Custom calendar for one week in morning weather | Warm up, warm up, warm up! The highest temperature in Shanghai is 29℃ on Friday, and the cold air "kills" on weekends.


It’s the end of October. Why is it so "hot"?

Recently, the weather in Shencheng is really good. The blue sky is lined with dazzling eyes during the day. In the afternoon, the body feels even warmer than the category of "crisp autumn", and many pedestrians wear short-sleeved skirts.

Close to beginning of winter, as warm as long summer?

Many netizens in Shanghai shouted "hot".

Shencheng continues to heat up today. With the help of warm autumn sun, the highest temperature in most parts of the city generally reaches around 25℃, including 24.9℃ at Xujiahui Station in the urban area and 26.9℃ at Qingpu Station.

Looking at the whole country, due to the weak cold air that has affected our country recently, this warming wave has a large scope.

According to China Weather Network, since October this year, the temperature in most parts of China has been on the high side, with many places 2 to 4℃ higher than normal, and many places in North China have successively exceeded 30℃.

In the early part of this week, China’s central and eastern regions still maintained a warmer pattern.

Why is there such a rare warm and hot weather?

Li Liang, a meteorologist of China Weather Network, analyzed that since October this year, the polar vortex that accumulated cold air has been located in the north, and the cold air affecting China is significantly weaker than normal, and the temperature in most parts of China has been on the high side. In the next three days, the cold air affecting China will be located in the north and weak, coupled with the blessing of sunny days, which is very conducive to the temperature rise in North China and its south.

For Shanghai, the temperature will continue to rise in the daytime tomorrow. It should be noted that the temperature difference between day and night is large, with the temperature difference in the central city exceeding 8℃ and that in the suburbs above 10℃. Pay attention to dressing flexibly.

Specific forecast for tomorrow:

Sunny to cloudy with southerly winds of 3-4. The highest temperature is 26℃ and the lowest temperature is 18℃. The relative humidity is 90%-45%. Fire risk rating Meteorological index: Grade 4, flammable.

In a week, the temperature rises first and then falls this week, and will reach the peak of this round of warming on Friday, with the highest temperature reaching 29℃.

Cold air finally arrived on weekends, and the temperature dropped all the way, accompanied by a light rain weather process.

The highest temperature will fall back to "prefix 1" next Monday.

According to the meteorological department, this week’s sunny or cloudy weather plays the leading role, and the weather is generally dry, so it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of replenishing water and using fire and electricity.