Wen Jian’s second test is coming! On the Multiple Growth Points of China Mobile Games (0302.HK) from "The Sword World"

On December 15th, the "Sword Quest" test of "World of the Sword" started on time. Behind the reservation of official website exceeding 2.38 million, the combination of high-quality IP content and various real gameplay experiences may help "World of the Sword" become an excellent long-term operation product.

As the first multi-terminal test in China, Guofeng Xianxia’s open world game, with the second test of "Fairy Sword World", we may wish to further explore the logic of this product. What’s the significance for the Chinese mobile game with "Fairy Sword World"?

1. Upgrade and optimize the "Ask Sword" test, and give the answer with gameplay content and experience.

After the initial test, the project team of "Fairy Sword World" made in-depth optimization according to the feedback and suggestions of the players. After 148 days of hard work, some of the 115 items were optimized and added in stages.

Whether it is the brand-new map scene of the game and the detailed quality of the picture, or the new exploration gameplay and combat mechanism, it has been completely improved compared with the first test.

On the one hand, judging from the officially released version quality comparison report video, Fairy Sword World reconstructs the classic scene of Fairy Sword with high-definition technology, and adds the design of wind field effect, weather system, real-time physical light and shadow, which makes the scene and character model in the game more real and natural on the seamless map of 384 square kilometers, greatly improving the player’s sense of game experience.

On the other hand, the unique maze gameplay, the copy gameplay of "Cave in the Earth", the "Hidden Lai" which is one of the multiplayer social gameplay, the "Enchanted gameplay" which is exclusive to the Fairy Sword World, and the single multiplayer mode further enhance the player’s gaming experience. For example, the brand-new "smart mode" of single-player coexistence allows players to seamlessly switch between single-player mode and multi-player mode.

Different from most open-world games in the market with secondary elements and European and American themes, "Fairy Sword World" is based on the IP of Fairy Sword and Chivalrous Man. It is the first open-world game with the theme of national wind and Chivalrous Man, providing players with immersive content experience and free world exploration and interaction.

This product is a brand-new story based on the story of Xian Jian, which fully shows China’s spiritual core and humanistic feelings. Some market participants believe that "Fairy Sword World" is a heavyweight new work that completes the last puzzle in the fairy sword IP content matrix.

Behind more than 2.38 million reserved users and rich and diverse content settings, it can be seen that "Fairy Sword World" is undoubtedly a competitive new travel product. It is reported that at present, "Fairy Sword World" has started testing on PC, mobile phone and cloud game, and VR/MR version and host version will be launched in the future. A huge fan base is expected to contribute well to Chinese mobile games after the official launch of "Fairy Sword World". The next step is just to wait for its value to be realized.

2. A variety of new tours are ready to go, and the global layout creates multiple growth points.

However, for game companies, a single product and a single market cannot support their long-term sustainable development. This is because the game market and players’ needs are constantly changing. If game companies only rely on one product or one market, it is difficult to meet the needs of players and cope with the changes in the market.

Therefore, only by constantly introducing new products and expanding new markets can we meet the different needs of players and expand more market share, at the same time, we can enhance our core competitiveness and consolidate our market position.

In this regard, relying on rich game reserves, China Mobile Games has formed a complete new tour online plan to create a new engine for diversified performance growth.

Looking back on 2023, Ultraman Gathering, Swallowing the Starry Sky, My Royal Sword Diary, legend of sword and fairy’s Sword-wielding Quest and Master the World were launched one after another, and the file-not-deleted test of National Street Basket, a competitive end-game tour with no numerical value, was officially scheduled for December 29th.

In the layout of sea business, All-Star atrix, legend of sword and fairy’s Sword Quest, Biography of Cao Cao in the New Three Kingdoms, and True Warriors in the Three Kingdoms have also been launched in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, and Europe and the United States.

Extending the perspective, China Mobile Games will launch a number of new tour products in the domestic and overseas markets in the past two years, covering action role-playing, simulation management, card strategy and other game types.

With the rich product reserves entering the intensive release period, China Mobile Games is expected to attract more players and users, improve brand awareness and stickiness, and is expected to drive the growth of China Mobile Games and drive the release of company value.

In the domestic market, in addition to The Fairy Sword World, Douro Continent: Shrek College, Management Life of Country Love, Fighting against the Sky: The Summit, Douro Continent Reversing Time and Space, and Daily Life of Chat Groups have all obtained domestic editions, and entered the final stage of pre-launch testing, and are expected to be launched gradually in 2024.

In overseas markets, it is expected that in 2024, Soul Street: Born King, Apocalypse Action, Douluo Mainland: Shrek College, DreamWorks: Guardian of the Moon, Fighting against the Sky: The Peak, and The Biography of Cao Cao in the New Three Kingdoms will be launched in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. "True Three Kingdoms Warriors" was launched in Japan; "Code: DreamWorks All-Star" was launched in Europe and America.

Zhang Yijun, the first vice chairman of China Audio-visual and Digital Publishing Association, said at the just-concluded "2023 Game Growth Trend Forum": "Small games are gradually becoming an important field of game industry development because of their advantages such as more accurate distribution, higher user conversion rate, lower research and development cost and wide application of scenarios."

It is reported that the layout of mobile games in China has been over two years, except for nine games, such as The Legend of the Fantasy, The Gunman of the Whole People: The King of the Border, The Legend of the Sword of Kyushu, The Master of the World, etc. In 2024, there were nearly 20 well-known games, such as Swallowing the Starry Sky, The Legend of the New Shooting Carving Heroes, and The Husband-in-law.

3. Summary

From the perspective of the industry, the recent third quarterly report of the game industry clearly shows that under the background of the normalization of the current game version number, the acceleration of overseas distribution, and the reduction of costs and efficiency of AI technology, high-quality companies with rich product reserves, strong self-research strength, complete online plans and high praise from players will take the lead in welcoming the double repair cycle of valuation and performance.

From the "Fairy Sword World", which has attracted much attention from the market, to the new tour products that will be launched intensively, the diversified IP game ecosystem of Chinese mobile games may have given the answer.