Feel the breath of spring, Chongqing is full of flowers and intoxicated tourists.

After beginning of spring, everything recovered, and the life that had been dormant for a winter was quietly in full bloom, and it entered Chongqing’s parks, scenic spots and sightseeing agricultural complexes. Pear blossoms were whiter than snow, rape blossoms were gorgeous and warm, peach blossoms were tender and delicate, and plum blossoms, plum blossoms, begonia flowers and tulips all blossomed brilliantly.
On February 24th, the reporter of New Chongqing-Chongqing Daily combed the information released by the Municipal Cultural Tourism Commission and other departments, specially arranged a number of good places to enjoy flowers, punched in with family and friends, and felt the breath of spring at a glance.
When you go to Chongqing to enjoy flowers in spring, the first thing is naturally the "train to spring" talked about by countless netizens. Its address is located in Fotuguan Park, Yuzhong District. At present, the plum blossom here has been opened for the second time. In addition to the colorful flowers and quiet and pleasant fragrance, you can also take a close-up photo with Rail Transit Line 2 when you go to Fotuguan Park to enjoy the plum blossom. It should be reminded that citizens and tourists come here to enjoy the flowers and take photos. Apart from the fact that the rail train passes through the flowers, the scene of the train on Line 2 entering the tunnel in front of Daping Station is also very aesthetic. The wide angle of the lens can be enlarged, and the picture of Jialing River water and binjiang road can be captured.
▲ Plum blossoms along Baigongguan-Zhazidong Scenic Area. Photo courtesy of respondents
At present, the foot of Geleshan Mountain has a breath of spring. Tens of thousands of square meters of red plums are planted in Meiyuan in Geleshan and along the east side of Baigongguan to the south side of Zhazidong. Citizens and tourists can first take photos and punch in the hillside beside Songshan Square/in front of Zhazidong, and then walk along the mountain line, enjoying the flowers and enjoying the Hongyan spirit.
▲ Plum blossoms in Caiyunhu National Wetland Park in Jiulongpo. Photo courtesy of respondents
At present, a wide variety of plum blossoms have been in full bloom in Caiyunhu National Wetland Park in Jiulongpo District. In addition to a large area of Meilin landscape, the entrance, platform and other venues are also decorated with cultural landscape elements such as landscape walls and cave doors, which increases the cultural atmosphere of Meiyuan.
The plum blossoms in Huayan tourist area have a unique style against the red wall, which can let citizens and tourists appreciate the leisurely Zen of red plum. Plum blossoms are planted on the roadside around the lake in the tourist area, which is combined with the scenery around the lake and has a unique charm.
▲ Cherry blossoms in Jiangjun Village, Qitang Town, Bishan. Photo courtesy of respondents
Jiangjun Village, Qitang Town, Bishan District, a small farmhouse with brick walls and blue tiles, is embedded between green mountains and green waters, and the clouds are faint and smoky, which is a vibrant scene. At present, more than 100,000 cherry blossoms here are also in full bloom, and the trees and clouds are bright and moving, much like the comic book world. In addition to cherry blossom viewing, you can also go fishing, pick fruits and vegetables, taste farm dishes, etc., which has an original ecological countryside taste.
More than 60,000 red cherry blossoms have also entered the best viewing period in the beautiful cherry blossom sea scenic spot in Jinlong Village, Shimen Town, Jiangjin. A cherry blossom feast, a beautiful myth and a feeling of traveling through time and space … At present, the eighth Red Cherry Blossom Festival and the second classic "Shan Hai Jing" are being held in the scenic spot, offering a visual and cultural feast to tourists.
▲ Rape flowers in the hometown of Chen Yu in Weinan. Photo courtesy of respondents
The 2024 Chongqing Tongnan Chentuan Hometown Cauliflower Festival will also open on February 28th, inviting citizens and tourists to meet "Tong": enjoy the most beautiful flowers and punch in the most beautiful spring. This year, the cauliflower festival lasted for one month, built 30,000 mu of high-quality art scenic spots, upgraded and put into use 68 kinds of amusement facilities, and launched more than 20 wonderful cultural tourism activities in three categories, with many fancy new explosions and fancy new games to let tourists enjoy the "rhyme of spring".
▲ Jinfeng Jiufeng Lihua Mountain in High-tech Zone. Photo courtesy of respondents
It is worth mentioning that the Municipal Urban Management Bureau has also issued the "Spring in Parks in Chongqing in 2024", which includes the flower viewing information of nearly 50 flowering plants in more than 220 flower viewing spots from February to May in all districts and counties of the city, including urban parks, street roads, squares, flower seedling bases and rural tourist destinations.
At the same time, major parks in Chongqing will also hold a series of "Spring in the Park" activities, including lantern viewing, cultural performances, theme photography, popular science interaction and many other special cultural activities. Interested citizens and tourists can check the guide through "Chongqing Urban Management" WeChat WeChat official account.