New Year’s Day is smooth, and Guangdong traffic is in action!

Southern Network News (Reporter/Zheng Xuyan correspondent/Guangdong Communications Comprehensive) The traffic volume during the New Year holiday has increased. In order to do a good job in ensuring smooth roads and make everyone’s holiday travel smoother and safer, the following sections do so!
Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway:
30 teams and groups do their best to ensure smooth flow.
During the New Year’s Day, in order to ensure the smooth and orderly road network, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway set up 12 road standby stations and 6 rescue stations, and the road administration department sent 26 teams to participate in the smooth road surface maintenance throughout the day (8 teams in the morning shift, 10 teams in the middle shift, 5 teams in the night shift and 3 teams in the motor); Four teams in the monitoring center take turns to work, and the "road traffic abnormal event detection system" is applied to grasp the road traffic situation in real time.
Before the festival, Houjie Toll Station of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway was upgraded, and self-service card issuing machine and self-service payment machine were installed at the exit and entrance artificial lanes respectively, and four functions of self-service card issuing, self-service payment, mobile lane terminal and cloud toll hall were added to create a smart toll station of expressway with unattended lanes, abnormal remote operation and intelligent inspection afterwards.
South Ring Expressway:
Eight charging piles were put into operation in Leliu and Danzao service areas.
South Ring Expressway gives full play to the "multi-party" working mechanism, and implements "four-party joint" duty in the monitoring (customer service) center to improve the monitoring of important sections and the efficiency of information reporting; Road administration, traffic police, and rescue departments jointly prepare for duty at key sections of Nansha Bridge, allocate emergency and smooth forces step by step, dynamically adjust road stationing points, and deal with all kinds of emergencies efficiently and quickly.
The Leliu and Danzao service areas have completed the commissioning and commissioning of 8 charging piles. The upgraded charging piles are new 120KW double-gun charging piles. The two pairs of service areas can accommodate 16 new energy vehicles to charge at the same time. The single-gun charging flow can reach the maximum demand of 240A, and the charging power is increased by 50%, providing safer, more efficient and convenient charging services for new energy owners.
Humen Bridge:
In case of rush hour, it will cooperate with the traffic police department to enable hard shoulder traffic.
It is estimated that the peak traffic of Humen Bridge will appear on January 1st, which is higher than last year.
During the New Year’s Day, Humen Bridge will continue to ban trucks and buses with more than 40 seats all day; Strictly implement the "one blocking point and one scheme". In case of rush hour, vehicles will be guided to borrow hard shoulders from K42 eastbound to K39 eastbound (Guangzhou to Dongguan) and K36+900M westbound to K37+400M westbound (Dongguan to Guangzhou). Add two groups of mobile road officers to stand by, patrol alternately, and make up the position in a circular way to ensure that "measures are taken when people see cars"; Two-way rescue points will be set up in the area from Weiyuan Interchange to Nansha Interchange, and two rescue vehicles will be arranged to stop alternately to ensure rapid handling of road emergencies.
The following sections are closed.
The reconstruction and expansion project of the ferry road of Shiziyang Channel was started in mid-December 2023. From December 20, 2023 to April 30, 2028, the ferry road (section from Qishafulong Road in Sha Tin to Liansheng North Road in Baisha, Humen) was closed for traffic control.
In addition, during the New Year’s Day, the "Donghe Bridge to Zhuhai Station" section of the Guangzhou-Zhuhai section of the Guangzhou-Macao Expressway is occupied by the Nansha-Zhuhai section reconstruction and expansion project, and vehicles are prone to slow traffic during peak hours; The south and north areas of Dongsheng service area of Zhongjiang Expressway continue to be closed, and vehicles are prohibited from entering the service area. Please plan the detour route in advance to avoid traffic congestion.
During the New Year holiday, please take the wrong peak to travel, choose the route reasonably and try to avoid the rush hour!