Excellent film | Saving Private Ryan: One and Eight, War and Human Nature

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There are many war movies with surging blood and roaring gunfire, and some of them are forgotten after watching them;

Some can only be used as a substitute in our ordinary life, stimulating our senses and releasing our emotions;

Some are destined to stay in the depths of our memory, watch it once and purify our hearts once.

Undoubtedly belongs to the latter.

The real hero in the war saved our hearts.

Saving Private Ryan tells the story of eight people taking risks to save one person.

Director Spielberg won the Oscar for Best Director again for this film. (1993, Saving Private Ryan, 1998)

Saving Private Ryan, which has won numerous praises, is one of the best war films in Hollywood history and a milestone in war films. In 2014, the film was selected into the list of "national treasure films" in the United States.

During World War II, Ryan, an American paratrooper played by Matt Damon, was trapped behind enemy lines, and all his three brothers were killed. If he is also killed, the mother at home will bear the huge blow of losing four sons at once.

The US General Command decided to send an 8-member team including Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) to rescue him.

In fact, they in the film and we all have the same question:Is it worth it to save one from eight risks?

Great war movies are more than just gunfire and passion. What really hits us is the softness of human nature in war movies.

Saving Private Ryan is constantly changing between rigidity and softness, cruelty and fragility. The camera moves from the solemn cemetery to the beach in fierce fighting, to the quiet rural Yuan Ye, to the ruins in the war, and finally to the peaceful cemetery. After several changes, it seems like a lifetime ago.

The opening twenty minutes of the film is the famous Normandy landing.

At the beginning of the film, the bloody and horrible war scenes were presented to us naked: the mutilated people who were blown up in the air, the soldiers who were dying calling for their mothers, the wounded who were wailing everywhere, the sea water dyed red with blood, the sound of bullets shuttling through the water, the sound of bullets hitting the steel frame, bloody battlefield surgery and so on … … More than 20 minutes of continuous motion scenes left us no room for breathing, which was extremely shocking.

— — What a tragic sight.

— — Yes, it’s tragic.

If the war scene of more than 20 minutes at the beginning only strongly stimulated our senses, then the next calm and serene scene, which is the softest place in our hearts, brought a heavy blow.

In the quiet office where you can only hear the sound of typewriters, the crack is a death knell.

The most tragic thing is not the scene of war, but the notice of death to inform relatives.

Dear Mr. Boyd, you should have heard about the death of your son. Nothing can alleviate your grief. Our army deeply regrets his death. He was an excellent soldier … …

Your husband is devoted to his duties, and everyone misses him … …

You are the mother of five soldiers who died gloriously on the battlefield. I feel that my words are weak and powerless, and I can’t appease your sorrow at all, nor can I make up for your loss. But I must thank you here. They died to save the country. May God appease your bereavement and make you miss your beloved forever. The sacred glory belongs to you, because you paid a heavy price for freedom. — — Sincerely from Lincoln

The picture of a mother collapsed to the ground without a line made people feel very sad. The photo on the right shows everything. She has lost three sons, and the only one (Ryan) is still in doubt.

The next eight-person team’s adventure to find Ryan is the highlight of the whole film.

First of all, going deep into the battlefield to find someone is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Secondly, Ryan is trapped behind enemy lines and the rescue work is very dangerous.

Captain Miller led an eight-person team, and the rescue of Ryan filled us with suspense and expectation. Eight people have a common goal, but each person has his own unique personality. There are many accidents, conflicts and hesitations in the middle, and what is more cruel is that people are dying one after another.

Tom HanksCaptain Miller, with calm eyes and rich combat experience. The film does not try to create his tall heroic image, but shows his complete humanity from different aspects.

His right hand often shakes, and he will be afraid.

He has the courage of a tough guy, but his heart is still soft. When his comrade-in-arms died, he sat on the stone alone and cried.

He used to be a middle school teacher, and the integration of the essence of civilian intellectuals and military identity made his behavior full of deeper human values from the beginning. Obeying the orders of superiors is not purely for military purposes, but for humanitarianism. Saving a person’s life is equivalent to saving an entire family.

Another distinctive and impressive character is that he can speak German and French.Translation — — Urban.

He was called cowardly and timid by many people. Seeing that he was afraid of delaying to save his teammates in trouble, which led to the death of his teammates, I believe many people can’t help but be angry. And his kindness transcends the opposition of the camp. He will be soft on the enemy, give water to prisoners of war, chat with them, and even agree to let them go.

Everyone wants to be a hero, but when we really go to war, maybe we are just weak Urban, and we may not be able to keep this kindness in our hearts.

Sniper JacksonThe death of is worrying. He likes to kiss the cross and praise God before aiming at shooting. His marksmanship is accurate and ruthless, and he sleeps soundly than anyone else because he is simple enough.

At the top of the tower, he fired eight shots to cover his comrades, and was blown to pieces by the tanks on the ground. Just before the enemy fired, he shouted to his comrades around him, "Get down!"

The road to saving Ryan is full of difficulties. The rescuers are praying that Ryan is worth saving even if he sacrifices his teammates.

RyanLive up to expectations, he is indeed a brave and responsible good soldier.

When the team found him, Captain Miller told him that his three brothers had been killed and he was ordered to send Ryan home safely.

Ryan firmly said that he would stay and fight side by side with his teammates. He said that his mother at home would understand him and would agree with him.

Captain Miller couldn’t take Ryan away, so he had to discuss countermeasures with his teammates. There are two choices before them: one is to go back, and the other is to stay and fight with him. Their choice is to stay. Because "if we look back on the past one day, we may feel that Saving Private Ryan is a great masterpiece that we have accomplished in this war-torn era."

So, the team that saved Ryan and Ryan stayed behind to do the final battle together.

Their task is to hold a bridge in Ramle. If the bridge is captured by the Germans, the American troops will retreat.

In the last half hour of the film, the bridge stuck to the battle, echoing the Normandy beach landing battle at the beginning. Cruelty and cruelty are the unchanging scenes of war. Gunfire, gunfire, the roar of tanks and the cry of tearing are the eternal background sounds of war.

In addition to these two themes, the core of the film is to convey the theme of human nature and the discussion of life.

Is there a difference between life and weight? Ryan is human, so are the two teammates who died in the squad. The American army is human, so are the captured German soldiers.

No matter who lives or dies, war is a massacre.

At the end of the film, the camera returned to the quiet cemetery.

Ryan, an old man, recovered from his painful memories. He thought of the bridge at Lamble and Captain Miller’s last entrustment.

"James, don’t let everyone down."

Old Ryan, in front of Captain Miller’s grave, said slowly:

"I try my best to live my life every day. I hope this is enough, or at least make you feel,I have lived up to everything you have done for me."