Zhenjiang Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is on sale! 15,000 discount, don’t miss it.

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Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is an SUV with a modern and scientific sense, and its design is fashionable and atmospheric. The car adopts a unique front face design, and the air intake grille adopts a polygonal design, which makes the whole front look wider and more stable. The body lines are smooth and the overall style is very smooth, giving people a very elegant feeling. In addition, the car also uses LED headlights to make it safer to drive at night. The side of the car body adopts streamlined design, which makes the whole car look more dynamic and increases aerodynamic performance. The rear of the car body adopts a unique design, which makes people shine. In a word, the exterior design of Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris is excellent, and it is a very recommended model.


Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris is a medium-sized SUV, with a body size of 4781*1920*1671mm and a wheelbase of 2815 mm. The body lines are smooth and strong, showing a luxurious and atmospheric style. The car has a front track of 1641mm and a rear track of 1642 mm. It is equipped with 235/55 R19 front and rear tires, and the rim design is fashionable, which further enhances the sense of movement of the whole car. The smooth lines on the side of the car body highlight the elegance and dynamics of the car, and people can be attracted by it at a glance.


The interior design of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is full of modernity, with a leather steering wheel, which is comfortable and supports manual up and down+front and rear adjustment. The 12.3-inch central control screen has large size and clear display effect, and supports the voice recognition control system of multimedia system, navigation, telephone, air conditioner, skylight and window, which is convenient and practical. USB/Type-C interfaces are configured in the front and rear rows to meet various charging requirements. The front row also has a mobile phone wireless charging function. The seat is made of imitation leather. The main driver’s seat supports front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment and height adjustment (2-way), while the co-pilot’s seat supports front and rear adjustment and backrest adjustment. The rear seats support the proportion of falling down, and the space is flexible and variable. The overall interior design is simple and atmospheric, which meets the aesthetic needs of modern consumers.


Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is equipped with a 2.0T 261 horsepower L4 engine, with a maximum power of 192 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m.. Equipped with 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, which makes the shift smoother and the power output more efficient. This engine not only has strong power performance, but also has excellent fuel economy, providing drivers with an excellent driving experience.


Thanks to car home car owners for sharing, your true evaluation is very valuable to us. Although Eta Ursae Majoris’s net white is not good enough in your eyes, the matching of black makes this car more harmonious and attractive. The side design is really a highlight of Eta Ursae Majoris, which is unforgettable. We believe that every car owner has different preferences for cars, and for Eta Ursae Majoris, its charm lies in its diversity and individuality. No matter which color you choose, you can find its unique beauty. Thank you for your support and encouragement. We will continue to strive to provide better products and services and bring you a better driving experience.

Urumqi Volvo XC90 new energy is on sale with a discount of 186,000 yuan! Act quickly.

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Volvo XC90 New Energy is a luxury SUV with simple overall style, which shows the essence of Nordic design. The front face adopts a unique chrome grille, with sharp LED headlights and exquisite fog lights, which makes the whole car look more fashionable and dynamic. The body lines are smooth and concise, which highlights the exquisiteness and luxury of the car. The rear part, the use of black glass area and chrome-plated decorative strips make the rear look more exquisite and increase the layering of the vehicle. Generally speaking, the design of Volvo XC90 new energy is simple and elegant, fashionable and dynamic, showing the perfect combination of luxury and technology.


Volvo XC90 New Energy is a medium and large SUV with a body size of 4953*1958*1772mm, a wheelbase of 2984mm, and tires with front and rear tracks of 275/45 R20. The car side lines are smooth and dynamic, showing a luxurious and steady style. The moderate height of the car body makes the whole car look more atmospheric, and the combination of the length and width of the car body also makes the interior space more spacious and comfortable.


The interior design of Volvo XC90 New Energy is simple and elegant, with luxurious materials and exquisite craftsmanship to create a high-quality driving experience. The steering wheel is made of leather, which supports manual up-and-down and forward-and-backward adjustment, making it convenient for the driver to adjust to the most comfortable position. The central control screen is 9 inches in size and equipped with voice recognition control system, which can control multimedia system, navigation and telephone. The front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for passengers to charge. The front row also has a mobile phone wireless charging function. The seats are made of fabric and leather. The main driver and co-pilot seats support the adjustment of front and rear, backrest, height, leg rest and lumbar support. The driver’s seat and co-pilot seat also have heating, ventilation and massage functions. The second row of seats supports front and rear and backrest adjustment, and the rear seats can be laid down in proportion, flexibly adapting to different space requirements. Generally speaking, the interior design of Volvo XC90 New Energy is full of humanity, providing passengers with a comfortable and convenient driving experience.


Volvo XC90 New Energy is equipped with a 2.0T 310 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 228 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m.. The car is equipped with an 8-speed automatic gearbox, which can provide a smooth shifting experience and ensure the high efficiency and robustness of power output. This engine not only provides sufficient power, but also pays attention to fuel economy, bringing users a more environmentally friendly and economical driving experience.

Thanks to the owner of car home for sharing his comments on Volvo XC90 new energy. From his words, we can feel his love for this model. The body lines are simple and not so sharp, which makes him feel very suitable for his age, and the design of Raytheon’s hammer headlights and Viking axe also impressed him. He said that the score of the front is higher than that of the rear, which also proves the success of Volvo XC90 new energy in design. Overall, the design of this model has been affirmed and appreciated by the owner.

169,800-199,800 Yuan Great Wall Gun Off-road pickup truck officially listed.

  Economic Daily-China Commercial Automobile Network News On June 5, the Great Wall Gun Off-road pickup truck was officially launched, and three national six gasoline 8AT models were launched in the first phase, including the advanced four-wheel drive version of 169,800 yuan, the advanced four-wheel drive version of 179,800 yuan and the limited four-wheel drive version of 199,800 yuan. The diesel version will be available in July.

Zhang Haobao, Deputy General Manager of Great Wall Motor Sales Co., Ltd.

  Life is full of unknowns, and surprises always flash inadvertently. Whether exploring, climbing or cross-country, it is a magical process of repeatedly examining yourself and discovering the world. They make us persevere, see the scenery that others can’t reach, make friends all over the world, and make us fear nature and life. Because of them, we live a broader life. At this conference, An Bang, an outstanding photographer in China’s gold medal list, Shao Jianhui, an off-road vehicle driver and life explorer, and Bin Sun, coach of the international mountaineering team and torchbearer of Mount Everest in 2008 Olympic Games, shared their own life experiences respectively.

China Jinbang Excellent Photographer Anbang

Shao Jianhui, an off-road vehicle driver and life explorer

Coach of international mountaineering team and torchbearer of Olympic EverestBin Sun

  Great Wall Gun is the first global pickup truck brand in China. Its birth has created a new category of passenger pickup trucks and led China pickup trucks into the 3.0 multi-purpose passenger era. No matter photography, cycling, rock climbing, fishing, or exploration, camping, yachting, RV, the Great Wall Cannon can be easily handled. This lifestyle has been divorced from the simple value of pickup trucks, but has connected a complete consumer ecosystem with interests as the starting point. As a family universal car, the Great Wall Gun covers the whole scene of cars, SUVs, station wagons and light trucks, which can completely expand the life radius of consumers and let them live a vast life and meet amazing lives.

  As the first all-terrain mass-produced off-road pickup truck in China, the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck ended the era of imported pickup trucks dominating off-road circles and opened a new chapter in Chinese off-road pickup truck culture with its strong product strength.

Lv Wenbin, Deputy General Manager of Chongqing Branch of Great Wall Motor Corporation

  Great Wall gun off-road pickups are naturally powerful, and more than ten unique off-road equipment with fever level, China pickups, were assembled for the first time. Seven driving modes, three locks, tank turning, and all-terrain tires of Bailuchi KO2 are not afraid of dangerous road conditions, making off-road easier; Creeping mode, original winch and wading throat ensure driving safety and make off-road more calm; Nitrogen shock absorption, off-road expert mode, multi-link rear suspension and off-road information display improve driving pleasure and comfort and make off-road more comfortable.

  In addition, the latest generation 9.3 version of ESP, 360 look around system, intelligent lane departure warning, ACC adaptive cruise and other configurations provide security with technology. CN95 air filter, 6 airbags and high-strength chassis armor ensure driving safety and care for every wonderful moment.

  Compared with SUV, pickup truck not only has strong off-road performance, but also has strong loading capacity. The open container means unlimited modification possibilities. The Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck has several reserved refitting positions and power interfaces, which can provide "box liberalism" type ever-changing containers.

Jiang Bo (right), pioneer of box free life and senior cross-country expert

  It is reported that from now on, consumers can buy cars through the official flagship store of Great Wall Motor Tmall/JD.COM and the dealers of Great Wall pickup brand, and they can also enjoy the five gifts of listing:

  Car booking gift: customers who book cars before June 30, 2020 can enjoy a high-end intelligent off-road gun car model (1: 18) when they pick up the car;

  Financial gift: customers who buy cars before July 31, 2020 can enjoy a three-year zero-interest financial policy (except those who enjoy car subsidies in Chongqing);

  Replacement ceremony: 5,000 yuan high replacement subsidy.

  Interconnection ceremony: basic services are free for life, entertainment services are free for 3 years and exclusive services are free for 1 year.

  Service Gift: The engine/transmission warranty is extended from 3 years or 60,000 kilometers to 4 years or 100,000 kilometers.

  Since its listing, the Great Wall Gun has been in short supply. In the past May, Great Wall Cannon achieved the best monthly sales of more than 10,000 vehicles, and continued to rank first in the sales of high-end pickup trucks. Help the Great Wall pickup truck to have a market share of nearly 50% in 2020, and the cumulative global sales volume exceeded 1.7 million.

  In recent years, Great Wall Motor has actively promoted the development of pickup truck culture in China, promoted the establishment of pickup truck association, formulated pickup truck classification standards, and initiated many activities to lift the ban on pickup trucks. Chongqing, Jinan, Ningbo, Nanchang and other provinces and cities have gradually lifted the ban.

  Great Wall Gun surpasses the joint venture in terms of products, wins the joint venture in terms of sales volume and is comparable to luxury cars in terms of service. It is understood that Great Wall Gun will provide users with online and offline integrated super services based on more than 2,500 sales and service networks around the world; Great Wall Gun will build a brand experience center in the core cities of the country, set up off-road extreme experience bases in Alashan, Everest and other regions, and build an open and shared pickup truck life community with the cross-border brand alliance, customer alliance and merchant alliance of Great Wall Gun as the link to create a full-scene pickup truck life.

  From China cannon to global cannon, Great Wall pickup truck will be the first in domestic and export sales for 22 years, with global R&D, global manufacturing and global sharing as the standards, accelerate the globalization process in an all-round way, compete with international mainstream pickup truck brands on the same stage, and become the top three in the world. Create an amazing experience for users around the world and make the Great Wall Gun popular all over the world!

Some currencies are destined to be just "looking at the moon in the water", and becoming a smart car owner is a reliable choice.

Recently, people who may be familiar with the "currency circle" have heard that a currency named NFT has suddenly become popular in the market, which shows that under the ignition of Bitcoin, various capitals have entered the related fields of blockchain, digital currency and digital rights. But so far, these "currencies" are still castles in the air without entity endorsement, so the author suggests that everyone should wait and see carefully and not blindly enter the game.

Different from the above-mentioned "virtual currency", Zhiji Automobile, a user-oriented automobile science and technology company led by SAIC recently, put forward their CSOP user digital rights plan. Generally speaking, we can understand this plan as letting cars participate in "mining", thus achieving a win-win situation for users and enterprises. You know, Zhiji Automobile is backed by SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba, so there is no need to question the credibility of CSOP users’ digital rights plan.

At the beginning of the establishment of Zhiji Automobile, it will become the "implementer of travel change in the intelligent era" as the development goal of the enterprise, and the CSOP user digital rights plan is one of the "killer weapons" for Zhiji Automobile to achieve its goal. Recently, the CSOP User Data Rights and Interests Plan announced two major mining methods of users’ digital assets, namely "in-program mining" and "cultivation mining". This new gameplay, like cultivating games, makes practitioners call themselves "experts".

As the name implies, "internal program mining" is a process in which users exchange "original stone" based on the data generated by daily vehicles, which accounts for about 70% of the total amount of original stone. From the moment users drive Zhiji cars, they have started the "in-program mining" mode. With the increase of vehicle mileage and time, the number of raw stones obtained will also increase accordingly, and every kilometer driven will not be wasted.

In contrast, the "original stone" of "cultivation mining" has a long access path, but it can provide users with interesting and extensive social experience, and this part of the original stone accounts for about 30% of the total amount. Users can win "Crystal" by participating in APP interactive tasks and brand co-creation tasks, and accumulate a corresponding number of "Crystal" to extract "Zhiji Mine Box". The "mine box" is like a blind box, which randomly drops "treasures", including rich user rights and interests.

Zhiji Auto’s CSOP user data rights plan not only creates a new way of playing, but also has a deeper meaning. Zhiji hopes that in this way, users and car companies can communicate and achieve a win-win situation. Through the data provided by users, Zhiji Automobile constantly improves and optimizes its products and enhances its brand image. Users can exchange real income by providing driving data, so as to truly create with enterprises.

[See you at 18: 00] Too light? Those who leaked the information of "Hua Zong" were detained for 7 days and fined 500 yuan.

At 18 o’clock, witness the news every day. CCTV will sort out the big and small things that happened around us within 24 hours for you.


The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council responded to Taiwan Province’s "Industrial Research Institute" announcement prohibiting internal employees from using Huawei products.

On January 16th, at the regular press conference of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, a reporter asked questions about the announcement by Taiwan Province Industrial Research Institute that its internal employees were prohibited from using Huawei mobile phones and computers. Ma Guang Xiao, spokesman of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said that we firmly oppose such practices that undermine normal cross-strait economic and trade cooperation for political purposes. It not only harms the interests of mainland enterprises, but also seriously harms the interests of consumers in Taiwan Province. This kind of practice caters to some foreign forces and is willing to be a pawn of outsiders, which is unpopular.

Too light? Those who leaked the information of "Hua Zong" were detained for 7 days and fined 500 yuan.

Recently, Shenzhen Public Security Bureau issued a circular: Peng, a 42-year-old hotel manager in Shenzhen, was given administrative detention for 7 days and fined 500 yuan. The source was found, but 500 yuan was only sentenced to seven days’ detention, which was questioned by the public. What was the basis for this punishment? Is the penalty too light? In the case of "Hua Zong", because the illegal actor has only disclosed and illegally provided the personal identity information of "Hua Zong", and there is no evidence to prove that the illegal actor has made illegal profits and the amount of illegal profits exceeds 5,000 yuan, so the illegal actor’s behavior has not reached the level of crime, and it is not enough to reach the level of criminal prosecution through criminal law.


Wang Junwen, the former director of state-owned enterprises in Hainan Province, returned to China and surrendered himself.

According to the website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, on January 15, 2019, under the overall coordination of the International Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Coordination Group, with the unremitting efforts of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, Wang Junwen, a suspected fugitive from duty, surrendered himself and actively returned to China. This is the first fugitive duty criminal suspect who returned to China to surrender after the Third Plenary Session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the sixth fugitive who came to the case after the Central Pursuit Office announced the clues of 50 fugitives suspected of duty crimes and economic crimes.

The main person in charge of Hualin Company suspected of pyramid schemes has been under the control of the police.

According to the website of the Huanghua Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Hebei Province, after intense work, it was initially found out that the company was suspected of organizing and leading pyramid schemes since the Huanghua Joint Investigation Team entered Hualin Company. At present, the main person in charge of the company and related personnel have been under the control of the police. The investigation team of the case will be thoroughly investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law.


South Korea’s national defense white paper deletes "North Korea as an enemy"

The South Korean Ministry of National Defense released the "2018 National Defense White Paper" on the 15th, deleting the statement that the North Korean government and army are "enemies". This change reflects the improvement of North-South relations. The new white paper refers to a broader national security threat with "enemy", and generally defines all forces that threaten and violate "Korea’s sovereignty, territory, national life and property security" as enemies. The South Korean Ministry of National Defense said in a press release that this concept includes not only North Korea, but also transnational threats, non-military threats and increasing potential threats.

The government hasn’t opened the door yet. Trump wants 50,000 employees to come back to work without paying.

Washington post reported on the 15th that Trump said on Tuesday (15th) local time that he had asked to "recall" 50,000 federal employees to "perform some key government duties", including paying tax rebates, supervising flight safety, and inspecting the national food and medicine supply. However, these government employees will return to work without pay.

Nissan said it would thoroughly investigate the former chairman’s irregularities and consider a claim lawsuit.

A number of Japanese media reported on the 15th that Nissan Motor Company found through internal investigation that Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman, had asked Nissan to pay for the decoration of its overseas residence, the membership fee of the sailing club and the donation to the university. Nissan intends to thoroughly investigate its series of violations and consider filing a claim lawsuit. Nissan said that it will sort out a series of facts and promote information sharing and claim litigation procedures with Renault. Mitsubishi Motors, a subsidiary of Nissan, also conducted an internal investigation on former chairman Ghosn, and it is expected that the relevant information will be announced as soon as this week.


The first-instance judgment of the fund-raising fraud case of "Kuailu Department": Kuailu Group was fined 1.5 billion and two people were sentenced to life imprisonment.

On the morning of January 16th, Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People’s Court publicly pronounced a series of cases in which the defendants Shanghai Kuailu Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Changning Donghongqiao Microfinance Co., Ltd., Shanghai Donghongqiao Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. and 15 defendants, including Huang Jiaxuan, Wei Yanping, Zhou Mengmeng and Xu Qi (American), illegally absorbed public deposits, and guaranteed Kuailu Group, Donghongqiao Microfinance Company and Donghongqiao. Huang Jiaxuan and Wei Yanping were sentenced to life imprisonment and fined for fund-raising fraud; Xu Qi was sentenced to 13 years in prison and fined for two crimes of fund-raising fraud and illegal absorption of public deposits; The remaining 12 defendants, including Zhou Mengmeng, were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from 15 years to 9 years and fined for fund-raising fraud.

Wenzhou opened the first "low-headed family" ticket and was fined 10 yuan for crossing the road to see the mobile phone.

"Hello, I just saw you crossing the zebra crossing while holding your mobile phone. According to the Regulations on the Promotion of Civilized Behavior in Wenzhou, pedestrians will be punished by 10 yuan when they look down at their mobile phones when crossing the road." Recently, Wenzhou traffic police issued a penalty ticket to Ms. Hu, a "low-headed family" on the zebra crossing. According to reports, this is also the first ticket for pedestrians to watch mobile phones on zebra crossings after the implementation of the Regulations on the Promotion of Civilized Behavior in Wenzhou City on January 1, 2019.


Zhou Yang, a famous short track speed skater from China, was elected as a member of the Sports Committee of the International Skating Federation.

According to the China Skating Association, Zhou Yang, the two-time champion of short track speed skating in the Winter Olympics, was elected as a member of the Athletes Committee of the International Skating Federation, with a term of office from the 2019 World Championships to the 2023 World Championships.

In the 2019 Asian Cup, Australia defeated Syria and advanced to the top 16 with the second place in the group.

Group B of the Asian Cup ended the final round of competition on the evening of 15th. Australia beat Syria in injury time and advanced to the top 16 with the second place in the group. The Syrian team regretted going out at the last minute.


Wu Mengchao: 97-year-old winner of the highest national science and technology award retires.

"Now it seems that the right choice of returning to China, studying medicine, joining the army and joining the party has enabled me to truly realize my life value. Therefore, I am glad of my choice, and I will always be grateful to the party and the country, and thank the big family of the army for their education and training. " On January 14th, Wu Mengchao, a 97-year-old member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and dean of the Oriental Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital of the Second Military Medical University, said emotionally at his academician retirement ceremony.

He has been a doctor for more than 70 years, treated 16,000 patients with hepatobiliary diseases, and had at least 3 operations every week before retirement. "Working for the health of the motherland for 70 years" has a double meaning in him. Swift between the liver and gallbladder, but also with the patient’s liver and gallbladder, he explained what is a doctor’s kindness and what is a benevolent life!

Ren Zhengfei: "I miss my daughter very much and believe that justice will be done."

On January 15th, Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Huawei, said in an interview that Huawei is entirely owned by employees of the company, with nearly 97,000 shareholders. "No external organization owns our stock". When talking about his daughter, Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei, he said that he missed her very much and believed that justice would be done.

Geng Yanbo: "The mayor of the city" stepped down and was called the realistic version of Dakang Li.

On January 15, the Standing Committee of Taiyuan Municipal Committee held an enlarged meeting to announce the decision of Shanxi Provincial Committee on adjusting the main leadership positions of Taiyuan Municipal Government: Comrade Li Xiaobo was appointed as a member, standing committee member and deputy secretary of Taiyuan Municipal Committee; Geng Yanbo was relieved from the post of Deputy Secretary, Standing Committee Member of Taiyuan Municipal Committee. On the afternoon of the same day, the 20th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 14th Taiyuan Municipal People’s Congress was held. The meeting decided to accept Geng Yanbo’s resignation as mayor of Taiyuan and appointed Li Xiaobo as deputy mayor and acting mayor of Taiyuan. Geng Yanbo is famous for his diligence and hard work, and he is called "Mayor of online celebrity". During his tenure in Datong and Taiyuan, local citizens often met him at construction sites and pollution control sites.

Recently, a video of Geng Yanbo, then mayor of Datong, was widely circulated on social media, according to the report of WeChat WeChat official account "Politics". In the video, Geng Yanbo’s words are sharp and decisive, and he even breaks into a furious rage in order to implement the problem, causing heated discussion. The video clip was taken from a documentary broadcast in 2015, which recorded the arduous course of Geng Yanbo, the mayor of Datong, Shanxi Province, in the restoration of the ancient city during his tenure.

Theresa May: The Brexit agreement was not passed by the lower house of the British Parliament.

The lower house of the British Parliament voted on Theresa May’s Brexit agreement on the evening of 15th, and the result was that the agreement was overwhelmingly rejected by 432:202. It is said that this vote was the worst failure in the history of the British government. The previous record was that it failed by 166 votes in 1924.

After the voting, Theresa May made a brief speech. She said that in view of the complete defeat of the voting results, members of Parliament will have the opportunity to debate a motion of no confidence tomorrow (16th). She also said that she will continue to look for a solution acceptable to everyone.

Bella: the fourth anniversary of his death.

She was the first champion in the Youth Song Competition, and her cornea brought light to them after her death. On January 16th, 2015, singer Bella died of breast cancer at the age of 33. In April of that year, asteroid 41981 was named after her.

See you tomorrow at 18: 00!

[See you at 8: 00] online celebrity "Zhang Meili" was detained and the police collected clues about illegal crimes.

CCTV News:At 8 o’clock every day, CCTV will sort out the big and small things that happened around us within 24 hours.

The torch relay of Hangzhou Asian Paralympic Games was successfully concluded.

In the third quarter of the country, the direct settlement of medical treatment across provinces and different places exceeded 36 million.

More than 600 wetland nature reserves and 900 national wetland parks have been established nationwide.

Secretary of the Party Group of the former Legislative Affairs Office of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and any leader who violated the law seriously were expelled from the Party.

Zhang Xiulong, former deputy secretary and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was investigated.

6 people were killed in Pingguo explosion in Guangxi. 

A collision between a tour bus and a car occurred in Yunlin, Taiwan Province, resulting in 4 deaths and 22 minor injuries.

In case the commander announced the objectives of Gaza’s operational plan, saying that a new "security regime" would be established.

Hamas announced the release of two Americans, and UN agencies said that about 1.4 million people in Gaza were displaced. 

Trump and other three defendants have pleaded guilty in the case of trying to overthrow the presidential election in Georgia.

A large number of dead sardines appeared in a fishing port in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan.

An international research team deciphered the octopus genome map.

Online celebrity "Zhang Meili" was detained, and Shaanxi Suide police collected clues about illegal crimes.

A vocational college student in Sichuan slaughtered stray dogs? School: Two students involved were detained for observation and the police intervened.

The police in Zhangjiagang City intercepted more than a thousand cats: these cats would have passed 4.5 yuan off as pork and mutton per catty.

Jiangsu "scalpers" each accepted 100 yuan, took dozens of fans to the concert, and were detained.

A woman’s cat and coffee shop in Wuhan was scratched, and the merchant refused to pay the medical fee. Merchant: The cat has been vaccinated.

A woman in Chengdu, Sichuan Province threw 60,000 yuan by mistake, and the old man picked it up and returned it.

The topic of "fragile college students" is no longer just self-mockery, but also sounds an alarm for the physical health problems of contemporary college students.

— — China News Network commented that the word "crispy college students" quickly became popular on the Internet.

In Jiyuan, Henan Province, the Wangwu Mountain forest is completely dyed in autumn, and the red leaves enter the best viewing period.

In autumn, egrets fly, play and feed in the waters of Shangshan Park in Tengzhou City, Shandong Province.

  On October 21st, the China Sports Delegation of the 4th Asian Paralympic Games in Hangzhou announced that Huang Xiaolian and Sun Gang would be the flag bearers of the China Sports Delegation at the opening ceremony of the 4th Asian Paralympic Games in Hangzhou. Huang Xiaolian is a female wheelchair basketball player and won the silver medal in wheelchair basketball at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. Sun Gang is a male wheelchair fencer, who won individual and team gold medals in foil at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

Editor in charge: Qian Jingtong

Editor: Xiao Xiao

Can new energy vehicles run fast without subsidies?

  Recently, the largest public centralized charging station in Henan Province — — "United Fast Charging" was put into operation in Zhengzhou, and all charging piles were charged with high-power DC fast charging, which can meet the requirements of charging more than 100 new energy vehicles at the same time. The picture shows the driver preparing to charge the new energy vehicle. Photo by Zhang Tao (Zhongjing Vision)

  After the subsidy retreat, domestic new energy vehicles will not only face competition with traditional fuel vehicles, but also compete with foreign new energy vehicle brands. Impressing consumers with suitable and high-quality products may be the most effective means for new energy vehicle manufacturers to resolve market risks. The core of competition among new energy automobile manufacturers is the competition of product technology and service.

  With the end of the first half of 2019, new energy vehicles have truly entered the post-subsidy era.

  Chen Shihua, Assistant Secretary-General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, said that the current new energy vehicle market is still a market stimulated by policies, and with the support of national and local policies, it is in a rapid rising cycle. The decline of this subsidy is expected to have little long-term impact on the industry, and the previous prediction of the annual production and sales of 1.6 million new energy vehicles in 2019 will remain unchanged.

  After waiting and seeing, the price increase is inevitable.

  June 25th is the last day of the switching period between the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles in 2018 and the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles in 2019. Since June 26th, consumers have enjoyed the most subsidies or reduced them by 58%.

  "The withdrawal of subsidies mainly takes into account that the development of the new energy automobile industry has begun to take shape." Zhou Yi, assistant researcher of the Ministry of Industry of the State Council Development Research Center, said. Before 2014, the output of new energy vehicles was very small, less than 20,000. In 2014, the output jumped to 78,000. In 2018, the sales of new energy vehicles in China reached 1.256 million, accounting for more than half of the world’s total, with remarkable achievements.

  In fact, the rapid growth of new energy vehicles in China in the past is inseparable from subsidies. According to the "Announcement on the Preliminary Review of Subsidies for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles in 2016 and Previous Years" published on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in March this year, nearly 12.6 billion yuan of subsidies will be distributed to nearly 100 enterprises, of which BYD will become the biggest beneficiary with 2.689 billion yuan, and Geely will rank second with 1.111 billion yuan.

  With the subsidy for new energy vehicles declining year by year, independent car companies will naturally be affected to varying degrees, especially whether the price of new energy vehicles will increase, which has become the focus of consumers’ attention.

  The reporter recently visited some 4S stores in Beijing, such as Chery, BYD and GAC New Energy, and has not seen a clear price increase notice. They are all selling cars at the subsidy standard of 2018.

  Chen Shihua said, "At present, the profit rate of new energy vehicles is very low, and it is difficult for car companies themselves to bear the reduction of subsidies." "After the subsidy has dropped, the cost of car companies has increased substantially. If consumers do not accept the price increase, it will be difficult for market demand to start effectively." Cui Dongshu, Secretary-General of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, said that the subsidy for new energy vehicles is much lower than the cost reduction of car companies, and the profit pressure of new energy car companies is greater. Car companies should not only cover manufacturing costs, but also consider the capital cost of subsidies that are not in place, so they will definitely raise prices.

  Competition will be more intense.

  "In recent years, in addition to the increase in quantity, the quality of new energy vehicles and the development of industrial chain have also been greatly improved." Zhou Yi said.

  From the quality point of view, the battery life is generally on the rise. A-class electric vehicles with a standard cruising range of more than 400 kilometers have become the mainstream, and the intelligent interconnection is also developing continuously. The level of automatic driving test is getting higher and higher, and the localization replacement rate and globalization level of parts and components are also constantly improving. From the industrial chain point of view, the upstream and downstream industrial chains of new energy vehicles are more complete, and a number of excellent enterprises have emerged in the fields of power batteries, non-battery accessories and other parts, complete vehicles such as independent brands and new Internet forces, and manufacturing and operation of charging piles.

  And the fast-growing new energy automobile industry will be affected after stepping on the "brake" of subsidy retreat?

  "The challenge is that the competition will be more intense in the future." Zhou Yi said that after the withdrawal of subsidies, domestic new energy vehicles not only face competition with traditional fuel vehicles, but also with foreign new energy vehicle brands, and there is fierce competition within domestic new energy vehicles.

  Lu Fuyong, a lecturer in industrial economy and national economy in university of international business and economics, has been paying attention to the development of new energy automobile industry in recent years. He told reporters that in the era of subsidies for new energy vehicles, there are four aspects of market risks: First, the competition in the overall market will be further intensified, and the subsidy policy will make the competition more intense, and the industry will gradually move toward the survival of the fittest. In this process, traditional car companies still have certain competitive advantages. Second, the real demand of consumers will gradually become clear. In the past, due to the support of policies, the market has always overestimated the real demand of consumers, and it is very likely that the market demand will fall back in the short term. The third is the risk of capital. In recent years, the new forces of car-making have risen rapidly with the help of capital. As the sales of new energy vehicles move from hot to stable, there is uncertainty whether these capitals will still be active in the industry. The fourth is the technical service risk.

  Lu Fuyong believes that how to grasp the real needs of consumers in the post-subsidy era and impress consumers with suitable and high-quality products may be the most effective means for new energy vehicle manufacturers to resolve market risks. "In the future, the competition of new energy automobile manufacturers will gradually shift to the comprehensive value competition of products, and the core is the competition of product technology and service."

  Lu Fuyong said that with the growth of new energy vehicles and the extension of service life, traffic and safety accidents related to new energy vehicles will further increase, and the short service life of new technologies will increase product risks; At the same time, new energy vehicles recalled due to product quality problems are also accumulating. The core to solve these problems is still to improve product quality and technical services, which is also the main difficulty faced by new energy vehicle manufacturers.

  Intelligentization will become the commanding height.

  "In 2019, China’s automobile market will still run at a low speed, but new energy vehicles will continue to grow. New energy automobile products should be customized in design, intelligent in function and platformized in development. " Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary-General of China Automobile Industry Association, said that with the rapid advancement of scientific and technological revolution, the new generation of information technologies such as 5G, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are deeply integrated with automobile transportation and other fields, which constantly promotes the formation of multi-dimensional information interaction networks between cars, roads, people and clouds, and people’s production and lifestyle are undergoing profound changes. Smart cars have become the commanding heights of the future development of the automobile industry.

  Shi Jianhua believes that in the future, the automobile industry should take green and intelligence as the development direction, and will focus on breaking through the key components of fuel cell technology and related industrial chains, advance the research and development and industrial application of intelligent driving technology, enhance the green and intelligent level of the industry, and accelerate the development of new energy and intelligent networked vehicles.

  Zhou Yi said that at present, there is a trend of "interconnection, autonomous driving, sharing and electrification" in the global automobile industry, and the networking of vehicles, autonomous driving and electric vehicles are closely related, and with the rise and application of 5G technology, it is expected that the application scenarios of electric vehicles under 5G will be more abundant in the future. In this context, the new energy vehicle market will be polarized in the future, and a few car companies will stand out because of their technical and cost advantages.

  "Whether new technologies and new industrial formats such as autonomous driving, car networking, intelligent transportation and driverless taxis can be commercialized on a large scale depends entirely on many factors such as cost, technology maturity and consumer acceptance." Zhou Yi said, but what is certain is that China has taken the lead in international exploration in these fields due to its huge market scale and abundant capital market, and it is expected to lead the global development in the future. (Economic Daily China Economic Net reporter Liu Wei)

During the Spring Festival, the outpatient arrangements of major hospitals in Fuzhou were announced!

The following article comes from Haidu Youzhi Medical Group.

There is a doctor in the sea.

Let the patient find the right doctor

According to the notice of the General Office of the State Council, the holiday arrangements for the Spring Festival in 2022 are as follows: from January 31st (Monday, New Year’s Eve) to February 6th (Sunday, the sixth day), the holiday will be suspended for 7 days. Go to work on January 29th (next Saturday) and January 30th (next Sunday). While enjoying the holiday, I especially remind you: reduce the gathering of people and strengthen personal protection!

The Spring Festival holiday arrangements of major hospitals in Fuzhou in 2022 are as follows

Fujian Provincial Hospital and Jinshan Provincial Hospital

1, January 29th (Saturday) according to Monday’s shift;

2, January 30th (Sunday) on Thursday;

3. Rest all day from January 31st to February 2nd;

4. The holiday clinic will be closed in the afternoon from February 3rd to February 6th.

On the 5th and 7th (Monday), normal outpatient service will be resumed.

Union medical college hospital affiliated to Fujian medical university

The First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University

1, January 29th (Saturday) for January 31st (New Year’s Eve, Monday) full-time outpatient service, January 30th (Sunday) for February 4th (fourth day, Friday) full-time outpatient service;

2, January 31st (New Year’s Eve, Monday) to February 3rd (third day, Thursday) clinic closed;

3, February 4 (fourth day, Friday), 6 (sixth day, Sunday) morning holiday clinic;

4. Regular Saturday clinic on the morning of February 5 (the fifth day, Saturday);

5, during the holidays, emergency 24 hours;

6. On Monday, February 7th, the whole hospital will go to work normally.

Fujian Cancer Hospital

1. We have a holiday from January 31st (Monday, New Year’s Eve) to February 6th (Sunday, the sixth day), with a total of 7 days.

2. Go to work on January 29th (Saturday) and January 30th (Sunday), among which, on January 29th, the outpatient clinic will be visited by experts on Thursday, and on January 30th, the outpatient clinic will be visited by experts on Friday.

3. Go to work normally on February 7th (Monday, the seventh day).

4. During the holiday, emergency patients related to tumor can go to the emergency room for treatment.

Fujian Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital

1, January 31st (New Year’s Eve) to February 6th (sixth day) holiday, a total of 7 days.

2. Go to work normally on January 29th and 30th, in which outpatient service will be arranged on Monday on January 29th (Saturday) and Tuesday on January 30th (Sunday).

3. Go to work normally from February 7th (the seventh day).

4. During the holiday period, the emergency department will be arranged all day and some holiday clinics will be opened.

Fujian province maternity hospital

1, January 31st (New Year’s Eve) to February 6th (sixth day) holiday, a total of 7 days; Go to work normally from February 7 (seventh day).

2. During the holiday period, the emergency department will be arranged all day, and the obstetrics department will open holiday clinics, and relevant patients will see a doctor in the emergency department area.

Fujian Children’s Hospital

1. During the Spring Festival holiday, the emergency department is open 24 hours. At the same time, holiday clinics and some expert clinics are arranged, as follows:

2, nucleic acid sampling arrangements are as follows:

Fujian Second People’s Hospital

1. On January 29th (Saturday), arrange the shift on January 31st (Monday);

2. On January 30th (Sunday), arrange the class on February 4th (Friday);

3. Health Management Center (preventive treatment): It will be closed for 7 days from Monday, January 31st to Sunday, February 6th. During the holiday period, the outpatient clinic will be closed after the examination.

Fujian provincial organ hospital

First, outpatient service (including oral center):

1. On January 29th (Saturday), the expert outpatient service will be conducted as usual, and the general outpatient service will work all day;

2. On January 30th (Sunday), the specialist clinic will be scheduled on February 3rd (Thursday), and the general clinic will work all day;

3. From January 31 (New Year’s Eve, Monday) to February 3 (third day, Thursday), there will be a full-day holiday and 24-hour emergency;

4. From February 4 to February 6 (the fourth day, Friday to the sixth day and Sunday), the morning shift is arranged according to holidays, and the expert outpatient service is carried out as usual, and emergency treatment is carried out in the afternoon.

Second, the physical examination center:

1, January 31st (New Year’s Eve, Monday) to February 5th (fifth day, Saturday) for 6 days;

2. On the morning of February 4th (fourth day, Friday) and February 5th (fifth day, Saturday), customers who need a physical examination paper report can contact by phone;

3. Go to work normally in the morning on February 6 (the sixth day and Sunday) and have a holiday in the afternoon; Go to work as usual on February 7 (the seventh day and Monday).

Third, nucleic acid detection:

1, January 31st (New Year’s Eve, Monday) in the morning, February 3rd (third day, Thursday) in the morning, February 4th (fourth day, Friday) to February 6th (sixth day, Sunday) in the morning and afternoon at the nucleic acid detection sampling point (the slope between the right side of the hospital gate and the physical examination center).

2. Opening hours: 08:00-11:00 am and 14:30-16:30 pm. The rest of the time in the emergency department billing and sampling.

Fujian Provincial People’s Hospital

1, January 31st (Monday) to February 6th (Sunday) holiday, a total of 7 days;

2. The medical examination center will be closed from January 31st (Monday) to February 4th (Friday);

3, emergency 24 hours on duty;

4. Office hours of holiday clinics: 8: 00-12: 00 am and 14: 00-17: 00 pm.

The 900th Hospital of Joint Logistics Support Force

1, January 31st (New Year’s Eve, Monday) to February 3rd (third day, Thursday) all day outpatient rest;

2, February 4th (fourth day, Friday) to February 6th (sixth day, Sunday) morning holiday clinic, clinic rest in the afternoon;

3, January 29th (Saturday), January 30th (Sunday), respectively, according to Monday and Tuesday outpatient scheduling normal clinic all day;

4, during the holiday season, emergency 24 hours.

Armed Police Fujian Provincial Corps Hospital

During the Spring Festival, there will be 24-hour emergency treatment and outpatient service will be closed.

Fujian Third People’s Hospital

1. During the Spring Festival holiday, the hospital will implement holiday outpatient service, and the doctor’s visits will be subject to whether WeChat official account can make an appointment;

2. Outpatient service arrangement: 8:00-12:00 am and 14: 30-17: 30 pm;

3. Emergency arrangement: 24-hour emergency consultation;

4. Physical examination department arrangement: The physical examination department will be closed from January 31st to February 6th, 2022.

Fujian Provincial Rehabilitation Hospital

1, internal medicine from January 31st to February 6th all-day clinic;

2. The orthopedics and traumatology department will have a normal clinic all day from January 31st to February 4th, and a normal clinic in the morning from February 5th to February 6th;

3, stomatology, children’s rehabilitation department on January 31, normal outpatient service all day;

4, emergency surgery on February 1st, February 4th morning normal clinic;

5. Convenience clinic: normal clinic on the morning of February 4th;

6. The acupuncture department conducts normal outpatient service in the morning from January 31st to February 3rd and February 5th to 6th, and conducts normal outpatient service all day on February 4th;

7. The massage department conducts normal outpatient service in the morning from January 31st to February 2nd, and conducts normal outpatient service all day from February 3rd to February 6th;

8. Pediatrics, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, and Otolaryngology will have normal outpatient clinics all day on February 6;

9. The physical examination department opened normally on the morning of February 6;

10. Nucleic acid was collected normally in the morning of February 4th;

11. Working hours on holidays:

Outpatient service: 8: 00-12: 00 am; 14: 30-17: 30 pm;

Physical examination department: 7:30-12:00 am

Nucleic acid detection and collection: 8: 00 am-11: 30 am

Fujian Provincial Hospital for the Aged

1, January 29th (Saturday) all-day clinic, according to the schedule on Thursday;

2, January 30th (Sunday) all-day clinic, according to the Friday shift;

3, January 31-February 3 (Monday to Thursday, Lunar New Year’s Eve to the third day);

4. On February 4 (Friday, the fourth day of the lunar calendar), the general internal medicine clinic was held in the morning and stopped in the afternoon;

5. On February 5 (Saturday, the fifth day of the lunar calendar), the clinic of comprehensive internal medicine and stomatology was held in the morning, and the clinic was closed in the afternoon;

6. On February 6 (Sunday, the sixth day of the lunar calendar), the clinic of comprehensive internal medicine and stomatology was closed in the morning and stopped in the afternoon;

7. On February 7 (Monday, the seventh day of the lunar calendar), the whole hospital will go to work normally;

Location of comprehensive internal medicine clinic: 6th floor, Building 1, please tell each other.

Fuzhou First Hospital

1, during the holiday, the emergency department for 24 hours; The expert outpatient service is opened normally according to the outpatient schedule. If there is any temporary change, it shall be subject to the announcement made by the hospital on the same day.

2, medical center holiday notice:

From January 29th (Saturday) to January 30th (Sunday), the physical examination will be received normally at 7:30-12:00 am, and the report will be available at 14:30-17:00 pm. January 31st (Monday)-February 6th (Sunday) is a national holiday, and the medical examination will be suspended for 7 days, and the medical examination report will be suspended.

Fuzhou Second Hospital

1, January 29th, January 30th for the original daily clinic (both in the morning);

2. On January 31st (New Year’s Eve), the clinic opened normally in the morning and closed in the afternoon;

3. Suspension of outpatient service from February 1st to February 3rd;

4. On February 4th, the outpatient service returned to normal;

5. During the Spring Festival holiday, the emergency department will maintain 24-hour consultation.

Meng Chao hepatobiliary hospital

1. From January 31st to February 3rd (from Grade One to Grade Three), the outpatient service of Meng Chao Hepatobiliary Hospital was suspended. The rest of the time, the clinic will proceed as usual.

2. From January 31st to February 6th (from New Year’s Eve to the sixth day), nucleic acid testing (from 18: 00 to 8: 00 the next day) will be conducted as usual.

Fuzhou children’s hospital

1, February 1 (the first day) stop clinic, January 31 (New Year’s Eve), February 2 (the second day), February 3 (the third day), February 4 (the fourth day), February 5 (the fifth day), February 6 (the sixth day) experts, specialist clinic normal clinic, specific to the day of the actual doctor (see

2. Emergency department and fever clinic are open 24 hours during holidays. Parents of non-emergency children are requested to arrange the visit time and make an appointment.

Fuzhou traditional Chinese medicine hospital

1. Emergency: 24-hour consultation;

2. General outpatient service and specialist outpatient service: On January 29th (Saturday), the outpatient service will be scheduled on Monday; On January 30 (Sunday), the clinic will be opened on Friday; From January 31 to February 3 (New Year’s Eve to the third day, Monday to Thursday); On February 4 (fourth day, Friday), the clinic was scheduled to open on Friday; On February 5 (the fifth day, Saturday), the clinic was scheduled to open on Saturday morning; Stop the clinic on February 6 (the sixth day, Sunday); On February 7 (Monday, the seventh day), the clinic was opened normally;

3. Health management (physical examination) center: the inspection will be closed from January 31 to February 6 (New Year’s Eve to the sixth day, Monday to Sunday); On February 7 (Monday, the seventh day), the inspection was started normally.

Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital

The ultrasound department, laboratory, radiology department, pharmacy and ward work normally.

Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine Hall (including Medicine Hall)

1. The clinic will be suspended from January 31st (New Year’s Eve) to February 6th (the sixth day of the first month); From February 7 th, the outpatient service will be resumed;

2. Traditional Chinese Medicine (Special Needs) Nutrition Specialist: The clinic will be closed from January 30th to February 8th; Pediatric physique conditioning department of traditional Chinese medicine: closed from January 30 to February 6; Acupuncture Gynecology: The clinic will be closed from January 31st to February 8th.

Southeast ophthalmology hospital

1, the implementation of holiday-free hospitals, eye clinics, emergency as usual, the specific arrangements are as follows:

Ophthalmic outpatient service is carried out as usual: 8: 00-12: 00 am; 14:30-17:30 pm.

2. Myopia laser surgery, cataract surgery and other operations will be suspended from New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day (January 31-February 3), and other operations will be carried out as usual;

3. Eye emergency/fireworks eye injury, the hospital has set up a green channel for 24-hour emergency treatment. In case of injury, patients can go to the Southeast Eye Hospital Taijiang Campus (No.35, West Second Ring Road, Taijiang District) and Cangshan Campus (No.179, Liaoyuan Road, Cangshan District) for treatment.

Meikepu dentistry

1. From January 31st to February 3rd (New Year’s Eve-the third day), Jinan General Hospital, Qunsheng Clinic and Dongda Clinic of Fuzhou Meikepu Dental Chain were treated as usual;

2. At other times, all the hospitals in the Meikepu dental chain receive medical treatment as usual.

Fuzhou ophthalmic hospital

During the Spring Festival holiday, patients will be treated normally and provided with 24-hour emergency services.

Fuzhou zhongde orthopedics hospital

During the Spring Festival holiday, the outpatient department of Fuzhou Sino-German Orthopedic Hospital opened as usual, and the orthopedic emergencies such as replantation of severed fingers and fracture and trauma were treated 24 hours a day.

Original title: "During the Spring Festival, the outpatient arrangements of major hospitals in Fuzhou were announced! 》

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"Innovation Subversion" or "Life Assistant" —— Observation of "Artificial Intelligence" from Summer Davos Forum

  Xinhua News Agency, Tianjin, June 29th  Title: "Innovation Subversion" or "Life Assistant" — — Observation of "Artificial Intelligence" from Summer Davos Forum

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Bai Jiali and Yin Siyuan

  "Generative Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Enemy?" "Keep pace with the times: embrace the artificial intelligence revolution and improve the level of artificial intelligence" … … At the Summer Davos Forum held in Tianjin, artificial intelligence once again became a "hot topic" concerned by political and business people, experts and scholars.

  As a window for observing the world and cutting-edge dialogue, how do guests discuss the relationship between artificial intelligence and human life at this economic event? In their eyes, will artificial intelligence bring "innovation subversion" or become a "life assistant"?

  Life is closely related to it.

  At the high-profile Summer Davos Forum, guests from different countries and fields started a dialogue on topics related to artificial intelligence. The reporter observed that a common cognition of the guests was — — With the new wave of artificial intelligence triggered by ChatGPT, artificial intelligence is pouring into all walks of life.

  The "Top Ten Emerging Technologies Report 2023" published by the World Economic Forum "Fresh" reveals the emerging technologies that will have the greatest impact on the world in the next three to five years. Among them, generative artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence assisted medical care are listed. The report also pointed out that generative artificial intelligence is developing rapidly and will lead to subversive changes in many industries such as education and research.

  Baidu’s ERNIE Bot, Iflytek’s iFLYTEK Spark Cognitive Model, 360 Group’s 360 Wisdom Brain, and brand-new AI mapping tools are changing our way of life and work.

  The 14th Summer Davos Forum. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xin photo

  "In the past six months, nearly 100 companies have entered the generative artificial intelligence market." Zhang Yaqin, academician of China Academy of Engineering and president of Tsinghua University Intelligent Industry Research Institute, said at the forum that artificial intelligence will play a great role in intelligent transportation, intelligent internet of things and intelligent medical care.

  In the forum dialogue, Zhao Yan, chairman and general manager of Huaxi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., mentioned a new scene of artificial intelligence application, which may bring more benefits to future women. She believes that artificial intelligence may be able to play the role of "AI assistant" in the future, assisting professional women to complete their work at special times such as pregnancy.

  "Artificial intelligence is being applied in all aspects of life and is quietly changing people’s lives." Wang Guan, co-founder of Kezhi Technology and director of the Smart Finance Laboratory of Ningbo Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Shanghai Jiaotong University, said that in the near future, with the blessing of artificial intelligence, people’s lives will undergo tremendous changes.

  Medical treatment has become a hot spot of application.

  In the forum, a special robot attracted guests to stop. "This is an intelligent diagnosis robot for depression developed by the R&D team of Tianjin University." The staff introduced the new achievements in the field of brain-computer interface research and development to the guests. "Just wearing a device, you can collect the signals of cerebral cortex neurons and pass ‘ Decoding ’ Achieve a quantitative assessment of depression. "

  From auxiliary diagnosis, to drug research and development, to medical management, a long history of medicine is colliding with brand-new artificial intelligence, expanding its broad development prospects. The guests predicted that artificial intelligence may become a key promoter of the rapid development of the medical field.

  According to Liu Jiren, chairman of Neusoft Group, the diagnosis of diseases by artificial intelligence will make our diagnosis process change from relying on the ability of each doctor to relying on calculation and collective wisdom, which will reduce the difference of medical services.

  Forum guests talk about the future of artificial intelligence. Xinhua News Agency reporter Bai Jiali photo

  "When researchers conduct experiments, it is likely that they can only do ten or one hundred at a time, but with AI, they can conduct a large number of experiments simultaneously and generate massive data." Ina klassen Berg, chief commercial officer of Ginkgo Biological Studio, explained the positive role of artificial intelligence in promoting drug research and development.

  Zhou Xiaping, senior vice president of Novo Nordisk and president of Greater China, said that enterprises have begun to try to speed up the process of drug research and development by using artificial intelligence tools, and at the same time, use artificial intelligence to help patients better manage chronic diseases.

  The changes that artificial intelligence has brought to the medical industry are still going deeper. Lu Yimin, general manager of China General Technology Group, said that when the group integrated medical resources, it found that the regionality of medical resources in China was prominent, the deployment cost of innovative technologies was high, and the platform access capacity was insufficient, so the promotion was facing challenges. He believes that with the support of AI, it is possible to solve long-standing problems such as the imbalance of medical resources and improve the quality of primary medical services more effectively.

  In the future, security "fences" should be set up.

  While the huge potential of artificial intelligence is rapidly released, how to avoid potential security risks? At the forum, the guests had a heated discussion around this topic.

  In the face of everyone’s concern, "What jobs will be reduced due to the introduction of AI technology?" Li Dongsheng, the founder and chairman of TCL, believes that new technologies can help improve the revenue and competitiveness of enterprises, thus creating more new jobs and possibilities, so as to achieve a balance between improving labor efficiency and ensuring the well-being of employees.

  So what areas should we try to use this technology? Wang Guan said that some areas with zero tolerance for errors should not use generative artificial intelligence for the time being, but for repetitive work that allows mistakes to a certain extent, it can take the lead in docking this technology.

  New achievements in research and development such as brain-computer interface in the exhibition area attract guests to stop. Xinhua News Agency reporter Bai Jiali photo

  Many guests thought that the biggest problem facing generative artificial intelligence, in particular, was that "there is no way to judge whether the content provided is true or false, and it is possible to fabricate a piece of content to confuse users." Feng Yan, a professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, bluntly said that in every field that needs to be decided, people have to have the final say, and machines can only provide assistance.

  "Generative artificial intelligence can improve life, and the biggest problem it faces in the future is how to improve its accuracy." Alex Zhvoronkov, founder and CEO of Yingsi Intelligent, said.

  In the face of known and unknown risks, Zhang Yi, a senior partner of King & Wood Law Firm, who attended the meeting, believes that firstly, laws and regulations should be rationally used to deal with the risks and impacts brought by artificial intelligence, and a governance framework and standards with broad consensus should be formed through laws to form a security "guardrail" and create a more dynamic development environment under its guidance.

The United Nations Security Council held its first meeting on artificial intelligence, and China put forward five principles of governance.

  UN Security Council Secretary-General Guterres called for the establishment of a global regulatory body to supervise artificial intelligence, in much the same way as other institutions supervise aviation, climate and nuclear energy. The proposed institution is composed of artificial intelligence experts, sharing their expertise with government and administrative agencies that may lack relevant technical knowledge.

  Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, pointed out that in order to seek technological hegemony and build exclusive circles, some developed countries maliciously obstruct the technological development of other countries with various excuses and actions and artificially create technological barriers, which China resolutely opposes.

  On July 18th, local time, the UN Security Council held a high-level public meeting with the theme of "Opportunities and risks brought by artificial intelligence to international peace and security". Antonio guterres, Secretary-General of the Security Council, called for the establishment of a global regulatory body to supervise this new technology.

  This is the first time that the Security Council has held a meeting on artificial intelligence. Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, put forward five principles on the governance of artificial intelligence: first, adhere to ethics first; second, adhere to safety and controllability; third, adhere to fairness and inclusiveness; fourth, adhere to openness and tolerance; and fifth, adhere to peaceful use.

  It is still far from reaching a legally binding resolution.

  On the same day, Guterres, Jack Clark, co-founder of Anthropic, an artificial intelligence startup, and Ceng Yi, a researcher at the Institute of Automation, China Academy of Sciences, gave a briefing.

  Guterres warned that artificial intelligence is playing a role in many fields, but it may also be used by malicious people, including using it for terrorism, inciting hatred and violence. He welcomed the call for the establishment of a new UN agency, saying it would help to maximize the role of artificial intelligence and better manage risks. He said that the artificial intelligence regulatory agency of the United Nations should standardize, supervise and enforce the rules of artificial intelligence, and the supervision method is roughly the same as that of other institutions in supervising aviation, climate and nuclear energy.

  At the meeting, diplomats and leading experts in the field of artificial intelligence explained to the Security Council the risks and threats of artificial intelligence technology, as well as its scientific and social benefits. They said that although the development speed of this technology is accelerating, there are still many unknowns. "It’s like making an engine without understanding the combustion principle." Clark said that private companies should not be the only creators and regulators of artificial intelligence.

  The body proposed by the Security Council is composed of experts in the field of artificial intelligence, who will share their expertise with government and administrative agencies that may lack technical knowledge to solve the threat of artificial intelligence.

  At present, it is still far from reaching a legally binding resolution on governance. However, most diplomats support the formulation of global governance mechanisms and international rules.

  James Cleverly, the British Foreign Secretary who presided over the meeting, said: "No country is immune from artificial intelligence, so we must involve the broadest alliance of international actors from all fields." Britain holds the rotating presidency of the Security Council this month.

  China: Oppose the use of artificial intelligence to seek military hegemony.

  Zhang Jun pointed out in his speech that artificial intelligence, as a "double-edged sword", is good or bad, good or evil, depending on how human beings use it, how to regulate it, and how to coordinate science, development and security. The international community should uphold the true spirit of multilateralism, conduct extensive dialogues, constantly build consensus, and explore the guiding principles for the governance of artificial intelligence. China supports the United Nations to play a central coordinating role in this regard, supports Secretary-General Guterres to convene in-depth discussions among all parties, and supports all countries, especially developing countries, to fully participate in and make contributions.

  Zhang Jun put forward five principles about artificial intelligence governance. First, adhere to ethics first. To ensure that artificial intelligence technology will always benefit mankind, we must take "people-oriented" and "intelligence for goodness" as the basic criteria to standardize the development direction of artificial intelligence and avoid this technology becoming a "runaway wild horse". On this basis, gradually establish and improve the artificial intelligence ethics, laws and regulations and policy system.

  The second is to adhere to safety and controllability. There are many uncertainties in the development and application of artificial intelligence related technologies, and safety is the bottom line that must be kept. The international community should strengthen risk awareness, establish an effective risk early warning and response mechanism, ensure that risks beyond human control do not occur, ensure that machines do not kill themselves, and ensure that humans have the ability to press the stop button at critical moments.

  Guterres said on the same day that the United Nations must reach a legally binding agreement before 2026 to ban the use of artificial intelligence in automated war weapons.

  The third is to adhere to fairness and inclusiveness. Zhang Jun said that developing countries’ equal access to and utilization of artificial intelligence technologies, products and services is essential to bridge the technological gap, digital gap and development gap between North and South. In order to seek hegemony in science and technology and build an exclusive circle, some developed countries maliciously obstruct the technological development of other countries with various excuses and actions and artificially create barriers to science and technology. China firmly opposes this.

  The fourth is to adhere to openness and tolerance. The development of science and technology should achieve a relative balance between promoting technological progress and ensuring safe application. The best way is to maintain open cooperation, encourage interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary, cross-regional and cross-border exchanges and dialogues, oppose various forms of "small courtyard walls" and "decoupling and breaking chains", and create an open, inclusive, fair and non-discriminatory environment for scientific and technological development.

  The fifth is to adhere to peaceful use. It is necessary to focus on tapping the potential of artificial intelligence in promoting sustainable development, promoting cross-disciplinary integration and innovation, and better empowering global development. The Security Council can deeply study the application and influence of artificial intelligence in conflict situations and take measures to enrich the United Nations peace toolbox. All countries should uphold a responsible national defense policy and oppose the use of artificial intelligence to seek military hegemony and undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other countries.

  Zhang Jun said that China adheres to the concept of the community of human destiny and has always participated in the global cooperation and governance of artificial intelligence with a highly responsible attitude, and has successively submitted two position papers on the military application and ethical governance of artificial intelligence on the UN platform. China is willing to work with the international community to actively implement global development initiatives, global security initiatives and global civilization initiatives in the field of artificial intelligence, adhere to development priorities, safeguard common security, promote cross-cultural exchanges and cooperation, join hands with countries to share artificial intelligence technological achievements, and jointly prevent and respond to risk challenges.