On the first day of work years later, all walks of life in the new district quickly entered the working state.

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  New year’s new atmosphere, strive to open a new bureau! 2023 is the first year to implement the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, a crucial year for Tianjin to build a socialist modern metropolis in an all-round way, and a crucial year to speed up the construction of a beautiful "coastal city" in the new era. At the beginning of the new year in the Year of the Rabbit, all the development zones, towns, departments and units in Binhai New Area are working hard, and every minute counts. A tough battle centered on the implementation of high-quality development support and leading actions in Binhai New Area is blowing horns and beating drums in the land of Bincheng. The vast number of builders in the new area are facing difficulties and seizing the opportunity. With the winning belief and high-spirited attitude of "starting at the beginning of the year, starting a decisive battle", they have turned a high-quality development "construction drawing" into a "real map". In order to fully show the vivid situation and brand-new look of "struggling to open a new bureau and make a good start" in the new district, and further carry forward the spirit of "starting a second business" in Binhai New Area, the media center of Binhai New Area has launched a column "Bincheng opened a new bureau to win a good start".

  Yesterday was the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday. The reporter walked into various departments, enterprises and construction sites in Binhai New Area, and a busy labor scene appeared in front of him. Everyone has said that we should start early, not take a nap, and quickly enter the working state with a full mental state to show the new year’s new atmosphere.

  The department actively serves the enterprise masses.

  At 9 o’clock yesterday morning, the government service staff in the bonded area had already sat in front of the computer. "Hello, what business do you handle?" The deputy agent wearing a "red ribbon" warmly greeted the staff of the enterprise after seeing them. After inquiry, it was learned that it was the enterprise that needed to apply for the Drainage Permit. Under the guidance of the deputy agent, the enterprise staff soon got the Drainage Permit through the "notification commitment system".

  "I thought that just after the New Year, the approval of the license would not be so fast. I didn’t expect the work efficiency of the bonded area to be so high after the year. It is so convenient for the company to get the Drainage Permit immediately by signing the letter of commitment! " The business staff said with satisfaction.

  Teng Lizhen, head of the government affairs service hall in the bonded area, said: "Although today is the first working day after the Spring Festival, the service windows of the government affairs service hall have all been opened, and the staff members are full of enthusiasm and full of energy to receive the business people who come to handle business.

  On the first day of work, the reporter learned from the District People’s Social Security Bureau that in order to seize the favorable opportunity of the Spring Festival and actively implement the relevant policies of stabilizing employment and ensuring employment, the new district began to organize a "Spring Breeze Action and Employment Assistance Month" job fair every week from January 29, and organized a live post-taking activity every month. In combination with the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, offline recruitment activities were launched in a timely manner to build an efficient docking platform for employers and job seekers to help all kinds of people with employment needs get full employment. The vast number of job seekers and enterprises can log on to "Bincheng Employment Talent Network" in https://www.bhrc.com.cn to sign up.

  It is understood that the activities are mainly aimed at rural workers who are willing to work and start businesses, including rural laborers who plan to go out to work and start businesses nearby, migrant workers, workers who come to Tianjin in the pairing assistance area, all kinds of people with employment difficulties, graduates from previous universities and other job seekers, as well as employers with employment needs, especially key industrial chain supply chain enterprises.

  Enterprises strive to achieve a "good start"

  On the first day of work years later, although the festive atmosphere has not completely dissipated, all the staff of Tianjin International Biomedical Joint Research Institute quickly returned to their posts with full spirit and started a new journey in the New Year. In the laboratory on the eighth floor, several staff members in lab clothes are absorbed in the experimental operation. The R&D Center for Transformation Products of the Joint Research Institute has been deployed according to the work plan for 2023, and the annual order task has been arranged. All the staff of the center began to carry out relevant experiments in early January. "At present, the first batch of customized synthetic orders (ADC drug Liner) has been completed halfway. On the first day after the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the center staff immediately put into the experiment, made synthetic feeding, and closely connected the experimental work before the holiday to ensure that the order task was completed in an orderly manner according to the time node. " Dr. Cai Yan, director of the R&D Center for Transformation Products of the Joint Research Institute, was busy with the experiment while introducing it.

  Yesterday, the reporter learned from Lishen Battery, an enterprise in High-tech Zone, that Lishen Battery adheres to the spirit of "decisive battle is the beginning, and sprint is the beginning", and has continuously produced, stabilized and increased production, welcoming the "acceleration" of production and "a good start" of development.

  In the production workshop of Lishen battery, the PACK production department made every effort to ensure that the upcoming Dongfeng supporting power battery project was successfully delivered, and the front-line employees stuck to their posts without taking a nap and quickly put into work. From equipment inspection, commissioning, line alignment to first article confirmation and start-up production, the team cooperated tacitly, and the production rate was planned to reach 100% on the same day. The person in charge of Lishen Battery said that in the new year, the company will usher in new development opportunities and achieve new breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation, capacity improvement and base construction. In 2023, the project is expected to produce supporting power batteries for more than 45,000 new energy vehicles.

  On the first day of work after the holiday, the dry composite film workshop, the third phase expansion project of Gaolier (Tianjin) Packaging Co., Ltd. located in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, showed a busy scene: the equipment was running stably, the technicians were skilled in operation, and the composite film was running smoothly on the roller … After joint acceptance, electromechanical installation and joint operation and debugging of the equipment, the project entered the trial production stage. However, the related equipment operation indexes of photovoltaic power generation projects that have just completed grid-connected power generation have also remained stable, and enterprises have enjoyed the new impetus brought by green energy.

  It is understood that Gaolier (Tianjin) Packaging Co., Ltd. belongs to Italian Gaolier Group, an industry leader in the field of flexible packaging. Since it was completed and put into operation in Tianjin Port Bonded Zone in 2006, it mainly produces composite packaging bags for liquid products and patented products in the coffee field, and is committed to providing a full range of customized packaging solutions. After more than ten years’ development, the company has all kinds of excellent packaging equipment and a complete set of quality inspection equipment, which ensures sufficient production capacity and stable quality.

  The construction site played the "Endeavour Music" for returning to work after the holiday.

  The reporter saw at the construction site of Tianjin Port’s special freight passage project yesterday morning that a new year’s construction has been started here with the rumble of machines. On-site graders and bulldozers are advancing back and forth in an orderly manner, and the site is being leveled; Excavators and drillers are lined up in turn, and drilling is performed according to the working procedure. The company broke the practice of entering the site after the spring blossoms in previous years, implemented the project content according to local conditions, and rationally arranged and adjusted the process plan according to the temperature conditions, which greatly improved the effective utilization rate of time during the construction period.

  It is understood that in order to achieve the project construction goal, 300 workers and more than 100 sets of construction equipment have been put into work after the holiday. At present, the main construction contents of the project are bridge pile foundation construction, water supply and drainage construction, subgrade construction and temporary construction of the project.

  The Spring Festival holiday is not over yet, and all the builders of the second phase project of Binhai New Area Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine have already returned to their posts and made all the preparations before construction. The second phase of Binhai New Area Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has a construction area of about 40,000 square meters, and 426 beds are planned to be added. It will build single buildings such as administrative research building, inpatient building and fever inpatient building, which is expected to be completed in 2026. On the basis of the Luban Award of China Construction Project in 2022-2023, the first phase of the project will create a high-quality project with the management of "standardization, standardization and refinement". The reporter learned at the scene that at present, the pile foundation project of the project has resumed construction, and the "Endeavour Song" for returning to work after the holiday has been fully played, and it has been advanced in an efficient and orderly manner towards the established construction goals.

Source: Bincheng Times