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  [car home Information] March 2 was a magical day. On the other side of the ocean, Musk talked about secret ambitions on Investor Day; Li Xiang, CEO of China and LI, spent five pages of PPT at the media communication meeting and shared it for two hours. In view of all the contents he shared, this paper only extracts the product information that everyone cares about, focusing on the follow-up product planning, autonomous driving progress and intelligent cockpit.

Some core messages:

1. Ideal to be a pure electric product, and still adhere to brand positioning: the luxury electric vehicle preferred by the family can be at the same price as the extended-range product.

2. NOA, the ideal city, was pushed to Max users in the fourth quarter.

3. Ideally, 8295 chips will be introduced, and L7/L8/L9 will support the replacement of 8295 chips.

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■ What is the ideal pure electric vehicle?

  Friends who care about the ideal know that the ideal is not a dead-end extended range, but also pure electricity, and will make extended-range products until 2030. Unfortunately, at this communication meeting, we still don’t know what the ideal first pure electric product is. LI’s classmates told me that it is a "form you haven’t seen before", and the spy photos that have flowed out at present show that it may be an MPV. But obviously the ideal is not only a pure electric product, combined with the information of the financial report communication meeting at the end of February,The ideal pure electric product has a product sequence similar to the L series, which meets the needs of home users in the price range of 200,000-500,000.Of course, no matter what body shape it is, it is bound to have a big impact on the pure electric products that are mainly used at home at this stage.

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"ideal pure electric MPV spy photos"

  However, no matter what this pure tram is, it still adheres to the ideal concept of "luxury electric car preferred by the family". Therefore, friends who care about their families can rest assured that the ideal pure electric product will not suddenly go off course, and get a big super-run with a speed of 100 kilometers for 3 seconds, so just wait and buy it.

  Li Xiang mentioned in his speeches everywhere that choosing extended range can solve two problems, one is battery cost and the other is energy supplement. Excellent manufacturers are trying their best to solve these two problems, such as Tesla’s extreme cost reduction and overcharging, and Weilai’s desperate efforts to build and replace power stations.

  The cost of batteries remains high, either manufacturers lose money to earn money or consumers spend more money; It is inconvenient to replenish energy. Some people say that an ideal range extender with low technical content directly hangs the 800 VSiC that a manufacturer has worked hard to make, which is not rough.

  Of course, we can’t say that the technology of 800V SiC is not good. In fact, the ideal pure electric vehicle is also this technology, and this technology is used to solve the above-mentioned cost and energy supplement problems.

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  In terms of cost, Li Xiang said that 800V pure electric products are not so expensive, and they can achieve the same price as extended range. He said that the battery of 100kWh can last about 600km now, but we can use 80kWh through 800V and SiC components. And let the cost drop by 30,000-40,000 yuan, and the money saved will of course be piled up in the comfortable and intelligent configuration that we like to see.

  In terms of energy supplement, Li wanted to show a set of mode of household slow charging+urban fast charging (200kW)+ high-speed overcharge (480kW), and he also made the account clear. For example, a charging station with 480kW+3 250kW piles costs 1 million RMB, and 1,000 stations are built, which will be shared over five years, with an annual income of 2 billion, that is, 100 billion yuan.

  However, some people question this set of accounting logic and the pressure of the power grid. As we are not experts, we will not analyze it indiscriminately. In short, we all know that the ideal is to replenish energy, and it will not be worse than other manufacturers.

  Summarize the characteristics of ideal pure electric products: strong household attributes, the same price as extended range, and comfortable energy supplement. As for the time, although Li Xiang didn’t say it, according to the news in early February, it was off the assembly line in July and officially mass-produced in September.

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  By the way, L5 is a big satellite in LI. At present, there are only two information points that Li wants to talk about in Weibo, namely, the non-SUV form and the price range of 200,000-300,000. However, according to Li Xiang himself, the ideal L7/L8/L9 is just like an Apple mobile phone, except for the case. This is really keep real… Then the L6 (five-seat SUV within 300,000) and L5 are estimated to be quite different. The form of non-SUV is a supplement to the ideal product line. After all, you have to walk on two legs these days.

■ NOA internal test of the ideal AD Max open city in the fourth quarter.

   It is not a new force to not engage in autonomous driving these days. In the new year, everyone began to roll up the city NOA. The ideal plan is to open the internal test of early bird users in NOA city on the ideal AD Max in the fourth quarter of this year. It should be noted here that the AD Pro version does not support urban NOA, but the actual experience of high-speed NOA is basically the same as that of the Max version, so you must pay attention when buying a car.

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  Li Xiang believes that electric vehicles that cannot realize NOA in cities can only be called "electric vehicles", not "smart electric vehicles". The city NOA is actually similar to the high-speed NOA realized by many manufacturers at present, except that the scene is changed to the city, and the automatic driving from point A to point B is realized in the city without human takeover.

  From the second half of 2022, the city NOA has taken shape. Tucki, the pioneer of autonomous driving, pushed CNGP (city NOA, called by different manufacturers) on P5 in September 2022; Extreme Fox Alpha S HI and Huawei, WEY Mocha and Millie Zhixing have all realized this function.

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"Tucki city navigation aid"

  At present, there are various factions and ideas under NOA in the city. For example, whether the high-precision map is used or not has undergone a series of changes and iterations. Previously, Tucki was a high-precision map player (it seems that he hasn’t completely given up now, and He Xiaopeng also proposed to speed up the review process of high-precision maps at the two sessions), and he also has Grade B mapping qualification. But now most players are gradually turning to the route of "emphasizing perception and ignoring maps", and in terms of perception, there are also pure visual Tesla and radar cameras.

  Under the mode of relying on high-precision maps, the city NOA will be limited to cities that allow surveying and mapping. For example, the city NCA of Polar Fox is still limited to Shenzhen and Shanghai. Li Xiang said that the ideal will not demarcate the city NOA one by one like the traditional model, but will promote NOA in many cities based on the big model and BEV (Bird’s Eye View, not electric cars). This is also the so-called software 2.0 era.

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"Tesla’s perceptual process"

   BEV perception is to establish a bird’s-eye view of camera images from multiple perspectives and then perceive them, and cooperate with Transformer algorithm to make autonomous driving more cattle. In the case that Tesla, a pioneer, explores the road for everyone, domestic car companies have also started this set of operations. Li wants to predict that these companies using the Orin computing platform will basically deliver the earliest NOA; for testing in the fourth quarter of this year; By the end of the year, most head enterprises can achieve the level of Tesla at the end of 2011, and by 2024, everyone can generally achieve the level of Tesla in North America at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

  In the end, the city NOA does not need to become fully autonomous driving, but it can help drivers improve their experience when there is traffic jam every day. If more than 60% or even more than 80% of the cars in the city can be driven by this function, and the safety is no problem, it will have a huge change. Just as consumers buy a 20-30-story building, it is a fundamental difference whether there is an elevator or not.

  Judging from the current situation, autonomous driving also requires manufacturers to continuously educate users to use it, so that users can’t live without it. The utilization rate of assisted driving in LI is over 13%, and the utilization rate in high-speed scenes has exceeded 50%. According to the Spring Festival travel data released by Weilai, its total mileage is 276,699,061 kilometers, and the total mileage of NIO Pilot is 39,135,610 kilometers, about 14%.

  But judging from the situation of G9, another new force in Tucki, it has little effect on assisted driving. I think that autonomous driving is indeed the right way, but this road has a long way to go. Perhaps next year, with the landing of NOA in the city, the utilization rate of automatic driving assistance can be significantly improved.

■ Don’t worry, the old owner can upgrade 8295.

  LI is known as "creating a mobile home", so they collectively refer to the things in the car as intelligent technology, and this space will be the largest, most comfortable and most intelligent. Everyone holds a screen at home, so be sure to put more screens in the car. In this regard, everyone is most concerned about getting on the 8295 chip.

  The computing power of Qualcomm 8295 chip is eight times that of 8155. According to the current rhythm, the ideal may be the same as that of Jidu, and 8295 will be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year, and the ideal new product is expected to be released during this time period. Then the question is coming. What about the old L9/L8/L7? I believe that everyone has not forgotten the rights protection incident of Li ONE’s change before?

LI Ideal L9 2022 Max

  But don’t worry this time, the old car owner can change the 8295 chip, but the change and how much money are still under study. At that time, Zhu Yu, who spent 300 million yuan to upgrade the old car owner for free, was in the front. What would the ideal do? However, it should be noted that the ideal delivery volume is not comparable to that of Krypton in that year, so I suggest that the old car owners should have a bottom in mind first, and it may be more comfortable to lower their expectations in the future.

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  After getting on the bus, the 8295 has greatly improved the intelligent cockpit, supporting more screens, stronger 3D rendering ability and millisecond voice. Even due to its powerful computing power, even if NVIDIA’s autopilot chip dies, it can take over autopilot … At present, 8295 is still a piece of jade to be carved, depending on how the manufacturer empowers it. According to Jidu, at present, manufacturers have not fully utilized 8295, especially in the AI part. Just as the ideal is also very concerned about AI, we can look forward to how the ideal plays 8295.

LI Ideal L9 2022 Max

  In addition, the "ideal classmate" has changed from the elephant scheme to the ideal self-research, and has now evolved into a new generation of end-cloud integrated architecture, which can support the deployment of stronger and more complex algorithms in the car. In addition, the self-developed algorithm has also improved in voice and visual interaction. LI believes that a good voice assistant should be awake, quick in execution, accurate in recognition, able to understand everything and speak human words. That is, to improve perception, performance and recognition. Suppliers can no longer meet their needs, so they turn to self-research.

■ Where is the degree of "self-research"?

  Next, we want to talk about "self-research". Tesla, the industry leader, has always been a leader in its self-developed chips; BYD, the king of China, is a moat for its self-developed and self-produced batteries, which can also be exported. Many car companies are also flaunting their own self-research on assisted driving, electric driving and engines. Where is the degree of "self-research"?

  LI believes that self-research and self-control are two dimensions, and the proportion of self-research and self-control should be controlled at 25%-30%, which should not be too high or too low. In addition to fully meeting the needs of users, we should also ensure the landing of core technologies and the safety of supply chain. The direction of self-research of ideal core technology is all related to platform technology. Such as extended-range electric, high-voltage pure electricity, smart space, intelligent driving and EEA electrical architecture. There will also be some self-developed technologies such as silicon carbide functional modules and three-in-one motors on the pure level stage.

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  In terms of meeting the needs of users, for example, a "task master", the hardware and software of the task master can be called together. Li Xiang said, whether it is self-research depends on how many functions can be called in the task master. Some functions are not open to you by the supplier. Only you can call all the functions by self-research and combine them together.

■ Edit summary

    Generally speaking, this paper only shows a small part of the ideal spring communication meeting. At this communication meeting, what Li wants to share is not only about products and technologies, but also a lot about companies, growth and entrepreneurship. It can even be said that if you want to start a business, you can also benefit from listening to this communication meeting.

  In the first two months of the year 2023, the ideals are firmly in the top position of the new car-making forces. Obviously, the ideals still have big moves. So what level do you think LI can reach this year? Can you surpass the second-line luxury and challenge BBA? Welcome to communicate in the comment area. (Text/car home Xing Yueyang)

2021 Shanghai Auto Show: Volkswagen’s new car is fully combed

  [car home New Car Launch] The 2021 Shanghai Auto Show has officially kicked off. During this auto show, the Volkswagen brand can be said to have a strong lineup. According to statistics, including FAW-Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen, Volkswagen (imported), SAIC Volkswagen Skoda and FAW-Volkswagen Jetta, nearly 20 new cars were launched, pre-sold and listed during the auto show. Today, this new car comb of Volkswagen Shanghai Auto Show will take stock of these new models for you.

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★ FAW-Volkswagen brand:

FAW-Volkswagen brand new car fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic ID.6 CROZZ line-ups MEB platform/expected to be launched in the third quarter Brand-new Golf () GTI line-ups DKX2.0 inline 4-cylinder turbocharged engine TALAGON lanjing line-ups Brand-new medium and large SUV

ID.6 CROZZ starts.

  Faw-Volkswagen (|) adopts a family design language, and the closed front face is equipped with a penetrating light strip and a luminous LED logo. In addition, the IQ.Light LED matrix smart headlight function equipped on ID.4 is also retained. Interior parts such as 5.3-inch LCD instrument, 12-inch suspended central control panel and knob shift mechanism are also inherited from ID.4 In terms of power, the new car is expected to provide three power versions of 132kW/150kW/225kW and two driving modes of rear drive and four-wheel drive, and support five driving modes including custom mode. Equipped with ternary lithium batteries, the capacity is 62kWh and 83.4kWh respectively, and the cruising range of its long-life version can exceed 580km(NEDC).

Faw-Volkswagen ID.6 CROZZ 2021 PRO version

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The new golf GTI starts

  The domestic eighth-generation golf GTI continues the design of the overseas version, and the overall appearance is more concise. The black honeycomb grille on the front bumper is larger, and the fog lights composed of five LED light sources are cleverly hidden on both sides; The black decorative strips at both ends of the front bumper slightly increase the aggression; The iconic red line of China Net and GTI logo have also appeared in the "old place". The new car uses a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine code-named DKX, with a maximum power of 162 kW (220 HP), and the peak torque is expected to be 350 Nm, which is the same as that of the previous generation. According to the application data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the declared fuel consumption value of the new car is 6.7 liters/100 kilometers.

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TALAGON takes the lead.

  The front face design of Volkswagen TALAGON has a strong sense of hierarchy. The net and headlights are integrated into a "T" shape, and the interior is integrated with chrome-plated decoration, which looks very delicate. TALAGON is very slender from the side, and its wheelbase is 2980mm, which is consistent with SAIC Volkswagen Touran. The length, width and height are 5152(5153)/ 2002/1795mm respectively. In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with an EA888-DPL 2.0T engine, providing 330TSI and 380TSI power models. Referring to Touran, the maximum power of these two versions is 186 HP and 220 HP respectively, and the peak torque is 320 Nm and 350 Nm respectively, of which 380TSI is a four-wheel drive version.

Faw-Volkswagen Lanjing 2021 Basic Model

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★ SAIC Volkswagen brand:

SAIC Volkswagen brand new car fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic ID.6 X line-ups MEB platform/expected to be launched in the third quarter New touang x be listed Mid-term change/sale of RMB 282,000-362,000. New Touran be listed Mid-term change/sale of RMB 292,000-372,000.

ID.6 X starting

  Like ID.6 CROZZ, the ID.6 X is the first ID model specially built for China, and it is a sister model with ID.6 Crozz.. Appearance, SAIC Volkswagen ID.6 X adopts the family design language, and the closed front face is equipped with a penetrating light strip and a luminous LED logo, but it is different from ID.6 CROZZ in design details. From the side, the new car adopts a cross-border style and a two-color body design. In addition, it also uses the semi-hidden door handle design on ID.4, which can attract the attention of young consumers. In terms of the rear end, the overall design is relatively simple. ID.6 X and ID.6cross can be distinguished by the shape of taillights and bumpers. ID.6 X’s taillights are designed with curves, and bumpers are designed with straight lines, while ID.6cross is just the other way around.

Saic Volkswagen ID.6 X 2021 basic model

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The new Touron X is on the market.

  In terms of appearance, the new Touran X has greatly continued the design of the current model, and the main change is the addition of the R-Line appearance kit. The lower enclosure is decorated with bright black decorative panels. In addition, the "cooling hole" decorative panels on the engine compartment cover, the rearview mirror shell, and the front and rear bumpers are all decorated with the same bright black treatment. In terms of dimensions, the length, width and height of the new Touran X are 4917/1989/1719mm and the wheelbase is 2980mm respectively. In terms of power, the new car will continue the configuration of the current model, equipped with Volkswagen EA888 engine, with a maximum power of 220 HP, and another 2.5T model is expected to continue to be provided. In terms of transmission, the new car will continue to match the 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox and still support the full-time four-wheel drive system.

SAIC Volkswagen Touran X 2021 Basic Model

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The new Touran is listed.

   The new Tourang has adopted a brand-new front face design in appearance, and the overall outline of the headlight has changed obviously. Its interior has also been upgraded to IQ.Light full LED matrix headlights, equipped with functions such as automatic height adjustment, follow-up steering and intelligent far and near headlights. In addition, the penetrating LED strip and the flat Volkswagen LOGO in the center of the front can also be lit up, which is quite a new energy vehicle. The length, width and height of the new car are 5052/1989/1773mm and the wheelbase is 2980 mm. The tail shape still continues its square design style. The biggest change is that the taillights adopt the same penetrating design as the headlights, and the central LOGO can also be lit. With the design of running water turn signal and penetrating chrome-plated horizontal bars, the texture of the tail has been significantly upgraded. In terms of power, the new car will continue the configuration of the current model.

SAIC Volkswagen Tourang 2021 Basic Model

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★ Volkswagen (imported) brand:

Volkswagen (imported) brand new cars are fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic New weilan pre-sell Pre-sale is 268,000 yuan/listing is expected in July. Arteon Shooting brake line-ups The trunk volume is 565L (1632L in the rear row).

New weilan pre-sale

  As a mid-term redesigned model, the new Weilan continues the overall design of the current model, but some details have been adjusted. For example, the new car mainly upgraded the new style of front and rear surround and front and rear LED light groups, and updated the shape of LED daytime driving, further enhancing the sense of fashion. In terms of interior, the biggest highlight of the new car is to replace the steering wheel with a new style and upgrade the multimedia system. The addition of full LCD instrument and embedded central control panel has greatly improved the sense of science and technology of the whole interior. In terms of power, the new Weilan cancels the 1.4T and 2.0T high-power engines, and is only equipped with a 2.0T low-power engine. The maximum power of this engine is 137kW, and the peak torque is 320 N m. The transmission system is matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox.

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The new Arteon Shooting brake starts

  The new Arteon Shooting Brake adopts the latest design style of Volkswagen family in appearance. The front face adopts the "L"-shaped daytime running light running through the front face. As for the air intake grille of the China Net, it is integrated with the matrix LED headlights on both sides. On the side of the car body, the B-pillar line of the new car continues from the roof to the rear of the car, and it is integrated with the trunk, which better reflects the hunting style of Shooting Brake. It is reported that the new car will have a trunk volume of 565L, and the second row of seats will be extended to 1632L after being laid down. In the rear part of the car, a small spoiler is added to the rear of the car as an ornament, and with the exhaust design of the upper and lower sides, the visual impact of the whole rear is improved.

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★ Saic Volkswagen SkodaBrand:

SAIC Volkswagen Skoda brand new car fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic Brand new Ming Rui PRO line-ups It is expected to be pre-sold at the end of April and listed in May.

The new Ming Rui PRO starts.

  The brand-new Ming Rui PRO is a brand-new generation of Ming Rui. The three-dimensional waterfall grille newly designed on the front face is young and sharp, and the three-dimensional ridges on the engine cover outline the cutting profile of light and shadow, creating a three-dimensional sense. The wheelbase of the new car is lengthened by 44mm, and the length, width and height (including exterior parts) are 4753/1832/1469mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2730 mm.. The interior part of the new car center console adopts a brand-new design, and the through silver decorative strip divides the whole into two parts, which makes the overall shape layered. At the same time, the new car adopts a 10.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, and is equipped with a three-spoke multi-function sports steering wheel of the same model as the overseas version. The 12.1-inch multimedia touch screen in the central control center adopts a floating design, and a row of traditional button control areas are reserved below it. In addition, the electronic shift mechanism of the new car has also been upgraded to a lever design, which further enhances the overall sense of science and technology of the new car interior. In terms of power, the new domestic Skoda Ming Rui will be equipped with the familiar 1.4TSI engine with a maximum power of 150 HP, and the gearbox is expected to match the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

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★ FAW-Volkswagen JettaBrand:

Faw-Volkswagen Jetta brand new car fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic VA3 30th Anniversary Edition line-ups Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Jetta’s Birth VS5 30th Anniversary Edition line-ups Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Jetta’s Birth VS7 30th Anniversary Edition line-ups Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Jetta’s Birth VS7 Panda Edition line-ups Variation of Special Edition Model/Black Front Edition VS7 Black Front Edition line-ups Special edition vehicle/body blackening treatment VS7 Yishi Edition line-ups Special edition models/more cooking equipment

VA3 30th Anniversary Edition Launch

  In terms of appearance, the 30th Anniversary Edition of Jetta VA3 is not much different from the ordinary version. It adopts family-style design, the lattice grille on the front face is very distinctive, and more chrome-plated elements also look young and fashionable. The new car has added the word "30" in the B-pillar position to reflect the particularity of the 30th anniversary edition, and added two body colors of manganese stone black and platinum gray. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4501/1704/1469mm and the wheelbase is 2604mm respectively. The interior design reflects the significance of the commemorative edition by adding beige seats, the 30th anniversary embroidery of the front seat headrest and the 30th anniversary logo of the welcome pedal. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 112 HP and a peak torque of 145 Nm. The transmission system is matched with Aisin 6-speed automatic gearbox.

Home of the car

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VS7 Panda Edition Launch

  In terms of appearance, the overall design of Jetta VS7 is basically followed, and the details of the car body are blackened. Specifically, the new car blackens the front grille, dense spokes and mirrors on both sides to make the new car look more sporty. It is worth mentioning that the new car also adopts a new color scheme to make it look more fashionable. In terms of configuration, the new car has added the "30" anniversary LOGO at the B-pillar position, the appearance has increased the black sports surround, and the polar white car paint has been added. In the interior, the center console becomes all black, and the beige color scheme is added to the seat. The panda version is actually optimized on the basis of the black front version. The body size of the new car is 4624/1841/1644mm and the wheelbase is 2730 mm. In terms of power, it will continue to be equipped with a 1.4T high-power engine with a maximum power of 150 HP and a maximum torque of 250 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic manual transmission, and only the predecessor version is available.

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VS7 Black Front Edition Starts

  As a special edition model, its overall appearance basically follows the design and modeling of the current Jetta VS7, and the body details are blackened. Specifically, the official blackened the front grille, dense spokes and mirrors on both sides of the car to make the new car look more sporty. As for the interior, it also follows the existing design and uses a lot of straight lines. Although it is different from the design language of Volkswagen family, most parts are still common with Volkswagen products, such as air conditioning panel, dashboard, steering wheel and gear shift lever, which are all familiar smells. In terms of configuration, the new car has added a black appearance sports kit, a LOGO for the 30th anniversary, and new paint colors of polar white and manganese stone black. In addition, the interior has also become an all-black dashboard and a beige seat has been added. The body size of the new car is 4624/1841/1644mm and the wheelbase is 2730 mm. In terms of power, it will continue to be equipped with a 1.4T high-power engine with a maximum power of 150 HP and a maximum torque of 250 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic manual transmission, and only the predecessor version is available.

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Full text summary:

  This year’s Shanghai Auto Show, Volkswagen’s lineup can be said to be extremely huge, and every brand is very interesting to pull out. The launch of ID.6 CROZZ and ID.6 X further demonstrates the steady development pace of Volkswagen in the new energy sector. I believe that Volkswagen, as the overlord of traditional energy sales, will definitely bring a blood shed to the new energy sector. (Text/car home Liu Xiangyu)

What is the "mobile patrol" for the party group of the General Administration of Sports in view of football corruption?

  On the evening of March 27th, Xinhua News Agency announced the targets of the first round of inspections of the 20th Central Committee. With the approval of the CPC Central Committee, the first round of inspections of the 20th Central Committee will conduct regular inspections of 30 party groups of medium-sized enterprises, "look back" inspections of party groups of five medium-sized financial enterprises, and conduct mobile inspections of party groups of the State Sports General Administration.

  On March 27th, The Politburo Standing Committee (PSC) of the Communist Party of China and Li Xi, leader of the Central Inspection Work Leading Group, attended the national inspection work conference and the first round of patrol mobilization deployment meeting of the 20th Central Committee and delivered a speech.

  Li Xi stressed that to carry out the mobile patrol of the State Sports General Administration, we should focus on fulfilling the party’s leadership functions and responsibilities, implementing the major decision-making arrangements for building a sports power, and thoroughly find out and promote the solution of corruption and deep-seated institutional mechanisms in the sports field, especially in the football field, so as to provide a strong guarantee for building a sports power.

  So what is a mobile patrol?

  The Paper reporter noted that in fact, as early as June 2017, CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection website had published an article introducing what a "mobile" patrol was. "Three words and nine words", talking about "mobile" inspections, the comrades of the Central Inspection Team came straight to the point and were concise.

  These "three words and nine words" are "small team", "short and fast" and "swimming whistle"



  那么“机动式”巡视, 中央巡视组用了哪些“招儿”?



  During the inspection, grasp the "key" issues and make a precise breakthrough. Combined with the historical, cultural and institutional characteristics of the inspected unit, the inspection team grasped the key issues related to the performance of the core functions of the inspected unit, deeply understood the situation, found political deviations, achieved accurate breakthroughs, and identified specific problems that were not firm enough and not in place.

  Judging from Li Xi’s speech, the mobile patrol of the State Sports General Administration is to provide a strong guarantee for building a sports power.

  In addition, the "mobile" patrol is to keep an eye on the key points and be flexible.

  Keep an eye on key personnel, have a positive conversation and get to the point. Concentrate time to conduct patrol talks with key positions with relatively concentrated power, adhere to the problem orientation, clearly put forward requirements, and ask them to objectively provide the inspection team with the problems existing in the exercise of power in their own units, departments and positions, and learn some important situations and clues.

  Keep an eye on the key departments and get a deeper understanding of the situation. During the face-to-face talk, listen to the report on the exercise of power by the key work departments of the inspected units, clearly request to strengthen the awareness of problems in the report, measure the work of the departments with high standards, and check the outstanding problems and weak links in the exercise of power by the departments. On this basis, the inspection team sorted out the situation in time, studied and analyzed, and found out the outstanding problems and specific manifestations of improper use of power.

Thousands of people such as Musk signed an open letter, and the development of artificial intelligence endangered the "control of civilization"?

  BEIJING, March 30 (Xinhua)-The American drama westworld and the Hollywood movie Terminator have described that the "awakening" of artificial intelligence (AI) may endanger human beings. Recently, concerns in science fiction films have come into reality, and many "big brothers" in the artificial intelligence industry have suddenly called for suspending the development of more powerful AI systems, suggesting that AI systems with human-level intelligence may "pose potential risks to society and mankind".

  Where do their concerns come from? Will the development of artificial intelligence endanger the "civilization control" of human beings? Has the development of AI reached a turning point where the "pause button" needs to be pressed?

  An open letter, four questions about AI risk

  Recently, elon musk, an American billionaire, and Yoshua Bengio, a top expert in the field of artificial intelligence and winner of Turing Prize, signed an open letter calling for suspending the development of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4 for at least six months, calling it "a potential risk to society and mankind".

  An open letter calling for the suspension of giant AI training. Image source: "Future Life Institute" website

  The open letter published on the website of the Future of Life Institute, a non-profit organization, advocates that before developing a powerful AI system, it should be confirmed that the impact is positive and the risks are controllable.

  The letter details that the AI system with human intelligence may bring great risks to society and human beings, saying that "this point has been recognized by a lot of research and top AI laboratories" and throws four questions in succession:

  -Should we let machines flood our information channels with propaganda and lies?

  -Should we automate all the work, including those that are satisfactory?

  -Should we develop non-human thinking that may eventually surpass us in number, surpass us in intelligence and be able to eliminate and replace us?

  -Should we risk losing control of our civilization?

  The open letter pointed out that if such suspension cannot be implemented quickly, the government should step in and take measures. In addition, "AI Labs and independent experts should take advantage of this suspension to jointly develop and implement a set of shared security protocols for advanced AI design and development, and be strictly audited and supervised by independent external experts".

  The letter also called on developers and policy makers to cooperate to greatly accelerate the development of a powerful AI governance system. This should at least involve regulatory agencies, auditing and certification systems, monitoring and tracking high-performance AI systems, liability issues after artificial intelligence causes injuries, and providing public funds for AI technology security research.

  At the end of the open letter, it is mentioned that today, our society has suspended other technologies that may have disastrous effects, and the same should be true for artificial intelligence. "Let’s enjoy a long ‘ Summer of AI ’ Instead of entering autumn unprepared. "

  Technology, ethics and interests call for slowing down.

  It is not difficult to see from these contents that the supporters of the open letter are more concerned about the possible "barbaric growth" of artificial intelligence and the social and ethical problems that its development may bring.

  As mentioned in the open letter, this suspension does not mean suspending the development of artificial intelligence as a whole, but "taking a step back" from the dangerous competition. The research and development of artificial intelligence should re-focus on making today’s powerful and advanced systems more accurate, safe, interpretable, transparent, robust, consistent, credible and reliable.

  Gary Marcus, a professor at new york University, said, "This letter is not perfect, but the spirit is correct." He believes that people need to slow down until they can better understand the consequences of all this.

  At present, the open letter has been signed by thousands of people, including Emad Mostaque, CEO of open source artificial intelligence company Stability AI, DeepMind researcher of artificial intelligence company of Google’s parent company Alphabet, computer scientist Stuart Russell and other experts, scholars and technology company executives.

  The "Future Life Research Institute" that issued an open letter was mainly funded by the Musk Foundation and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Tesla CEO Musk is applying artificial intelligence to autonomous driving system, and he has been frankly expressing his concerns about artificial intelligence.

  Reuters also said that Europol recently expressed ethical and legal concerns about advanced artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT, warning that such systems may be abused for phishing, false information and cyber crimes. In addition, the British government also announced a proposal to establish an AI regulatory framework.

  On the Internet, this letter also caused heated discussion. Some netizens agreed that people need to know what happened. "Just because we know we can build it doesn’t mean we should build it."

  However, some people doubt Musk’s motivation. "Musk signed it because he wanted to use his artificial intelligence to make money."

  Others analyzed, "This is terrible, but I don’t think some projects need to stop. Technology is developing rapidly and responsible innovation is also necessary. "

  Thinking about the relationship between human beings and AI has never stopped since the birth of technology. The famous physicist Hawking once said, "The successful creation of artificial intelligence is probably the greatest event in the history of human civilization. But if we can’t learn how to avoid risks, then we will put ourselves in a desperate situation. "

  Nowadays, from passing the qualification examination to artistic "creation", AI can do more and more things and go further and further in the direction of "intelligence". At the same time, however, criminal acts such as using AI technology for online fraud and extortion and spreading illegal information are also emerging one after another.

  Different from the long cycle of the transformation of technological innovation achievements in the physical world, AI technological breakthroughs often spread around the world overnight through the Internet. These discussions and concerns are not superfluous until human beings fail to find a proper solution to AI ethics and supervision.

The way of reading in the eyes of academicians

  "Looking at today’s society, the fragmentation trend of reading is relatively strong. This way of learning is short and fast, and knowledge is acquired quickly and lost quickly. If you want to read some classic works, it takes a lot of time and energy, but the results are also great. " Recently, Liu Jiaqi, an octogenarian academician of the China Academy of Sciences and a volcanic geologist and Quaternary geologist, shared his "way of reading" with the public at the National Library’s "Mr.’ s Study" activity.

  "Reading can not only increase knowledge and talents, broaden horizons, but also cultivate sentiment and gain spiritual enjoyment." Liu jiaqi said that when he was a child, reading was a luxury. Reading is difficult, borrowing books is difficult. At that time, he also thought that he could be a librarian in the future, and reading might be more convenient.

  In Liu Jiaqi’s view, reading is the way to grow up. His fate is also changed by reading. "My road to study, as Qu Yuan’s poem says, ‘ It’s a long way to go in Xiu Yuan, and I will go up and down for it ’ 。”

  Under difficult conditions, Liu Jiaqi went all the way from primary school to university, and later went to graduate school, but still felt that what he had learned was limited. In 1978, 10 years after graduation, Liu Jiaqi took the postgraduate exam again and came to Beijing. "I turned 40 when I was 30, and I wanted to drive back the past 10 years."

  After careful calculation, Liu Jiaqi spent 27 years and 8 months as a student. "Reading is very important for the growth of my life." Liu Jiaxuan said. About how to read? He summed up some experiences.

  First of all, we should be clear about the purpose of reading. To be wise and skilled, be determined to be a man first, and be determined to be a man first; Don’t fish for three days and dry the net for two days when reading.

  In the process of reading, we should pay attention to methods and think. "It is better if you can find faults in books." Liu Jiaqi said that reading should be selective, and it is necessary to read good books and classics; It is necessary to combine professional books with non-professional books, scientific books with artistic books, and systematic books with fragmented information. Don’t always indulge in fragmented information.

  "Reading is not only about growing up, but more importantly, making contributions to the country in the future." Liu Jiaqi studied earth science, and he told young people that in the process of studying, they should also specialize in one line and love another.

  "I have learned some scientific principles and the principles of being a man through reading, so now I can become a scientific worker and make some contributions to the country." Liu Jiaqi admits that he can study and learn something because of the cultivation of the party, so he should give back to the society.

  "I hope my friends can read more books and read good books, improve their scientific literacy, develop their scientific undertakings and build a better country." Liu Jiaxuan said.

"Security is no small matter": What should I do when the game encounters security problems?

On March 5, 2024, Tropic Haze, the author of NS simulator "Yuzu", announced that it had reached a settlement with Nintendo, paid 2.4 million US dollars in compensation, stopped the subsequent simulator development and operation, and closed related websites.

Although many players complain that they wouldn’t use the simulator if it weren’t for the poor performance of NS machines. However, with the increasing awareness of copyright of players today, almost no one will refute the fact that "cracking games is illegal". "Game safety" is not only related to game manufacturers, but also closely related to players.

Some players are worried that they will be liquidated by Nintendo after using Yuzu simulator.

In fact, "game security" occupies a very important position in the game industry, and both players and practitioners have to deal with it almost every day. However, people usually don’t discuss it much, because "game security" has certain technical barriers.

In China, game security is almost directly linked to big factories. Because of the high cost of the security team, only big factories have enough financial resources. Large factories can make adequate plans before safety accidents happen, but on the other hand, small and medium-sized factories and independent developers, which also occupy most positions in the industry, often find it difficult to make appropriate responses when faced with various safety problems.

To this end, we found a high-tech security service provider FairGuard, which focuses on game reinforcement and anti-plug-in, and jointly found some game security cases that are close to gamers and practitioners and exposed to the public, and analyzed them from a professional perspective. We hope to let the public fully understand the specific operation, function and significance of game security.

In the field of game security, the worst professional but most common case type is DDoS attack (distributed denial of service attack). Because of its characteristics, small and medium-sized manufacturers and independent developers are more vulnerable to such attacks.

For example, the mobile game "Lesonas" launched on February 29th this year was attacked by DDoS organized by ACCN. The game had to be delayed for 1 hour, and many players reported that the game was stuck on the first day. Every time they read a line, it took more than 10 seconds to get to the next sentence. The main means of ACCN is to ask the project team to pay the "protection fee", otherwise it will keep attacking. Coincidentally, a mobile game with 7 digits for users is also attacked by DDoS at the service node. If it is not solved in time, the losses caused are incalculable.

Whether there are too many players or they are attacked can be intuitively observed from the background data.

The basic principle of DDoS attack is that the attacker uses a large number of "broilers" (computers remotely controlled by hackers) to occupy the bandwidth or CPU of the game server. If the game server is compared to a hotel, it is like the hotel just opened, and suddenly a group of people came to the door of the hotel to block the door, so that normal diners could not squeeze in, or this group of people entered the hotel and occupied most of the tables, and kept asking the waiter to order, but the waiter could not drive them away, and other diners were also affected.

In order to improve the efficiency of making money, it is often the studio with clear division of labor (such as ACCN organization) that uses DDoS attacks for extortion. Some people will "find" the games to be launched, and record the volume, type and online time of the games. Others will launch attacks according to these records, and there may be a special group of people who will be responsible for contacting various game project teams to confirm the payment.

A "special person" responsible for collecting money

Of course, these behaviors are illegal, but it is difficult for the project team to trace the source and pursue the responsibility. First, the members of such organizations may not be in China, and the server IP address has been transferred several times; Second, attackers generally use virtual currency transactions such as Bitcoin.

Every year, there are a large number of announcements about developers being blackmailed by ACCN organizations on game platforms such as TapTap. Although some platforms and publishers will provide protection services, for developers, "I am not afraid of thieves stealing, but I am afraid of thieves remembering". Attacks that come from the dark and I don’t know when will always be a hidden danger.

From the perspective of technical protection, DDoS attacks are only a matter of money. The volume of the game is different, and the traffic of the attack will be different. After all, the attack also needs to cost. If this degree is not balanced, it is likely to be a loss-making business.

The cost of "broiler" is low, but the cost of preventing "broiler" is high. For example, if an attacker uses "broilers" to attack the game server with 200G of traffic, then the game project team may have to buy 200G of public cloud (such as Tencent Cloud and Alibaba Cloud) resources for protection. The former may cost only a few hundred yuan, while the latter needs tens of thousands of yuan.

Protection products on Tencent Cloud

Attackers often take the lower value of the two as the "protection fee", but the project team can’t guarantee that the other party is honest. If the attacker "steals well" and only collects the protection fee once, the project team can barely accept it; But if the other party thinks you are a "fat sheep", they will blackmail you again and again. Many times, the project team dare not gamble, but they have no money to buy special protection services, so they can only pay the money.

In this regard, the relatively professional advice is to enhance safety awareness. Some developers don’t have the concept of prevention, and they often make up for it after the incident. However, the profit lost after the first DDoS attack is more than the money spent on early protection, which is not worth the candle.

According to the experience summarized by professional security service providers, the low-cost method is that as long as the project team buys public cloud resources or corresponding protection services in the first month of online, there will be basically no more studios to launch DDoS attacks. Small games can directly solve the problems that may cause great losses by spending less money.

Compared with DDoS, most people may know more about plug-ins and pay more attention to the impact of plug-ins on their own game experience.

Some plug-ins can monitor or directly modify game files, which will cause serious damage to the game ecology. FPS games have always been the hardest hit area for black-and-gray attacks because of their high category popularity, high cheating income and data storage in the client.

For example, in the "fake match" incident of the professional team "Crossing the Firewire" last year, the team invited the anchor team to play against the professional players in an open environment, and speculated through subsequent offline battles and whitewashing. Players find that the plug-in used by the anchor team is extremely concealed. If it is not because of the complete victory over the professional players, it is difficult for people to think of using the plug-in. In related reports, this kind of hanging is also called "anchor customized hanging".

There are two characteristics of "anchor custom hanging", one is just the right function castration, and the other is the anti-detection means with external intervention. The former is to make the anchor "icing on the cake" in technology and provide good enough "effect" in the game. For example, the "lock" function can only be triggered when the enemy appears and the sight is close to the enemy’s body. It is difficult for the naked eye to tell whether this tiny moving trace is from the plug-in. As for the latter-teams that do "anchor customization" services often sell special equipment together with plug-ins and put them in the equipment, which makes the official detection methods fail to some extent.

From the point of view of protection, game manufacturers often get plug-in samples first, and use the similar identification code in the plug-in samples to carry out preventive testing in the player’s game. If an official identification code appears in the background data of a player, then the official has the right to take measures, and generally it will not be blocked by mistake. However, the identification code of the anchor custom hanging is separate, and this process naturally doesn’t work.

However, even if the player’s behavior is not detected by the conventional process, the official can make manual judgment, which is based on the background environment and some behavior data of the player-reporting is meaningful at this moment.

If a player receives a large number of reports from other players, the official will check his background environment and behavior data, and give him a risk rating according to the results of the inspection. There are many dimensions of rating, generally to see whether the memory has been modified or whether it is in an unconventional environment (such as a virtual machine).

The security team will send the high-risk player ID to the project team, and the project team will decide the specific measures to be taken later. Some players may be "big R", charging a lot of money, and the direct title may cause legal disputes. If the manufacturer fails to produce enough "objective evidence", there will be a greater probability of losing the lawsuit. Therefore, some manufacturers will turn a blind eye to "big R", and for players below "small R", they would rather kill by mistake than let go.

Compared with anchor customization, "script" is less harmful, but it also has a direct impact on the balance and life cycle of the game. Scripts often appear in role-playing, card and strategy games. From the perspective of protection, scripts are directly linked to the studio, and MMORPG with economic system is the hardest hit area of the studio.

The role of scripts is to efficiently collect in-game resources and realize the obtained resources. In the long run, when the resources in the game are collected too much, the resources will become cheap, and players will tend to find a studio to buy resources instead of "earning" resources through their own game labor. In order to reduce costs, scripts often run on virtual machines or in the cloud. A studio with more than a dozen people may open thousands of scripts at the same time. In other words, in fact, the script is "endless".

Another phenomenon derived from scripts and studios is the "initial number". Chen Shiliu, the technical director of FairGuard, talked to me about this: nowadays, the second tour often requires players to exchange growth resources or roles through repeated work in the game. However, after the game has been in operation for one or two years, it is difficult for newcomers with self-built numbers to catch up with the progress of the game, and it is a common choice to buy "initial numbers" from the studio.

For example, on August 30, 2022, Nexon, the international service operator of Blue Archives, permanently banned 280,000 initial numbers, including not only those in the studio, but also many that have already flowed into the hands of players. This has caused "inflammation" among the players-players have taken lessons in the game and continued to play for a while, but after the manufacturer banned it, they did not provide compensation measures. Players will naturally question: Why didn’t the manufacturer deal with this violation immediately, but it took some time to deal with it?

Nexon has issued a ban announcement.

Chen Shiliu told me that this is because the script does not modify the game memory data, but is just a fixed "simulated click", brushing the trumpet and licking the wool. Therefore, the security team needs to proceed from the risk situation of the equipment and combine the behavior judgment of the player after boarding the number. For example, players need to touch several fixed positions on the screen when doing daily work in a mobile game, but the time and operation logic of manual operation and script opening are different. In the case of background protection, the background will immediately detect the abnormal behavior of players and prompt that there is script risk. However, unlike FPS’s "anchor customization", the connection of the second tour is often "weak connection", and this behavior of hanging scripts and brushing resources cannot be reported. Game manufacturers can only observe it for a long time and regularly "one pot".

"One pot" means lag, so it is difficult to consider whether there are players in the account playing normally and whether there is recharge behavior. It is worth noting that while the players are "on fire", there are also many examples of the game rising due to the reduction of studios.

In Japan, the origin of the "initial number", many manufacturers have acquiesced in the existence of the initial number and formed a "symbiotic" relationship with the studio during their long "Yan Shang" career. Some games may be small in size and lack of newcomers, and the initial number even plays a role in saving some channels and announcing costs for developers. As long as it doesn’t directly affect the experience of other players, some developers will tolerate some behaviors that slightly modify the game memory, such as "variable speed hanging".

Other manufacturers adopt the attitude of "people don’t lift, officials don’t investigate". For example, the "ACT" plug-in of MMORPG Final Fantasy 14, if the player only uses its "damage monitoring" and "mechanism broadcasting" functions, the official will not take the initiative to intervene. After all, this plug-in has really improved the player’s game experience. But in principle, the game is not allowed to use plug-ins. If you take the corresponding test data to "police" other players, it will be officially banned.

"Police" Plug-in in Final Fantasy 14

Generally speaking, whether it is a plug-in or not, it is necessary to analyze the specific situation. For players, as long as the game is played according to the normal process, it will definitely not be banned. In this process, manufacturers need to reflect on whether their game design and version planning are unreasonable, and whether players must rely on some kind of soft plug-in (script) to get a good experience? If this is the case, it is not surprising that after the manufacturers take measures to crack down, they are "burned".

Strictly speaking, modifying the plug-in of game memory is also a part of cracking, but there are many more serious cases of cracking, and in the field of game security, anti-cracking is also the most important part.

In cracking, the most typical case is Legend. In the early years, "Legend" was cracked, and the source code was leaked. Some people deleted the source code with ulterior motives and added their own servers, which became a private server. In the field of black ash production, when a game is cracked, the cracked results will inevitably spread like a virus. When private servers can generate huge benefits, many people will ignore the law and start taking risks.

Under normal circumstances, game developers need to find the copyright party to request authorization to make genuine products. Private servers are like "tax evasion", which saves the step of paying money to the copyright party. There are many benefits in private servers, so there are fewer players playing genuine ones and the losses caused are incalculable.

Li Lei, marketing director of FairGuard, said that there are at least 20 billion industrial chains in the "Legend" mobile games, which are being attacked every year, but they just can’t be beaten.

A small game cracking platform

Of course, "Legend" is because the code leaked and cracked too early, and there will be a situation of private servers. A more common "crack" is to make paid games available for free. This has also brought a series of chain problems: after some small games with in-house purchases are cracked, they will be sold online at low prices, causing losses to developers and operators; Embedding some programs in the installation package, collecting personal information of players during installation, and then selling the information for profit; Implanting illegal advertisements in the original internal purchase part to achieve the effect of imitating genuine products and making money; What’s more, it will adopt a "subscription system" to make profits systematically, far exceeding the bottom line that game security can tolerate.

However, there are fewer cases of cracking the whole game, while there are more cases of cracking encrypted resources. For example, the pictures, audio, text and other contents in the game are all "game resources". Before the game goes online, these resources need to be packaged and encrypted. Generally, the encryption methods of game manufacturers are relatively low, so they have to entrust a third party to further encrypt.

Li Lei mentioned that in recent years, the demand for content-based secondary games has suddenly increased. On the one hand, because the art cost of Second Tour is getting higher and higher, art resources have become one of the most important project assets, accounting for the bulk of the project cost. Once the art resources are cracked, it is very likely that there will be competing products with simpler playing framework but similar art content in the market soon-in the legal sense, the criteria for judging plagiarism and skinning of games are still strict, and developers may realize that competing products have cracked their own art resources, but it is difficult to find tangible evidence.

On the other hand, the cracking of resources means "spoiler", which will affect the ecology of the game community to a certain extent and may indirectly interfere with the version planning of the operators. For example, a second tour puts the character resources to be sold into the game in advance, which is cracked in advance and spread in relevant communities. This character will gradually lose its appeal to players in the information flow, resulting in a decrease in profit.

Li Lei highlighted the resource leakage incident of "Girl Frontline 2: Chasing and Releasing" last year, that is, the "Mrs. Raymond" incident. This resource leakage directly led to the subsequent public opinion outbreak, so that the developer scattered the network and lost the trust of the players. From the point of view of protection, it is inconceivable that with the size of "less than the top 2", there are security problems in game resources.

Last October, the unpacked content of Little Top 2 was everywhere on the Internet.

Li Lei said: "Generally, medium and large-scale games will contact professional companies to do encryption work six months before the start of testing. PvE or relatively’ stand-alone’ mobile games need to prevent situations like’ less top 2′, and PvP games should consider whether the cracked resources will be used to make plug-ins."

In fact, once the popular game resources are leaked, they will be spread quickly and widely. Although this behavior is illegal, it is difficult for game companies to hold the disseminators accountable. At this stage, what developers should do is to keep an eye on whether their project resources are used for sale or further malicious use to prevent the loss from expanding.

In the process of communication, we always mention a problem: some small manufacturers or independent developers easily ignore security issues, or have relevant knowledge, but lack experience in dealing with them. Although large and medium-sized factories have accumulated more or less relevant experience in the development process, they will sometimes "stumble" when faced with the rapid change and increasingly rampant black ash production.

In fact, whether it is reality or games, security has always been a big problem. As a developer, what you should do is to make a good plan in advance as far as possible to avoid problems and then find ways to solve them.

The so-called plan, buying "outsourcing services" from professional teams is an option, but not all. Developers should consider some design logic when making games: will it be used by criminals? Can you do some verification work from the server to improve the intrusion threshold of cracking and plug-in? In fact, these jobs don’t cost too much, but are more about ideas and "intentions". On this basis, if something goes wrong, we can avoid more losses to some extent by looking for a security team to deal with it.

For developers, such concepts and "intentions" are particularly important. If there is an excellent game, because the developer lacks security awareness, he doesn’t even know how to deal with the most basic DDoS attack problem when he goes online, which makes a team’s efforts for several years go up in smoke. This is not only the personal loss of the developer, but also the loss of the game industry.

The small plane was chased by the US military plane and eventually crashed. The information on the crew was revealed!

  BEIJING, June 5 (Xinhua)-According to foreign media reports, on the 4th local time, a light plane was suspected to have broken into the sky above Washington, USA, and was chased by American fighter planes at high speed. The light plane eventually crashed in Virginia, and the identity of the owner and crew of the plane attracted attention.

  According to The Washington Post and The New York Times, this plane is a private business plane registered with a company named Encore Motors of Melbourne in Florida, USA.

  Image source: The New York Times report screenshot

  American media contacted the company’s operator, 75-year-old John Roupell, by telephone. He revealed that his daughter, two-year-old granddaughter, nanny and pilot were all on the plane.

  John Roupell said he knew little about the crash. He said in a choked voice that if the plane loses pressure, "they will all fall asleep and never wake up again … … I don’t think they have found the wreckage yet. It drops at a speed of 20,000 feet per minute, and no one can survive in this situation. "

  The Daily Beast, an American news website, noted that Barbara Roupell, the wife of John Roupell, was registered as the president of Encore Motors of Melbourne, but she declined to comment.

  According to the records of the Federal Election Commission obtained by this website, Mr. and Mrs. John Roupell are both well-known business people in Florida. In the past few years, they have donated money to many Republican candidates running for federal office, including hundreds of thousands of dollars to former President Trump and his political organization.

  According to the report, public information shows that Barbara Roupell is also a long-term member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). Since 2002, she has been a member of the NRA Women’s Leadership Committee.

  On the 4th local time, a Cessna light plane was suspected to have broken into the sky above Washington, and the US F-16 jet fighter scrambled for high-speed pursuit, causing a sonic boom over the US capital. During this period, the US military tried to establish contact with the pilots on Cessna plane.

  According to the statement of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Cessna plane took off from Elizabethan, Tennessee on the 4th and was scheduled to fly to Long Island, new york. But inexplicably, the plane turned around over Long Island and plummeted over Washington, D.C.. The plane later crashed in the mountains of southwest Virginia.

  It is not clear why the Cessna plane did not respond to the control of the authorities, and it is not clear why it crashed.

How to grow cherries big and sweet? Here comes the exclusive secret of Liubu’s new "Cherry King"

Another year of cherry red. On May 19th, at the opening ceremony of the 15th China Jinan Nanshan Cherry Picking Festival, after comprehensive evaluation by five authoritative experts in the industry, Qin Fujun, a grower in Majiayu Village, Liubu Street, Jinan City, won the title of "Cherry King" in Liubu Street this year with three indicators of sugar content of 29%, fruit diameter of 3.6 cm and best taste. At the opening ceremony, the simple fruit grower generously shared his exclusive planting secrets with the surrounding growers from the four dimensions of management in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Qin Fujun, a new cherry king in Liubu

In spring management, it is mainly pruning and fertilization. At this time, it is necessary to remove the branches of pests and diseases and cut the tree into "uniaxial extension". This tree-shaped nutrient is concentrated, ventilated and transparent, and almost every fruit can see the sun. In the management of fertilizer and water in spring, there is no need for nitrogen fertilizer, because the nitrogen fertilizer in everyone’s field is enough for big cherries to absorb. Qin Fujun suggested that the majority of fruit farmers should apply more organic fertilizer and potassium fertilizer. There is also a little trick about watering. Most people water after applying fertilizer, but Qin Fujun does the opposite, watering first and then fertilizing. He said that this method is not easy to dilute fertilizer. Because Liubu is sandy loam with strong air permeability, applying fertilizer and watering it will dilute, volatilize and dilute the fertilizer, which will cause waste and is not conducive to fruit absorption.

In summer management, it is mainly to control prosperity. Qin Fujun said: "Let’s remember that if the tree is too prosperous, it will not bear fruit. It will only blossom and bear no fruit. The core of controlling prosperity is: twisting the tip, picking the heart and pulling out the bud. "

In autumn management, be careful not to apply fertilizer after picking, because applying fertilizer after picking is a misunderstanding. According to Qin Fujun’s years of experience, the leaves of big cherry are thick and big, and the nutrients absorbed by photosynthesis alone are enough for flower bud differentiation. If chemical fertilizer is applied during this period, the cherry trees will grow in vain and cannot form flower buds smoothly, and the next year will almost blossom without fruit.

In winter management, Qin Fujun’s experience is "raising grass". His orchard is covered with grass. This grass has many advantages. It can cover the surface of soil in winter and achieve a certain degree of constant temperature. When the cold current comes, it can resist part of it. In other words, with grass, the orchard will not be out of production in extremely cold weather. In addition, the mixture of stone and sulfur should be applied once before winter and once in spring. It can kill insects and sterilize, keep warm, and reduce the harm caused by extreme weather.

After receiving this heavy medal, the new "Cherry King" has mixed feelings: "There are all kinds of flavors in it." Affected by the weather this year, cherry orchard of Qin Fujun’s family is also facing a reduction in production, but the overall situation is much better than that of local fruit farmers, thanks to his planting methods. Talking about why he was so generous in teaching his own planting experience, he smiled and said, "Common prosperity."

Liubu big cherry

Liubu Big Cherry Picking Festival has been held for 15 consecutive years. At the opening ceremony, Shandong Fruit Association, Vegetable Basket Production and Marketing Alliance and Shandong JD.COM Agricultural Trade Development Co., Ltd. signed strategic cooperation agreements with Liubu Sub-district Office respectively. On-site setting and evaluation of outstanding farmers in big cherry management, "Cherry King" evaluation, "Cherry" taste sweet food competition and on-site lottery interaction, etc., citizens and tourists have participated in it.

Cherry has been planted in Liubu street for hundreds of years. In the past, small cherries were mainly planted, which were small in size, poor in taste and not resistant to storage. Since 1995, Wangjiayu Village has taken the lead in clearing hills and preparing soil, returning farmland to fruits and renewing old varieties. It has used three years to develop a planting area of more than 2,000 mu of high-quality big cherries, including more than 20 varieties such as red light, Zaodaguo and Brooks. During this period, with Wangjiayu as the core radiation, the surrounding villages successively developed large cherry planting of 8,000 mu.

Liubu Sub-district Office is the main fruit production base in Jinan and the key ecological function protection zone.

This year, Liubu Street has introduced 11 high-quality new varieties, such as Samit, Luying -5, Santimei, Qizao, Santina, Cordia, LuoYaming and Luying No.3, which are characterized by large fruit, sweetness and storage resistance. Up to now, Liubu Street has more than 10,000 mu of large cherry industrial base, which has become the largest large cherry planting base in Jinan.

(Rural Popular Daily reporter Liu Zhenzhen)

Source: Rural Popular Daily


There is a kind of beauty called autumn in Lianyungang!

  An autumn rain and a cold, while feeling the rustling autumn rain, we also realize that late autumn is coming.

  Lianyungang, with four distinct seasons and picturesque scenery in every season, what will it be like in autumn?

  Once autumn comes to other places in Lianyungang, no matter how beautiful it is, it will only be!

  Every grass and tree is beautiful, like God knocking over the palette.

  Huaguoshan in autumn

  Nature covered the mountains with a layer of hazy gold with magical fingers. Looking from the foot of the mountain, layers of shadows fell, and the shades of colors alternately complemented each other between the ups and downs of the mountains. An autumn landscape painting was beautifully staged in Huaguo Mountain.

(Image from official WeChat of Huaguoshan Scenic Area in Lianyungang)

  In autumn, the most beautiful place in Yuntai Mountain on the sea is to climb high and look far, climb to the Genting observation deck, the main peak, and overlook the blue sea and blue sky by the railing, stretching for thousands of miles, and seagulls soar freely on the water.

(Image from the official WeChat of Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area at sea)

  Yueyadao scenic spot

  In the golden autumn of October, the powder-worn grass has entered its full bloom, and the crescent island at this time is as romantic and beautiful as a fairy tale.

(Reporter: Yan Jinyong Correspondent: Photo by Yaxuan Wang)

  Xishuanghu scenic spot

  In autumn, the wind is fresh and refreshing, and it grows along the embankment in the south of Xishuang Lake, and the autumn red in Yiyi Lake along Chun Lv. When the maple, sapium sebiferum and reeds in the scenic spot enter the colorful moment, the whole scenic spot is as colorful as the color palette of nature, which is particularly beautiful.

(Image source learning power)

  In autumn, in Dayi Mountain, the red leaves are covered with mountains, and the layers of forests are all dyed. If the color is flame from the valley to the mountainside and from the mountainside to the top, it is like an oil painting.

(Image source Dayi Mountain Scenic Area)

  Chaohewan scenic spot

  In autumn, what is left for Chaohe Bay Scenic Area is the endless sea of golden flowers and dreamy sea of pink flowers, as well as cosmos, Puwei, sulfur chrysanthemum … A beautiful autumn scenery map of Chaohe Bay in the flower world.

  (Image source Chaohewan Scenic Area)

  In the Garden of Eden Scenic Area, in the golden autumn, the powder and verbena in the Garden of Eden enter the endless pink and purple world in full bloom. Whenever the wind blows, the whole powder and verbena field rises and falls like waves, which is very beautiful.

(Image source Chaohewan Scenic Area)

  Cangwu Green Garden

  The golden autumn is cool, and the osmanthus fragrance is fragrant. Recently, the osmanthus in Cangwu Green Park is competing to open and usher in the most fragrant season of the year. The fragrance of osmanthus can’t help but make people stop looking for it.

  (Reporter: Yan Jinyong correspondent: photo by Zhang Kejin)

  Li Nian Forest Farm, although it is already late autumn, when you drive on the "Shuanglin Highway" leading to Li Nian Forest Farm, your eyes suddenly light up. The colored zebra crossing on the highway points to both sides of the distant road, and the flowers bloom as if entering the spring and the heaven.

(Image source learning power)

  haizhou bay

  In Haizhou Bay, many seagulls sometimes hover and dance in a coastal aquaculture beach, and sometimes stroll in the shallows … … Together with Bihai Jinsha, it constitutes an ecological beauty.

(Reporter: Zhang Zerui correspondent: photo by Si Wei and Wang Panming)

  Shuoxiang Lake

  In autumn, guannan county Shuoxiang Lake is full of beautiful fish, fat shrimp and reeds, and a group of wild ducks are lined up in the middle of the lake. They spend most of their time "floating" on the lake to rest and occasionally flap their wings.

(Image source learning power)

  This is the autumn in Lianyungang, the shortest season among the four seasons and the most unforgettable season.

  (Source: Lianyungang Publishing Editor/Wang Wei)

Watch the collection live and enjoy the beautiful scenery online.

  As the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, the tourism industry has gradually resumed production. Recently, the 19 peaks scenic spot in Chuanyan, Xinchang County, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province has attracted many tourists to visit in the spring through the form of "online cloud tour+offline experience". People’s vision

  Core reading

  Based on the principle of "orderly opening up" and "paying close attention to online", we will persist in accurately, orderly and solidly promoting the return to work and production of cultural and tourism enterprises. At the same time, accelerate the development of digital tourism industry.

  Online and offline concerted efforts

  A number of scenic spots held live online activities, attracting many tourists to participate.

  "Canceled the travel itinerary, and it is also very informative to visit online at home." These days, Lin Ying, a college teacher in Yangpu District, Shanghai, took her daughter to watch the live broadcast of Xi ‘an Beilin Museum online. Together with more than 300,000 "online tourists", she followed the commentator to the museum to learn about history. "The commentator’s explanation is humorous and vivid, and my daughter is very interested."

  Since February, some scenic spots have held live broadcast activities such as "Cloud Tour" on Internet platforms such as Tik Tok, Taobao, Tencent and Aauto Quicker. This new way of traveling has attracted many tourists to participate. At most, the single-day viewing of live events in museums alone has reached 10 million people.

  "Actively introducing new service methods is an effective measure for cultural tourism enterprises to cope with the impact of the epidemic." Jing Linbo, president of China Academy of Social Sciences Evaluation, believes that the epidemic has different impacts on different regions and industries, and the tertiary industry is the most affected as a whole. Tourism is directly related to the flow of people and is directly affected by the epidemic. According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, from January to February, the retail sales of travel goods dropped significantly, including the catering income related to tourism dropped by 43.1%, and the room income of the above-designated accommodation industry dropped by nearly 50%.

  At present, on the one hand, tourism enterprises actively resume work and production, on the other hand, they strive to seek transformation. In order to guide the national tourist attractions to continue to implement epidemic prevention and control, and steadily do a good job in the work related to the resumption of opening up, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently issued the "Guide to Prevention and Control Measures for the Resumption of Opening Up of Tourist Attractions", proposing that each scenic spot should gradually resume opening up in different regions and projects according to the actual situation, and clearly control the tourist flow, implement real-name registration and other scenic spot tour management measures.

  On March 1st, the Potala Palace held its first live webcast, with more than one million viewers in one hour. On March 9th, the Potala Palace once again boarded Taobao’s live broadcast room, which was broadcast live with 5G signal for the first time. The picture was clearer and smoother, and it was well received by viewers. According to incomplete statistics, up to now, more than 30 famous domestic museums, such as China National Museum, Dunhuang Research Institute, Nanjing Museum and Suzhou Museum, have held live webcasts, and some museum curators have gone online to tell the audience the story of national treasures.

  Scenic tours can be broadcast live, and industry training can also be broadcast live. Since mid-February, Jingyu Mama Group began to organize large-scale public welfare cultural travel live classes. This course, which is introduced once a day and lectured by tourism experts, has become a set of timely and rich training materials for tourism practitioners who are "busy charging" and "practicing internal strength" during the epidemic. As of the beginning of March, the cumulative number of viewers of the live class has exceeded 200,000.

  As the situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control continues to improve, the situation of offline tourism resuming production is also improving. On March 16th, shenzhen happy valley, windows of the world, splendid china Folk Village and other scenic spots under OCT Group resumed opening in an orderly manner. According to the relevant person in charge of shenzhen happy valley, after re-opening, visitors are required to keep a distance of more than 1.5 meters and wear masks all the way to the park, and the amusement equipment will be taken in separate seats. The staff will fully disinfect the seats immediately after each group of tourists leave.

  According to the 2020 Destination Recovery Index Report released by Ctrip. com, as of March 11th, the number of scenic spots reopened for booking on Ctrip platform has exceeded 900, and the number of 5A-level scenic spots nationwide has exceeded 100, accounting for nearly 40% of the total number of 5A-level scenic spots.

  Looking for new growth points

  The market fundamentals supporting the operation of tourism economy have not changed, and the tourism industry should continue to exert its efforts in improving quality.

  "During the epidemic, although people’s travel was suspended, the demand did not disappear and the upgrading trend did not disappear." Zhai Xiangkun, an associate professor in the Tourism Department of China Institute of Labor Relations, believes that tourism is directly affected by the epidemic, but it may rebound faster than other industries after the epidemic. After the epidemic, the new growth point of cultural tourism enterprises is still focused on improving quality.

  The market fundamentals supporting the operation of tourism economy have not changed. Recently, a special survey for urban and rural residents in china tourism academy showed that more than 70% of the respondents expressed their hope to travel after the epidemic.

  "The epidemic did not make the demand for tourism disappear, but it was delayed." Sun Jie, CEO of Ctrip, said that not long ago, Ctrip and global tourist destinations jointly launched the "Revival V Plan" and launched a 1 billion yuan recovery fund to help the tourism market regain its vitality.

  Yao Jun, general manager of OCT Group, believes that the current cultural tourism industry is undergoing profound changes, and the problem of "whether it is available or not" has been basically solved, and the problem of "whether it is good or not" is more and more prominent. After experiencing the rapid growth in the early stage, cultural tourism is facing transformation, traditional scenic spots are facing development bottlenecks, and the industrial structure is not suitable for market demand. The high-quality development of cultural tourism is an inevitable requirement.

  Innovation is the main source of new growth points. On March 26th, Song Cheng Performing Arts announced that its romance of the song dynasty, Guilin and Zhangjiajie will resume their performances on April 3rd, and hangzhou paradise will resume its opening on the same day. After the reopening of the park, a series of brand-new performances will be presented in Song Cheng, Hangzhou, including a number of new dramas, such as Hua Xiang Rong, Katyusha, Modern Times and Phantom, which were created during the epidemic period, and are expected to become new highlights to attract tourists.

  Looking forward to a lot of help.

  Help digital tourism enterprises to reduce the losses caused by the epidemic and expand the supply of high-quality digital tourism products.

  Zhai Xiangkun believes that the demand for travel will quickly pick up after the epidemic has become the consensus of the industry, and the cultural tourism industry, which is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, needs to make efforts in many ways.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, we will adhere to the principle of "orderly opening up" and "paying close attention to online", and promote the resumption of work and production of cultural and tourism enterprises in an accurate, orderly and solid manner, and formulate open guidelines or guidance for tourist attractions, public libraries, cultural centers and cultural and cultural institutions respectively, so as to provide safer consumer products and places for the people on the premise of preventing and controlling the epidemic. At the same time, accelerate the development of digital tourism industry, strengthen the construction of smart tourism in 5A-level scenic spots, guide the scenic spots to change their development concepts, promote the deep integration of industries, constantly expand the connotation and extension of industries, create diversified products and improve the supply structure.

  In view of some problems faced by the development of digital tourism industry, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will issue relevant policies, including the implementation of fiscal, taxation and financial policies, to help enterprises reduce the losses caused by the epidemic and enhance the development confidence and stamina of digital tourism enterprises. At the same time, expand the supply of high-quality digital travel products, accelerate the release of emerging consumption potential, develop immersive experience-based travel consumption, and guide and cultivate new hot spots and new modes of consumption such as online consumption, experiential consumption and intelligent consumption. In addition, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will strengthen the construction of new infrastructure, promote the deep integration of cultural tourism and digital economy, and promote the digital, networked and intelligent development of the cultural tourism industry.

  In order to help enterprises trapped during the epidemic, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently issued a notice to temporarily refund part of the tourism service quality deposit and support travel agencies to cope with operational difficulties. At the same time, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism also set up a column on official website to support the development policies and measures of enterprises in response to the epidemic situation, and set up online courses such as Red Tourism Cloud Classroom, Face-to-Face Live Classroom of Rural Tourism, Cloud Classroom of Tourist Attractions and Cloud Lecture Hall of Cultural Tourism Industry. At present, policies in finance, finance, taxation, social security and other aspects have benefited cultural and tourism enterprises.

  To tide over the difficulties and fully recover, the tourism industry also needs to work together. In order to alleviate the pressure on partners, the tourism platform Mawei has fully opened up and integrated the platform’s high-quality resources, and provided urgently needed action guides for partners free of charge, which has been welcomed by many partners.

  Recently, Linyi Blue Ocean International Hotel under Shandong Blue Ocean Hotel Group has found a new revenue growth point. The Blue Ocean Hotel, which joined the "Stay +X" evergreen plan of the US Mission, launched a take-away service during the epidemic, and the daily average take-away order increased rapidly from about 10 to 160, and the transaction volume also increased from 500 to 800 yuan at the beginning to nearly 13,000 yuan.

  Jing Linbo believes that as long as the cultural tourism enterprises accurately analyze the current trend of tourism consumption upgrading, further update tourism products, change tourism management and operation methods, and improve the risk management mechanism, they will certainly enhance their ability to resist risks and the driving force for sustainable development, thus achieving a comprehensive recovery of the cultural tourism industry.

  People’s Daily (April 1, 2020, 19th edition)