WANDA CINEMAS’s most important project premiered this year, and "Three Battalions" entered the New Year’s Eve file.

enter12After mid-June, the competition for lunar new year’s eve stalls has intensified, and the film "Three Battalions" will also be released on12moon15Day in.The film "Three Battalions" is produced by Chen Sicheng, directed by Dai Mo, written by Zhang Ji, and starring Zhang Yi. It tells the story that the three battalions led by Cheng Bing were imprisoned for accidentally causing the death of the suspect when they detected a vicious case. After being released from prison, Cheng Bing led the members of the three battalions to pursue the murderer and finally arrested the murderer.

Recently, The Three Battalions held its premiere in Beijing. This is the fourth time this year that Zhang Yi has met the audience in the cinema as the leading role after "Man Jiang Hong", "Knife Point" and "Priceless Treasure".

Zhang Yi plays Cheng Bing, the captain of the Third Brigade of Criminal Investigation in the movie "Three Brigade". Zhang Yi thinks that the ups and downs of fate and the growth on the way to chase the murderer are the most attractive parts of this story. Although Zhang Yi only appeared as the leading actor in the cast list, according to the screenwriter Zhang Ji, Zhang Yi participated in designing the details of several scenes. For example, in the original plot design, the master Lao Zhang, played by Yang Xinming, died of overwork and illness, but Zhang Yi thought that the first half of the plot needed ups and downs, so the death of Lao Zhang in the final film was related to the pursuit of the murderer.

Poster of the movie "Three Battalions"

And "ups and downs" is not exactly the same as "dramatization". Zhang Ji once worked as a screenwriter for realistic films such as "Chinese Partner", "Dear" and Leap, and won the Best Screenwriter Award in the 33rd Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award with Leap. Zhang Ji said at the premiere that in the process of creating Three Battalions, he, producer Chen Sicheng and director Dai Mo all hoped that the film would present a more simple and grounded texture.

Chen Sicheng directed the detective chinatown series, and participated in the Sheep Without A Shepherd series and The Lost Woman as a producer and producer. These films also make Chen Sicheng deeply bound with labels such as "commercial films" and "reverse cool articles". Dai Mo, the director of "Three Battalions", once directed the film "manslaughter 2"",and" detective chinatown "online drama of the same name. Dramatization is the commonality of Chen Sicheng and Daimo’s previous works, but Zhang Ji thinks: "They are determined to return to the original." Zhang Ji revealed that in his original script, he chose Looking Back and Heart in Action as the interludes of the film. He thought that the film might need more genre and some sensational parts, but Chen Sicheng finally chose a more down-to-earth version of Young Men’s Ambition.

The film "Three Battalions" is adapted from the documentary literary work "Please tell the director that the task of the three battalions has been completed". The article was published in "Netease Human Studio" in 2018. In the comment area of the article, the most popular message is that the theme of the article is suitable for adaptation into a movie. In 2019, "Netease Human Studio" said that it officially signed a contract with Wanda Pictures, and Wanda Pictures exclusively obtained the film and television copyright of this article.

Poster of the movie "Three Battalions"

The Third Battalion is also one of the few master control projects in WANDA CINEMAS this year. Although WANDA CINEMAS turned a profit from net profit in the first half of the year, the income from cinema screening accounted for over 60%, while the income from film production, distribution and related businesses was only 202 million yuan, accounting for less than 3% of the total revenue. According to public information, WANDA CINEMAS participated in Wandering Earth 2 in the first three quarters."Space Exploration Editorial Department", "Enthusiasm", "Put all your eggs in one basket", "Volunteer Army: Attack by Xiongbing" and "Rescue the Suspect" and other projects, but only as one of the joint producers. The cumulative box office of WANDA CINEMAS’s project "Countdown Love You" is only2637.0Ten thousand yuan, WANDA CINEMAS’s dilemma in the content section can be seen. "Three Battalions" can be said to be the most important master control project in WANDA CINEMAS this year, and it is also the key project of WANDA CINEMAS’s revenue in the content section this year.

In addition, on December 6,WANDA CINEMAS announced that its indirect controlling shareholder, Beijing Wanda Cultural Industry Group Co., Ltd., its wholly-owned subsidiary, Beijing Hengrun Enterprise Management Development Co., Ltd., and its actual controller, Wang Jianlin, intend to transfer 51% equity of its controlling shareholder, Beijing Wanda Investment Co., Ltd., to Shanghai Ruyi Investment Management Co., Ltd. And inThis year 7June, Shanghai Confucianism has been to22.62Buy Beijing Wanda Investment at a price of 100 million yuan.49% of the shares, through the form of indirect holding shares in WANDA CINEMAS. If this transaction is completed, the control right of WANDA CINEMAS Company will change. The "Three Battalions" is the first master control project released after WANDA CINEMAS announced this news, which will not only directly affect the revenue of WANDA CINEMAS, but also to a certain extent.Shanghai Confucianism has an influence.

Shanghai Taobao Film Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., which belongs to Alibaba Pictures, is also one of the producers of Three Battalions. Before the premiere, the film "Three Battalions" appeared in the list of films to be shown announced by Ali Pictures at this year’s Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, and onceAppeared as the closing film of the domestic new film exhibition of Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival.. In addition, the "Three Brigade" has been in December.2Day and12mooneightTwo rounds of screening will be launched on the 20 th, and the third round of national screening will also be held in12moon11SolsticeOpen on the 14th.

As of December12The total box office of screening and pre-sale of "Three Battalions" exceeded.More than 78 million yuan, Lighthouse Professional Edition wants to see more than 160,000 people..On the same day as The Three Battalions, there was also The God of Dogs directed by luc besson, whose reputation in Douban is slightly better than The Three Battalions, but the number of people who want to see it is slightly lower. Detective Conan: The Fish Shadow of Black Iron and Furious Tide starring Nick Cheung and Ehan Juan will also be released on December 16th. It remains to be seen whether the Three Battalions can break through the tight encirclement.