling down, and the space is flexible and variable. The overall interior design is simple and atmospheric, which meets the aesthetic needs of modern consumers.

Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is equipped with a 2.0T 261 horsepower L4 engine, with a maximum power of 192 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m.. Equipped with 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, which makes the shift smoother and the power output more efficient. This engine not only has strong power performance, but also has excellent fuel economy, providing drivers with an excellent driving experience.


Thanks to car home car owners for sharing, your true evaluation is very valuable to us. Although Eta Ursae Majoris’s net white is not good enough in your eyes, the matching of black makes this car more harmonious and attractive. The side design is really a highlight of Eta Ursae Majoris, which is unforgettable. We believe that every car owner has different preferences for cars, and for Eta Ursae Majoris, its charm lies in its diversity and individuality. No matter which color you choose, you can find its unique beauty. Thank you for your support and encouragement. We will continue to strive to provide better products and services and bring you a better driving experience.

Sudden attention! 6 boards, big cows, hot spots?

K diagram 002988_0

  Recently, A-share board stocks have emerged in an endless stream, like 14 boards.11-plate10-plateWait, now it’s your turn.. The stock has been trading for six consecutive days since the daily limit of the word board began on November 7, becoming the "king of the board" of the current A shares. At the close of trading on Tuesday, it still had 33,000 orders to seal the daily limit, which was about 120 million yuan according to the latest price of 37.77 yuan.

  The data shows that there are currently 15 A shares (including) recorded 2 or more consecutive daily limit, andTied for the first place with 6 boards.andTied behind with 4 boards., Sampton,It is 3 connecting plates.


Going to Huawei to ask the world?

  According to public information, it is a large aluminum profile manufacturer integrating professional research and development, manufacturing and sales. And its recent surge in share prices, a high probability and the company’s recent multiple games.At the event, it was mentioned that Huawei asked about the community.

  Haomei New Materials first mentioned in the record of investor relations activities disclosed on October 30 that the company has obtained a total of 280 fixed-point projects in the first half of the year, and its customers cover joint venture models such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda and Toyota, and Guangzhou Automobile Ai’ an.Domestic brands such as Huawei Wenjie and Changan. This business (referring to automobile lightweight business) is throughEnterprises indirectly supply all kinds of aluminum extrusion materials and components to vehicle manufacturers, and indirectly supply them to Wenjie series vehicles.Pallet products. On October 31st, Haomei New Materials rose by 7.6%.

  Then, on November 3rd, the record of investor relations activities disclosed by Haomei New Materials once again stated that the company had made a fixed point for the series of models of Wenjie, mainly providing pallet products, but the previous quantity was always small, and after mass production of Wenjie M7, it brought a certain order increment to the company. On November 6, Haomei New Materials rose by 4.1%. Then there is a wave of 6 boards.

  In the last two stock transactions, it fluctuated abnormally.In China, Haomei New Materials kept silent about the world, only saying that most of the lightweight materials and components provided by the company need to be processed and assembled by enterprises and then supplied to the automobile factory.


Receive a letter of concern from the exchange

  On Tuesday, Haomei New Materials received a letter of concern from Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked Haomei New Materials to explain whether the company’s disclosure on automobile lightweight business was true, accurate and complete in the recent record of investor relations activities and the two announcements of abnormal fluctuations in stock trading on November 9 and November 13, and whether there was speculation and hot spots.

  In addition, Haomei New Materials is also required to check whether the directors, supervisors, senior managers and their immediate family members have bought or sold the company’s shares and whether there is any suspected insider trading.


great momentum

  Recently, the concept is really strong. On Tuesday, the sector index rose by 1.19%, with a cumulative increase of 12.91% since October 24, and a cumulative increase of 36.45% since it bottomed out on April 27 this year.

  If you only look at Tuesday, among the concept stocks, in addition to the daily limit of Haomei New Materials,It is also the daily limit closing;Up more than 7%;Up over 6%;Up more than 5% and so on.


The new car in the world is on fire

  The strength of the concept plate should be said to have something to do with the hot sales in the field of inquiry. The data shows that 12,700 vehicles were delivered in October, up 78% from 7,125 vehicles delivered in September.

  In addition, the new M7 has continued to be popular since it was officially listed on September 12th. In the first month of listing, it has exceeded 60,000 vehicles, 70,000 vehicles after 45 days of listing, and 80,000 vehicles after 50 days of listing, with the latest breakthrough of 86,000 vehicles. There is also the unlisted M9, and the number of blind orders has exceeded 25,000.

  beforeIt is estimated that in 2023.Automobile sales reached 85,000 vehicles, up 6% year-on-year, of which M5 and M7 models sold 45,000 and 40,000 vehicles. In 2024, the automobile sales reached 255,000 vehicles, up by 200% year-on-year, among which the sales of M5, M7 and M9 vehicles were 7.5, 11 and 70,000 vehicles.

  It is pointed out that the M9 represents a new round of cooperation between Huawei and Intelligent Car Selection, and it is the first vehicle platform in China to participate deeply, including intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving. M9, which will be listed soon, is expected to continue to enhance the brand power of AITO.


The car is still booming.

  Judging from the whole car market, the car is still in a hot trend. Previously, the Federation estimated that the wholesale sales volume of new energy passenger car manufacturers in October was 890,000, a year-on-year increase of 32% and a quarter-on-quarter increase of 7%.

  Look at the part againBrand, sold 301,800 vehicles in October, up 38.57% year-on-year. In the first 10 months, the cumulative sales volume was 2,381,500 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 70.36%.

  Delivery reached a record high, exceeding 40,000 vehicles, reaching 40,400 vehicles, up 302.1% year-on-year and 12.09% quarter-on-quarter. As of October 31, 2023, a total of 284,600 vehicles were delivered throughout the year.It also achieved a breakthrough in October, with the monthly delivery reaching 20,000 vehicles for the first time;The number of cars delivered in October was 16,100, a year-on-year increase of 59.8%.

  It is believed that it is expected to usher in the inflection point of the second increase of permeability. The reason is that the vehicle supply is further enriched, the intelligent+fast charge+long battery life experience is improved, and the cost compression drives the price down, sinking into a more competitive price range.

  DongguanIt is said that the achievements of the "100-city Linkage" Automobile Festival and the "Thousands of Counties and Towns" new energy going to the countryside activities by the Ministry of Commerce have appeared, and superimposed car companies have started a new round of promotional activities, and the demand for car purchases has continued to be released. Looking forward to the follow-up, the orders of the new car companies led by Huawei Auto have achieved rapid growth during the National Day holiday, and the market fever is expected to continue, which may drive the automobile consumption at the end of the year to consolidate the realization of the steady growth goal of the automobile industry throughout the year.

  Besides,It is believed that many car companies have launched sub-brands to enrich their product matrix, and their high-end brands and personalized brands will gradually go public, which will promote the demand growth in the fourth quarter.

It is for investors’ reference only and does not constitute investment advice.

What kind of car is e300?

Mercedes-Benz E300 is a luxury car. The following is its related introduction:

In terms of appearance, the front face design of Mercedes-Benz E300 is the same as that of the imported version, with sharp lines of split high beam and low beam, and the overall effect is young and dynamic, completely washing away the image of "capital". The LED light group in the front of the car explains the word fashion more thoroughly. From the appearance, the new E-class extended edition of Mercedes-Benz has no change from the imported E-class, but some adjustments have been made for the China market in terms of body length, width and wheelbase. The body length of the domestic Mercedes-Benz E-Class extended version is 5012mm, the wheelbase is increased by 140mm, reaching 3014mm, and the body width remains unchanged.

In terms of interior, the interior of Mercedes-Benz E300 is dark gray, which looks younger. With brown seats, it feels very upscale. The center console focuses on the large-size GPS navigation screen, which is clear and easy to read. The middle part is the audio control button, which is convenient for the driver to operate. The lower part is the air conditioning control button, which is simple and convenient to operate.

As a luxury car, Mercedes-Benz E300 not only has a young and dynamic design in appearance, but also has exquisite interior, providing drivers with a comfortable driving experience. At the same time, the adjustment of its body size also makes it more suitable for the demand of China market. If you need to know more about Mercedes-Benz E300, you can go to Mercedes-Benz official website or a physical store to learn more about it.

AITO asks M5 Smart Driving Edition for limited time: 18,000 yuan for purchasing HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-end smart driving bag at half price during the year.

On June 28th, AITO Automobile announced today that the price of purchasing HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-end smart driving package at one time is 18,000 yuan, and the limited-time promotion will end on December 31st, 2023!

Yu Chengdong said that after the OTA upgrade in July, the intelligent driving function of urban NCA will be opened in five cities, namely, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Hangzhou. In the third quarter of this year, the urban NCA that does not rely on high-precision maps will land in 15 cities, and will increase to 45 cities in the fourth quarter.

At the 2023 Huawei Smart Car Solution Conference held in April this year, Huawei released ADS 2.0, a high-level intelligent driving system, which officially declared that "people drive safer and make smart driving easier".

According to reports, Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0 buys out 36,000 yuan at one time, and subscribes to 720 yuan for 7,200 yuan every year and every month. The four highlights of IT House are as follows:

1, safety leading generation:

ADS 2.0 is equipped with the industry’s first laser fusion GOD network, which is more accurate in obstacle identification and safe and smooth even in complex traffic scenes.

2, the high-speed is more assured, and the urban area is more comfortable:

ADS 2.0 optimizes the high-speed experience. After the optimization, the average manual takeover mileage is increased from 100km to 200km, and it is easy to cope with up and down ramps and channel obstacle avoidance.

3, with or without pictures can open:

The NCA intelligent driving pilot equipped with ADS 2.0 can cover 90% of urban scenes, and can be opened with or without maps.

4. Smart parking can be parked when it is visible:

The performance and scene of intelligent parking are further improved. With the assistance of AVP parking service and 360 full range obstacle perception blessing, intelligent parking can be carried out across the ground, underground parking lots and mechanical parking spaces.

Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0 will be launched by AITO’s M5 advanced intelligent driving version, and has been adapted to the full range of Aouita 11 and the new Hi version of Extreme Fox Alfa S.

Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0 is available in three versions: basic package, advanced package and advanced package. Details are as follows:

Huawei advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0 basic package: active safety assistance, adaptive cruise assistance and 360 panoramic view;

Huawei advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0 advanced package: high-speed lane cruise assistance, high-speed intelligent driving navigation assistance, urban lane cruise assistance, intelligent parking assistance and remote parking assistance;

Advanced package of Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0: urban intelligent driving navigation assistance, urban lane cruise assistance enhancement and parking service assistance.

It is reported that AITO Wenjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition is the first model equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, equipped with an overhead laser radar, three millimeter-wave radars, 11 high-definition cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars, superimposed with new antenna technology, which doubles the signal and takes the lead in realizing high-speed and urban high-order intelligent driving functions independent of high-precision maps.

According to the official, Huawei’s ADS 2.0 intelligent driving system has achieved a major breakthrough in understanding various road elements such as roads and traffic lights even without high-precision maps, making driving more intelligent, safer and more reliable.

According to the official introduction, the newly upgraded Huawei ADS 2.0 has the industry’s first GOD network with laser fusion. Through the perception of multi-sensor fusion such as laser radar, millimeter wave radar and camera, special-shaped obstacles can also be identified. The average manual takeover mileage has increased from 100km to 200km;; NCA intelligent driving navigation can cover 90% of urban scenes; With the assistance of AVP parking service and 360 full range obstacle perception blessing, intelligent parking can be carried out across the ground, underground parking lots and mechanical parking spaces, supporting intelligent parking of up to 160 parking spaces.