The 5th World Archaeological Forum was held in Shanghai.

Author: Wenxuan

On December 15th, the opening ceremony of the 5th World Archaeological Forum Shanghai was held in Shanghai. Li Qun, Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism and Director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Gao Xiang, President of China Academy of Social Sciences, and Gong Zheng, Mayor of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government attended and spoke.

Li Qun pointed out that the China municipal government attaches great importance to the work of cultural relics, actively promotes the high-quality development of China archaeology in the new era, constantly strengthens policy support, innovates development mode, and sets up the working idea of "grand archaeology", and is willing to exchange and learn from each other and share achievements and experiences with international counterparts on the road of building archaeology with Chinese characteristics, China style and China style. He said that in the face of climate change, the common challenge of all mankind, it is necessary to provide historical reference for the sustainable development of mankind through the unique perspective of archaeology. China’s State Administration of Cultural Heritage will actively support the research on ancient environmental changes and the relationship between man and land, learn from the past and make joint efforts to protect the common earth home of all mankind. Archaeological circles in China will further open up archaeological projects, conduct civilized exchanges and dialogues, and make China contributions to the prosperity of the world’s civilized gardens. We are willing to join hands with our international counterparts, implement the global civilization initiative, earnestly fulfill our international responsibilities, actively share the experience and technology in dealing with climate change, and contribute to the protection of the common cultural heritage of mankind.

Gong Zheng said that Shanghai insists on promoting high-quality development with high-level protection, getting inspiration and nutrients from the evolution of human civilization, and promoting the modernization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Gao Xiang said that the World Archaeological Forum is committed to innovation and cooperation, and China archaeology should constantly bring new impetus and new opportunities to the world archaeology with new development.

The theme of this forum is "Climate Change Archaeology and Social Sustainable Development". The forum awarded the lifetime achievement award of the 5th World Archaeological Forum to Professor Yan Wenming of Peking University, and awarded the major field archaeological discovery award of the 5th World Archaeological Forum and the major archaeological research achievement award of the World Archaeological Forum.

Relevant comrades from China Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Institute of Archaeology of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage, Shanghai Research Institute and Shanghai University, and more than 200 experts and scholars from more than 40 countries attended the meeting.

Li Qun also investigated Fuquanshan Site and Songze Site Museum, and the relevant departments of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and responsible comrades of the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage participated in the investigation.

Editor: Yang Yapeng and Yan Menglin

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