[See you at 18: 00] Too light? Those who leaked the information of "Hua Zong" were detained for 7 days and fined 500 yuan.

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The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council responded to Taiwan Province’s "Industrial Research Institute" announcement prohibiting internal employees from using Huawei products.

On January 16th, at the regular press conference of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, a reporter asked questions about the announcement by Taiwan Province Industrial Research Institute that its internal employees were prohibited from using Huawei mobile phones and computers. Ma Guang Xiao, spokesman of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said that we firmly oppose such practices that undermine normal cross-strait economic and trade cooperation for political purposes. It not only harms the interests of mainland enterprises, but also seriously harms the interests of consumers in Taiwan Province. This kind of practice caters to some foreign forces and is willing to be a pawn of outsiders, which is unpopular.

Too light? Those who leaked the information of "Hua Zong" were detained for 7 days and fined 500 yuan.

Recently, Shenzhen Public Security Bureau issued a circular: Peng, a 42-year-old hotel manager in Shenzhen, was given administrative detention for 7 days and fined 500 yuan. The source was found, but 500 yuan was only sentenced to seven days’ detention, which was questioned by the public. What was the basis for this punishment? Is the penalty too light? In the case of "Hua Zong", because the illegal actor has only disclosed and illegally provided the personal identity information of "Hua Zong", and there is no evidence to prove that the illegal actor has made illegal profits and the amount of illegal profits exceeds 5,000 yuan, so the illegal actor’s behavior has not reached the level of crime, and it is not enough to reach the level of criminal prosecution through criminal law.


Wang Junwen, the former director of state-owned enterprises in Hainan Province, returned to China and surrendered himself.

According to the website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, on January 15, 2019, under the overall coordination of the International Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Coordination Group, with the unremitting efforts of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, Wang Junwen, a suspected fugitive from duty, surrendered himself and actively returned to China. This is the first fugitive duty criminal suspect who returned to China to surrender after the Third Plenary Session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the sixth fugitive who came to the case after the Central Pursuit Office announced the clues of 50 fugitives suspected of duty crimes and economic crimes.

The main person in charge of Hualin Company suspected of pyramid schemes has been under the control of the police.

According to the website of the Huanghua Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Hebei Province, after intense work, it was initially found out that the company was suspected of organizing and leading pyramid schemes since the Huanghua Joint Investigation Team entered Hualin Company. At present, the main person in charge of the company and related personnel have been under the control of the police. The investigation team of the case will be thoroughly investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law.


South Korea’s national defense white paper deletes "North Korea as an enemy"

The South Korean Ministry of National Defense released the "2018 National Defense White Paper" on the 15th, deleting the statement that the North Korean government and army are "enemies". This change reflects the improvement of North-South relations. The new white paper refers to a broader national security threat with "enemy", and generally defines all forces that threaten and violate "Korea’s sovereignty, territory, national life and property security" as enemies. The South Korean Ministry of National Defense said in a press release that this concept includes not only North Korea, but also transnational threats, non-military threats and increasing potential threats.

The government hasn’t opened the door yet. Trump wants 50,000 employees to come back to work without paying.

Washington post reported on the 15th that Trump said on Tuesday (15th) local time that he had asked to "recall" 50,000 federal employees to "perform some key government duties", including paying tax rebates, supervising flight safety, and inspecting the national food and medicine supply. However, these government employees will return to work without pay.

Nissan said it would thoroughly investigate the former chairman’s irregularities and consider a claim lawsuit.

A number of Japanese media reported on the 15th that Nissan Motor Company found through internal investigation that Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman, had asked Nissan to pay for the decoration of its overseas residence, the membership fee of the sailing club and the donation to the university. Nissan intends to thoroughly investigate its series of violations and consider filing a claim lawsuit. Nissan said that it will sort out a series of facts and promote information sharing and claim litigation procedures with Renault. Mitsubishi Motors, a subsidiary of Nissan, also conducted an internal investigation on former chairman Ghosn, and it is expected that the relevant information will be announced as soon as this week.


The first-instance judgment of the fund-raising fraud case of "Kuailu Department": Kuailu Group was fined 1.5 billion and two people were sentenced to life imprisonment.

On the morning of January 16th, Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People’s Court publicly pronounced a series of cases in which the defendants Shanghai Kuailu Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Changning Donghongqiao Microfinance Co., Ltd., Shanghai Donghongqiao Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. and 15 defendants, including Huang Jiaxuan, Wei Yanping, Zhou Mengmeng and Xu Qi (American), illegally absorbed public deposits, and guaranteed Kuailu Group, Donghongqiao Microfinance Company and Donghongqiao. Huang Jiaxuan and Wei Yanping were sentenced to life imprisonment and fined for fund-raising fraud; Xu Qi was sentenced to 13 years in prison and fined for two crimes of fund-raising fraud and illegal absorption of public deposits; The remaining 12 defendants, including Zhou Mengmeng, were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from 15 years to 9 years and fined for fund-raising fraud.

Wenzhou opened the first "low-headed family" ticket and was fined 10 yuan for crossing the road to see the mobile phone.

"Hello, I just saw you crossing the zebra crossing while holding your mobile phone. According to the Regulations on the Promotion of Civilized Behavior in Wenzhou, pedestrians will be punished by 10 yuan when they look down at their mobile phones when crossing the road." Recently, Wenzhou traffic police issued a penalty ticket to Ms. Hu, a "low-headed family" on the zebra crossing. According to reports, this is also the first ticket for pedestrians to watch mobile phones on zebra crossings after the implementation of the Regulations on the Promotion of Civilized Behavior in Wenzhou City on January 1, 2019.


Zhou Yang, a famous short track speed skater from China, was elected as a member of the Sports Committee of the International Skating Federation.

According to the China Skating Association, Zhou Yang, the two-time champion of short track speed skating in the Winter Olympics, was elected as a member of the Athletes Committee of the International Skating Federation, with a term of office from the 2019 World Championships to the 2023 World Championships.

In the 2019 Asian Cup, Australia defeated Syria and advanced to the top 16 with the second place in the group.

Group B of the Asian Cup ended the final round of competition on the evening of 15th. Australia beat Syria in injury time and advanced to the top 16 with the second place in the group. The Syrian team regretted going out at the last minute.


Wu Mengchao: 97-year-old winner of the highest national science and technology award retires.

"Now it seems that the right choice of returning to China, studying medicine, joining the army and joining the party has enabled me to truly realize my life value. Therefore, I am glad of my choice, and I will always be grateful to the party and the country, and thank the big family of the army for their education and training. " On January 14th, Wu Mengchao, a 97-year-old member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and dean of the Oriental Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital of the Second Military Medical University, said emotionally at his academician retirement ceremony.

He has been a doctor for more than 70 years, treated 16,000 patients with hepatobiliary diseases, and had at least 3 operations every week before retirement. "Working for the health of the motherland for 70 years" has a double meaning in him. Swift between the liver and gallbladder, but also with the patient’s liver and gallbladder, he explained what is a doctor’s kindness and what is a benevolent life!

Ren Zhengfei: "I miss my daughter very much and believe that justice will be done."

On January 15th, Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Huawei, said in an interview that Huawei is entirely owned by employees of the company, with nearly 97,000 shareholders. "No external organization owns our stock". When talking about his daughter, Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei, he said that he missed her very much and believed that justice would be done.

Geng Yanbo: "The mayor of the city" stepped down and was called the realistic version of Dakang Li.

On January 15, the Standing Committee of Taiyuan Municipal Committee held an enlarged meeting to announce the decision of Shanxi Provincial Committee on adjusting the main leadership positions of Taiyuan Municipal Government: Comrade Li Xiaobo was appointed as a member, standing committee member and deputy secretary of Taiyuan Municipal Committee; Geng Yanbo was relieved from the post of Deputy Secretary, Standing Committee Member of Taiyuan Municipal Committee. On the afternoon of the same day, the 20th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 14th Taiyuan Municipal People’s Congress was held. The meeting decided to accept Geng Yanbo’s resignation as mayor of Taiyuan and appointed Li Xiaobo as deputy mayor and acting mayor of Taiyuan. Geng Yanbo is famous for his diligence and hard work, and he is called "Mayor of online celebrity". During his tenure in Datong and Taiyuan, local citizens often met him at construction sites and pollution control sites.

Recently, a video of Geng Yanbo, then mayor of Datong, was widely circulated on social media, according to the report of WeChat WeChat official account "Politics". In the video, Geng Yanbo’s words are sharp and decisive, and he even breaks into a furious rage in order to implement the problem, causing heated discussion. The video clip was taken from a documentary broadcast in 2015, which recorded the arduous course of Geng Yanbo, the mayor of Datong, Shanxi Province, in the restoration of the ancient city during his tenure.

Theresa May: The Brexit agreement was not passed by the lower house of the British Parliament.

The lower house of the British Parliament voted on Theresa May’s Brexit agreement on the evening of 15th, and the result was that the agreement was overwhelmingly rejected by 432:202. It is said that this vote was the worst failure in the history of the British government. The previous record was that it failed by 166 votes in 1924.

After the voting, Theresa May made a brief speech. She said that in view of the complete defeat of the voting results, members of Parliament will have the opportunity to debate a motion of no confidence tomorrow (16th). She also said that she will continue to look for a solution acceptable to everyone.

Bella: the fourth anniversary of his death.

She was the first champion in the Youth Song Competition, and her cornea brought light to them after her death. On January 16th, 2015, singer Bella died of breast cancer at the age of 33. In April of that year, asteroid 41981 was named after her.

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Look quickly! All the secrets of LI are here.

  [car home Information] March 2 was a magical day. On the other side of the ocean, Musk talked about secret ambitions on Investor Day; Li Xiang, CEO of China and LI, spent five pages of PPT at the media communication meeting and shared it for two hours. In view of all the contents he shared, this paper only extracts the product information that everyone cares about, focusing on the follow-up product planning, autonomous driving progress and intelligent cockpit.

Some core messages:

1. Ideal to be a pure electric product, and still adhere to brand positioning: the luxury electric vehicle preferred by the family can be at the same price as the extended-range product.

2. NOA, the ideal city, was pushed to Max users in the fourth quarter.

3. Ideally, 8295 chips will be introduced, and L7/L8/L9 will support the replacement of 8295 chips.

Home of the car

■ What is the ideal pure electric vehicle?

  Friends who care about the ideal know that the ideal is not a dead-end extended range, but also pure electricity, and will make extended-range products until 2030. Unfortunately, at this communication meeting, we still don’t know what the ideal first pure electric product is. LI’s classmates told me that it is a "form you haven’t seen before", and the spy photos that have flowed out at present show that it may be an MPV. But obviously the ideal is not only a pure electric product, combined with the information of the financial report communication meeting at the end of February,The ideal pure electric product has a product sequence similar to the L series, which meets the needs of home users in the price range of 200,000-500,000.Of course, no matter what body shape it is, it is bound to have a big impact on the pure electric products that are mainly used at home at this stage.

Home of the car

"ideal pure electric MPV spy photos"

  However, no matter what this pure tram is, it still adheres to the ideal concept of "luxury electric car preferred by the family". Therefore, friends who care about their families can rest assured that the ideal pure electric product will not suddenly go off course, and get a big super-run with a speed of 100 kilometers for 3 seconds, so just wait and buy it.

  Li Xiang mentioned in his speeches everywhere that choosing extended range can solve two problems, one is battery cost and the other is energy supplement. Excellent manufacturers are trying their best to solve these two problems, such as Tesla’s extreme cost reduction and overcharging, and Weilai’s desperate efforts to build and replace power stations.

  The cost of batteries remains high, either manufacturers lose money to earn money or consumers spend more money; It is inconvenient to replenish energy. Some people say that an ideal range extender with low technical content directly hangs the 800 VSiC that a manufacturer has worked hard to make, which is not rough.

  Of course, we can’t say that the technology of 800V SiC is not good. In fact, the ideal pure electric vehicle is also this technology, and this technology is used to solve the above-mentioned cost and energy supplement problems.

Home of the car

  In terms of cost, Li Xiang said that 800V pure electric products are not so expensive, and they can achieve the same price as extended range. He said that the battery of 100kWh can last about 600km now, but we can use 80kWh through 800V and SiC components. And let the cost drop by 30,000-40,000 yuan, and the money saved will of course be piled up in the comfortable and intelligent configuration that we like to see.

  In terms of energy supplement, Li wanted to show a set of mode of household slow charging+urban fast charging (200kW)+ high-speed overcharge (480kW), and he also made the account clear. For example, a charging station with 480kW+3 250kW piles costs 1 million RMB, and 1,000 stations are built, which will be shared over five years, with an annual income of 2 billion, that is, 100 billion yuan.

  However, some people question this set of accounting logic and the pressure of the power grid. As we are not experts, we will not analyze it indiscriminately. In short, we all know that the ideal is to replenish energy, and it will not be worse than other manufacturers.

  Summarize the characteristics of ideal pure electric products: strong household attributes, the same price as extended range, and comfortable energy supplement. As for the time, although Li Xiang didn’t say it, according to the news in early February, it was off the assembly line in July and officially mass-produced in September.

Home of the car

  By the way, L5 is a big satellite in LI. At present, there are only two information points that Li wants to talk about in Weibo, namely, the non-SUV form and the price range of 200,000-300,000. However, according to Li Xiang himself, the ideal L7/L8/L9 is just like an Apple mobile phone, except for the case. This is really keep real… Then the L6 (five-seat SUV within 300,000) and L5 are estimated to be quite different. The form of non-SUV is a supplement to the ideal product line. After all, you have to walk on two legs these days.

■ NOA internal test of the ideal AD Max open city in the fourth quarter.

   It is not a new force to not engage in autonomous driving these days. In the new year, everyone began to roll up the city NOA. The ideal plan is to open the internal test of early bird users in NOA city on the ideal AD Max in the fourth quarter of this year. It should be noted here that the AD Pro version does not support urban NOA, but the actual experience of high-speed NOA is basically the same as that of the Max version, so you must pay attention when buying a car.

Home of the car

  Li Xiang believes that electric vehicles that cannot realize NOA in cities can only be called "electric vehicles", not "smart electric vehicles". The city NOA is actually similar to the high-speed NOA realized by many manufacturers at present, except that the scene is changed to the city, and the automatic driving from point A to point B is realized in the city without human takeover.

  From the second half of 2022, the city NOA has taken shape. Tucki, the pioneer of autonomous driving, pushed CNGP (city NOA, called by different manufacturers) on P5 in September 2022; Extreme Fox Alpha S HI and Huawei, WEY Mocha and Millie Zhixing have all realized this function.

Home of the car

"Tucki city navigation aid"

  At present, there are various factions and ideas under NOA in the city. For example, whether the high-precision map is used or not has undergone a series of changes and iterations. Previously, Tucki was a high-precision map player (it seems that he hasn’t completely given up now, and He Xiaopeng also proposed to speed up the review process of high-precision maps at the two sessions), and he also has Grade B mapping qualification. But now most players are gradually turning to the route of "emphasizing perception and ignoring maps", and in terms of perception, there are also pure visual Tesla and radar cameras.

  Under the mode of relying on high-precision maps, the city NOA will be limited to cities that allow surveying and mapping. For example, the city NCA of Polar Fox is still limited to Shenzhen and Shanghai. Li Xiang said that the ideal will not demarcate the city NOA one by one like the traditional model, but will promote NOA in many cities based on the big model and BEV (Bird’s Eye View, not electric cars). This is also the so-called software 2.0 era.

Home of the car

"Tesla’s perceptual process"

   BEV perception is to establish a bird’s-eye view of camera images from multiple perspectives and then perceive them, and cooperate with Transformer algorithm to make autonomous driving more cattle. In the case that Tesla, a pioneer, explores the road for everyone, domestic car companies have also started this set of operations. Li wants to predict that these companies using the Orin computing platform will basically deliver the earliest NOA; for testing in the fourth quarter of this year; By the end of the year, most head enterprises can achieve the level of Tesla at the end of 2011, and by 2024, everyone can generally achieve the level of Tesla in North America at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

  In the end, the city NOA does not need to become fully autonomous driving, but it can help drivers improve their experience when there is traffic jam every day. If more than 60% or even more than 80% of the cars in the city can be driven by this function, and the safety is no problem, it will have a huge change. Just as consumers buy a 20-30-story building, it is a fundamental difference whether there is an elevator or not.

  Judging from the current situation, autonomous driving also requires manufacturers to continuously educate users to use it, so that users can’t live without it. The utilization rate of assisted driving in LI is over 13%, and the utilization rate in high-speed scenes has exceeded 50%. According to the Spring Festival travel data released by Weilai, its total mileage is 276,699,061 kilometers, and the total mileage of NIO Pilot is 39,135,610 kilometers, about 14%.

  But judging from the situation of G9, another new force in Tucki, it has little effect on assisted driving. I think that autonomous driving is indeed the right way, but this road has a long way to go. Perhaps next year, with the landing of NOA in the city, the utilization rate of automatic driving assistance can be significantly improved.

■ Don’t worry, the old owner can upgrade 8295.

  LI is known as "creating a mobile home", so they collectively refer to the things in the car as intelligent technology, and this space will be the largest, most comfortable and most intelligent. Everyone holds a screen at home, so be sure to put more screens in the car. In this regard, everyone is most concerned about getting on the 8295 chip.

  The computing power of Qualcomm 8295 chip is eight times that of 8155. According to the current rhythm, the ideal may be the same as that of Jidu, and 8295 will be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year, and the ideal new product is expected to be released during this time period. Then the question is coming. What about the old L9/L8/L7? I believe that everyone has not forgotten the rights protection incident of Li ONE’s change before?

LI Ideal L9 2022 Max

  But don’t worry this time, the old car owner can change the 8295 chip, but the change and how much money are still under study. At that time, Zhu Yu, who spent 300 million yuan to upgrade the old car owner for free, was in the front. What would the ideal do? However, it should be noted that the ideal delivery volume is not comparable to that of Krypton in that year, so I suggest that the old car owners should have a bottom in mind first, and it may be more comfortable to lower their expectations in the future.

Home of the car

  After getting on the bus, the 8295 has greatly improved the intelligent cockpit, supporting more screens, stronger 3D rendering ability and millisecond voice. Even due to its powerful computing power, even if NVIDIA’s autopilot chip dies, it can take over autopilot … At present, 8295 is still a piece of jade to be carved, depending on how the manufacturer empowers it. According to Jidu, at present, manufacturers have not fully utilized 8295, especially in the AI part. Just as the ideal is also very concerned about AI, we can look forward to how the ideal plays 8295.

LI Ideal L9 2022 Max

  In addition, the "ideal classmate" has changed from the elephant scheme to the ideal self-research, and has now evolved into a new generation of end-cloud integrated architecture, which can support the deployment of stronger and more complex algorithms in the car. In addition, the self-developed algorithm has also improved in voice and visual interaction. LI believes that a good voice assistant should be awake, quick in execution, accurate in recognition, able to understand everything and speak human words. That is, to improve perception, performance and recognition. Suppliers can no longer meet their needs, so they turn to self-research.

■ Where is the degree of "self-research"?

  Next, we want to talk about "self-research". Tesla, the industry leader, has always been a leader in its self-developed chips; BYD, the king of China, is a moat for its self-developed and self-produced batteries, which can also be exported. Many car companies are also flaunting their own self-research on assisted driving, electric driving and engines. Where is the degree of "self-research"?

  LI believes that self-research and self-control are two dimensions, and the proportion of self-research and self-control should be controlled at 25%-30%, which should not be too high or too low. In addition to fully meeting the needs of users, we should also ensure the landing of core technologies and the safety of supply chain. The direction of self-research of ideal core technology is all related to platform technology. Such as extended-range electric, high-voltage pure electricity, smart space, intelligent driving and EEA electrical architecture. There will also be some self-developed technologies such as silicon carbide functional modules and three-in-one motors on the pure level stage.

Home of the car

  In terms of meeting the needs of users, for example, a "task master", the hardware and software of the task master can be called together. Li Xiang said, whether it is self-research depends on how many functions can be called in the task master. Some functions are not open to you by the supplier. Only you can call all the functions by self-research and combine them together.

■ Edit summary

    Generally speaking, this paper only shows a small part of the ideal spring communication meeting. At this communication meeting, what Li wants to share is not only about products and technologies, but also a lot about companies, growth and entrepreneurship. It can even be said that if you want to start a business, you can also benefit from listening to this communication meeting.

  In the first two months of the year 2023, the ideals are firmly in the top position of the new car-making forces. Obviously, the ideals still have big moves. So what level do you think LI can reach this year? Can you surpass the second-line luxury and challenge BBA? Welcome to communicate in the comment area. (Text/car home Xing Yueyang)

The "chain" on the data is the "health account" of the battery, and the new energy battery realizes the green cycle.

  CCTV News:In recent years, China’s new energy vehicle market has experienced explosive growth, and a round of "retirement tide" of new energy batteries is also coming. The battery contains a variety of heavy metals, which will cause environmental harm if it is not handled properly. While the new energy automobile industry is booming, where should the retired batteries go?

  In a battery recycling plant in Guangdong, the reporter saw that the batteries retired from new energy vehicles were piled up in the whole factory.

  Lin Xiaojie told reporters that in order to deal with the surge of retired batteries, the company built two new factories in Jiangmen and Jiangsu in 2023, and opened 10 new production lines. After the retired batteries enter the factory, they will go through the processes of screening, crushing and smelting. Valuable metals such as nickel, cobalt and manganese are extracted and resold. However, if this process is not handled properly, it will cause pollution to the environment.

  According to statistics, China has entered a period of large-scale decommissioning of power batteries. In 2023, China’s decommissioned power batteries will reach 590,000 tons. Since 2028, the decommissioning of power batteries in China will exceed 2.6 million tons per year. What should I do with the surge in retired batteries? The reporter saw various solutions in the investigation.

  According to the national standard for new energy vehicles, the remaining 80% capacity of the power battery can be retired. The decreased battery capacity will reduce the cruising range and affect the user’s experience. However, retired batteries can still be used in energy storage, electric bicycles and other scenes with low requirements on battery performance to achieve "step utilization".

  The "chain" on the data is the "health account" of the battery book.

  Although "step-by-step utilization" can prolong the service life of power batteries, it is not easy for recycling enterprises to practice, mainly because the cost of knowing the loss degree of retired batteries is very high. The reporter found in the investigation that the application of a new technology is bringing changes to the industry.

  In front of this big screen, the health data of more than 30 thousand power batteries are flashing in real time. Don’t underestimate these data. Liao Zhicheng, the head of the battery operation company, told reporters that they can make some batteries sell for three times more when they are recycled.

  In the past, if you want to reuse the retired batteries, the recycler can only disassemble the battery pack, test the health of each battery cell, pick out the appropriate ones and assemble them into new battery packs. And more recycling enterprises that lack the corresponding technology and manpower can only dismantle and crush the retired batteries as waste products and sell the heavy metals in the batteries directly.

  The chip in Liao Zhicheng’s hand is like a "healthy housekeeper" on the battery. It not only "accounts" the use of the battery at all times, but also uploads the data to the blockchain platform in real time so that they cannot be tampered with. In this way, the recycler can know all the "health data" of the battery without disassembling them one by one. The reporter learned that battery packs with a high degree of "health" can be sold to 300 yuan at the time of recycling, which is three times that of the past.

  At present, China has built the world’s largest new energy equipment blockchain platform, with more than 8 million new energy equipment on the chain. With the use of street lamps, toys and other scenes that require less battery capacity to join the cycle, it is possible to use new energy batteries more times.

  Green cycle of new energy batteries from production to recycling.

  After retirement, the service life of new energy batteries will become longer, but they will eventually be dismantled and recycled. How to make the new energy battery form a green cycle of energy saving and environmental protection from production to recycling?

  China’s lithium resources account for only 7% of the world’s total, but China’s production and sales of electric vehicles account for 60% of the world’s total. Therefore, it is of great significance to extract lithium, cobalt, nickel and other metals from batteries and recycle them into new batteries.

  The reporter learned in the investigation that at present, more than half of the retired batteries are handled by enterprises that do not have the qualification to handle them. There are some problems in dismantling and recycling, such as high energy consumption, low metal recovery rate and poor environmental protection. In view of the present situation, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced four batches of white list enterprises for power battery recycling, and actively guided the regularization of power battery recycling.

  Experts told reporters that to form a stable, green and sustainable recycling system for power batteries, unified national standards, industry standards, recycling standards and recycling channels are needed. In recent years, China has successively issued national standards such as power battery disassembly specifications and residual energy detection, so as to promote the national unified coding of power batteries. The relevant departments said that they are speeding up the formulation of the Management Measures for the Recycling of Power Batteries for New Energy Vehicles to further improve the standard system of power batteries.

2021 Shanghai Auto Show: Volkswagen’s new car is fully combed

  [car home New Car Launch] The 2021 Shanghai Auto Show has officially kicked off. During this auto show, the Volkswagen brand can be said to have a strong lineup. According to statistics, including FAW-Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen, Volkswagen (imported), SAIC Volkswagen Skoda and FAW-Volkswagen Jetta, nearly 20 new cars were launched, pre-sold and listed during the auto show. Today, this new car comb of Volkswagen Shanghai Auto Show will take stock of these new models for you.

Home of the car

★ FAW-Volkswagen brand:

FAW-Volkswagen brand new car fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic ID.6 CROZZ line-ups MEB platform/expected to be launched in the third quarter Brand-new Golf () GTI line-ups DKX2.0 inline 4-cylinder turbocharged engine TALAGON lanjing line-ups Brand-new medium and large SUV

ID.6 CROZZ starts.

  Faw-Volkswagen (|) adopts a family design language, and the closed front face is equipped with a penetrating light strip and a luminous LED logo. In addition, the IQ.Light LED matrix smart headlight function equipped on ID.4 is also retained. Interior parts such as 5.3-inch LCD instrument, 12-inch suspended central control panel and knob shift mechanism are also inherited from ID.4 In terms of power, the new car is expected to provide three power versions of 132kW/150kW/225kW and two driving modes of rear drive and four-wheel drive, and support five driving modes including custom mode. Equipped with ternary lithium batteries, the capacity is 62kWh and 83.4kWh respectively, and the cruising range of its long-life version can exceed 580km(NEDC).

Faw-Volkswagen ID.6 CROZZ 2021 PRO version

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The new golf GTI starts

  The domestic eighth-generation golf GTI continues the design of the overseas version, and the overall appearance is more concise. The black honeycomb grille on the front bumper is larger, and the fog lights composed of five LED light sources are cleverly hidden on both sides; The black decorative strips at both ends of the front bumper slightly increase the aggression; The iconic red line of China Net and GTI logo have also appeared in the "old place". The new car uses a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine code-named DKX, with a maximum power of 162 kW (220 HP), and the peak torque is expected to be 350 Nm, which is the same as that of the previous generation. According to the application data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the declared fuel consumption value of the new car is 6.7 liters/100 kilometers.

Home of the car

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TALAGON takes the lead.

  The front face design of Volkswagen TALAGON has a strong sense of hierarchy. The net and headlights are integrated into a "T" shape, and the interior is integrated with chrome-plated decoration, which looks very delicate. TALAGON is very slender from the side, and its wheelbase is 2980mm, which is consistent with SAIC Volkswagen Touran. The length, width and height are 5152(5153)/ 2002/1795mm respectively. In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with an EA888-DPL 2.0T engine, providing 330TSI and 380TSI power models. Referring to Touran, the maximum power of these two versions is 186 HP and 220 HP respectively, and the peak torque is 320 Nm and 350 Nm respectively, of which 380TSI is a four-wheel drive version.

Faw-Volkswagen Lanjing 2021 Basic Model

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★ SAIC Volkswagen brand:

SAIC Volkswagen brand new car fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic ID.6 X line-ups MEB platform/expected to be launched in the third quarter New touang x be listed Mid-term change/sale of RMB 282,000-362,000. New Touran be listed Mid-term change/sale of RMB 292,000-372,000.

ID.6 X starting

  Like ID.6 CROZZ, the ID.6 X is the first ID model specially built for China, and it is a sister model with ID.6 Crozz.. Appearance, SAIC Volkswagen ID.6 X adopts the family design language, and the closed front face is equipped with a penetrating light strip and a luminous LED logo, but it is different from ID.6 CROZZ in design details. From the side, the new car adopts a cross-border style and a two-color body design. In addition, it also uses the semi-hidden door handle design on ID.4, which can attract the attention of young consumers. In terms of the rear end, the overall design is relatively simple. ID.6 X and ID.6cross can be distinguished by the shape of taillights and bumpers. ID.6 X’s taillights are designed with curves, and bumpers are designed with straight lines, while ID.6cross is just the other way around.

Saic Volkswagen ID.6 X 2021 basic model

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The new Touron X is on the market.

  In terms of appearance, the new Touran X has greatly continued the design of the current model, and the main change is the addition of the R-Line appearance kit. The lower enclosure is decorated with bright black decorative panels. In addition, the "cooling hole" decorative panels on the engine compartment cover, the rearview mirror shell, and the front and rear bumpers are all decorated with the same bright black treatment. In terms of dimensions, the length, width and height of the new Touran X are 4917/1989/1719mm and the wheelbase is 2980mm respectively. In terms of power, the new car will continue the configuration of the current model, equipped with Volkswagen EA888 engine, with a maximum power of 220 HP, and another 2.5T model is expected to continue to be provided. In terms of transmission, the new car will continue to match the 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox and still support the full-time four-wheel drive system.

SAIC Volkswagen Touran X 2021 Basic Model

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The new Touran is listed.

   The new Tourang has adopted a brand-new front face design in appearance, and the overall outline of the headlight has changed obviously. Its interior has also been upgraded to IQ.Light full LED matrix headlights, equipped with functions such as automatic height adjustment, follow-up steering and intelligent far and near headlights. In addition, the penetrating LED strip and the flat Volkswagen LOGO in the center of the front can also be lit up, which is quite a new energy vehicle. The length, width and height of the new car are 5052/1989/1773mm and the wheelbase is 2980 mm. The tail shape still continues its square design style. The biggest change is that the taillights adopt the same penetrating design as the headlights, and the central LOGO can also be lit. With the design of running water turn signal and penetrating chrome-plated horizontal bars, the texture of the tail has been significantly upgraded. In terms of power, the new car will continue the configuration of the current model.

SAIC Volkswagen Tourang 2021 Basic Model

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★ Volkswagen (imported) brand:

Volkswagen (imported) brand new cars are fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic New weilan pre-sell Pre-sale is 268,000 yuan/listing is expected in July. Arteon Shooting brake line-ups The trunk volume is 565L (1632L in the rear row).

New weilan pre-sale

  As a mid-term redesigned model, the new Weilan continues the overall design of the current model, but some details have been adjusted. For example, the new car mainly upgraded the new style of front and rear surround and front and rear LED light groups, and updated the shape of LED daytime driving, further enhancing the sense of fashion. In terms of interior, the biggest highlight of the new car is to replace the steering wheel with a new style and upgrade the multimedia system. The addition of full LCD instrument and embedded central control panel has greatly improved the sense of science and technology of the whole interior. In terms of power, the new Weilan cancels the 1.4T and 2.0T high-power engines, and is only equipped with a 2.0T low-power engine. The maximum power of this engine is 137kW, and the peak torque is 320 N m. The transmission system is matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox.

Home of the car

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The new Arteon Shooting brake starts

  The new Arteon Shooting Brake adopts the latest design style of Volkswagen family in appearance. The front face adopts the "L"-shaped daytime running light running through the front face. As for the air intake grille of the China Net, it is integrated with the matrix LED headlights on both sides. On the side of the car body, the B-pillar line of the new car continues from the roof to the rear of the car, and it is integrated with the trunk, which better reflects the hunting style of Shooting Brake. It is reported that the new car will have a trunk volume of 565L, and the second row of seats will be extended to 1632L after being laid down. In the rear part of the car, a small spoiler is added to the rear of the car as an ornament, and with the exhaust design of the upper and lower sides, the visual impact of the whole rear is improved.

Home of the car

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★ Saic Volkswagen SkodaBrand:

SAIC Volkswagen Skoda brand new car fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic Brand new Ming Rui PRO line-ups It is expected to be pre-sold at the end of April and listed in May.

The new Ming Rui PRO starts.

  The brand-new Ming Rui PRO is a brand-new generation of Ming Rui. The three-dimensional waterfall grille newly designed on the front face is young and sharp, and the three-dimensional ridges on the engine cover outline the cutting profile of light and shadow, creating a three-dimensional sense. The wheelbase of the new car is lengthened by 44mm, and the length, width and height (including exterior parts) are 4753/1832/1469mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2730 mm.. The interior part of the new car center console adopts a brand-new design, and the through silver decorative strip divides the whole into two parts, which makes the overall shape layered. At the same time, the new car adopts a 10.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, and is equipped with a three-spoke multi-function sports steering wheel of the same model as the overseas version. The 12.1-inch multimedia touch screen in the central control center adopts a floating design, and a row of traditional button control areas are reserved below it. In addition, the electronic shift mechanism of the new car has also been upgraded to a lever design, which further enhances the overall sense of science and technology of the new car interior. In terms of power, the new domestic Skoda Ming Rui will be equipped with the familiar 1.4TSI engine with a maximum power of 150 HP, and the gearbox is expected to match the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Home of the car

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★ FAW-Volkswagen JettaBrand:

Faw-Volkswagen Jetta brand new car fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic VA3 30th Anniversary Edition line-ups Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Jetta’s Birth VS5 30th Anniversary Edition line-ups Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Jetta’s Birth VS7 30th Anniversary Edition line-ups Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Jetta’s Birth VS7 Panda Edition line-ups Variation of Special Edition Model/Black Front Edition VS7 Black Front Edition line-ups Special edition vehicle/body blackening treatment VS7 Yishi Edition line-ups Special edition models/more cooking equipment

VA3 30th Anniversary Edition Launch

  In terms of appearance, the 30th Anniversary Edition of Jetta VA3 is not much different from the ordinary version. It adopts family-style design, the lattice grille on the front face is very distinctive, and more chrome-plated elements also look young and fashionable. The new car has added the word "30" in the B-pillar position to reflect the particularity of the 30th anniversary edition, and added two body colors of manganese stone black and platinum gray. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4501/1704/1469mm and the wheelbase is 2604mm respectively. The interior design reflects the significance of the commemorative edition by adding beige seats, the 30th anniversary embroidery of the front seat headrest and the 30th anniversary logo of the welcome pedal. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 112 HP and a peak torque of 145 Nm. The transmission system is matched with Aisin 6-speed automatic gearbox.

Home of the car

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VS7 Panda Edition Launch

  In terms of appearance, the overall design of Jetta VS7 is basically followed, and the details of the car body are blackened. Specifically, the new car blackens the front grille, dense spokes and mirrors on both sides to make the new car look more sporty. It is worth mentioning that the new car also adopts a new color scheme to make it look more fashionable. In terms of configuration, the new car has added the "30" anniversary LOGO at the B-pillar position, the appearance has increased the black sports surround, and the polar white car paint has been added. In the interior, the center console becomes all black, and the beige color scheme is added to the seat. The panda version is actually optimized on the basis of the black front version. The body size of the new car is 4624/1841/1644mm and the wheelbase is 2730 mm. In terms of power, it will continue to be equipped with a 1.4T high-power engine with a maximum power of 150 HP and a maximum torque of 250 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic manual transmission, and only the predecessor version is available.

Home of the car

VS7 Black Front Edition Starts

  As a special edition model, its overall appearance basically follows the design and modeling of the current Jetta VS7, and the body details are blackened. Specifically, the official blackened the front grille, dense spokes and mirrors on both sides of the car to make the new car look more sporty. As for the interior, it also follows the existing design and uses a lot of straight lines. Although it is different from the design language of Volkswagen family, most parts are still common with Volkswagen products, such as air conditioning panel, dashboard, steering wheel and gear shift lever, which are all familiar smells. In terms of configuration, the new car has added a black appearance sports kit, a LOGO for the 30th anniversary, and new paint colors of polar white and manganese stone black. In addition, the interior has also become an all-black dashboard and a beige seat has been added. The body size of the new car is 4624/1841/1644mm and the wheelbase is 2730 mm. In terms of power, it will continue to be equipped with a 1.4T high-power engine with a maximum power of 150 HP and a maximum torque of 250 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic manual transmission, and only the predecessor version is available.

Home of the car

Full text summary:

  This year’s Shanghai Auto Show, Volkswagen’s lineup can be said to be extremely huge, and every brand is very interesting to pull out. The launch of ID.6 CROZZ and ID.6 X further demonstrates the steady development pace of Volkswagen in the new energy sector. I believe that Volkswagen, as the overlord of traditional energy sales, will definitely bring a blood shed to the new energy sector. (Text/car home Liu Xiangyu)

Sports are integrated into the daily life of the people, and the national fitness is full of happiness.

  Participants in the 2017 Xiamen International Marathon. In recent years, marathon has gradually entered people’s lives and become an exercise program for many fitness enthusiasts.

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Wei Peiquan photo

  On April 11th, 2017, the national video conference on mass sports was held, which was the National Fitness Program (2016— After the promulgation of "2020)", the first national mass sports work conference was held. The general assembly adopted the method of "sticking a pole in the end", from the State Sports General Administration and its various departments to the personnel of relevant departments such as sports in various provinces, cities and even counties to attend the meeting. At the meeting, seven units spoke to exchange experiences.

  Sports show multiple values.

  In recent years, people’s health concept has undergone profound changes, and the concept of "exercise is a good doctor" has gradually taken root in people’s hearts. The comprehensive value and multiple functions of sports have been paid more attention to by people, and it is playing a unique role in promoting national fitness.

  Exercise and fitness improve the quality of life. Guangdong province has built community sports parks with physical exercise and leisure fitness functions by using urban corners, flower planting areas, street green spaces and other idle places, and won the "China Human Settlements Model Award" in 2015. "The corner has become a city business card, and the results benefit the people." Wang Yuping, director of the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau, said.

  Fitness demand drives the sports industry, which in turn promotes consumption upgrading. Deqing County, Zhejiang Province encourages residents to use social security cards to swipe their cards at designated sports venues for fitness. The medical insurance card has become a "balance treasure" for people’s health. There are 123 sports industry enterprises in the county, and the income in 2016 exceeded 12 billion yuan.

  There is no strict boundary between mass sports and competitive sports. Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province takes the combination of physical education and education as the starting point, and selects retired professional ice and snow athletes as primary and secondary school teachers, and the ice and snow physical education curriculum is fully popularized in primary and secondary schools.

  Without national health, there will be no overall well-off society. Gou Zhongwen, director of the State Sports General Administration, pointed out that mass sports is a cause of people’s livelihood, which is related to everyone’s physical and mental health and the future of the nation. "We should fully understand the importance and urgency of doing a good job in this work with a highly responsible attitude towards the people, the country and history, put mass sports on the important agenda, and earnestly grasp the reality and achieve results."

  The event is held by the people.

  This year’s Tianjin National Games will add 19 mass sports events, and the number of mass athletes who only come to Tianjin to participate in the finals is expected to reach more than 8,000. It will be one of the key tasks of mass sports in the new year to give play to the traction and driving role of the National Games and support sports and fitness events around the masses.

  The mass base of table tennis in Beijing is very good. The Beijing Table Tennis Association began to select players in mid-March, and the Beijing folk table tennis team, which was formally formed in early April, began its first training in Xiannongtan Gymnasium. Ning Wei, vice chairman of Beijing Table Tennis Association, said, "The selected players cherish the rare opportunity to participate in the National Games and hope to promote the development of table tennis."

  The development and growth of social sports organizations are indispensable to the success of the sports events around the masses. Since the Shanghai Citizens’ Games was first held in 2012, the local citizens have responded enthusiastically. "We must change the traditional routine of doing everything, get out of the closed circle, and truly respond to the concerns of the masses by opening the door to do sports." Huang Yongping, director of the Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau, said.

  A variety of activities and events will enable more people to participate in sports, enjoy the joy of competitive sports, and stimulate the enthusiasm of the whole people to participate in physical fitness. Sun Xuecai, director of the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, said: "The National Games competition is a great lever, through which more people can participate in sports and gain health and happiness."

  Fitness becomes a way of life

  Nowadays, the elements of sports are "spreading" to all aspects of people’s lives; The masses value the strong positive energy contained in sports.

  Gao Shuping, 50, once won the bronze medal in women’s singles in the National Amateur Table Tennis Championships and got the opportunity to participate in the table tennis competition in the National Games this year. She said, "The happiness that table tennis brings me is beyond words. Although I have not become a professional athlete, I have used this strong energy to train my children and train my son to study in Peking University. "

  At present, people’s treatment of sports is changing from appreciation to participation, from paying attention to the number of gold medals to their own sports environment. This change is reflected in the sharp increase in the number of marathon applicants, the mutual "likes" of sports social platforms, and the increase in social capital’s interest in the involvement of mass sports events.

  Nowadays, more and more enterprises have integrated into all aspects of national fitness. Liu Guoyong, director of the Group Department of the State Sports General Administration, said that in the preliminaries of the mass events of the National Games, different ways were adopted in various places. "Some of them were handed over to the association, while others were open to the market, and whoever did well was handed over."

  In this regard, Gou Zhongwen said that guiding all kinds of market players to participate in national fitness can play its role in activity organization, competition development, scientific fitness guidance and personnel training, and support them to provide personalized and diversified services in national fitness. It can also meet the needs of the masses at different levels, with rapid growth and continuous upgrading.

What is the "mobile patrol" for the party group of the General Administration of Sports in view of football corruption?

  On the evening of March 27th, Xinhua News Agency announced the targets of the first round of inspections of the 20th Central Committee. With the approval of the CPC Central Committee, the first round of inspections of the 20th Central Committee will conduct regular inspections of 30 party groups of medium-sized enterprises, "look back" inspections of party groups of five medium-sized financial enterprises, and conduct mobile inspections of party groups of the State Sports General Administration.

  On March 27th, The Politburo Standing Committee (PSC) of the Communist Party of China and Li Xi, leader of the Central Inspection Work Leading Group, attended the national inspection work conference and the first round of patrol mobilization deployment meeting of the 20th Central Committee and delivered a speech.

  Li Xi stressed that to carry out the mobile patrol of the State Sports General Administration, we should focus on fulfilling the party’s leadership functions and responsibilities, implementing the major decision-making arrangements for building a sports power, and thoroughly find out and promote the solution of corruption and deep-seated institutional mechanisms in the sports field, especially in the football field, so as to provide a strong guarantee for building a sports power.

  So what is a mobile patrol?

  The Paper reporter noted that in fact, as early as June 2017, CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection website had published an article introducing what a "mobile" patrol was. "Three words and nine words", talking about "mobile" inspections, the comrades of the Central Inspection Team came straight to the point and were concise.

  These "three words and nine words" are "small team", "short and fast" and "swimming whistle"



  那么“机动式”巡视, 中央巡视组用了哪些“招儿”?



  During the inspection, grasp the "key" issues and make a precise breakthrough. Combined with the historical, cultural and institutional characteristics of the inspected unit, the inspection team grasped the key issues related to the performance of the core functions of the inspected unit, deeply understood the situation, found political deviations, achieved accurate breakthroughs, and identified specific problems that were not firm enough and not in place.

  Judging from Li Xi’s speech, the mobile patrol of the State Sports General Administration is to provide a strong guarantee for building a sports power.

  In addition, the "mobile" patrol is to keep an eye on the key points and be flexible.

  Keep an eye on key personnel, have a positive conversation and get to the point. Concentrate time to conduct patrol talks with key positions with relatively concentrated power, adhere to the problem orientation, clearly put forward requirements, and ask them to objectively provide the inspection team with the problems existing in the exercise of power in their own units, departments and positions, and learn some important situations and clues.

  Keep an eye on the key departments and get a deeper understanding of the situation. During the face-to-face talk, listen to the report on the exercise of power by the key work departments of the inspected units, clearly request to strengthen the awareness of problems in the report, measure the work of the departments with high standards, and check the outstanding problems and weak links in the exercise of power by the departments. On this basis, the inspection team sorted out the situation in time, studied and analyzed, and found out the outstanding problems and specific manifestations of improper use of power.

Can new energy vehicles run fast without subsidies?

  Recently, the largest public centralized charging station in Henan Province — — "United Fast Charging" was put into operation in Zhengzhou, and all charging piles were charged with high-power DC fast charging, which can meet the requirements of charging more than 100 new energy vehicles at the same time. The picture shows the driver preparing to charge the new energy vehicle. Photo by Zhang Tao (Zhongjing Vision)

  After the subsidy retreat, domestic new energy vehicles will not only face competition with traditional fuel vehicles, but also compete with foreign new energy vehicle brands. Impressing consumers with suitable and high-quality products may be the most effective means for new energy vehicle manufacturers to resolve market risks. The core of competition among new energy automobile manufacturers is the competition of product technology and service.

  With the end of the first half of 2019, new energy vehicles have truly entered the post-subsidy era.

  Chen Shihua, Assistant Secretary-General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, said that the current new energy vehicle market is still a market stimulated by policies, and with the support of national and local policies, it is in a rapid rising cycle. The decline of this subsidy is expected to have little long-term impact on the industry, and the previous prediction of the annual production and sales of 1.6 million new energy vehicles in 2019 will remain unchanged.

  After waiting and seeing, the price increase is inevitable.

  June 25th is the last day of the switching period between the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles in 2018 and the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles in 2019. Since June 26th, consumers have enjoyed the most subsidies or reduced them by 58%.

  "The withdrawal of subsidies mainly takes into account that the development of the new energy automobile industry has begun to take shape." Zhou Yi, assistant researcher of the Ministry of Industry of the State Council Development Research Center, said. Before 2014, the output of new energy vehicles was very small, less than 20,000. In 2014, the output jumped to 78,000. In 2018, the sales of new energy vehicles in China reached 1.256 million, accounting for more than half of the world’s total, with remarkable achievements.

  In fact, the rapid growth of new energy vehicles in China in the past is inseparable from subsidies. According to the "Announcement on the Preliminary Review of Subsidies for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles in 2016 and Previous Years" published on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in March this year, nearly 12.6 billion yuan of subsidies will be distributed to nearly 100 enterprises, of which BYD will become the biggest beneficiary with 2.689 billion yuan, and Geely will rank second with 1.111 billion yuan.

  With the subsidy for new energy vehicles declining year by year, independent car companies will naturally be affected to varying degrees, especially whether the price of new energy vehicles will increase, which has become the focus of consumers’ attention.

  The reporter recently visited some 4S stores in Beijing, such as Chery, BYD and GAC New Energy, and has not seen a clear price increase notice. They are all selling cars at the subsidy standard of 2018.

  Chen Shihua said, "At present, the profit rate of new energy vehicles is very low, and it is difficult for car companies themselves to bear the reduction of subsidies." "After the subsidy has dropped, the cost of car companies has increased substantially. If consumers do not accept the price increase, it will be difficult for market demand to start effectively." Cui Dongshu, Secretary-General of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, said that the subsidy for new energy vehicles is much lower than the cost reduction of car companies, and the profit pressure of new energy car companies is greater. Car companies should not only cover manufacturing costs, but also consider the capital cost of subsidies that are not in place, so they will definitely raise prices.

  Competition will be more intense.

  "In recent years, in addition to the increase in quantity, the quality of new energy vehicles and the development of industrial chain have also been greatly improved." Zhou Yi said.

  From the quality point of view, the battery life is generally on the rise. A-class electric vehicles with a standard cruising range of more than 400 kilometers have become the mainstream, and the intelligent interconnection is also developing continuously. The level of automatic driving test is getting higher and higher, and the localization replacement rate and globalization level of parts and components are also constantly improving. From the industrial chain point of view, the upstream and downstream industrial chains of new energy vehicles are more complete, and a number of excellent enterprises have emerged in the fields of power batteries, non-battery accessories and other parts, complete vehicles such as independent brands and new Internet forces, and manufacturing and operation of charging piles.

  And the fast-growing new energy automobile industry will be affected after stepping on the "brake" of subsidy retreat?

  "The challenge is that the competition will be more intense in the future." Zhou Yi said that after the withdrawal of subsidies, domestic new energy vehicles not only face competition with traditional fuel vehicles, but also with foreign new energy vehicle brands, and there is fierce competition within domestic new energy vehicles.

  Lu Fuyong, a lecturer in industrial economy and national economy in university of international business and economics, has been paying attention to the development of new energy automobile industry in recent years. He told reporters that in the era of subsidies for new energy vehicles, there are four aspects of market risks: First, the competition in the overall market will be further intensified, and the subsidy policy will make the competition more intense, and the industry will gradually move toward the survival of the fittest. In this process, traditional car companies still have certain competitive advantages. Second, the real demand of consumers will gradually become clear. In the past, due to the support of policies, the market has always overestimated the real demand of consumers, and it is very likely that the market demand will fall back in the short term. The third is the risk of capital. In recent years, the new forces of car-making have risen rapidly with the help of capital. As the sales of new energy vehicles move from hot to stable, there is uncertainty whether these capitals will still be active in the industry. The fourth is the technical service risk.

  Lu Fuyong believes that how to grasp the real needs of consumers in the post-subsidy era and impress consumers with suitable and high-quality products may be the most effective means for new energy vehicle manufacturers to resolve market risks. "In the future, the competition of new energy automobile manufacturers will gradually shift to the comprehensive value competition of products, and the core is the competition of product technology and service."

  Lu Fuyong said that with the growth of new energy vehicles and the extension of service life, traffic and safety accidents related to new energy vehicles will further increase, and the short service life of new technologies will increase product risks; At the same time, new energy vehicles recalled due to product quality problems are also accumulating. The core to solve these problems is still to improve product quality and technical services, which is also the main difficulty faced by new energy vehicle manufacturers.

  Intelligentization will become the commanding height.

  "In 2019, China’s automobile market will still run at a low speed, but new energy vehicles will continue to grow. New energy automobile products should be customized in design, intelligent in function and platformized in development. " Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary-General of China Automobile Industry Association, said that with the rapid advancement of scientific and technological revolution, the new generation of information technologies such as 5G, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are deeply integrated with automobile transportation and other fields, which constantly promotes the formation of multi-dimensional information interaction networks between cars, roads, people and clouds, and people’s production and lifestyle are undergoing profound changes. Smart cars have become the commanding heights of the future development of the automobile industry.

  Shi Jianhua believes that in the future, the automobile industry should take green and intelligence as the development direction, and will focus on breaking through the key components of fuel cell technology and related industrial chains, advance the research and development and industrial application of intelligent driving technology, enhance the green and intelligent level of the industry, and accelerate the development of new energy and intelligent networked vehicles.

  Zhou Yi said that at present, there is a trend of "interconnection, autonomous driving, sharing and electrification" in the global automobile industry, and the networking of vehicles, autonomous driving and electric vehicles are closely related, and with the rise and application of 5G technology, it is expected that the application scenarios of electric vehicles under 5G will be more abundant in the future. In this context, the new energy vehicle market will be polarized in the future, and a few car companies will stand out because of their technical and cost advantages.

  "Whether new technologies and new industrial formats such as autonomous driving, car networking, intelligent transportation and driverless taxis can be commercialized on a large scale depends entirely on many factors such as cost, technology maturity and consumer acceptance." Zhou Yi said, but what is certain is that China has taken the lead in international exploration in these fields due to its huge market scale and abundant capital market, and it is expected to lead the global development in the future. (Economic Daily China Economic Net reporter Liu Wei)

During the Spring Festival, the outpatient arrangements of major hospitals in Fuzhou were announced!

The following article comes from Haidu Youzhi Medical Group.

There is a doctor in the sea.

Let the patient find the right doctor

According to the notice of the General Office of the State Council, the holiday arrangements for the Spring Festival in 2022 are as follows: from January 31st (Monday, New Year’s Eve) to February 6th (Sunday, the sixth day), the holiday will be suspended for 7 days. Go to work on January 29th (next Saturday) and January 30th (next Sunday). While enjoying the holiday, I especially remind you: reduce the gathering of people and strengthen personal protection!

The Spring Festival holiday arrangements of major hospitals in Fuzhou in 2022 are as follows

Fujian Provincial Hospital and Jinshan Provincial Hospital

1, January 29th (Saturday) according to Monday’s shift;

2, January 30th (Sunday) on Thursday;

3. Rest all day from January 31st to February 2nd;

4. The holiday clinic will be closed in the afternoon from February 3rd to February 6th.

On the 5th and 7th (Monday), normal outpatient service will be resumed.

Union medical college hospital affiliated to Fujian medical university

The First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University

1, January 29th (Saturday) for January 31st (New Year’s Eve, Monday) full-time outpatient service, January 30th (Sunday) for February 4th (fourth day, Friday) full-time outpatient service;

2, January 31st (New Year’s Eve, Monday) to February 3rd (third day, Thursday) clinic closed;

3, February 4 (fourth day, Friday), 6 (sixth day, Sunday) morning holiday clinic;

4. Regular Saturday clinic on the morning of February 5 (the fifth day, Saturday);

5, during the holidays, emergency 24 hours;

6. On Monday, February 7th, the whole hospital will go to work normally.

Fujian Cancer Hospital

1. We have a holiday from January 31st (Monday, New Year’s Eve) to February 6th (Sunday, the sixth day), with a total of 7 days.

2. Go to work on January 29th (Saturday) and January 30th (Sunday), among which, on January 29th, the outpatient clinic will be visited by experts on Thursday, and on January 30th, the outpatient clinic will be visited by experts on Friday.

3. Go to work normally on February 7th (Monday, the seventh day).

4. During the holiday, emergency patients related to tumor can go to the emergency room for treatment.

Fujian Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital

1, January 31st (New Year’s Eve) to February 6th (sixth day) holiday, a total of 7 days.

2. Go to work normally on January 29th and 30th, in which outpatient service will be arranged on Monday on January 29th (Saturday) and Tuesday on January 30th (Sunday).

3. Go to work normally from February 7th (the seventh day).

4. During the holiday period, the emergency department will be arranged all day and some holiday clinics will be opened.

Fujian province maternity hospital

1, January 31st (New Year’s Eve) to February 6th (sixth day) holiday, a total of 7 days; Go to work normally from February 7 (seventh day).

2. During the holiday period, the emergency department will be arranged all day, and the obstetrics department will open holiday clinics, and relevant patients will see a doctor in the emergency department area.

Fujian Children’s Hospital

1. During the Spring Festival holiday, the emergency department is open 24 hours. At the same time, holiday clinics and some expert clinics are arranged, as follows:

2, nucleic acid sampling arrangements are as follows:

Fujian Second People’s Hospital

1. On January 29th (Saturday), arrange the shift on January 31st (Monday);

2. On January 30th (Sunday), arrange the class on February 4th (Friday);

3. Health Management Center (preventive treatment): It will be closed for 7 days from Monday, January 31st to Sunday, February 6th. During the holiday period, the outpatient clinic will be closed after the examination.

Fujian provincial organ hospital

First, outpatient service (including oral center):

1. On January 29th (Saturday), the expert outpatient service will be conducted as usual, and the general outpatient service will work all day;

2. On January 30th (Sunday), the specialist clinic will be scheduled on February 3rd (Thursday), and the general clinic will work all day;

3. From January 31 (New Year’s Eve, Monday) to February 3 (third day, Thursday), there will be a full-day holiday and 24-hour emergency;

4. From February 4 to February 6 (the fourth day, Friday to the sixth day and Sunday), the morning shift is arranged according to holidays, and the expert outpatient service is carried out as usual, and emergency treatment is carried out in the afternoon.

Second, the physical examination center:

1, January 31st (New Year’s Eve, Monday) to February 5th (fifth day, Saturday) for 6 days;

2. On the morning of February 4th (fourth day, Friday) and February 5th (fifth day, Saturday), customers who need a physical examination paper report can contact by phone;

3. Go to work normally in the morning on February 6 (the sixth day and Sunday) and have a holiday in the afternoon; Go to work as usual on February 7 (the seventh day and Monday).

Third, nucleic acid detection:

1, January 31st (New Year’s Eve, Monday) in the morning, February 3rd (third day, Thursday) in the morning, February 4th (fourth day, Friday) to February 6th (sixth day, Sunday) in the morning and afternoon at the nucleic acid detection sampling point (the slope between the right side of the hospital gate and the physical examination center).

2. Opening hours: 08:00-11:00 am and 14:30-16:30 pm. The rest of the time in the emergency department billing and sampling.

Fujian Provincial People’s Hospital

1, January 31st (Monday) to February 6th (Sunday) holiday, a total of 7 days;

2. The medical examination center will be closed from January 31st (Monday) to February 4th (Friday);

3, emergency 24 hours on duty;

4. Office hours of holiday clinics: 8: 00-12: 00 am and 14: 00-17: 00 pm.

The 900th Hospital of Joint Logistics Support Force

1, January 31st (New Year’s Eve, Monday) to February 3rd (third day, Thursday) all day outpatient rest;

2, February 4th (fourth day, Friday) to February 6th (sixth day, Sunday) morning holiday clinic, clinic rest in the afternoon;

3, January 29th (Saturday), January 30th (Sunday), respectively, according to Monday and Tuesday outpatient scheduling normal clinic all day;

4, during the holiday season, emergency 24 hours.

Armed Police Fujian Provincial Corps Hospital

During the Spring Festival, there will be 24-hour emergency treatment and outpatient service will be closed.

Fujian Third People’s Hospital

1. During the Spring Festival holiday, the hospital will implement holiday outpatient service, and the doctor’s visits will be subject to whether WeChat official account can make an appointment;

2. Outpatient service arrangement: 8:00-12:00 am and 14: 30-17: 30 pm;

3. Emergency arrangement: 24-hour emergency consultation;

4. Physical examination department arrangement: The physical examination department will be closed from January 31st to February 6th, 2022.

Fujian Provincial Rehabilitation Hospital

1, internal medicine from January 31st to February 6th all-day clinic;

2. The orthopedics and traumatology department will have a normal clinic all day from January 31st to February 4th, and a normal clinic in the morning from February 5th to February 6th;

3, stomatology, children’s rehabilitation department on January 31, normal outpatient service all day;

4, emergency surgery on February 1st, February 4th morning normal clinic;

5. Convenience clinic: normal clinic on the morning of February 4th;

6. The acupuncture department conducts normal outpatient service in the morning from January 31st to February 3rd and February 5th to 6th, and conducts normal outpatient service all day on February 4th;

7. The massage department conducts normal outpatient service in the morning from January 31st to February 2nd, and conducts normal outpatient service all day from February 3rd to February 6th;

8. Pediatrics, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, and Otolaryngology will have normal outpatient clinics all day on February 6;

9. The physical examination department opened normally on the morning of February 6;

10. Nucleic acid was collected normally in the morning of February 4th;

11. Working hours on holidays:

Outpatient service: 8: 00-12: 00 am; 14: 30-17: 30 pm;

Physical examination department: 7:30-12:00 am

Nucleic acid detection and collection: 8: 00 am-11: 30 am

Fujian Provincial Hospital for the Aged

1, January 29th (Saturday) all-day clinic, according to the schedule on Thursday;

2, January 30th (Sunday) all-day clinic, according to the Friday shift;

3, January 31-February 3 (Monday to Thursday, Lunar New Year’s Eve to the third day);

4. On February 4 (Friday, the fourth day of the lunar calendar), the general internal medicine clinic was held in the morning and stopped in the afternoon;

5. On February 5 (Saturday, the fifth day of the lunar calendar), the clinic of comprehensive internal medicine and stomatology was held in the morning, and the clinic was closed in the afternoon;

6. On February 6 (Sunday, the sixth day of the lunar calendar), the clinic of comprehensive internal medicine and stomatology was closed in the morning and stopped in the afternoon;

7. On February 7 (Monday, the seventh day of the lunar calendar), the whole hospital will go to work normally;

Location of comprehensive internal medicine clinic: 6th floor, Building 1, please tell each other.

Fuzhou First Hospital

1, during the holiday, the emergency department for 24 hours; The expert outpatient service is opened normally according to the outpatient schedule. If there is any temporary change, it shall be subject to the announcement made by the hospital on the same day.

2, medical center holiday notice:

From January 29th (Saturday) to January 30th (Sunday), the physical examination will be received normally at 7:30-12:00 am, and the report will be available at 14:30-17:00 pm. January 31st (Monday)-February 6th (Sunday) is a national holiday, and the medical examination will be suspended for 7 days, and the medical examination report will be suspended.

Fuzhou Second Hospital

1, January 29th, January 30th for the original daily clinic (both in the morning);

2. On January 31st (New Year’s Eve), the clinic opened normally in the morning and closed in the afternoon;

3. Suspension of outpatient service from February 1st to February 3rd;

4. On February 4th, the outpatient service returned to normal;

5. During the Spring Festival holiday, the emergency department will maintain 24-hour consultation.

Meng Chao hepatobiliary hospital

1. From January 31st to February 3rd (from Grade One to Grade Three), the outpatient service of Meng Chao Hepatobiliary Hospital was suspended. The rest of the time, the clinic will proceed as usual.

2. From January 31st to February 6th (from New Year’s Eve to the sixth day), nucleic acid testing (from 18: 00 to 8: 00 the next day) will be conducted as usual.

Fuzhou children’s hospital

1, February 1 (the first day) stop clinic, January 31 (New Year’s Eve), February 2 (the second day), February 3 (the third day), February 4 (the fourth day), February 5 (the fifth day), February 6 (the sixth day) experts, specialist clinic normal clinic, specific to the day of the actual doctor (see

2. Emergency department and fever clinic are open 24 hours during holidays. Parents of non-emergency children are requested to arrange the visit time and make an appointment.

Fuzhou traditional Chinese medicine hospital

1. Emergency: 24-hour consultation;

2. General outpatient service and specialist outpatient service: On January 29th (Saturday), the outpatient service will be scheduled on Monday; On January 30 (Sunday), the clinic will be opened on Friday; From January 31 to February 3 (New Year’s Eve to the third day, Monday to Thursday); On February 4 (fourth day, Friday), the clinic was scheduled to open on Friday; On February 5 (the fifth day, Saturday), the clinic was scheduled to open on Saturday morning; Stop the clinic on February 6 (the sixth day, Sunday); On February 7 (Monday, the seventh day), the clinic was opened normally;

3. Health management (physical examination) center: the inspection will be closed from January 31 to February 6 (New Year’s Eve to the sixth day, Monday to Sunday); On February 7 (Monday, the seventh day), the inspection was started normally.

Fuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital

The ultrasound department, laboratory, radiology department, pharmacy and ward work normally.

Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine Hall (including Medicine Hall)

1. The clinic will be suspended from January 31st (New Year’s Eve) to February 6th (the sixth day of the first month); From February 7 th, the outpatient service will be resumed;

2. Traditional Chinese Medicine (Special Needs) Nutrition Specialist: The clinic will be closed from January 30th to February 8th; Pediatric physique conditioning department of traditional Chinese medicine: closed from January 30 to February 6; Acupuncture Gynecology: The clinic will be closed from January 31st to February 8th.

Southeast ophthalmology hospital

1, the implementation of holiday-free hospitals, eye clinics, emergency as usual, the specific arrangements are as follows:

Ophthalmic outpatient service is carried out as usual: 8: 00-12: 00 am; 14:30-17:30 pm.

2. Myopia laser surgery, cataract surgery and other operations will be suspended from New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day (January 31-February 3), and other operations will be carried out as usual;

3. Eye emergency/fireworks eye injury, the hospital has set up a green channel for 24-hour emergency treatment. In case of injury, patients can go to the Southeast Eye Hospital Taijiang Campus (No.35, West Second Ring Road, Taijiang District) and Cangshan Campus (No.179, Liaoyuan Road, Cangshan District) for treatment.

Meikepu dentistry

1. From January 31st to February 3rd (New Year’s Eve-the third day), Jinan General Hospital, Qunsheng Clinic and Dongda Clinic of Fuzhou Meikepu Dental Chain were treated as usual;

2. At other times, all the hospitals in the Meikepu dental chain receive medical treatment as usual.

Fuzhou ophthalmic hospital

During the Spring Festival holiday, patients will be treated normally and provided with 24-hour emergency services.

Fuzhou zhongde orthopedics hospital

During the Spring Festival holiday, the outpatient department of Fuzhou Sino-German Orthopedic Hospital opened as usual, and the orthopedic emergencies such as replantation of severed fingers and fracture and trauma were treated 24 hours a day.

Original title: "During the Spring Festival, the outpatient arrangements of major hospitals in Fuzhou were announced! 》

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Liu Yuning of Modern Brothers can get a hot search even after watching TV. Is it still the boiling point?

Why are these hot searches boiling? Yesterday’s "Weibo Hot Search List" analyzed the new gameplay of hot search: there are a lot of people, which is the embodiment of hot discussion. Hot search becomes a hot topic after extensive participation and discussion by users, and it will be upgraded from hot to boiling.

This reminds me of a hot search last week: Liu Yuning has a clear voice.

Maybe many people just saw this hot search word and reacted like me: I don’t know who Liu Yuning is. It turns out that he is the lead singer of the modern brothers band from Tik Tok-Ning Ge Liu Yuning.

In 2014, Liu Yuning, guitarist Azhuo and keyboard player Dafei formed the band "Modern Brothers". With the modern brothers’ covers of "Walking", "Telling the truth", "Answer" and "I shot myself" becoming popular overnight, the popularity of the modern brothers became out of control and became a new force in the music world that cannot be ignored more and more. 

The voice of Liu Yuning, a modern brother, is not only spread by the ubiquitous media such as shops broadcasting in streets and lanes, mobile TV in buses and subways, and mobile phones of pedestrians on the road, but also known by people. Even the little tricks he is used to singing are well known by fans.

Last Sunday, in the program "The Masked Singer Will Guess" of Jiangsu Satellite TV, the masked singer who was fully armed made his debut. He not only attracted the attention of the audience with his cool blue mecha, but also attracted the attention of fans more quickly when he opened his mouth. Isn’t he Liu Yuning, a modern brother, with a height of over 180, a unique voice and a stage trick that can’t be changed even if he is hiding in the mecha? Enthusiastic netizens immediately had a heated discussion about his true identity, never letting go of any clues, and shared them on the internet, which instantly sparked hot spots.

Coincidentally, Liu Yuning also updated his Weibo that night, which made some netizens have to wonder whether he deliberately released smoke bombs to hide his identity, in an attempt to confuse people. Therefore, a large number of netizens flocked to Weibo, Liu Yuning, to ask him for proof.

Whether the real identity of masked singer "Super Change" is Liu Yuning has not yet been determined. But good music should be respected. Many people say that the modern brother Ning Ge became popular overnight, but as long as you know his past, you will know how much effort he has made, and no one can succeed casually. Liu Yuning’s eight years of ups and downs and hard work have brought him today’s achievements. After he became famous, he once said that he could win the love of so many people. In fact, those who work hard will shine one day!

Is "super change" a better brother? We’ll lock in Jiangsu Satellite TV’s "Masked Singer Will Guess" at 9: 00 on Sunday night, or open Youku Video at 21: 40 to watch the exclusive online video. See you later!

China football, why is it "hot" again recently?

BEIJING, Beijing, May 27 (Reporter Bian Liqun) "Shanghai Shenhua goalkeeper Ma Zhen committed violent acts and punched the opponent’s player in the face. He was suspended for 5 games and fined 50,000 yuan; Rodriguez, a foreign aid from Meizhou Hakka, carried out non-sports behavior and used insulting gestures to the opposing players. He was suspended for 4 games and fined RMB40,000. "

On the evening of 26th, China Football Association issued another heavy ticket. This is already the second consecutive round of the Super League, and two players have been severely punished for violence on the field.

Recently, football in China is full of anger, and in addition, the referee is insulted in the game and accused by social media. Since May, the China Football Association has issued as many as 21 tickets, most of which are concentrated in the past half month.

Jia Desong (left) and Aziz, who had been severely punished before, were in the game. China News Service reporter Wang Gang photo

The fire can’t be suppressed again.

The league has returned to the home and away games, and the fans have returned to the stadium. This season, the Super League is very popular. However, recently, there has been a lot of anger.

Of course, every season, there will inevitably be angry scenes. At the beginning of last season, just after two rounds of competition, the Super League created nine red cards and five tickets.

In contrast, this season, it is an improvement to enter the third node of the league and get frequent fines.

Data Map: In the Super League last season, referee Li Haixin showed a red card to Shi Ke (first from left). Image source: IC photo

Since the fifth round, the fire in the Super League has gradually started. Sunic, the foreign aid of Henan team, pushed down Fang Hao, a teenager from Beijing Guoan, and was suspended for five games by China Football Association, and fined 50,000 yuan.

In the same round of competition, Fan Bing, an official of Nantong Zhiyun Team, was banned from entering the competition stadium for one game and fined RMB10,000 by the Football Association for publishing the contents of questioning the referee in the WeChat circle of friends.

Coincidentally, Xie Hui, the coach of Dalian People’s Team, was also banned from entering the competition stadium for one game and fined RMB 10,000 for publishing the contents of the penalty dispute on social media.

Data Map: Xie Hui directs the competition in the stands. Image source: IC photo

As Nantong Zhiyun sent a long article in response to the Football Association’s fine on May 16th, the fire reached a new height.

"The facts on which the penalty decision is based are unclear and are not within the jurisdiction of the Football Association Disciplinary Committee, and the applicable rules are inappropriate; Moreover, although the punishment decision shows that there is a’ description of the parties’ by applying the template, in fact, it did not give our club or Fan Bing any opportunity to communicate, explain and defend themselves, and never held an interview meeting or hearing under the rules, lacking due process. "

"If such’ punishment decisions’ that lack legal basis and express personal opinions are allowed to flood, it will inevitably lead to illegal restrictions on the legitimate freedom of expression of football players and lead to a chilling effect."

Until now, the China Football Association has not responded to this. And a wave of unrest, a wave of rise again.

Data Map: Xie Hui directs the competition in the stands. Image source: IC photo

In the match between Tianjin Jinmen Tiger and Shandong Taishan Mountain on May 19th, Jia Desong, a foreign aid of Taishan Team, punched Beric, a foreign aid of Tianjin Jinmen Tiger, and the latter was injured. Jia Desong was finally banned for five games by the China Football Association and fined 50,000 yuan.

In the same round of competition between Wuhan Sanzhen and Chengdu Rongcheng, Aziz, a foreign aid from the three towns, trampled on his opponent’s leg and was banned for four games and fined 40,000 yuan.

Next, Shanghai Shenhua goalkeeper Ma Zhen and Meizhou Hakka foreign aid Rodrigo.

Why are you so angry?

Recently, the violence in China football field has been concentrated, which has to cause a question: Why are people so angry?

This season’s return to the home and away Super League, although the star flavor is insufficient after the loss of big-name stars, the game is still quite fierce.

To a certain extent, some of the anger also comes from this. Under the competition for every inch of land on the court, coupled with the blessing of the players’ own hormones in the game, irrational behavior is prone to occur.

This season’s Super League is hot at home. China News Service reporter Han Haidan photo

However, combing down, the source of a lot of anger comes from some penalties.

For example, Fan Bing, an official of Nantong Zhiyun, and Xie Hui, the coach of Dalian, made speeches on social media, all of which were aimed at the referee’s penalty.

In the match between Tianjin Jinmenhu and Shandong Taishan, the players of the two teams have accumulated anger for a long time. Before Jia Desong’s boxing behavior, the fighting action has gone beyond the normal range. Unfortunately, the referee on duty failed to control the field well, which indirectly led to a large-scale conflict at the end of the game. All kinds of chaos have buried the original excitement of this goal war.

Sunic, a foreign aid from Henan province, and Aziz, a foreign aid from three towns in Wuhan, were given additional punishment for their violent behavior, but in the game, the two referees on duty only showed them yellow cards.

The Wuhan Three Towns team punished Aziz for one dollar and responded to the ticket in disguise.

Another big source of anger is the intensive schedule. Since the start of the game on April 15th, the Chinese Super League has played 9 rounds in more than one month, with each team playing once every 4 days on average.

Under the long-term consumption of double matches in a week, the players are inevitably tired of fighting, which further increases their anger.

Data Map: This season’s Super League competition. China News Service reporter Futian photo

Sparse fire can reduce fire.

Objective factors, such as the intensive schedule and the referee’s ruling level, cannot be changed in a short time. Therefore, the way of suppressing fire, which is similar to punishing improper remarks, can not reduce the fire well, but is easy to be swallowed up by fire.

Therefore, Nantong Zhiyun, Wuhan Sanzhen and other clubs responded fiercely, and the behavior of club officials abusing referees on the court and questioning referees on social media off the court became more and more concentrated.

Fans in the stands and on social media are also angry.

For the current football in China, communication needs to be strengthened, and all parties need to reduce the fire.

In fact, in the 2021 season, the Super League used the mechanism of publicly responding to controversial penalties, but it did not last long, and such responses disappeared.

In addition, some fans suggested that it is possible to reconsider choosing an international referee in some 6-point battles related to championship or relegation.

Although this move may not necessarily put an end to the phenomenon of questioning the referee and the misjudgment and omission in the court, it can still alleviate the anger caused by various trust crises.

In any case, it is really precious that the league resumes home and away games, fans return to the stadium, and some stadiums even have a hard-to-find ticket. Football practitioners in China should cherish this fire, not anger. (End)