This Spring Festival, gold has sold out again! Zodiac transit beads sell thousands of pieces a day. Netizen: Wait until the price is reduced before buying.

China Economic Weekly-Economic News The China Gold Association said on the 18th that during the Spring Festival, despite the high price of gold, China’s gold consumption is still hot, and gold jewelry and dragon year gold bars have become the most popular products.
According to CCTV’s financial report, a person in charge of a gold shop said that the zodiac transshipment beads will sell more than thousands of pieces every day. Judging from the sales situation in different regions, gold consumption has also entered second-and third-tier cities from first-tier cities.
Gold analysts said that not only the first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai have strong sales demand, but also the demand for gold jewelry, including gold investment, has increased significantly in various provinces and cities across the country.
Some netizens said, "Even the gold jewelry in my hometown’s 18-line county during the Spring Festival is sold out!" "Zodiac transit beads have emotional value needs, and gold products also have the function of maintaining and appreciating investment, so the gold consumer market continues to prosper." "Wait for the price of gold to be reduced before buying, and regret that I didn’t start before." "Investment needs to be cautious!"
New Media Editor: Wang Xinjing