Six-and-a-half-year-old Hua Xizi is exactly the age that attracts people.

Wen | Wen Jiajia

Producer | Lan Xi

Half a month after Li Jiaqi’s inappropriate remarks, Hua Xizi, who had been bombarded by the whole network and the public relations team left, was finally "crazy".

On the afternoon of September 26th, Hua Xizi officially released a Weibo saying, "I, Hua Xizi, am six and a half years old. I have a dream to be a high-end brand based on the local market and going global." Later, several comments were issued in the comment area, and the route of "crazy literature" was taken.

Soon, the topic "Hua Xizi’s madness" boarded the hot search in Weibo, and the reading volume exceeded 330 million. The whole platform launched a hot discussion on this incident. Despite its popularity, Hua Xizi’s operation did not get the desired word-of-mouth reversal, but caused more users to crusade.

Hua Xizi, who fell to the bottom of the valley overnight, certainly has a lot of reluctance, but this "splashing" operation seems to attract traffic, which will actually push consumers further.

No one cares about "crazy" Hua Xizi.

Half a month after the release of inappropriate comments, the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi still has 10 million viewers. Although consumers have not forgotten the harm caused by Li Jiaqi, it is obvious that Li Jiaqi has not completely become an "internet outcast".

However, Hua Xizi failed to escape this robbery. From the beginning, the whole network debated whether an eyebrow pencil in 79 yuan was expensive or not, to the collective departure of Hua Xizi’s public relations team, and now he is "rolling around in his Weibo" for attention, and the road of Hua Xizi is getting narrower and narrower.

On the night of "madness" on September 26, Hua Xizi wrote in the comment area:

"I still want to speak out loud! ! ! ! I am also a 20W+ product experience officer, and every product must go through 1000+ user tests when it goes on the market … We are awesome! "

"It doesn’t matter if you are laughed at or ridiculed. I have been neighbors with LV and Gucci on the edge of the West Lake, and I will be opposite Chanel in Isetan, Japan’s top department store, and then I will go to France, Dubai and the United States to wait for me. "

"Does anyone really take grams to measure the value of eyebrow pencil?"

"Who knows the family, whose child is the only beauty brand when he is over 6 years old, and has been included in the Xinhua News Agency’s’ TOP10′ Global Communication Power of China Brands’ list together with brands such as Maotai, Alibaba and Huawei" …

Behind this series of speeches, Hua Xizi is eager to re-introduce his thoughts. Perhaps it is the fans of the authorities. Hua Xizi’s "crazy" marketing has received almost negative feedback from all sides.

△ Many netizens poured into the Huaxizi live broadcast room to brush the screen.

First of all, consumers, instead of feeling sorry for the difficult situation of Hua Xizi, add a little disgust.

Judging from its comment area, consumers have a set of logic to refute whether it is about doing public welfare, product production level or brand honor, and have labeled Hua Xizi as "green tea", "full of dad’s taste" and "greasy". Whether it’s selling badly or marketing, it’s hard for Huaxizi to let consumers choose it again by these few words.

Many Internet V’s are also puzzled by Hua Xizi’s operation. The "People Five _" with 1.35 million fans wrote: "I feel that Hua Xizi’s hair is very funny, because it is particularly old-fashioned. How many years have you been selling your feelings and dreams here? We bloggers all know that we should be altruistic when making content, and Hua Xizi is still dreaming here, as if going back to ten or twenty years ago to see that an amateur with no talent wanted to be a star and went crazy on the stage. No one cares about your dreams, everyone has their own life! "

Technology blogger "Joe Kevin" said: "No … he doesn’t think everyone will buy it, does he?"

In combination with the news that Hua Xizi was recruiting public relations with a sense of network with high salary, "crazy literature" did touch the internet, but I am afraid Hua Xizi has not learned the game of pulling emotions.

The sky-high traffic didn’t bring sales.

After dropping a bomb into the traffic pool of the whole network, Hua Xizi’s live broadcast room gained a higher popularity, but popularity does not mean user understanding and sales conversion.

On the evening of September 26th, the number of people in the live broadcast room of Tik Tok, the official flagship store of Huaxizi, was about 2,000, and the barrage was constantly refreshed, which looked highly interactive. However, in addition to the brand officialreview manipulationIn addition to a small number of barrage, more are still negative voices such as "I heard that you changed your product promotion" and "started to clear the inventory".

It is also worth mentioning that both the official live broadcast room of Hua Xizi and the live broadcast room with goods brought by a third party are mainly promoting the flower Xizi honey powder cake, and the most controversial eyebrow pencil has not been put on the shelves.

The overall effect of bringing goods is not as good as before. According to the data of Grey Dolphin, among the live broadcast data of Tik Tok Live Room, the official flagship store of Huaxizi in recent 30 days, except the number of times of bringing goods increased by 11.03%, the rest of the data such as the total number of people watching, the average number of people watching, the peak number of people watching, the average number of people online and the average length of stay in the field are all green.

In the month before Li Jiaqi’s "rollover", the total sales volume of Tik Tok Live Room, the official flagship store of Huaxi Zi, was between 1 million and 2.5 million, but in the past two days, even with the traffic blessing, the total sales volume was only between 25,000 and 50,000.

Looking at the bleak data, it is no wonder that Hua Xizi is so anxious to save the hearts of consumers. What’s more, in sharp contrast, it is the hot selling tide of domestic products after "a whale falls and everything lives".

The three "little old men" in the live broadcast room of Vitality 28 know nothing about traffic and marketing, but they have increased their powder by over 3 million, and their daily sales exceeded 5 million; While relying on 79 yuan’s product set to gain a lot of interaction, the bee flower also successfully exploded the product; There are also brands such as Hongxing Erke, Mixue Ice City, White Elephant Instant Noodles, Huiyuan Juice, Southern Black Sesame Paste, Wei Long, etc., which have achieved amazing results.

These old-fashioned domestic products, who had been unable to enter the live broadcast room of the anchor with goods on their heads, finally waited for the moonlight moment through the splash of wealth by Li Jiaqi and Hua Xizi. More importantly, consumers have also been instilled with the idea that "the original cost of living can not be so high" in this wave of domestic products "chaos", and good and cheap domestic products have begun to occupy the minds of users.

And this kind of effortless relaxation is exactly what Hua Xizi craves. However, Hua Xizi may think that this is a test of network sense, but in the eyes of consumers, this is just a matter of consumption returning to reason and marketing giving way to strength.

△ Changes in sales data of the official flagship store of Huaxizi in Tik Tok live broadcast room

Hua Xizi, who understands the Internet, has not yet understood consumers.

Without last night’s "Crazy Literature", although Hua Xizi was branded as a "cosmetic assassin" by consumers, there are still some people who think that he was just accidentally implicated by Li Jiaqi and was "sitting together". But after one night, those former fans seem to find it hard to love Huaxizi any more, and even begin to think that Huaxizi and Li Jiaqi can be deeply bound for such a long time, in the final analysis, they are still the same kind.

Hua Xizi’s "Crazy Literature" has repeatedly mentioned his achievements. These titles and awards are true, but of course they are inseparable from the power of marketing.

Since its establishment in 2017, Huaxizi has grown at an amazing speed. A year later, Hua Xizi reached a business cooperation with Li Jiaqi Live Studio, and even got on the express train. Then Hua Xizi’s loose powder won the sales volume of more than 700,000 boxes during the double 11 in 2019.

The reason why Hua Xizi’s achievements are directly linked to marketing investment is that beijing business today once reported that Hua Xizi’s GMV will reach 3 billion yuan in 2020 and 5.4 billion yuan in 2021, and his marketing investment is very huge. According to statistics, Hua Xizi only invested 20 million yuan in monthly marketing expenses on the live broadcast platform in the early days.

In the era when traffic is dominant and live broadcast is paramount, such a development model is normal. Paying more attention to marketing than R&D has become a big environment, and telling stories, discussing packaging and doing marketing has also become a routine way for emerging brands to rise rapidly.

As a result, brands such as Huaxizi, Perfect Diary and Winona came from behind one after another, and walked smoothly under the name of "the rise of domestic products". On the contrary, those old-fashioned domestic products that are honestly engaged in research and development and production have always been outside the Internet, unable to enter the consumer’s field of vision, and even the problem of survival has become difficult.

But the change of the times has always come suddenly. When consumers realize that the price of Hanako’s eyebrow pencil is higher than that of Shu Uemura and that of loose powder is higher than that of Chanel, the backstab feeling brought by the brand will deepen consumers’ negative emotions.

But what Hua Xizi, an "Internet aborigine", is imagining is to use a successful marketing to cover up negative public opinion. When "crazy", it may think: as long as I shout loudly enough, then everyone can understand me and feel sorry for me.

Facts have proved that Hua Xizi was wrong. Consumers not only won’t buy it, but also responded with a louder voice. "You have to know who brought you these honors. It is our ordinary consumers. Without us, you are nothing." Some users said this.

There is also the public relations of domestic brands who told the author, "Hua Xizi’s practice this time has a big mistake of blindly explaining and exporting, trying to show all his advantages." Although words have a sense of network, they have no real feelings, but they reveal a wronged and misunderstood grievance. In the case of overwhelming negative public opinion, such an approach is actually only to further deepen the rebellious psychology of consumers. "

Indeed, at present, regardless of Hua Xizi’s research and development technology, production technology, charity work and brand determination, consumers have been unable to pay more attention, and attitude is the focus they care more about. After all, to be miserable, those domestic brands that once lived a hard life and are still cheap and good are more worthy of support in the eyes of consumers.

The public opinion storm of the national crusade against Hua Xizi is still sweeping. It is still unknown what other operations Hua Xizi with a "good attitude" can come up with, but from the current point of view, it still doesn’t know how to think from the perspective of consumers.