The "answer sheet industry" behind the exam

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  Internet has become the main tool for cheating.

    With the approach of the entrance examination for postgraduate students in 2009, there are a lot of information on the Internet selling the answers to postgraduate entrance examinations. Enter any two of the keywords "postgraduate entrance examination, answer, postgraduate exam, and pass the exam" in the search engine, and you can easily see a large number of peddled posts.

    "It’s less than 40 days before the’ postgraduate exam’. There is no free lunch in the world. It’s very important to choose a good home. It’s not good to expect mixed answers! My price is slightly more expensive than that of my peers, but it is worth the money, and a penny is worth the money! "

    "Honesty and professionalism, caring service, and payment after the exam."

    "The latest equipment in 2009, anti-shielding, anti-‘electronic dog’, let you feel at ease."

    Among all the information, the author noticed three organizations selling answers —— "exam-aid alliance", "answer carrier" and "Zhongzheng Education and Training". The author wrote down their QQ and telephone numbers respectively, and talked with them as postgraduate students.

    As soon as I talked, the "answer carrier" urged the author to "speak quickly, the exam is coming soon, and I have been busy with a lot of business recently."

    "I’m preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, but I’m not fully prepared. Can I get any help from you?" The author asked.

    "You can provide answers in English and politics, and both subjects can be guaranteed to be above 70 points."

    What is the concept of "over 70 points"?

    In the postgraduate examinations in recent years, the national re-examination scores for English are all around 45 points. Although some popular majors in famous universities have higher requirements for English, they are all far below 70 points.

    "English is guaranteed to be above 70 points", which is very attractive to most candidates.

    Postgraduate entrance examination, as an extremely important national unified examination, according to common sense, the management of examination papers should be very strict, so where do the answers provided by the agencies selling answers come from?

    In the conversation with Yonghui Education, the author asked: Can you provide the answers before the exam?

    The answer is: "it’s impossible. If anyone has the correct answer before the exam, I’ll chop off my head and give it to you as a stool."

    The "Test Aid Alliance" also said, "This is no better than CET-4 and CET-6, and it is very difficult to get the answers before the postgraduate exam."

    It is very unlikely to get the test paper and answer before the exam. So where did the answer come from?

    The "answer carrier" asked the author to log in to his QQ space, saying, "Take a good look and everything will be clear after reading it."

    In the personal space of "Answer Aircraft Carrier", the author found a picture uploaded at 11: 29: 31 am on November 30, 2008, which was taken at the examination site. The content of the test paper "Administrative Ability Test" for civil servants in 2009 is from questions 111 to 115. Enlarge this picture and watch it clearly.

    The time when the photo was sent-11: 29: 31 am on November 30, 2008 shows that the photo was sent during the exam.

    Like the "answer carrier", many answer providers put some photos of the test papers on the website or QQ space to prove that they have the strength to get the test papers and provide effective answers. On the website of Zhongzheng Education and Training, the author saw six pictures of the operation of CET-4 and CET-6. In order to prove the shooting time, there was also a reference message on December 20 (the date of CET-4 and CET-6 in 2008). The middle position of the computer screen also showed that the shooting time was 10: 22: 44. At this time, the CET-4 in December 2008 was in progress.

    In the column of "Proof of Strength" of its website, the "Test Aid Alliance" posted photos of the test papers of more than 10 test items, such as "08 Notes, Justice, 08 Public English Level 3, College English Level 4, Professional Physician, PETS Public English, CPA Certified Public Accountant, local civil servant in the first half of 2008, and 08 Professional English Level 4".

  The website exposed the "answer in the exam" transmission.

    What kind of high technology does the seller of answers rely on to get the test paper out from under the eyes of the invigilator?

    According to the introduction of the "answer carrier" and a number of answer providers, the so-called "answer in the exam" mainly takes the following steps-

    First of all, people who are qualified to take the postgraduate exam are hired to take the exam. On the day of the exam, the employees bring miniature scanning instruments or pinhole cameras with wireless transmission function into the examination room, and after they get the test papers, they send them to the off-site through the above equipment. After the off-site people get the test papers, they immediately send them to the hired experts who do the questions, and the experts who do the questions send the answers to the transit people in the shortest time. The transit people then send the answers to the QQ group composed of candidates who buy the answers, and then wait on the computer.

    It can be seen that the internet plays an extremely important role in the process of cheating, whether it is pre-test propaganda or passing answers in the exam. Why do cheaters use the Internet to cheat so easily?

    The author interviewed internet society of china and 12321 Bad Information Reporting Center, but both units declined the interview. Mr. Zhong, who is in charge of publicity at the Internet Society, said, "The Society is only a non-governmental organization. I suggest you find other units." The 12321 Reporting Center said that "we only accept reports here, and nothing else will be accepted."

    Nowadays, you can still easily get a lot of information about selling answers through search engines, but the focus of selling has shifted from the postgraduate entrance examination to the upcoming local civil service examinations. For example, "Answer Aircraft Carrier" announced in its QQ space as early as a week before the postgraduate exam: the research exam is progressing smoothly and the Zhejiang civil service exam is being actively prepared.

  Cheating equipment is mostly produced by Shenzhen enterprises.

    Wireless cameras and pinhole cameras that send papers out of the examination room, wireless earphones that transmit answers, watches, pens, erasers that can display words, and professional transmitters … Where do these cheating tools with scientific and technological content come from?

    "The equipment I recommend to you is the new model in 2009. It is not an earphone or a pen, but a mechanical watch that can take pictures. On the surface, this kind of watch is no different from ordinary watches, and the information displayed on it can only be seen within half a meter from the watch screen. "Answer Aircraft Carrier" introduced the superior performance of this cheating watch to the author with great interest and sent a URL link through QQ.

    The introduction of all kinds of cheating devices on the webpage is extremely detailed, but there is no explanation for the company address, customer service phone number and email. The author entered the ICP number of this website into the website management system of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the query result was "No information found"-this website is illegal.

    According to the inquiry of the brand (SUNLIPS) of cheating watches provided by Answer Aircraft Carrier, we know that this mechanical information table is produced by Sanlipu (Hong Kong) Network Technology Co., Ltd., a network technology company registered in Hong Kong and produced in Shenzhen. The author called the marketing manager of the company, and when asked if he knew that the sales agents in various places sold the watch to the answer provider for cheating, the manager hastily hung up the phone without asking whether he could.

    In the follow-up unannounced visit to Yonghui Education, the author has continuous and in-depth contact with the answer buyer Mavericks (a pseudonym). The night before the postgraduate exam, Mavericks said that they had bought an information form for cheating at Yonghui Education. When I looked at the information table, I found a "instruction manual of SUNLIPS mechanical pointer information table". The calf said to the author, "This is the manual of the watch."

    In this year’s postgraduate examination, the "answer carrier" is not the only one who focuses on the mechanical information table. In contact with the "test-aid alliance", the "test-aid alliance" also believes that the safest equipment this year is the mechanical information table. "Many people tried it in the CET-4 and CET-6, and it generally reflected well."

    The mechanical information table recommended by the "Test Aid Alliance" is more advanced, and you need to wear special glasses to see the contents presented on the watch screen through infinite transmission. "The naked eye can only see the dial and the hands."

    After repeated inquiries by the author, the "Test Aid Alliance" revealed the brand of the mechanical information table-"Will Reiss". Upon inquiry, the "Welles" mechanical watch was produced by Shenzhen Welles Technology Development Co., Ltd. In the prominent position of the company’s website, there is a detailed introduction to the "photoelectric dense display pointer paging watch": "1. Anti-cheating gram, invisible earphone detector, electronic dog; 2, to prevent leaks, to prevent others from peeping, breaking the characteristics of traditional pagers that are not confidential enough. The first special glasses introduced from Germany Short photoelectric technology and matched with ordinary appearance in China can really be seen by me, even if others are around or facing the sun. Safety comes first in the information age; 3, the shield, this product adopts forward error correction, data interleaving access, adaptive equalization and other technologies, so that the shield has a very small impact on it … "

    Check out the display of products produced by Shenzhen Weireisi Technology Development Co., Ltd., including "photoelectric dense display pointer paging watch, transmitter antenna, 50W transmitter, glasses and ruler (when they are at a certain angle, you can observe infinitely transmitted words)". All the above products are cheating tools highly recommended by online vendors.

    Login to the "Enterprise Information Inquiry System" of Shenzhen Administration for Industry and Commerce failed to find the relevant information of Shenzhen Weireisi Technology Development Co., Ltd.. The person in charge of the company’s surname Liu said to the author on the phone: "You have no right to know whether the enterprise is registered in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau." And said angrily: "You and I have no grievances in the past and no enmity in recent days. I hope you don’t ask for trouble."

Editor: Li Xiuwei