Luo Xiang, a professor of law, spoke for Volvo to see how Volvo XC60 came out of the circle.

A series of seemingly jokes, such as "Can I fight back after being chased by a panda", are serious legal issues. The impression that the UP owner left on the Internet was "indecent", but in fact, we learned a lot of serious legal knowledge in this "indecent".

This big shot was born in China University of Political Science and Law, and he was an inaugural professor. He was also a well-known lecturer in the criminal law of Houda Law Examination in academic circles at that time, and he was famous in the legal field. Previously, this time, the professor was serious, speaking for Volvo cars and telling everyone about Amway cars. So what strength does Volvo have to make this "not serious" professor suddenly serious? Pass next.
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To illustrate the contrast.

Both cars are the best among medium-sized luxury brand SUVs. As a typical representative of Nordic luxury, Volvo has a large audience in the domestic market. Volvo XC60 has a lot of powder for its super-high face value, super-high safety and power.

First of all, at the design level, the unique air intake grille on the front face of the new Volvo XC60 is integrated into the new bumper design, making the whole face more impactful. Straight waterfall chrome plating, LED
The design of headlights and Viking axe taillights endows them with solid and delicate workmanship. The front of Audi Q5L adopts the traditional family design, and the front face style has entered the aesthetic fatigue period. On the whole, Volvo XC60 wins in novelty and visual impact.

Secondly, in terms of performance, both Volvo XC60 and Audi Q5L are equipped with 2.0T engines, but after entering the electrification era, the power system has also been adjusted accordingly. Volvo XC60 adds a 48V hybrid system on the basis of 2.0T, which has faster dynamic response and no sense of frustration at the beginning. And according to the book data given by official website, Volvo XC60 is also better than

Finally, on the safety level, Volvo’s safety performance can be said to be engraved in the brand gene. Since the car was built, Volvo has always put safety first. I saw a video of a Volvo XC60 stacked car before. In the video, seven cars were vertically stacked on each other, and the Volvo XC60 at the bottom of the car took on all the weight. The scene looked spectacular, and the strong safety was perfectly reflected in the Volvo XC60! At this point, Audi Q5L may only be discouraged in front of Volvo.

In the highly competitive automobile market, the strong are like a cloud, and if they don’t advance, they will retreat. Perhaps it is because of its extraordinary strength and determination to forge ahead with the enterprise that law professors can take a fancy to Volvo!