The "God of War" in Nordic Mythology, Analysis on the Style of GW E Series of world of tanks

Recently, the holiday action of "world of tanks" is in full swing, and many captains have gained a lot of favorite advanced tanks and 3D styles from the holiday action activities, among which the 3D style "Tyre" of self-propelled artillery GWE series is highly praised by players. The cool and domineering shape has made many captains fondle admiringly, and they are also very curious about the story behind the 3D style of this tank.

The god of war in Norse mythology, the god who mastered the power of thunder.

Compared with the unfamiliar "Tyre", I believe that the conductor is more familiar with the name "Thor". Yes, he is the famous god of war, the god in charge of war and agriculture in Nordic mythology. Armed with the hammer of Thor, he can defeat any opponent in the battlefield. Even among the gods in Nordic mythology, there are only a handful of gods who can fight with Tyre, so the name "Tyre" also represents absolute strength and aggression!

The output monster in the battlefield, the absolute attack of "Thor’s Hammer"

The setting of Nordic mythology also influenced the later Germanic areas. Because the 21 cm Mrser 18 used at that time was the largest caliber field gun, the design of "caliber is truth" made it become the "Thor’s Hammer" in the battlefield at that time. It is worth mentioning that the 21cm Mrser 18 is also the main gun used in the GWE series, so it is not surprising that this tank has a "Tyre" 3D style.

GW E’s 3D style "Tyre" adopts the design of "Geely Clothing" which is very popular among military fans. Hanging cloth strips around the tank can effectively cover the sharp edges and corners of the tank, making it difficult to be found in the jungle and other places. The 3D style of "Tyre" also adds two accessories with historical background to GW E. MG42 machine gun and LG40 recoilless gun are important equipment carried by special forces or airborne troops in the mountains in history, and the infantry is gradually advanced through close fire support.

Although GW E series does not have the precision of the 261 project and the single-shot damage of T92, this tank has a very balanced property and a steady and continuous output. By using this 3D style in the game, the captains can not only appreciate the heavy sense of history of this 3D style, but also experience the powerful comprehensive performance of GW E series!

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