I have confirmed my eyes and met the right car. BYD Qin has 54,200 cases nationwide.

The penetration rate of private cars in China has been very high. However, at this stage, most people still choose to spend more on cars than on tools. Under this trend, most people are getting more and more expensive to buy cars. The original budget was about 200,000, but in the end, they spent 400,000. But after using it for a period of time, I complained repeatedly and regretted my irrationality. What is the appropriate budget or price for buying a car? One algorithm is that the car price you can afford is about 1-2 times the annual household income balance. Of course, the market can’t be missed, and catching up with the larger preferential sales will definitely save a lot of money. Take BYD Qin Wei as an example today to see the national real transaction price, preferential discount, sales volume, value preservation rate and other information of new cars, so as to help you understand the market situation of a car more comprehensively.

The biggest discount of BYD Qin’s transaction price in the past month reached 8.35 fold, the cash of new cars dropped by 11,300 yuan, and the national sales of new cars started at 54,200 yuan. The point price is for reference only, and the actual transaction price is subject to the local dealer.

The figure below shows the sales data of BYD Qin. The national sales volume in the last month was 156 vehicles. I wonder if BYD is still satisfied with this result. Most people will follow the sales volume when buying a car, which is the main basis for most people to judge whether a car is good or not without in-depth understanding of a car. Although it is not accurate, it is not groundless, but if you have higher requirements for car selection, you need to make more efforts to fully understand it.

When we buy a car, we need to consider many factors, among which the preservation rate is also very important. The low preservation rate of the car indicates that the overall quality of the car is poor, while the high preservation rate indicates that the market is highly recognized. The chart below shows the value-preserving rate of BYD Qin. Is it within your acceptable range?

When we buy a car, we will pay attention to all aspects of this model in advance, especially the posts and word-of-mouth posted by car owners in major forums and vertical websites. Apart from the navy, there are still some car owners’ real car experience that is worth learning. Let’s take a look at BYD Qin’s word-of-mouth score. BYD Qin’s comprehensive score is 4.78, and the result is not bad, so BYD Qin can consider it.

If you have seen the above, you still have doubts about whether BYD Qin is worth buying, then you can also look at the performance of BYD Qin Jingpin. Among the following competing products, Jetta VA3 sold the most last month, with 5,358 cars. There is always one for you.

If the price of BYD Qin is suitable in the near future, then the friends will hurry! Linkage promotion in many places across the country, and there are even more discount models as low as 30%.

Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris in Anqing area is on sale, with the latest offer of 137,800! There are plenty of cars.

On the car home Anqing preferential promotion channel, preferential activities are being carried out. As an SUV model that has attracted much attention, the price of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris in Anqing has dropped to the lowest starting price of 137,800 yuan. This promotion can enjoy a maximum discount of 15,000 yuan, which provides excellent car purchase opportunities for the majority of riders. If you want to know more about the discount, you can click the "Check the car price" button in the quotation form to get a higher discount.


Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is a stylish and dynamic SUV. The front face design of this car is very unique, with a large area of chrome decoration and sharp LED headlights, which makes the whole car look very delicate. The air intake grille adopts a hexagonal design, with smooth lines and three-dimensional body shape, which makes the whole car look more dynamic. Overall style, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris pays attention to fashion and sense of science and technology, and its body lines are smooth and atmospheric, and at the same time it combines a sense of modernity and futurity. The appearance design of this car system is very in line with the aesthetic needs of modern consumers for the appearance of the car, leaving a deep impression on people.


The body size of Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris car series is 4781*1920*1671, the wheelbase is 2815mm, the front tread is 1641mm and the rear tread is 1642mm. The car’s side lines are smooth, showing a dynamic and steady style, showing the unique design charm of Eta Ursae Majoris. At the same time, the front tyre size is 235/55 R19, and the rear tyre size is 235/55 R19, which is equipped with wide tires to provide better handling and driving stability for drivers. The rim design of Eta Ursae Majoris car series is fashionable and atmospheric, which adds a sense of luxury to the whole car.


Starway Eta Ursae Majoris’s interior design style is fashionable and simple, paying attention to details and comfort. The steering wheel is made of leather, which feels comfortable and supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth, so that the driver can find the most comfortable position. The 12.3-inch central control screen has a large size and clear display, and supports multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning, sunroof and window voice recognition control systems, so that drivers can operate the vehicle more conveniently. The front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for passengers to charge. The front row also has mobile phone wireless charging function. The seat is made of imitation leather. The main seat supports front-back adjustment, backrest adjustment and height adjustment (2-way), and the auxiliary seat supports front-back adjustment and backrest adjustment. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats can be laid down in proportion, providing passengers with more space and comfort. The overall interior design is simple and clear, which meets the aesthetic needs of modern people.


Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is equipped with a 2.0T 261 horsepower L4 engine with a maximum power of 192 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m.. The engine is matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, which provides excellent power performance and smooth shifting experience for the vehicle. No matter on urban roads or highways, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris can provide you with abundant power support.

In the evaluation of car home car owners, we can see that Starway Eta Ursae Majoris has some bright spots in its exterior design, especially the shape of the side and the rear of the car has been well received by car owners. However, the design of the front of the car is more general, and it is biased towards the shape of new energy vehicles. In addition, the owner also mentioned that the four exhaust pipes at the tail are too deliberate, giving people an unnatural feeling. In terms of body workmanship, the owner thinks that the overall performance is above average, but the gaps in individual positions are still large and the two sides are not completely consistent. Although there are some problems in some details, the stylish appearance and four-wheel drive configuration of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris still attract the attention of many car owners. It is believed that with the continuous optimization and improvement of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris, the future models will be more excellent and bring better driving experience to consumers.

What should children do if they play mobile phones all day? Doctor: Parents should be clear about the "rules"

  "The child has Internet addiction, stays at home surfing the Internet all day, plays mobile phones all day long, and loses his temper when he says it. What should I do?" In the eyes of doctors, this problem is also very common.

  Yang Ying, deputy director of the Children and Adolescents Ward of Shandong Mental Health Center, said that nowadays, mobile phones have become an important way for everyone to get information. During the epidemic, they can’t meet their classmates and can only communicate on their mobile phones. There are several cases in which some children really use mobile phones as learning tools, but parents don’t trust them, thinking that they use learning as an excuse to peek and intervene from time to time. "Here, in fact, parents still make preconceived mistakes, presupposing that children can’t control themselves, don’t trust children, and cause children to resent, so they are very annoyed and lose their temper."

  There is also a situation where there are communication barriers in the family, and children don’t know what they really think. If they don’t have a place to pour out their worries, they will turn to the virtual world, which is actually a way to escape. Some children say that in fact, they don’t really want to play mobile phones, and playing mobile phones is to pass the time. Therefore, parents still have to communicate well with their children and understand their real thoughts. They can’t take coercive measures or even drop their mobile phones in a rage, which will only escalate the conflict and backfire.

  Tell your child the "rules" clearly, calmly, gently but firmly, and tell him how long to play with your mobile phone. You can jointly agree on a time period and tell your child to resolutely implement it. If not, then parents will tell your child that within two days, you have lost the right to own the mobile phone, and repeatedly and firmly tell him that this is not a punishment, but a means to help you manage yourself. For serious and real addicts, they have to go to regular medical institutions for treatment.

  Qilu Evening News Qilu Yidian reporter Zhang Ruyi

Some currencies are destined to be just "looking at the moon in the water", and becoming a smart car owner is a reliable choice.

Recently, people who may be familiar with the "currency circle" have heard that a currency named NFT has suddenly become popular in the market, which shows that under the ignition of Bitcoin, various capitals have entered the related fields of blockchain, digital currency and digital rights. But so far, these "currencies" are still castles in the air without entity endorsement, so the author suggests that everyone should wait and see carefully and not blindly enter the game.

Different from the above-mentioned "virtual currency", Zhiji Automobile, a user-oriented automobile science and technology company led by SAIC recently, put forward their CSOP user digital rights plan. Generally speaking, we can understand this plan as letting cars participate in "mining", thus achieving a win-win situation for users and enterprises. You know, Zhiji Automobile is backed by SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba, so there is no need to question the credibility of CSOP users’ digital rights plan.

At the beginning of the establishment of Zhiji Automobile, it will become the "implementer of travel change in the intelligent era" as the development goal of the enterprise, and the CSOP user digital rights plan is one of the "killer weapons" for Zhiji Automobile to achieve its goal. Recently, the CSOP User Data Rights and Interests Plan announced two major mining methods of users’ digital assets, namely "in-program mining" and "cultivation mining". This new gameplay, like cultivating games, makes practitioners call themselves "experts".

As the name implies, "internal program mining" is a process in which users exchange "original stone" based on the data generated by daily vehicles, which accounts for about 70% of the total amount of original stone. From the moment users drive Zhiji cars, they have started the "in-program mining" mode. With the increase of vehicle mileage and time, the number of raw stones obtained will also increase accordingly, and every kilometer driven will not be wasted.

In contrast, the "original stone" of "cultivation mining" has a long access path, but it can provide users with interesting and extensive social experience, and this part of the original stone accounts for about 30% of the total amount. Users can win "Crystal" by participating in APP interactive tasks and brand co-creation tasks, and accumulate a corresponding number of "Crystal" to extract "Zhiji Mine Box". The "mine box" is like a blind box, which randomly drops "treasures", including rich user rights and interests.

Zhiji Auto’s CSOP user data rights plan not only creates a new way of playing, but also has a deeper meaning. Zhiji hopes that in this way, users and car companies can communicate and achieve a win-win situation. Through the data provided by users, Zhiji Automobile constantly improves and optimizes its products and enhances its brand image. Users can exchange real income by providing driving data, so as to truly create with enterprises.

Xiaomi Auto responded to "the owner complained that SU7 did not deliver the paint"

IT House reported on April 7th that recently, some netizens posted that they had bought the original version of Xiaomi SU7 car, but the car had lost paint, so they could only make up the paint and compensate 5000 points (the purchasing power in Xiaomi Mall is equal to 500 yuan) and then deliver it normally.

According to the cold and warm video report, after Ms. Mo refused, the other party proposed a solution of compensation of up to 20,000 points, which did not support the replacement of a new car, and the deposit for returning the car could not be refunded, which was rejected by Ms. Mo again. Ms. Mo insisted on a new car.

In this regard, Xiaomi Automobile customer service said that it is impossible to replace a new car, and it will take a long time to reorder. It can be negotiated with the delivery center, and relevant policies will be introduced to solve such problems. The staff of Shenzhen Xiaomi Delivery Center said that when it comes to the privacy of the owner, there will be a person in charge of the delivery center to handle it.

After the release of Xiaomi’s first car, SU7, the attention of netizens was very high. For this reason, Xiaomi officially launched nine episodes of "Answering questions from netizens".

Six-and-a-half-year-old Hua Xizi is exactly the age that attracts people.

Wen | Wen Jiajia

Producer | Lan Xi

Half a month after Li Jiaqi’s inappropriate remarks, Hua Xizi, who had been bombarded by the whole network and the public relations team left, was finally "crazy".

On the afternoon of September 26th, Hua Xizi officially released a Weibo saying, "I, Hua Xizi, am six and a half years old. I have a dream to be a high-end brand based on the local market and going global." Later, several comments were issued in the comment area, and the route of "crazy literature" was taken.

Soon, the topic "Hua Xizi’s madness" boarded the hot search in Weibo, and the reading volume exceeded 330 million. The whole platform launched a hot discussion on this incident. Despite its popularity, Hua Xizi’s operation did not get the desired word-of-mouth reversal, but caused more users to crusade.

Hua Xizi, who fell to the bottom of the valley overnight, certainly has a lot of reluctance, but this "splashing" operation seems to attract traffic, which will actually push consumers further.

No one cares about "crazy" Hua Xizi.

Half a month after the release of inappropriate comments, the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi still has 10 million viewers. Although consumers have not forgotten the harm caused by Li Jiaqi, it is obvious that Li Jiaqi has not completely become an "internet outcast".

However, Hua Xizi failed to escape this robbery. From the beginning, the whole network debated whether an eyebrow pencil in 79 yuan was expensive or not, to the collective departure of Hua Xizi’s public relations team, and now he is "rolling around in his Weibo" for attention, and the road of Hua Xizi is getting narrower and narrower.

On the night of "madness" on September 26, Hua Xizi wrote in the comment area:

"I still want to speak out loud! ! ! ! I am also a 20W+ product experience officer, and every product must go through 1000+ user tests when it goes on the market … We are awesome! "

"It doesn’t matter if you are laughed at or ridiculed. I have been neighbors with LV and Gucci on the edge of the West Lake, and I will be opposite Chanel in Isetan, Japan’s top department store, and then I will go to France, Dubai and the United States to wait for me. "

"Does anyone really take grams to measure the value of eyebrow pencil?"

"Who knows the family, whose child is the only beauty brand when he is over 6 years old, and has been included in the Xinhua News Agency’s’ TOP10′ Global Communication Power of China Brands’ list together with brands such as Maotai, Alibaba and Huawei" …

Behind this series of speeches, Hua Xizi is eager to re-introduce his thoughts. Perhaps it is the fans of the authorities. Hua Xizi’s "crazy" marketing has received almost negative feedback from all sides.

△ Many netizens poured into the Huaxizi live broadcast room to brush the screen.

First of all, consumers, instead of feeling sorry for the difficult situation of Hua Xizi, add a little disgust.

Judging from its comment area, consumers have a set of logic to refute whether it is about doing public welfare, product production level or brand honor, and have labeled Hua Xizi as "green tea", "full of dad’s taste" and "greasy". Whether it’s selling badly or marketing, it’s hard for Huaxizi to let consumers choose it again by these few words.

Many Internet V’s are also puzzled by Hua Xizi’s operation. The "People Five _" with 1.35 million fans wrote: "I feel that Hua Xizi’s hair is very funny, because it is particularly old-fashioned. How many years have you been selling your feelings and dreams here? We bloggers all know that we should be altruistic when making content, and Hua Xizi is still dreaming here, as if going back to ten or twenty years ago to see that an amateur with no talent wanted to be a star and went crazy on the stage. No one cares about your dreams, everyone has their own life! "

Technology blogger "Joe Kevin" said: "No … he doesn’t think everyone will buy it, does he?"

In combination with the news that Hua Xizi was recruiting public relations with a sense of network with high salary, "crazy literature" did touch the internet, but I am afraid Hua Xizi has not learned the game of pulling emotions.

The sky-high traffic didn’t bring sales.

After dropping a bomb into the traffic pool of the whole network, Hua Xizi’s live broadcast room gained a higher popularity, but popularity does not mean user understanding and sales conversion.

On the evening of September 26th, the number of people in the live broadcast room of Tik Tok, the official flagship store of Huaxizi, was about 2,000, and the barrage was constantly refreshed, which looked highly interactive. However, in addition to the brand officialreview manipulationIn addition to a small number of barrage, more are still negative voices such as "I heard that you changed your product promotion" and "started to clear the inventory".

It is also worth mentioning that both the official live broadcast room of Hua Xizi and the live broadcast room with goods brought by a third party are mainly promoting the flower Xizi honey powder cake, and the most controversial eyebrow pencil has not been put on the shelves.

The overall effect of bringing goods is not as good as before. According to the data of Grey Dolphin, among the live broadcast data of Tik Tok Live Room, the official flagship store of Huaxizi in recent 30 days, except the number of times of bringing goods increased by 11.03%, the rest of the data such as the total number of people watching, the average number of people watching, the peak number of people watching, the average number of people online and the average length of stay in the field are all green.

In the month before Li Jiaqi’s "rollover", the total sales volume of Tik Tok Live Room, the official flagship store of Huaxi Zi, was between 1 million and 2.5 million, but in the past two days, even with the traffic blessing, the total sales volume was only between 25,000 and 50,000.

Looking at the bleak data, it is no wonder that Hua Xizi is so anxious to save the hearts of consumers. What’s more, in sharp contrast, it is the hot selling tide of domestic products after "a whale falls and everything lives".

The three "little old men" in the live broadcast room of Vitality 28 know nothing about traffic and marketing, but they have increased their powder by over 3 million, and their daily sales exceeded 5 million; While relying on 79 yuan’s product set to gain a lot of interaction, the bee flower also successfully exploded the product; There are also brands such as Hongxing Erke, Mixue Ice City, White Elephant Instant Noodles, Huiyuan Juice, Southern Black Sesame Paste, Wei Long, etc., which have achieved amazing results.

These old-fashioned domestic products, who had been unable to enter the live broadcast room of the anchor with goods on their heads, finally waited for the moonlight moment through the splash of wealth by Li Jiaqi and Hua Xizi. More importantly, consumers have also been instilled with the idea that "the original cost of living can not be so high" in this wave of domestic products "chaos", and good and cheap domestic products have begun to occupy the minds of users.

And this kind of effortless relaxation is exactly what Hua Xizi craves. However, Hua Xizi may think that this is a test of network sense, but in the eyes of consumers, this is just a matter of consumption returning to reason and marketing giving way to strength.

△ Changes in sales data of the official flagship store of Huaxizi in Tik Tok live broadcast room

Hua Xizi, who understands the Internet, has not yet understood consumers.

Without last night’s "Crazy Literature", although Hua Xizi was branded as a "cosmetic assassin" by consumers, there are still some people who think that he was just accidentally implicated by Li Jiaqi and was "sitting together". But after one night, those former fans seem to find it hard to love Huaxizi any more, and even begin to think that Huaxizi and Li Jiaqi can be deeply bound for such a long time, in the final analysis, they are still the same kind.

Hua Xizi’s "Crazy Literature" has repeatedly mentioned his achievements. These titles and awards are true, but of course they are inseparable from the power of marketing.

Since its establishment in 2017, Huaxizi has grown at an amazing speed. A year later, Hua Xizi reached a business cooperation with Li Jiaqi Live Studio, and even got on the express train. Then Hua Xizi’s loose powder won the sales volume of more than 700,000 boxes during the double 11 in 2019.

The reason why Hua Xizi’s achievements are directly linked to marketing investment is that beijing business today once reported that Hua Xizi’s GMV will reach 3 billion yuan in 2020 and 5.4 billion yuan in 2021, and his marketing investment is very huge. According to statistics, Hua Xizi only invested 20 million yuan in monthly marketing expenses on the live broadcast platform in the early days.

In the era when traffic is dominant and live broadcast is paramount, such a development model is normal. Paying more attention to marketing than R&D has become a big environment, and telling stories, discussing packaging and doing marketing has also become a routine way for emerging brands to rise rapidly.

As a result, brands such as Huaxizi, Perfect Diary and Winona came from behind one after another, and walked smoothly under the name of "the rise of domestic products". On the contrary, those old-fashioned domestic products that are honestly engaged in research and development and production have always been outside the Internet, unable to enter the consumer’s field of vision, and even the problem of survival has become difficult.

But the change of the times has always come suddenly. When consumers realize that the price of Hanako’s eyebrow pencil is higher than that of Shu Uemura and that of loose powder is higher than that of Chanel, the backstab feeling brought by the brand will deepen consumers’ negative emotions.

But what Hua Xizi, an "Internet aborigine", is imagining is to use a successful marketing to cover up negative public opinion. When "crazy", it may think: as long as I shout loudly enough, then everyone can understand me and feel sorry for me.

Facts have proved that Hua Xizi was wrong. Consumers not only won’t buy it, but also responded with a louder voice. "You have to know who brought you these honors. It is our ordinary consumers. Without us, you are nothing." Some users said this.

There is also the public relations of domestic brands who told the author, "Hua Xizi’s practice this time has a big mistake of blindly explaining and exporting, trying to show all his advantages." Although words have a sense of network, they have no real feelings, but they reveal a wronged and misunderstood grievance. In the case of overwhelming negative public opinion, such an approach is actually only to further deepen the rebellious psychology of consumers. "

Indeed, at present, regardless of Hua Xizi’s research and development technology, production technology, charity work and brand determination, consumers have been unable to pay more attention, and attitude is the focus they care more about. After all, to be miserable, those domestic brands that once lived a hard life and are still cheap and good are more worthy of support in the eyes of consumers.

The public opinion storm of the national crusade against Hua Xizi is still sweeping. It is still unknown what other operations Hua Xizi with a "good attitude" can come up with, but from the current point of view, it still doesn’t know how to think from the perspective of consumers.

2023 World Power Battery Conference opens in Yibin

  This newspaper(Li Miao Liu Chuan, all-media reporter of Sichuan Daily) On June 9th, the 2023 World Power Battery Conference, co-sponsored by the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, opened in Yibin. Wan Gang, Vice Chairman of 13th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of China Association for Science and Technology, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Jardot Peter, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economy of Hungary, as the guest of honor, delivered a video speech, Miao Wei, member of the Standing Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the Economic Commission, delivered a keynote speech, Huang Qiang, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and governor, delivered a welcome speech, and Xin Guobin, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Chang Qide, coordinator of the United Nations system in China delivered speeches respectively.

  On behalf of China Association for Science and Technology, Wan Gang congratulated the conference. He said that as an important part of the modern energy industry cluster, the power battery industry has become an important force to promote the global green and low-carbon transformation, and is entering a critical stage of industrial development under the new situation of accelerating the electrification transformation of automobiles and other vehicles in various countries. It is necessary to increase the research and development of the next generation power battery technology, scientifically judge the technical route, systematically solve technical problems such as key materials, new system batteries and system integration, and promote industrial application and demonstration operation. Promote the high-quality development of the whole industrial chain of new power batteries, accelerate the development of upstream mineral resources, realize the stable price and supply of key raw materials, build a symbiotic and win-win ecological circle of the whole industrial chain, and give full play to the role of power batteries in "cutting peaks and filling valleys" in the power grid. Accelerate the formulation of safety-related standards and regulations, continuously improve the technical requirements of thermal diffusion and thermal management, speed up the revision and formulation of relevant standards, strengthen regular maintenance of vehicles in use and improve the annual inspection system. Promote the green recycling and comprehensive utilization of retired batteries, establish a standardized and orderly market ecology, strengthen the construction of supervision and management system, actively explore innovative business models, and realize the market-oriented development of recycling. Adhere to high-level open cooperation, strengthen global coordination and internationalization, jointly explore the construction of low-carbon standards and management systems, and strengthen global cooperation in technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing and recycling of next-generation power batteries. It is hoped that experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and policy makers in the field of global power batteries will join hands to jointly ensure the green and low-carbon transformation of the global automobile industry and build a clean and beautiful world.

  In his speech, West Jardot Peter thanked the General Assembly for inviting Hungary as the guest of honor. He said that Hungary and China are strategic partners. Thirteen years ago, Hungary announced the policy of "opening to the east", especially encouraging China investors to take Hungary as their investment destination. In 2020, China became the largest source of foreign investment in Hungary for the first time, and it is expected to maintain this position this year, mainly because of the investment choices made by China power battery manufacturers. Thanks to the investment of a large number of power battery enterprises such as Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, the Hungarian power battery output has ranked fourth in the world, and the number of the latter will rise to the second place in the world after these investments are completed. Thanks to the trust of China investors in Hungary, we will continue to encourage China investors to expand their production capacity in Hungary or to settle new investment projects in Hungary.


  Entrusted by Jin Zhuanglong, Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Xin Guobin congratulated the conference on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. He pointed out that in recent years, China has grasped the reform trend of the automobile industry, promoted the continuous expansion of the production and sales scale of the power battery industry, effectively improved the technical level, and gradually improved the industrial ecology. The global new energy automobile industry has entered a new stage of accelerated development, which puts forward higher requirements for technological innovation, quality and performance of power batteries. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will implement the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, follow the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, adhere to the principle of open cooperation and win-win, and work with relevant parties to jointly promote technological innovation of power batteries, jointly improve the stability and green development level of industrial chain supply chain, and make scientific and technological innovations better benefit people of all countries. The development of power battery cluster in Sichuan Province has begun to take shape, and the first World Power Battery Conference last year received a good response. I hope everyone can make full use of this platform and work together to promote the better and faster development of new energy vehicles and power battery industries.

  Chang Qide said that the green new power and electric vehicle exhibition will bring great changes to the world, and advanced batteries are one of the important forces to promote change. China is the world leader in innovation and production of power batteries, and Sichuan is an important production center, in which Yibin plays a key role. The United Nations system in China will actively build a platform, gather sustainable development partners, and help the electric vehicle reform and environmental protection in China to advance simultaneously.

  At about 11: 50, Wan Gang, Miao Wei, Huang Qiang, Xin Guobin and Hungarian Ambassador to China Bertie jointly launched the opening ceremony of the 2023 World Power Battery Conference. Before the opening ceremony, Wan Gang, Miao Wei, Huang Qiang and Xin Guobin also visited the exhibition booths of power batteries and new energy vehicles in Yibin International Convention and Exhibition Center.

  The theme of this conference is "green new power, new kinetic energy in the world". Zheng Bei, Vice Governor, presided over the opening ceremony. Zeng Yuqun, Chairman of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited New Energy Technology Company, and Qiu Xiandong, General Manager of China FAW Group, delivered keynote speeches respectively. Liu Liang, Director of Changjiang Waterway Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, and representatives of 13 provinces and cities in the Yangtze River system jointly issued the "Electrified Yangtze River" initiative. Torre Secknes, head of the European Battery Union, and representatives of some domestic industry associations and leading enterprises jointly issued the consensus on "global integrated development" of the power battery industry.

  Provincial leaders Zhu Jiade and Xie Shanghua, representatives of relevant national delegations in Chengdu and Chongqing, academicians of the two academies, responsible comrades of state ministries and commissions and brother provinces and cities, and guests from well-known enterprises, universities, research institutions and industry organizations at home and abroad attended the opening ceremony.

Huawei terminals attended the China Mobile Global Partner Conference, and all the new products in the whole scene were exhibited.

    From October 11th to 13th, 2023, the 2023 China Mobile Global Partner Conference and the 11th China Mobile Global Partner Conference were held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo, China. During the exhibition, Huawei terminals brought a variety of products to participate in the exhibition, allowing participants to deeply experience the latest products of Huawei terminals.

    Recently, Huawei Terminal has released the new M7 and Mate60 series in three key areas, namely, new energy vehicles, mobile phones and full-scene smart life, which has boosted the rapid development of the industry.

    At this exhibition, Huawei Terminal brought flagship new products, sports health, government-enterprise solutions, smart home and new M7 in the world to the exhibition. The site is divided into five sections: 1+8 exhibition area, sports health, smart home, terminal government and enterprise, and the new M7 test drive. Huawei also won two awards from China Mobile, the Best Terminal Partner Award and the Most Popular Product Award.

    Mate60 series single ride

    According to the supply chain news, as of the end of September, the sales of Huawei Mate 60 Pro and Mate 60 have exceeded 1.1 million units. At present, the industry is optimistic about the future performance of Mate series.

    The impact of Huawei terminals on the industry lies not only in the market, but also in the continuous sales of Huawei Mate60 series, which has a greater impact on the domestic supply chain. Enterprises such as optics, panels and structural parts are accelerating production to meet the market demand of Huawei Mate60 series.

    Huawei Terminal and China Mobile have always maintained close cooperation, with a high degree of cooperation in the fields of mobile phones, wearables, routers and other products, consumers and businesses, as well as number card business and consumer stickiness. This time, Huawei’s terminal exhibition area also has a terminal government and enterprise area for the live audience to experience, and continue to empower the industry in the field of secure instant messaging with partners.

    Ask the new M7 to turn the tide.

    As the star SKU of Huawei’s smart car selection, Wenjie New M7 has recently ushered in an upgrade and change. After listing, it has become the top stream in the recent auto market with its excellent product strength. The data shows that since its release on September 12th, the cumulative quantity of the new M7 has exceeded 50,000 vehicles.

    Huawei’s smart car selection, especially the series of cars in the world, has experienced a low period, which is basically in line with the current situation of the domestic new energy vehicle market. Often, the technical upgrade of new models is obvious, and then they set sail in a high profile at the initial stage of listing. However, due to the rapid technical upgrade of the industry, as more brands of new products come out one after another, the result will be a rapid suppression of old models, which will lead to the weakness of the latter, and the impact will be to force major brands to continue to invest heavily to ensure the technological leadership of new cars.

    The upgrade of the product strength of the new M7 in the world and the "increasing the quantity without increasing the price" brought by the high cost performance are also the main reasons for detonating the market. At the conference site, Huawei Terminal also set up a new M7 test drive exhibition area for customers with test drive needs to test drive. It is reported that Huawei’s deeply empowered products, such as M9 and S7, will also be available.

   Full scene, new products landing, efficient ecological experience

    This time, Huawei Terminal also moved almost all the new products from the autumn full-scene conference to the exhibition site, so the audience can experience the new products of Huawei Terminal in the first time. Huawei terminals have always had a clear category positioning for each business line, and at the same time, they have also planned more carefully in ecological positioning, further consolidating the ecological moat.

    Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2 inches has a stronger office atmosphere. The new PC-level WPS Office, combined with HarmonyOS intelligent interaction, brings a better PC-level office experience, and realizes the document synchronization between PC and mobile phone for the first time; Huawei WATCH ULTIMATE DESIGN Extraordinary Master Smart Watch is Huawei’s new interpretation of luxury industrial products. As Huawei’s first gold smart watch, this product has made another breakthrough in material technology, blending 18K precious gold for the first time; Huawei FreeBuds Pro 3 TWS headphones use the star flash technology, which improves the physical bandwidth by 4 times and the anti-interference ability by 2 times. Based on the new L2HC 3.0 protocol, it can realize lossless transmission of 1.5Mbps audio and bring lossless sound quality with super CD quality.

    Huawei’s terminal’s understanding of new products in the whole scene, while fully putting cutting-edge innovative technologies into product strength, brings a unique ecological wisdom interactive experience according to category positioning. Under the "1+8+N" system, the central position of the mobile phone is defined, and with the intelligent interaction of HarmonyOS, a number of core technologies are used as the starting point to expand and explore more functions. Huawei terminals have successfully built their own ecological moat.

Why are the illegal online celebrity people so "tenacious" when they put on "new vests" for live webcasting?

  In recent years, with the increasing supervision, the illegal and illegal phenomena such as obscenity, violence and blood, and fraudulent donation in live webcasts have been greatly reduced. However, it should not be ignored that some webcasting chaos has now been replaced with "new vests", and unhealthy or even illegal content still appears in the webcast room from time to time.

  Acts such as hitting the "edge ball" still exist

  Not long ago, the Public Security Bureau of Rongxian County, Zigong City, Sichuan Province issued a notice saying that since 2018, female anchor Tang Moumou has filmed fishing videos wearing bright exposure and red scarf in farmland in order to gain eyeballs and increase the number of fans and videos, and uploaded four edited videos on the Aauto Quicker platform with the account of "Yibin Yingying", and the number of videos played has reached more than 3 million times. According to the Public Security Administration Punishment Law, the police detained Tang for 12 days and fined 1000 yuan, ordering him to delete relevant videos.

  Zhu Wei, deputy director of the Communication Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, pointed out that Tang’s behavior is one of the most common chaos in the current webcast — — Spread vulgar culture.

  "The current webcast chaos is very different from that of previous years. Compared with illegal acts such as pornography and violence, it is now more chaos such as infringing on the privacy of others, promoting feudal superstitions and spreading vulgar culture." Zhu Wei said, "Vulgar behaviors such as female anchors wearing red scarves are more common in webcasts. In fact, this phenomenon has existed almost since the appearance of webcasting. Compared with pornography and other illegal acts, this kind of behavior mainly violates public order and good customs, and is more in a relatively obscure gray area. "

  Exposed clothes, sexually suggestive actions, live broadcast of foul language, and public ridicule of the Nanjing Massacre … … In recent years, news about the misconduct of webcasting is common in newspapers. These behaviors are not exactly the same as illegal behaviors, but essentially a kind of "edge ball" behavior, which also makes some anchors take advantage of it.

  In addition to playing "edge ball", the boundary of webcasting has also caused controversy. In 2018, some anchors used the network car as the carrier to broadcast the order taking process without the customer’s knowledge, and the live broadcast targets were mostly female passengers; In April this year, Chen Mou, a star, was broadcast live by an anchor in Betta when she was shopping with her children. Chen Mou was very dissatisfied with this and angered the anchor. Many news events have brought the chaos of webcasting into people’s field of vision again and again.

  Interests drive some anchors to exploit loopholes.

  According to the 43rd Statistical Report on the Development of Internet in China, as of December 2018, the number of live webcast users in China reached 397 million. Nowadays, users have basically developed the habit of watching live broadcasts, with high viewing frequency and strong willingness to pay. In addition, with the rise of mobile live broadcast platforms, the threshold for live broadcasts has been greatly lowered, and it has become possible for everyone to broadcast live and everything can be broadcast live.

  Some insiders believe that the huge profit margin and market of webcasting have attracted the influx of venture capital and live broadcast practitioners, which has also caused a mixed environment of webcasting.

  In recent years, webcasting platforms have sprung up one after another, so many people have entered the live broadcast industry and become professional or part-time anchors. However, the low threshold of live broadcast makes it unnecessary for anchors to undergo strict examination of their qualifications and qualities. Driven by the huge profits that live webcasting can bring, some anchors have no rules and legal awareness, and constantly gain attention by breaking through the legal bottom line and infringing on public order and good customs, and then get rewards from fans and even seek huge profits. However, some popular anchors have gradually ignored the responsibility of guiding the public to establish correct values after receiving a large number of fans. Previously, the network anchor Tianyou was banned by the National Network Information Office for describing in detail all kinds of feelings after drug abuse in the form of rap in the live broadcast.

  At the same time, the gray area provides space for the breeding of network chaos. At present, there are no clear laws and regulations to regulate and punish some behaviors that violate public order and good customs, which makes some anchors take advantage of the loopholes.

  There are not only anchors, but also webcasting platforms. For the chaos of webcasting, the webcast platform can’t stay out of it. If the live broadcast platform knows that the anchor violates the law and does not stop it, it should also bear corresponding responsibilities.

  At present, there are great loopholes in the audit of anchor and live content in the webcast platform. After several rounds of governance, the domestic mainstream live broadcast platforms have made great progress in anchor management, content control and on-site supervision, and formed relatively perfect self-examination and self-correction rules. However, there are some informal small live broadcast platforms that spread through some illegal ways and underground ways. The live broadcast content is mostly obscene, pornographic and naked.

  Constructing blacklist system of information sharing

  In order to create a clear live broadcast environment, in fact, the regulatory authorities have already started to rectify the chaos of webcasting and formulated corresponding laws and regulations.

  Since December 1, 2016, the National Network Information Office has implemented the "Regulations on the Management of Internet Live Broadcasting Services", which put forward specific requirements for live broadcasting qualifications, content management, credit system, etc., and set a bottom line for standardizing Internet live broadcasting services. According to the Regulations on the Management of Internet Live Broadcasting Service, the network platform should establish a content review platform and an information review mechanism, implement hierarchical and classified management, and implement the trial before the management of the live broadcast of Internet news information and its interactive content. Some live broadcast platforms have also introduced management rules to regulate the behavior of anchors and users. On February 7, 2018, the Ministry of Public Security deployed public security organs across the country to carry out the "Net Net 2018" special campaign to crack down on network crimes. In that year, 12,000 websites such as obscene pornography were banned and closed nationwide, and 44 major cases of online obscene pornography were listed and supervised.

  Some experts believe that at present, China has made remarkable achievements in rectifying the chaos of webcasting. However, due to the low illegal cost and high supervision cost of the live broadcasting industry, there will still be "fish escaping from the net". In view of the existing "edge ball" and vulgar behaviors, we can take enumeration to concretize the contents and behaviors prohibited by law from live broadcast, so as to improve the operability of the law. At the same time, a blacklist system for information sharing should be established to prevent the illegal online celebrity from appearing again.

  The insiders believe that webcasting is not an anchor’s entertainment behind closed doors, but a performance for the public. The live broadcast platform is not as simple as just providing a platform without any responsibility. We should establish a pre-prevention mechanism, improve the quality of relevant employees, and establish a qualification review mechanism for live broadcasters or a professional anchor training mechanism. Relevant departments must also comprehensively use a variety of regulatory measures and work together to stop hacking illegal accounts, confiscate illegal income, and even close illegal live broadcast websites to prevent the live broadcast platform from becoming a hotbed for nourishing illegal online celebrity.

Inventory of mainstream film marketing companies (II): Dark Horse Taoxiu is backed by the platform, and it rises rapidly from four to four.


# Huang Xuan quarrels with Yang Zishan #, # Guan Xiaotong’s father gives Amway white wine to foreign actors #, # Chaoneng’s family has no normal people # ……

When you open Tik Tok, you can always see hot search topics as short as those in parents’ homes. Clicking on them is actually a movie marketing clip. Unconsciously, the deep combination of traditional marketing and content has been immersed into our lives.

Last week, I gave you an inventory of some mainstream film marketing companies (portal "Inventory of Mainstream Film Marketing Companies (I)"). After several rounds of shuffling, some established marketing companies gradually withdrew from the market. At present, either the film and television companies have strong marketing teams, such as Light, Bona, Huayi, etc., or they are attached to capital and platforms. For example, Dark Horse Marketing won Ali’s investment, and immediately film and television was acquired by Confucianism and Italy Film and Television.

Not only the big waves wash sand, but also the fiery short video outlets make short video marketing companies stand on the forefront. A number of emerging companies, such as Beita Culture, Cycling, and Four Four Get Eight, appear in the film marketing team.

Road painting film and television:

Pay attention to the introduction of foreign films and cross-industry cooperation

A few years ago, because of participating in the promotion of Hollywood blockbusters such as Fast and Furious 8, Wolverine 3 and Transformers 5 in China, giving way to painting film and television has established a reputation in the field of film and television industry and brand marketing.

Foreign films help to promote, and the cross-industry cooperation between films and brands is the strong point of road painting film and television. In the early years, I participated in the co-production of Hollywood blockbusters, from the introduction of the Japanese film "Thieves Family" in 2018 to the Japanese niche fantasy love animation "Hello World" this year. The box office broke through 100 million, and there were all road paintings behind it.

The Spring Festival stalls contributed to the cross-border linkage between A Writer’s Odyssey and Audi, which is also a recent successful case of Road Painting.

Road painting film and television also entered the online movie this year, and was responsible for the exclusive announcement of the action film "The Sneak Action of Drug Hunting" at the end of October.

Like a duck to water:

Work closely with Bona

Rudushui Film & Television is a case marketing company established in 2014. From the projects handled by the company, it can be seen that Rudushui has a close relationship with Bona Film, the producer, whether in the early days of "Taking the Tiger Mountain Outward" or "operation mekong" or in Chinese Doctors and The Battle at Lake Changjin today.

Rong Chao, the company’s legal representative, used to be the planning director of Bona Film and the screenwriter of the movie "Wulin Monster". Therefore, most projects produced by Bona Film can always be seen by the marketing team like a duck to water, but the company is relatively low-key and there is not much public information to inquire about.

In addition to film marketing, such as a duck to water, he also participated in the production of the documentary film "Dragon and Tiger Warrior".

Micro entertainment:

Behind-the-scenes stars and their works in front of the service desk

In addition to Bona’s royal use, The Battle at Lake Changjin’s marketing team has another micro-entertainment company that has cooperated with Bona a lot.

Founded seven years ago, Micro Entertainment has done film marketing for dozens of films such as Chinese Doctors, The Rescue and The Captain’s Later Us and The Four Kings of Di Renjie.

Huang Yiping, the founder, used to be the propaganda director of Tsui Hark Company. Tsui Hark and Bona are deeply bound, so it is not unexpected that the micro-entertainment founded by Huang Yiping has received many Bona projects.

In addition, Micro Entertainment is also responsible for brokerage affairs, providing publicity services for head artists and directors in many fields such as film, television, music and fashion. We have cooperated with Tsui Hark, Rene Liu and Zhang zhen. It can be said that film marketing and celebrity marketing are the two core businesses of micro entertainment.

Small table movie:

Young new forces in film marketing

If you have seen Wrestling! Indian movies such as Dad, Mysterious Superstar and Starting Line, or Japanese film lovers such as Doraemon and Silver Soul, small table movies that are good at young marketing should not be missed.

Zhao Zhuoqun, the founder of Little Table Film, actually studied drama, film and television literature. After several years of hard work in the film and television industry, he made a name for himself in 2015 because he planned the marketing of "Doraemon: Walk with Me", and then he founded Little Table Film and officially cut into the film and television marketing market.

From the initial acceptance of niche projects such as Second Yuan and film criticism, to the present participation in the marketing promotion of popular films such as Seizing the Soul, Bath Buddy, White Snake 2 and Summer Future, Xiaotiao’s ability in creative new media marketing has become increasingly prominent, and the whole team is also very young.

It is worth noting that Xiaotiao Film was invested by Lianrui, a veteran distribution company, in its early days, and now it is backed by Matt Culture, a film and television marketing and production company. YueYang, vice president of Matt, is also one of Xiaotiao’s shareholders.

Dark horse marketing:

Backed by Alibaba Pictures, look at the explosive potential stocks

Dark horse marketing, founded by Du Hao and Andy in 2015, is really a "dark horse" in the film marketing industry:

From Wolf Warriors and detective chinatown series, to Shameful Iron Fist, Flying Life and Ip Man 4, dark horse marketing can be seen behind many explosive films.

In 2019, Dark Horse Marketing was invested by Alibaba Pictures, so most projects in Alibaba Pictures now involve Dark Horse, but it is not limited to this.

This year, Dark Horse Marketing took over many blockbusters such as I want us to be together in Detective Chinatown 3, A Writer’s Odyssey, 1921, Anger and Serious Case, Assassination Storm, etc. Last year, some projects of iQiyi Fog Theater and Youku Suspense Theater were also marketed by Dark Horse.

The names of the brands of Dark Horse are also very interesting, such as basic culture, unlimited imagination, decent culture, whale-like culture and so on. Among them, decent culture has developed well, and participated in the publicity of many projects such as Secret Visitors, First Furnace Incense and Everything About My Mom.

Potato chip culture:

Binding Chen Kexin, Securing High-quality Projects

I first learned about potato chip culture because of the brokerage business of this company: powerful actors such as Tan Zhuo, Ni Hongjie and Lv Xiaolin all cooperated with potato chip culture.

Zhao Jing, the founder of the company, is a senior media person, who once planned and compiled a series of works for director Jia Zhangke.

In 2015, Zhao Jing established potato chip culture, engaged in film and television production, film and television marketing, artist brokerage and other businesses, and participated in the promotion of many high-quality film and television projects such as "Home at One Point" and "Calm Down" in Leap, Better Days.

It can be seen that the company has a close relationship with Chen Kexin’s team. Zhao Jing is the shareholder of Fat Kids Film and Television, a producer in Better Days, and Jo Jo Hui, who has been cooperating with Chen Kexin and Ceng Guoxiang, is the supervisor of potato chip culture.

Collect media:

Focus on the whole case marketing team of film and television

Just four years after its establishment, Jishi Media has participated in the marketing of 50+ popular films such as Psychological Crime, Sewing Machine Band, the richest man in Xihong City, and the ringing of the phone, and its business also involves the promotion of drama series, such as Anjia, Full-time Master, Animal Management Bureau and Sand Sea.

This year, Detective Chinatown 3’s "Secret Visitor", "What Should I Do When My Second Brother Comes" and "Uninvited Visitor" also participated in the collection.

Zhang Weihua, the founder, used to be the general manager of Xiansheng Interactive. After the establishment of Jishi Media, he obtained strategic investment from Joy Pictures. In recent two years, Jishi also established some new companies, such as brand marketing, event operation company, toilet cool entertainment, and Shiguang Interactive.

Taoxiu light and shadow:

New Digital Marketing Backed by Platform

Among the film marketing companies, Taoxiu Light and Shadow is quite special. As a pan-entertainment content marketing MCN organization founded by Alibaba Pictures and Tianxiaxiu in 2018, short video+live broadcast are the two core business segments of Taoxiu Guangying.

Because it can incubate talents independently, Taoxiu Guangying’s film and television announcement does not depend on external delivery. At present, it has customized the layered short video marketing and delivery strategy for The Eight Hundred Leap’s film and television works such as First Furnace Incense and Big Red Packet.

Film marketing is only a part of Taoxiu’s light and shadow business, spanning entertainment content marketing, brand e-commerce live broadcast and other fields. With the creative planning ability of new media and talent matrix, Taoxiu Light and Shadow has become a rapidly rising marketing dark horse in the industry.

Four, four, eight:

Vibrating and blasting money making machine

With short video platforms such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker becoming important marketing centers, film marketing companies have also set up short video teams. Short video marketing companies such as "15-20", "Betta Culture" and "Cycling Play" have risen rapidly, and "4-4-8" established in 2019 is one of the leaders.

My Father and I, The Battle at Lake Changjin and Chinese Doctors, Summer Future, Great Dad … Throughout the whole summer and National Day archives, you can see the figure of getting eight out of four in these short video marketing teams.

Yang Yi, one of the founders of "Four-Four-Eight", once worked in Huayi and ByteDance Department, and was quite experienced in film and television marketing and short video planning and operation, which led to the creation of explosive video cases for many film and television projects on the Tik Tok platform.

Immediately film and television:

Mature new army of film and television marketing

As a new company established in October 2020, Lima Film and Television is not well known. The core members of the team are from Road Painting Film and Television, and participated in the marketing promotion of a series of films such as Hi, Mom’s t.a, When Men Fall in Love, Rabbit Violence, online movies Our New Life and Northeast Love Brother.

After obtaining the investment of Fang Ruyi Film and Television produced by Hi, Mom and A Little Red Flower, Ma Yi Film and Television will be responsible for the marketing of Confucianism and Italian projects.

In addition, Lima Film and Television also contacted artists to promote business. For example, Su Ke, the actor of the hit drama "Sweeping the Black Storm", was promoted behind the scenes during the publicity period of the series.

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