There is a kind of beauty called autumn in Lianyungang!

  An autumn rain and a cold, while feeling the rustling autumn rain, we also realize that late autumn is coming.

  Lianyungang, with four distinct seasons and picturesque scenery in every season, what will it be like in autumn?

  Once autumn comes to other places in Lianyungang, no matter how beautiful it is, it will only be!

  Every grass and tree is beautiful, like God knocking over the palette.

  Huaguoshan in autumn

  Nature covered the mountains with a layer of hazy gold with magical fingers. Looking from the foot of the mountain, layers of shadows fell, and the shades of colors alternately complemented each other between the ups and downs of the mountains. An autumn landscape painting was beautifully staged in Huaguo Mountain.

(Image from official WeChat of Huaguoshan Scenic Area in Lianyungang)

  In autumn, the most beautiful place in Yuntai Mountain on the sea is to climb high and look far, climb to the Genting observation deck, the main peak, and overlook the blue sea and blue sky by the railing, stretching for thousands of miles, and seagulls soar freely on the water.

(Image from the official WeChat of Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area at sea)

  Yueyadao scenic spot

  In the golden autumn of October, the powder-worn grass has entered its full bloom, and the crescent island at this time is as romantic and beautiful as a fairy tale.

(Reporter: Yan Jinyong Correspondent: Photo by Yaxuan Wang)

  Xishuanghu scenic spot

  In autumn, the wind is fresh and refreshing, and it grows along the embankment in the south of Xishuang Lake, and the autumn red in Yiyi Lake along Chun Lv. When the maple, sapium sebiferum and reeds in the scenic spot enter the colorful moment, the whole scenic spot is as colorful as the color palette of nature, which is particularly beautiful.

(Image source learning power)

  In autumn, in Dayi Mountain, the red leaves are covered with mountains, and the layers of forests are all dyed. If the color is flame from the valley to the mountainside and from the mountainside to the top, it is like an oil painting.

(Image source Dayi Mountain Scenic Area)

  Chaohewan scenic spot

  In autumn, what is left for Chaohe Bay Scenic Area is the endless sea of golden flowers and dreamy sea of pink flowers, as well as cosmos, Puwei, sulfur chrysanthemum … A beautiful autumn scenery map of Chaohe Bay in the flower world.

  (Image source Chaohewan Scenic Area)

  In the Garden of Eden Scenic Area, in the golden autumn, the powder and verbena in the Garden of Eden enter the endless pink and purple world in full bloom. Whenever the wind blows, the whole powder and verbena field rises and falls like waves, which is very beautiful.

(Image source Chaohewan Scenic Area)

  Cangwu Green Garden

  The golden autumn is cool, and the osmanthus fragrance is fragrant. Recently, the osmanthus in Cangwu Green Park is competing to open and usher in the most fragrant season of the year. The fragrance of osmanthus can’t help but make people stop looking for it.

  (Reporter: Yan Jinyong correspondent: photo by Zhang Kejin)

  Li Nian Forest Farm, although it is already late autumn, when you drive on the "Shuanglin Highway" leading to Li Nian Forest Farm, your eyes suddenly light up. The colored zebra crossing on the highway points to both sides of the distant road, and the flowers bloom as if entering the spring and the heaven.

(Image source learning power)

  haizhou bay

  In Haizhou Bay, many seagulls sometimes hover and dance in a coastal aquaculture beach, and sometimes stroll in the shallows … … Together with Bihai Jinsha, it constitutes an ecological beauty.

(Reporter: Zhang Zerui correspondent: photo by Si Wei and Wang Panming)

  Shuoxiang Lake

  In autumn, guannan county Shuoxiang Lake is full of beautiful fish, fat shrimp and reeds, and a group of wild ducks are lined up in the middle of the lake. They spend most of their time "floating" on the lake to rest and occasionally flap their wings.

(Image source learning power)

  This is the autumn in Lianyungang, the shortest season among the four seasons and the most unforgettable season.

  (Source: Lianyungang Publishing Editor/Wang Wei)