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Following the announcement on March 29th that the price of Zhiji L7 Pro was 408,800 yuan, this time, Zhiji Automobile announced the configuration and price of Zhiji L7 Dynamic for 368,800 yuan.

At the press conference, Zhiji Automobile announced the record of Zhiji L7 drifting continuously for 1 hour, 6 minutes, 258 laps and 43.646 kilometers.

Zhiji L7 has the power comparable to that of a 4.0T engine, and the zero-acceleration performance of the whole vehicle for more than 10 consecutive times has no attenuation. At the same time, based on the high-density energy battery, the four-wheel drive version has a cruising range of 615km CLTC, which meets daily travel.

Zhiji L7 ran into the "3-second acceleration club" with the measured result of 3.87s acceleration of 000 km. Zhiji L7 has a length of more than 5 meters and a wheelbase of 3.1 meters, and can achieve an ultra-small turning radius of 5.4 meters. Zhiji L7 adopts electric four-wheel vector drive technology, and the rear wheel can achieve a super steering angle of 12 in both directions, which can realize the intelligent adjustment of "virtual wheelbase" under different working conditions.

According to reports, in terms of performance configuration, Zhiji L7 Dynamic is equipped with 400V voltage power density, straight waterfall cooling oil gallery design, innovative technology of 8-layer Hair-pin flat wire winding and magnesium alloy shell. Zhiji L7 cooperated with Williams Foresight Engineering Team to test and adjust 108 chassis indexes and software parameters in two rounds at Millbrook proving ground in England.

Zhiji Auto founded the "Clean Taste Workshop", allowing users of Zhiji L7 Dynamic to enjoy the clean taste space 180 days in advance. Zhiji L7 Dynamic has 9 double-deck sound insulation glass, equipped with silent tires and silent motors, to create a quiet driving cabin. At the same time, its intelligent audio-visual system has a 1120W power amplifier and customized software algorithms, which can create a real and highly restored stereo field and create an ethereal sound field by immersive audio-visual. Zhiji L7′ s "huge immersive intelligent scene screen" that can be lifted automatically can enter the "sound, light and electricity global immersive super-running mode" with one button.