China women’s rugby team won the world rugby sevens challenger championship.

A few days ago, the World Rugby Sevens Challenge 2024 came to an end in Dubai. In the final, China women’s rugby team beat its old rival Kenyan team by 19-5, and won the event again after five years.

In the group stage, China adjusted its state in time after losing the first game to its rival Kenyan team, and then won the Mexican team 64-0, and then defeated the Czech team, the strongest opponent in the group stage, and successfully qualified. In the knockout round, China played against Poland and won 34-10. In the semi-final, in the face of the Ugandan team that had never played before, the young players of the China team played well, beat their opponents by a big score and got tickets for the final.

In the final, China once again welcomed its bitter Kenyan team. Less than 30 seconds into the game, China scored a touchdown and got off to a good start. Subsequently, the Kenyan team used the pre-kicking tactics several times, which were all resolved by the China team. In the end, China defeated its opponent with a score of 19-5 and won the championship.

This is the second time that China won the World Rugby Sevens Challenge after five years. Previously, in 2022 and 2023, the China team regretted winning the bronze medal. It is worth mentioning that the opponents defeated by China women’s football team in this competition are all opponents who will compete in the same competition in the losing match of the Paris Olympic Games in June this year.