In February, Celeste new energy vehicles increased by 360% year-on-year. Aito asked the world to win the monthly sales champion of new forces.

  On March 1st, Cyrus Group Co., Ltd. (601127.SH hereinafter referred to as "Cyrus") released the February production and sales express. The data shows that in February, the sales volume of Sailis new energy vehicles reached 30,257, a year-on-year increase of 360.04%; From January to February, 2024, the sales volume of Celeste new energy vehicles totaled 67,095 vehicles, up 485.37% year-on-year.

  In February, 2024, AITO asked the whole department to deliver 21,142 new cars, AITO asked the new M7 to deliver 18,479 cars in a single month, with a cumulative delivery of more than 100,000 cars. The cumulative delivery of the M7 in the asking sector was set to exceed 150,000 cars, leading the first monthly sales list of new forces in China market with absolute advantage, creating a new record for the sales of single cars of China automobile brands.

  Cyrus ranks among the top five luxury brands in the world.

  Since the beginning of this year, AITO has shown sustained upward momentum. According to the data, from January 1st to February 18th, 2024, Celestial World ranked among the top five luxury brands in China market with a cumulative sales volume of 46,200 vehicles. It is worth mentioning that in the sales list of the fourth week of February (February 19-February 25), Celestial World ranked among the TOP3 luxury brands with a weekly sales volume of 7,200 vehicles, beating the traditional luxury cars Audi and Mercedes-Benz, second only to Tesla and BMW, becoming the highest ranked China brand in the luxury brand list.

  On February 26th, the nationwide delivery of Celestial M9 was fully launched, and over 100 cities officially ushered in large-scale delivery. As the latest product jointly built by Celestial Automobile and Huawei for three years, Celestial M9 has been well recognized by users, and it has exceeded 50,000 vehicles in 62 days since its listing. In addition, all versions of AITO Wujie M5/ New M7 have also started to speed up delivery, and the car can be delivered in 2-4 weeks at the earliest. It is reported that at present, Sailis has more than 700 experience centers and more than 200 user centers in 220 cities, bringing users a better product and service experience.

  Super factory completed and put into use institutions continue to be optimistic

  On February 5th, Sailis Auto Super Factory was completed and put into use. It is built in accordance with international leading standards and industrial Internet requirements, and has four characteristics of high efficiency, intelligence, cutting-edge and green, which has become a new benchmark for China new energy automobile intelligent manufacturing factory. The factory has more than 3,000 robots intelligently cooperating to realize 100% automation of key processes; Use the industry’s first quality automation testing technology to achieve 100% quality monitoring traceability; Through the world’s leading 9000T die casting machine, the highest integration among integrated die casting parts is realized; At the same time, it also achieved the highest production efficiency in the world.

  Zhang Xinghai, chairman (founder) of Celestial Group, said: "The M9 is a high-end luxury boutique model that we have built with our heart, adhering to the tenet of’ taking users as the center and serving users wholeheartedly’. We will continue to iterate and improve, improve at the fastest speed, and meet the needs of all users as much as possible. Let the high-end be higher, the luxury be more luxurious, and the intelligence be smarter! "

  Many institutional research reports are also optimistic about the future market performance of Celestial M9. Huaxin Securities Research Report pointed out that at present, the M9 has been delivered, and the new model is expected to continue to exert its strength. According to the latest research report of Founder Securities, with the increasing proportion of sales in AITO’s brand after the production capacity of M9 climbs, the volume and price of Cyrus are driven upward in Shuang Sheng, and it is expected that the profit contribution of models will turn a profit in June 2024 at the earliest, and the profit cycle will be started in the third quarter of 2024.