The book of common sense of ski resort is coming ~ Now we are asking for prizes from skiers all over the network.

Many people are fascinated by the feeling of going downhill quickly on the snowy road, and more and more people are fascinated by skiing. However, while enjoying the excitement and passion of skiing, whether you are an old skier, a novice or a torpedo, or any role on the snowy road, for the safety of all skiers, please keep in mind the common sense of skiing safety and skiing etiquette. Safe skiing is what each of us needs to do!

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Matters needing attention in ski resort


When skiing on the snowy road

(1) Sliding in the road

* When taxiing, pay attention to the situation in front and on both sides, and keep a safe distance from the surrounding skiers to prevent the collision between them from being dangerous.

* If more than one skier is skiing in the same area, avoid cross-skiing, and do not cross-ski all the way.

* Please don’t stop to rest, take photos or chat in the middle of the snowy road.

* Do not ski in closed areas, do not ski over or damage the protective net, and abide by the border management regulations.

* If more than one skier is skiing in the same area, avoid cross-skiing, and do not cross-ski all the way.

* Fall down during taxiing, and move to both sides of the snowy road without injury. If the skier who falls down is injured, he should provide help in time, call the rescue number of the snow field and make way for the rescuers and snowmobiles.

* When taxiing, choose a route that does not endanger the skiers in front (the skiers in front have the priority to use the snow trail). It is forbidden to slide on the snow track that is not closed and cleared by downhill. Skiers, especially snowboarders, should ensure that they will not endanger the safety of skiers in the rear when they go back to the mountains and ski in the giant slalom.

(2) Park taxiing

* In the park, it is necessary to avoid stopping or blocking in the platform or other areas.

* If the former falls while playing with props (platform jumping), he must wait for the fallen Xueyou to leave before starting.

* You need to take photos next to the props without affecting other people’s sliding, and leave quickly after shooting.

* When staff maintain the park, they need to choose props or terrain that have not been maintained.

(3) Snow skiing

* Wild snow skiers should slide according to the designated guide route, slide the rolling line when sliding, reduce cross cutting, and stick to the previous skier’s sliding trajectory as much as possible. Wild snow needs to slide in groups, and 5 -8 people must slide in groups. Please do not enter the wild snow area alone or in pairs. You need to bring communication equipment with enough electricity, certain warm-keeping equipment and energy supply. .

* Skiers should control the speed of skiing according to their own abilities, topography, snow conditions and weather, so that skiing is in a controllable state, and they should not go to areas beyond their abilities, abide by the border management regulations, and must not cross the border protection net and other facilities, and be responsible for their own life safety.

* When a snowmobile meets a slope while driving, it should cooperate with the rider to bend.

* When skiing in wild snow, if you need to take a break, you must ensure that your position will not endanger the safety of yourself and others; Avoid staying in animal caves, narrow snow trails and places with poor vision. If you accidentally fall nearby, you should leave as soon as possible.

* When the wild snow slides, we should pay enough attention to stones, branches, black objects and protruding objects in the snow.

* Before skiing in the wild snow, you should carefully study and master the correct usage of the avalanche three-piece set. In case of an accident, every skier has the obligation to help the rescue when he is sure of his own safety.

* It is recommended that skiers who ski wild snow carry whistles, which can be used to call for help when they slip away.

(4) When skiing

* Patients suffering from heart disease, hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diseases that doctors tell are not suitable for strenuous exercise are not allowed to ski.

* Understand and master the ski map and the level of ski trails, and choose the suitable ski trails according to your own skills and abilities.

* Pay attention to keep the snow card, receipt and locker key.

* to understand the local climate and recent weather changes, in case of sudden weather changes.

* Don’t drink alcohol during skiing and during skiing, don’t slide while drunk, and respect the life and property safety of others.


When riding a magic carpet or cable car

(a) ride the magic carpet

* Please ride in an orderly manner according to the staff’s arrangement, and don’t rush, climb over the guardrail of the gate or damage the gate. Elderly people, venerable persons and children should be given priority.

* During the ride, you must not wear long clothes, the ends of the scarf must not stay outside the clothes, and the shoelaces of single shoes must not be exposed to prevent you from being involved in the conveyor belt when you fall; Keep a distance of about 2 meters from the former. Don’t walk or play on the magic carpet. Don’t sit on the magic carpet. Don’t get off the magic carpet halfway.

* If you fall halfway, please leave the magic carpet as soon as possible, and don’t try to go back to the magic carpet, so as not to affect others or the operation of the equipment.

* Don’t take photos or stay in the magic carpet ride area, so as not to hinder other snow friends.

(2) Take the box cable car.

* Line up in an orderly way, get off first, then get on, all ages ride in an orderly way, and the elderly, honored persons and children ride inside the cable car.

* Take a civilized ride, keep a balance, don’t talk loudly, don’t smoke, don’t put your feet on the seat, don’t litter, don’t put the stereo or mobile phone sound outside, and don’t eat food with irritating smell, so as not to affect others’ experience.

* Fighting in the car will endanger the safe operation of the ropeway. Visitors who quarrel should remember to be calm and restrained.

* Respect elders and ladies, avoid excessive approach or collision, and assist elders, venerable persons and children to get on and off the car.

* It is forbidden to have indecent and vulgar behavior in the car.

(3) Take the hanging chair

* Children under 1.2 meters in height need to be accompanied by a guardian.

* Line up in an orderly manner, and let the elders, venerable persons and children ride on the right side of the hanging chair. Young and middle-aged peers and men should take the initiative to take charge of putting away the hanging chair guardrail.

* Double-board skiers should ride without taking off their skis, and the tip of the poles should face the direction of the cable car to prevent the poles from hurting tourists nearby. Snowboarders can ride on a snowboard with one foot, or the fixer can be buckled on the backrest of the hanging chair to prevent the snowboard from falling and hurting the snowboarders below.

* You need to put down the guardrail and step on the fence when riding in the hanging chair. When leaving the hanging chair, please slowly lift the guardrail and pay attention to safety.

* Keep a balance, don’t talk loudly, don’t smoke, don’t litter, take good care of your belongings, and prevent them from slipping and hurting your friends under the hanging chair.

* When queuing to take the hanging chair, if you need to ride together, you should give the scattered positions that are currently vacant to the snow friends behind you.


Safety and rescue

* Emergency: Xueyou should know the steps to deal with emergency, including how to call the police, provide assistance and initial first aid.

* Help each other: Snow friends should help each other when needed, especially in emergencies, such as helping the injured and asking for help.

* In case of taxiing collision, Xueyou will encourage and help injured Xueyou to set up warning signs and call for help in time on the premise of technical conditions and own safety.

* Skiers must pay attention to all warning and reminder signs in ski resorts and ski trails, as well as the guidance of ski patrol members.

* Pay attention to the announcement broadcast in the ski resort and on the cable car.

* Snow friends should always wear helmets, protective gear, goggles and other safety equipment to minimize the risk of injury.


Seasonal events

* Pay attention to protect the skin. The winter in northern China is cold and dry, and the skin loses a lot of water under this climatic condition. In addition, the skin is stimulated by the relatively fast cold wind formed during skiing and burned by strong ultraviolet rays on the snow surface, which is the main cause of skin damage. You can choose some oily skin care products with the function of preventing water loss, and then apply sunscreen with good anti-ultraviolet effect and water resistance to your skin.

* To prevent frostbite, frostbite mainly occurs in the hands, feet, ears and other parts of the human body, so cashmere products or chemical fiber products with good thermal insulation effect should be selected to keep the above parts warm.

* Pay attention to the temperature difference between day and night in the ski resort, bring relevant replacement clothes, and be careful to catch a cold.


Environmental protection and sustainability

* Take good care of the vegetation and wild animals on the snow field, and do not litter the public areas and snow trails at will to damage the environment.

* Pay attention to saving water and energy to reduce the impact on the natural environment.


When leaving the snow field

* Personal belongings, skis, snowshoes and other snow gear should be taken away from the snow field or stored in the snow gear cabinet, and should not be placed in the public area of the snow field at will.

* If you use the equipment or facilities of the ski resort, you need to return them in time and go through the relevant formalities. If you need to rent or buy equipment, you also need to contact the staff of the ski resort and understand the relevant regulations and procedures.

* When leaving the ski resort, you need to abide by the rules and requirements of the ski resort, such as returning the ski gear and paying the fees, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes and troubles.

* When leaving the ski resort, you need to say goodbye to the staff and other skiers politely, express your gratitude and goodbye, and maintain good social etiquette and image.

Ski area etiquette articles


Mutual respect

* Respect the staff of the ski resort and the snow friends.

* Please apologize sincerely if you accidentally hit someone.

* Don’t make a face of snow just to be handsome.

* When taking photos on the snowy road, you need to respect the privacy and copyright of others and avoid disturbing others or making impolite behaviors.

* Closed public space, it is recommended not to eat food with pungent smell, and smoking and spitting are prohibited.

* Don’t casually wear other people’s snowshoes and take other people’s skis. Pay attention to identification when taking them to avoid taking the wrong skis.

* Borrow other people’s ski gear, please cherish it, even if the board resists falling, the owner will feel distressed.

* Don’t stand on your shoulders when walking with skis and poles, it’s easy to hit others.

* Skiing WeChat group never talks about skiing-related topics. Please consciously quit the group and don’t bother the group owner.


Public parking space

* Private vehicles are parked in the parking lot specified in the snow field.

* Ensure that the front of the car is in line with the arrow, and it is not allowed to park reversely or horizontally, and it is not allowed to occupy the special parking spaces for car ferry and employees.

* A car shall not occupy two parking spaces. It is necessary to maintain a good appearance of the car, park in a civilized and standardized manner, and bid farewell to the bad habits of parking and leaving the car in disorder with practical actions.

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