The official announcement of the 5th Pingyao International Film Festival will open on October 12th.

1905 movie network news On June 1, 2021, the Information Office of Shanxi Provincial Government held a press conference in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, announcing that the fifth Pingyao International Film Exhibition will be held in Pingyao Ancient City from October 12 to October 19.On the basis of maintaining the program structure, original direction and existing characteristics of the film exhibition, this year’s Pingyao International Film Festival was upgraded to a provincial project from the mechanism and "started again" with a new attitude. Since the day of the press conference, the 5th Pingyao International Film Exhibition has officially started to solicit films for the whole world, and the collection channel for industrial projects will also be opened before early June.

Wu Xiaohua, member of the Standing Committee of Jinzhong Municipal Committee and secretary of Pingyao County Party Committee, Li Wei, president of Shanxi Media College, and Jia Zhangke, founder of Pingyao International Film Exhibition, attended the conference. "Thanks to the great attention of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, thanks to the encouragement and support of the provincial leaders, and thanks to the concern and concern of the top and bottom of Shanxi Province for the Pingyao Film Exhibition, which is a powerful driving force for us to continue to run the film exhibition well." Jia Zhangke said at the press conference.

Wu Xiaohua, member of the Standing Committee of Jinzhong Municipal Committee and secretary of Pingyao County Party Committee, said that comprehensive guarantee will be provided for Pingyao International Film Exhibition in many aspects. "We sincerely thank all of you for your concern and support as always, and look forward to the film exhibition as scheduled," she said in her speech.

Li Wei, Dean of Shanxi Media College, focused on the construction of Shanxi film "production, learning, research, creation and exhibition". "The provincial party committee decided that Shanxi Film Academy of Shanxi Media College will join Pingyao Film Exhibition as the organizer, which is an important measure for the provincial party committee to lay out Shanxi film ecology." He said, "Our school will give full play to the advantages of disciplines and specialties to help the development of Pingyao International Film Exhibition; The rich resources of Pingyao International Film Festival will further help the combination of production and learning and enhance the academic activity and professional level of Shanxi Film Academy. "

"As a new film exhibition, Pingyao Film Exhibition has gained some experience and formed its own exhibition style and characteristics after four years of holding," concluded Jia Zhangke. "Pingyao Film Exhibition, which is about to enter its fifth year, has ushered in an important period of strategic opportunities and is in urgent need of reform and innovation."

In addition to adding Shanxi Film Academy of Shanxi Media College as the organizer of the film exhibition, Pingyao Film Exhibition will reorganize the management and curatorial team, refine the division of labor, and invite China film editor, film critic, documentary film researcher and painter Lin Xudong as the artistic director of Pingyao Film Exhibition, responsible for the overall planning and program content planning of the film exhibition; As the chief consultant of the film exhibition, responsible for the overall strategic consultation of the film exhibition and the selection of foreign language films. Marie-Pierre Duhamel-Muller, Wu Jueren, Cai Shaoyong, Alena Shamakwa, Tiputi Dikonya, Tomita Sanscrewdriver, Sandra Hebrew and Tiago Rael will continue to select films for Pingyao Film Festival on a global scale.

While reorganizing resources and refining the division of labor among teams, the 5th Pingyao Film Festival will also increase investment in the film project of "Starting from Shanxi" unit, including giving cash rewards to outstanding local films in Shanxi, giving cash rewards to outstanding local films in the film exhibition industry module, and providing more opportunities for industrial incubation for local film projects in Shanxi.

Referring to his role in this film exhibition, Jia Zhangke’s own Weibo said: "In the past, my biggest regret during the Pingyao film exhibition was that I didn’t see a single film. This year, I am expected to become the’ chief experience officer’ of the film exhibition, watch movies with the audience and listen to the speeches of the directors. "

At the press conference, Jia Zhangke also officially announced that MOMO, a leading open mobile social platform in China, will continue to support the 5th Pingyao International Film Festival as the chief partner. "MOMO has been accompanying the growth of Pingyao Film Festival since the first year of Pingyao in 2017, and I am very grateful for their strong support," he said.

Pingyao International Film Festival was founded in 2017 and is held every year in Pingyao ancient city with a history of 2,700 years. The fifth Pingyao Film Exhibition will continue the program structure of the previous four film exhibitions, and still consist of four sections: film exhibition, industry, academia and education, in which the film exhibition section maintains the original five units of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Premiere, Retrospect and Starting from Shanxi.

The fifth Pingyao International Film Exhibition was officially opened.

The 5th Pingyao International Film Exhibition is officially open to the world, and the film collection time will last from now until August 10th, 2021. The registered films can be registered online by clicking on, the official website of Pingyao International Film Festival.

The 5th Pingyao International Film Exhibition will be held from October 12th to 19th in Pingyao Film Palace, located in the ancient city of Pingyao, Jinzhong, Shanxi Province, co-sponsored by Pingyao Film Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Film Academy of Shanxi Media College. On the basis of showing outstanding films from all over the world, Pingyao International Film Festival pays special attention to discovering and actively promoting outstanding works of young directors from emerging and developing countries, providing a platform for these films to speak out, aiming at enhancing exchanges among filmmakers from all over the world, so as to activate and prosper the creation of world films.

After being selected by Pingyao International Film Festival, the registered films will have the opportunity to be screened in the five official units of this film festival. Official units include Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which focuses on new international directors, Premiere, which shows important commercial films, noteworthy works, master works or selected films of major international film festivals, Retrospect, which plans and shows film classics with unique perspectives and academic value around special themes, and Starting from Shanxi, which aims to promote the development of Shanxi film industry.

The 5th Pingyao International Film ExhibitionGuidance notes for film registration

1. Before submitting the registration information, the film registration applicant must read and agree to the Articles of Association of the 5th Pingyao International Film Exhibition (downloaded from, official website).

2. Deadline for registration: 24:00 on August 10th, 2021.

3. Registration fee: RMB 350 yuan or USD 60 yuan.

4. Log in to, official website, enter the film registration page, fill in the registration form and pay the registration fee according to the instructions.

5. A drama, cartoon or documentary with a duration of 70 minutes or more.

6. To register films, it is necessary to ensure that the transformation of DCP (Digital Film Package) is completed before September 20, 2021, and the film exhibition does not accept other screening formats.

7. The registered film has not participated in any film activity, exhibition or release in Chinese mainland in any form or version; It has not been published on the internet.

8. The Organizing Committee will give priority to films that can be premiered in Pingyao Film Festival in the world, internationally or in Asia.

9. If the dialogue of the registered film is non-Chinese Putonghua or non-English, it must be accompanied by Chinese or English subtitles.

10. The sample of the registered film should be submitted in the form of online link, which can include the picture watermark; The submitted sample version can be a production version, but the film exhibition version must be an administrative approval version; If the applicant submits different versions of the same film for many times, the organizing Committee will take the version submitted by the applicant for the first time as the standard.