With the arrival of spring, "Document No.1" emphasizes these five "strengths"

  Spring is the first year of the year, and agriculture is the first. At the beginning of the Spring Festival, "Document No.1" arrived as scheduled with spring. This is the first Central Document No.1 issued after the 20th Party Congress, which writes a blueprint for rural revitalization and emphasizes "keep ‘ Agriculture, countryside and farmers ’ The basic dish is very important and can’t be lost, which conveys a strong signal of emphasizing agriculture and strengthening agriculture.

  Document No.1 of the Central Committee has made nine arrangements for comprehensively promoting the key work of rural revitalization. The first task is to pay close attention to the stable production and supply of grain and important agricultural products. It is the experience of last year and the direction of this year that "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" are improving and taking the initiative in the overall situation. Looking back on 2022, in the face of the stormy international environment and arduous domestic reform, development and stability tasks, China’s grain production achieved "19 consecutive harvests" and "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" made solid progress, winning the initiative to effectively cope with the impact of unexpected factors. Looking forward to 2023, to turn the big goal of "keeping the national grain output above 1.3 trillion Jin" into a small goal, we must not only stabilize the area, focus on yield per unit area, and strive to increase production, but also strive to ensure that farmers can earn money from growing grain. Only by increasing production and stopping losses, and simultaneously strengthening agricultural infrastructure construction, agricultural science and technology and equipment support can we protect the rice bag, vegetable basket and oil bottle.

  A strong country must first strengthen agriculture, and a strong agriculture can strengthen the country. Earlier, the Party’s Report to the 20th CPC National Congress first proposed "accelerating the construction of an agricultural power". What is the strength of an agricultural power? Document No.1 of the Central Committee gives the answer — — Strong supply guarantee, strong scientific and technological equipment, strong management system, strong industrial toughness and strong competitiveness. To achieve these five goals, the bottom line is to ensure food security and prevent large-scale poverty. On this basis, we must solidly promote key tasks such as rural development, rural construction and rural governance. It is a strategic and long-term task to strengthen agriculture and strengthen agriculture. At present, only by focusing on promoting rural revitalization in an all-round way, concentrating on human input, material allocation and financial security, and solidly promoting the "five revitalization" of rural industries, talents, culture, ecology and organization can we provide solid support for accelerating the construction of an agricultural power.

  In the final analysis, promoting the high-quality development of agriculture and rural revitalization is to benefit farmers and meet their expectations for a better life. This needs to promote the overall improvement of the countryside from the outside to the inside, both in form and spirit, so that farmers can be rich in both pockets and brains. Rich "pocket" depends on promoting employment, increasing skills and carrying out reforms. Broaden the channels of increasing income and getting rich, so that hundreds of millions of peasants can get property benefits in a down-to-earth manner and share the fruits of reform, which can better stimulate their enthusiasm. Rich "brains" require equal attention to rural shaping and soul casting, and coordination between material civilization and spiritual civilization, so that the "high-priced bride price" and "big-scale operation" that everyone cares about can be effectively managed, and the customs can be truly changed, so that the countryside can be stable and peaceful, livable and suitable for business, and the happiness index can be higher and higher.

  A year’s plan starts with spring. At present, from Woye in the South to the granary in the Central Plains, all localities are in full swing to carry out spring tube spring ploughing, and the vast countryside is full of spring and hope. If the nation is to be revived, the countryside will be revitalized. In the new year, we should make strenuous efforts, implement the No.1 Document of the Central Committee, and keep the basics of "agriculture, countryside and farmers", which will surely enable the broad masses of peasants to live a good life with a growing sense of gain, and make progress in building a strong agricultural country and promoting rural revitalization.

  (Text | Dong Zhu)