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New Year’s Eve is a day of family reunion. Behind the lights, there are always some people who choose to stick to their posts and contribute their strength to others’ Spring Festival.

When they are homesick, they can only "reunite" with their families online, make a phone call, make a video, report their peace to their families and send them lovesickness.

On this New Year’s Eve, upstream journalists visited ordinary people from different positions and recorded their online New Year’s Eve.

Thank them for their dedication, responsibility and responsibility.

Pay tribute to everyone who has spent New Year’s Eve online.

▲ At Jiangbei International Airport, Xiong Mengxiang, the ground flight attendant of Chongqing Airlines, is checking in passengers.

Xiong Mengxiang, a 32-year-old ground crew member of Chongqing Airlines, has only been back to his hometown in Hubei twice for New Year’s Eve since he worked for 10 years. This year’s Spring Festival, she still sticks to her post to ensure that thousands of tourists go home for reunion.

Video call with family during lunch time

"Mom, is the dinner ready for the New Year’s Eve?" On January 31st, New Year’s Eve, the day of family reunion, Xiong Mengxiang made a video call to his mother during the short lunch time.

"What do you eat today? Dad cooked a lot of delicious dishes, but it’s a pity that you can’t come back. " Mother’s words are full of regret and concern.

"You eat more, eat my share, I’m all right here, eat well, don’t worry …" Xiong Mengxiang in the video always keeps smiling. A few minutes later, after hanging up the phone, she quietly turned her head and gently wiped her tears. Immediately, she began to tidy up her appearance, then put on a smile again and returned to her post to continue her work.

▲ Xiong Mengxiang wears protective equipment and is ready to work.

"Hello, madam, do you have any luggage to check?" Xiong Mengxiang, who returned to his post, smiled and served every passenger who came to check in.

Work for 10 years, only go home on New Year’s Eve and spend the New Year’s Eve twice.

Xiong Mengxiang has been doing this job for 10 years. Because of the particularity of her job, on New Year’s Eve in the past 10 years, she stuck to her job for eight years and only went back to her hometown in Hubei twice. On New Year’s Eve this year, Xiong Mengxiang is still on duty.

Xiong Mengxiang’s current job is a 24-hour shift system, starting at 9 am and getting off work at 9 am the next day. The main job is to handle check-in, ticket sales, change of visa, inquiry and other services for passengers. In the morning, they have to greet the passengers on the first flight, and in the evening, they have to send the passengers on the last flight away before they can get off work.

▲ Xiong Mengxiang handles check-in procedures for passengers.

Check-in, communication and coordination, formalities … These actions are repeated hundreds of times every day. After the COVID-19 epidemic, they also need to check the "double code" and nucleic acid certificate, which makes her work more complicated.

During her stay in Spring Festival travel rush, she received an average of more than 200 passengers every day, and the reception volume may double during the peak period. In the face of passengers’ inquiries, they always smile and serve, and do every detail well. At the check-in counter, they should check in a passenger within 3 minutes, and at the sales counter, they are required to issue tickets within 1 minute and change their tickets within 5 minutes. Standing for a long time caused varicose veins in her calf.

"Although I will be absent from the family reunion dinner this year, I am very pleased to be able to guarantee thousands of tourists to go home for reunion." Xiong Mengxiang said.

Upstream journalist Gan Xiayi Li Jing

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