Xiaomi Auto responded to "the owner complained that SU7 did not deliver the paint"

IT House reported on April 7th that recently, some netizens posted that they had bought the original version of Xiaomi SU7 car, but the car had lost paint, so they could only make up the paint and compensate 5000 points (the purchasing power in Xiaomi Mall is equal to 500 yuan) and then deliver it normally.

According to the cold and warm video report, after Ms. Mo refused, the other party proposed a solution of compensation of up to 20,000 points, which did not support the replacement of a new car, and the deposit for returning the car could not be refunded, which was rejected by Ms. Mo again. Ms. Mo insisted on a new car.

In this regard, Xiaomi Automobile customer service said that it is impossible to replace a new car, and it will take a long time to reorder. It can be negotiated with the delivery center, and relevant policies will be introduced to solve such problems. The staff of Shenzhen Xiaomi Delivery Center said that when it comes to the privacy of the owner, there will be a person in charge of the delivery center to handle it.

After the release of Xiaomi’s first car, SU7, the attention of netizens was very high. For this reason, Xiaomi officially launched nine episodes of "Answering questions from netizens".