Jiyuan: Heyuan Street Primary School held the theme forum of "Learning-welcoming Classroom" in city primary schools.

In this activity, four teachers, Zhai Huimin, Wang Fang, Zhou Libo and Ran Huixia, shared the educational research and practical achievements of "Yue Xue Classroom" with teachers. Teacher Zhai Huimin shared "Yue Pin Le Xiang-Teaching and Research Practice Based on Primary School English Spelling Teaching", which used wonderful cases to analyze the selection method of primary school English theme scenes and the teaching mode of "independent Yue Pin"; Teacher Wang Fang shared "Reading Pleasure-A Preliminary Study on the Construction of English Reading Curriculum in Primary Schools", which introduced the construction and practice of E-interest English curriculum from the aspects of curriculum construction background, curriculum system design and curriculum framework. Teacher Zhou Libo shared the "Discourse-based Training Practice of" Yue Xue Classroom "in primary school English, which deeply interpreted Yue Xue classroom from the aspects of the development process, teaching concept and teaching paradigm, and pointed out the direction and strategy of Yue Xue topic practice. Finally, Mr. Ran shared "Based on the Curriculum Horizon, Implementing the" Happy Learning Classroom "in Primary School English", which made the teachers here have a deeper understanding of the "happy learning classroom" and pointed out the direction for English teaching in the future.