What should children do if they play mobile phones all day? Doctor: Parents should be clear about the "rules"

  "The child has Internet addiction, stays at home surfing the Internet all day, plays mobile phones all day long, and loses his temper when he says it. What should I do?" In the eyes of doctors, this problem is also very common.

  Yang Ying, deputy director of the Children and Adolescents Ward of Shandong Mental Health Center, said that nowadays, mobile phones have become an important way for everyone to get information. During the epidemic, they can’t meet their classmates and can only communicate on their mobile phones. There are several cases in which some children really use mobile phones as learning tools, but parents don’t trust them, thinking that they use learning as an excuse to peek and intervene from time to time. "Here, in fact, parents still make preconceived mistakes, presupposing that children can’t control themselves, don’t trust children, and cause children to resent, so they are very annoyed and lose their temper."

  There is also a situation where there are communication barriers in the family, and children don’t know what they really think. If they don’t have a place to pour out their worries, they will turn to the virtual world, which is actually a way to escape. Some children say that in fact, they don’t really want to play mobile phones, and playing mobile phones is to pass the time. Therefore, parents still have to communicate well with their children and understand their real thoughts. They can’t take coercive measures or even drop their mobile phones in a rage, which will only escalate the conflict and backfire.

  Tell your child the "rules" clearly, calmly, gently but firmly, and tell him how long to play with your mobile phone. You can jointly agree on a time period and tell your child to resolutely implement it. If not, then parents will tell your child that within two days, you have lost the right to own the mobile phone, and repeatedly and firmly tell him that this is not a punishment, but a means to help you manage yourself. For serious and real addicts, they have to go to regular medical institutions for treatment.

  Qilu Evening News Qilu Yidian reporter Zhang Ruyi