Inventory of mainstream film marketing companies (II): Dark Horse Taoxiu is backed by the platform, and it rises rapidly from four to four.


# Huang Xuan quarrels with Yang Zishan #, # Guan Xiaotong’s father gives Amway white wine to foreign actors #, # Chaoneng’s family has no normal people # ……

When you open Tik Tok, you can always see hot search topics as short as those in parents’ homes. Clicking on them is actually a movie marketing clip. Unconsciously, the deep combination of traditional marketing and content has been immersed into our lives.

Last week, I gave you an inventory of some mainstream film marketing companies (portal "Inventory of Mainstream Film Marketing Companies (I)"). After several rounds of shuffling, some established marketing companies gradually withdrew from the market. At present, either the film and television companies have strong marketing teams, such as Light, Bona, Huayi, etc., or they are attached to capital and platforms. For example, Dark Horse Marketing won Ali’s investment, and immediately film and television was acquired by Confucianism and Italy Film and Television.

Not only the big waves wash sand, but also the fiery short video outlets make short video marketing companies stand on the forefront. A number of emerging companies, such as Beita Culture, Cycling, and Four Four Get Eight, appear in the film marketing team.

Road painting film and television:

Pay attention to the introduction of foreign films and cross-industry cooperation

A few years ago, because of participating in the promotion of Hollywood blockbusters such as Fast and Furious 8, Wolverine 3 and Transformers 5 in China, giving way to painting film and television has established a reputation in the field of film and television industry and brand marketing.

Foreign films help to promote, and the cross-industry cooperation between films and brands is the strong point of road painting film and television. In the early years, I participated in the co-production of Hollywood blockbusters, from the introduction of the Japanese film "Thieves Family" in 2018 to the Japanese niche fantasy love animation "Hello World" this year. The box office broke through 100 million, and there were all road paintings behind it.

The Spring Festival stalls contributed to the cross-border linkage between A Writer’s Odyssey and Audi, which is also a recent successful case of Road Painting.

Road painting film and television also entered the online movie this year, and was responsible for the exclusive announcement of the action film "The Sneak Action of Drug Hunting" at the end of October.

Like a duck to water:

Work closely with Bona

Rudushui Film & Television is a case marketing company established in 2014. From the projects handled by the company, it can be seen that Rudushui has a close relationship with Bona Film, the producer, whether in the early days of "Taking the Tiger Mountain Outward" or "operation mekong" or in Chinese Doctors and The Battle at Lake Changjin today.

Rong Chao, the company’s legal representative, used to be the planning director of Bona Film and the screenwriter of the movie "Wulin Monster". Therefore, most projects produced by Bona Film can always be seen by the marketing team like a duck to water, but the company is relatively low-key and there is not much public information to inquire about.

In addition to film marketing, such as a duck to water, he also participated in the production of the documentary film "Dragon and Tiger Warrior".

Micro entertainment:

Behind-the-scenes stars and their works in front of the service desk

In addition to Bona’s royal use, The Battle at Lake Changjin’s marketing team has another micro-entertainment company that has cooperated with Bona a lot.

Founded seven years ago, Micro Entertainment has done film marketing for dozens of films such as Chinese Doctors, The Rescue and The Captain’s Later Us and The Four Kings of Di Renjie.

Huang Yiping, the founder, used to be the propaganda director of Tsui Hark Company. Tsui Hark and Bona are deeply bound, so it is not unexpected that the micro-entertainment founded by Huang Yiping has received many Bona projects.

In addition, Micro Entertainment is also responsible for brokerage affairs, providing publicity services for head artists and directors in many fields such as film, television, music and fashion. We have cooperated with Tsui Hark, Rene Liu and Zhang zhen. It can be said that film marketing and celebrity marketing are the two core businesses of micro entertainment.

Small table movie:

Young new forces in film marketing

If you have seen Wrestling! Indian movies such as Dad, Mysterious Superstar and Starting Line, or Japanese film lovers such as Doraemon and Silver Soul, small table movies that are good at young marketing should not be missed.

Zhao Zhuoqun, the founder of Little Table Film, actually studied drama, film and television literature. After several years of hard work in the film and television industry, he made a name for himself in 2015 because he planned the marketing of "Doraemon: Walk with Me", and then he founded Little Table Film and officially cut into the film and television marketing market.

From the initial acceptance of niche projects such as Second Yuan and film criticism, to the present participation in the marketing promotion of popular films such as Seizing the Soul, Bath Buddy, White Snake 2 and Summer Future, Xiaotiao’s ability in creative new media marketing has become increasingly prominent, and the whole team is also very young.

It is worth noting that Xiaotiao Film was invested by Lianrui, a veteran distribution company, in its early days, and now it is backed by Matt Culture, a film and television marketing and production company. YueYang, vice president of Matt, is also one of Xiaotiao’s shareholders.

Dark horse marketing:

Backed by Alibaba Pictures, look at the explosive potential stocks

Dark horse marketing, founded by Du Hao and Andy in 2015, is really a "dark horse" in the film marketing industry:

From Wolf Warriors and detective chinatown series, to Shameful Iron Fist, Flying Life and Ip Man 4, dark horse marketing can be seen behind many explosive films.

In 2019, Dark Horse Marketing was invested by Alibaba Pictures, so most projects in Alibaba Pictures now involve Dark Horse, but it is not limited to this.

This year, Dark Horse Marketing took over many blockbusters such as I want us to be together in Detective Chinatown 3, A Writer’s Odyssey, 1921, Anger and Serious Case, Assassination Storm, etc. Last year, some projects of iQiyi Fog Theater and Youku Suspense Theater were also marketed by Dark Horse.

The names of the brands of Dark Horse are also very interesting, such as basic culture, unlimited imagination, decent culture, whale-like culture and so on. Among them, decent culture has developed well, and participated in the publicity of many projects such as Secret Visitors, First Furnace Incense and Everything About My Mom.

Potato chip culture:

Binding Chen Kexin, Securing High-quality Projects

I first learned about potato chip culture because of the brokerage business of this company: powerful actors such as Tan Zhuo, Ni Hongjie and Lv Xiaolin all cooperated with potato chip culture.

Zhao Jing, the founder of the company, is a senior media person, who once planned and compiled a series of works for director Jia Zhangke.

In 2015, Zhao Jing established potato chip culture, engaged in film and television production, film and television marketing, artist brokerage and other businesses, and participated in the promotion of many high-quality film and television projects such as "Home at One Point" and "Calm Down" in Leap, Better Days.

It can be seen that the company has a close relationship with Chen Kexin’s team. Zhao Jing is the shareholder of Fat Kids Film and Television, a producer in Better Days, and Jo Jo Hui, who has been cooperating with Chen Kexin and Ceng Guoxiang, is the supervisor of potato chip culture.

Collect media:

Focus on the whole case marketing team of film and television

Just four years after its establishment, Jishi Media has participated in the marketing of 50+ popular films such as Psychological Crime, Sewing Machine Band, the richest man in Xihong City, and the ringing of the phone, and its business also involves the promotion of drama series, such as Anjia, Full-time Master, Animal Management Bureau and Sand Sea.

This year, Detective Chinatown 3’s "Secret Visitor", "What Should I Do When My Second Brother Comes" and "Uninvited Visitor" also participated in the collection.

Zhang Weihua, the founder, used to be the general manager of Xiansheng Interactive. After the establishment of Jishi Media, he obtained strategic investment from Joy Pictures. In recent two years, Jishi also established some new companies, such as brand marketing, event operation company, toilet cool entertainment, and Shiguang Interactive.

Taoxiu light and shadow:

New Digital Marketing Backed by Platform

Among the film marketing companies, Taoxiu Light and Shadow is quite special. As a pan-entertainment content marketing MCN organization founded by Alibaba Pictures and Tianxiaxiu in 2018, short video+live broadcast are the two core business segments of Taoxiu Guangying.

Because it can incubate talents independently, Taoxiu Guangying’s film and television announcement does not depend on external delivery. At present, it has customized the layered short video marketing and delivery strategy for The Eight Hundred Leap’s film and television works such as First Furnace Incense and Big Red Packet.

Film marketing is only a part of Taoxiu’s light and shadow business, spanning entertainment content marketing, brand e-commerce live broadcast and other fields. With the creative planning ability of new media and talent matrix, Taoxiu Light and Shadow has become a rapidly rising marketing dark horse in the industry.

Four, four, eight:

Vibrating and blasting money making machine

With short video platforms such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker becoming important marketing centers, film marketing companies have also set up short video teams. Short video marketing companies such as "15-20", "Betta Culture" and "Cycling Play" have risen rapidly, and "4-4-8" established in 2019 is one of the leaders.

My Father and I, The Battle at Lake Changjin and Chinese Doctors, Summer Future, Great Dad … Throughout the whole summer and National Day archives, you can see the figure of getting eight out of four in these short video marketing teams.

Yang Yi, one of the founders of "Four-Four-Eight", once worked in Huayi and ByteDance Department, and was quite experienced in film and television marketing and short video planning and operation, which led to the creation of explosive video cases for many film and television projects on the Tik Tok platform.

Immediately film and television:

Mature new army of film and television marketing

As a new company established in October 2020, Lima Film and Television is not well known. The core members of the team are from Road Painting Film and Television, and participated in the marketing promotion of a series of films such as Hi, Mom’s t.a, When Men Fall in Love, Rabbit Violence, online movies Our New Life and Northeast Love Brother.

After obtaining the investment of Fang Ruyi Film and Television produced by Hi, Mom and A Little Red Flower, Ma Yi Film and Television will be responsible for the marketing of Confucianism and Italian projects.

In addition, Lima Film and Television also contacted artists to promote business. For example, Su Ke, the actor of the hit drama "Sweeping the Black Storm", was promoted behind the scenes during the publicity period of the series.

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Exploring Xiaomi automobile factory from zero distance, everything is ready except Dongfeng.

Xiaomi’s car-making plan, which is in full swing, has always been the focus of media attention. Recently, the interface news broke that Xiaomi has started trial production inside, producing about 50 prototype cars every week. In order to verify the relevant information and explore the Xiaomi factory at zero distance, the editor of First Electric Network rushed to Beijing Yizhuang Xiaomi Automobile Factory for a field visit.

At 3pm on September 6th, First Electric entered Xiaomi Automobile Factory in Yizhuang, Beijing and was unexpectedly allowed to enter. In the factory area, First Electric learned that this modern automobile factory covers an area of 720,000 square meters, with complete facilities and distinct areas. In addition to the factory buildings and office areas, there are many projects under construction. On the spot, relevant construction and operation preparations are continuing to advance. First Electric sees that some employees have entered the park office at present, and new people who are undergoing military training can also be seen in the factory.

In the factory, First Electric also saw two test vehicles based on Qin PLUS EV (parameter picture), and the roof part was similar to the top design of radish fast-running model, so it was guessed that it should be related to automatic driving and AI learning.

First Electric saw in the factory that the Xiaomi automobile manufacturing workshop has been completed, and related equipment has also entered the factory building. The workshop is temporarily in a state of debugging and looks like everything is ready.

The First Electric Field learned that there are currently 6 workshops in the park, including die casting, stamping, car body, painting, assembly and battery workshops.

In the die-casting workshop, First Electric saw the sign of "Xiaomi Super Die-casting", which indicates that Xiaomi Automobile will adopt advanced integrated die-casting technology.

In one of the factories, First Electric saw several parked vehicles in the distance. Due to the long distance, it is temporarily impossible to judge whether it is a prototype of Xiaomi car under production.

Based on what we saw on the spot, First Electric believes that the status of Xiaomi Automobile Factory has met the trial production conditions exposed by the media before, and the relevant mass production preparations should be fully promoted.

Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group, has publicly stated that "the car-making business will be carried out according to the original plan, and the time schedule will meet or slightly exceed expectations. This year, Xiaomi Automobile will also conduct winter and summer tests as planned. "

Combined with the public information on the recruitment website. At present, Xiaomi Automobile is recruiting relevant talents in a large area, especially workshop operators, marketing teams and technical talents related to autonomous driving, and has also started the site selection of offline sales stores. Some media have revealed the site selection requirements of Xiaomi Automobile for offline sales stores: more than 3,000 square meters, at least 120 parking spaces, adopting the model of Xiaomi mobile phone franchise store+delivery center+authorized car body panel and spray center similar to Huawei Smart Car Selection.

It is understood that at present, the biggest problem facing Xiaomi Automobile is the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the production qualification.

Some relevant media have revealed that Xiaomi Automobile will get the approval at the end of this year, which means that Xiaomi Automobile can start mass production at the end of this year; Regarding the production qualification, it has always been thought that Xiaomi Automobile will get the production qualification of Baowo in a high probability, but it backfired in the end. Up to now, the production qualification of Xiaomi Automobile is still a mystery. However, it has been learned from relevant channels that Xiaomi Automobile has solved the production qualification problem, and the way to adopt it is not known yet.

Now it seems that Xiaomi automobile may arrive ahead of time as long as conditions permit.

Summary of events reported by media in 2023:

  • In April, 2023, many media exposed the spy photos of Xiaomi car. The First Electric Network also captured the camouflage car charged by Xiaomi car in Beijing. Xiaomi car will be a coupe, and its tail shape is very eye-catching.
  • In June, 2023, some media exposed that Xiaomi Automobile Factory had been completed.
  • On July 4, 2023, Changchun FAW Fuwei Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (FAW Fuwei, 600742.SH), a supplier of Xiaomi Automobile, said on the investor interaction platform that the company is actively communicating with Xiaomi Automobile, and many molecular companies have entered the purchasing group of Xiaomi Automobile and will cooperate with Xiaomi Automobile as a component supplier.
  • In mid-July, 2023, the information of Xiaomi automobile battery pack will be exposed, which will adopt a 100-degree battery pack with an energy density of 157Wh/kg and a rated voltage of 726.7V V. It is expected to support 800V high-voltage fast charging technology.
  • On August 19, 2023, Xiaomi Automobile was exposed in the summer test spy photos in Xinjiang. When Lei Jun promoted the camera function of the latest mobile phone product X Fold on social media, the information inadvertently revealed also confirmed this point.
  • Recently, Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. registered the domain name of "xiaomiev”(EV" (EV is pure electric vehicle) website.

From all indications: Xiaomi car is really coming!

Will the first car built for Xiaomi, who dreams of having a fever, become the first car for young people?

This is also the most discussed point among netizens. No matter the previous explosion of "149,900 or 99,000", it seems unlikely now, even within 200,000. At present, the lowest price of models equipped with 100-degree battery packs on the market is around 300,000.

How much do you think Xiaomi will order?

Summary of Nearly 20 New Cars in 2024 new york Auto Show

  [car home Information] On March 27th, local time in the United States, the 2024 new york Auto Show officially opened. Although the scale of overseas auto shows is gradually shrinking, there are still nearly 20 new cars released at this auto show. Among them, Ford, Hyundai Group (including Hyundai, Kia and Janice) and Nissan (including Nissan and British finidi) have released heavy models, and Hyundai Group’s new cars are almost half of the country. Let’s take a look at what they have.

Home of the car

◆ Modern new Tucson/Tucson XRT

  The new modern Tucson and Tucson XRT positioning compact SUV, the appearance is still familiar with the family style, the interior has been greatly renovated, and the power will provide fuel, hybrid and plug-in hybrid systems.

Home of the car

Home of the car

New Tucson plug-in hybrid version

Home of the car

Home of the car

New Tucson XRT

  From the appearance, the new car still continues the design of Korean and European models, and the front face is very eye-catching with similar borderless grille shape and split headlight design. Besides,Tucson XRT is different from the ordinary Tucson mainly in the lower enclosure, and the former is more wild.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  Coming to the side, the two models are only different in details. The new Tucson plug-in hybrid version is equipped with 19-inch wheels, and the D-pillar is decorated with silver; The XRT version is equipped with 18-inch wheels, and there are more decorative elements at the wheel eyebrows. The D-pillar and the exterior rearview mirror are blackened. It is also worth mentioning that the XRT version can also be equipped with horizontal brackets on the luggage rack to further enhance the off-road atmosphere.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  There is not much difference between the two models in the tail, mainly because the lower enclosure is different. The XRT version is equipped with a black guard to show its identity. Above it is the iconic through taillight design, and the four "fangs" that protrude downward further enhance the layering of the rear.

Home of the car

  Looking at the interior again, the new car is equipped with the currently popular dual screen design. The LCD instrument and the center console are both 12.3 inches in size, and the through air conditioning air outlet design can enhance the visual width inside the car. In addition, the new car is designed with a hood, and two cup holders and a wireless charging panel are integrated under the center console. In addition, the new car has upgraded its sound insulation performance, with a double-layer sound insulation glass at the front door and a thicker floor in the car. More sound insulation materials are equipped near the front wheel, at the bottom of the driver’s seat, and at the B-pillar and C-pillar.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In terms of power, the new car will provide fuel version, hybrid version and plug-in hybrid version in the North American market. The fuel version is equipped with a 2.5L four-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 187 HP, matching an 8-speed automatic transmission; Both the hybrid version and the plug-in hybrid version are composed of a 1.6T engine and a motor, and the combined maximum power of the system is 231 HP and 268 HP respectively. The transmission system is matched with a 6-speed automatic gearbox and a four-wheel drive version is provided.

◆ New modern Santa Cruz

  The new model (|) has been upgraded in appearance and interior. This auto show is still an XRT version, adding more off-road kits to enable it to compete with the biggest competitor Ford Maverick FX4 version.

Home of the car

Home of the car

New Santa Cruz XRT

Home of the car

Home of the car

New Santa Cruz

  In terms of appearance, the new modern Santa Cruz has undergone obvious changes. The previous "V-shaped" grille has now been replaced by a rectangular design, making it look tougher. The XRT version of the grille is blackened and equipped with a black logo, and the trailer hook with the same color on the lower enclosure is also very eye-catching.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

New Santa Cruz XRT

Home of the car

New Santa Cruz

  Viewed from the side, the new car adopts brand-new side pedals, cargo box railings and door trim panels, brand-new multi-spoke wheels, and a wide-body shape, which looks sporty. In addition, the new car is equipped with black door handles and black rearview mirrors, and is equipped with 18-inch and off-road tires.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

New Santa Cruz XRT

Home of the car

New Santa Cruz

  Some new cars at the rear of the car have not changed much. The XRT version mainly blackens the lower enclosure, and at the same time, the shape has been adjusted to make it have a larger departure angle. Modern Santa Cruz is a small and flexible type of pickup truck, and the depth of the new car container is short, so it is judged that pulling goods is not the main function of the vehicle, and the relatively small container also reserves a large space for the passenger compartment. The shorter wheelbase also takes into account certain handling flexibility.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In terms of interior, the new car has the latest family-style design style, and the double 12.3-inch continuous screen design is exactly the same as the new Tucson. At the same time, the car also retains some mechanical buttons, taking into account the convenience of daily use. In terms of configuration, the new car will also be equipped with the latest Bluelink+ car networking and modern car payment system, and will also be equipped with wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. The XRT version has panoramic images and blind spot cameras, enriching its off-road scene.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In terms of power, the new car will provide a 2.5L naturally aspirated engine and a 2.5T turbocharged engine, of which the maximum power of the 2.5L naturally aspirated engine is 191 horsepower; The maximum power of the 2.5T engine is 285 horsepower, the transmission system is matched with an 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and it is equipped with an HTRAC four-wheel drive system. In addition, the XRT version also has a traction capacity of 5,000 pounds.

◆ New KIA K5

  As a mid-term redesigned model, the new Kia K5 has been adjusted for many details on the basis of the old model, and the interior has been greatly upgraded, and the sense of grade has been significantly improved.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The appearance of the new car has not changed drastically, and the designer only brought some details to it. On both sides of the slender borderless roars grille, there are exaggerated headlight groups. The shape of daytime running lights is more complicated and the internal LED light groups are flatter. The front enclosure adopts a new style to further highlight the sense of movement.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The side adjustment is limited to the new style of multi-spoke two-color wheels, which looks more upscale, as shown below, and other new wheels are available. Thanks to the adjustment of the taillights, the new car has higher recognition, and the rear surround also increases the three-dimensional sense compared with the cash.

Home of the car

Home of the car

KIA (Import) KIA K5 (Import) 2024 Basic Model

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In contrast, changes in the car will make potential consumers more happy. The current split screen with large borders has been replaced by the popular floating dual screen, which looks more concise and lightweight. The air-conditioning air outlet at the top is changed to a hidden design, and the air-conditioning control panel is moved to the vicinity of the central air outlet, giving a stronger overall feeling.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with an upgraded head-up display system, a higher resolution front/rear camera, an upgraded sound insulation material, etc. In addition, a fingerprint recognition device is added behind the driving mode knob.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In terms of power system, the new car will provide 2.0L naturally aspirated engine (160 HP), 1.6T engine (180 HP), 2.0LPI LPG engine (146 HP) and 2.0L hybrid power (152 HP engine and 38.6kW motor).

◆ New KIA K4

  The new KIA K4 positioning compact car will replace the current KIA Forte in overseas markets, and it is planned to be listed in North America in mid-2024. In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with 1.6T and 2.0L engines, and it is expected that the GT version will have stronger power in the future.

Home of the car

Kia (imported) Forte 2024 basic model

  Appearance, the new car adopts KIA’s brand-new design language, and the headlight group is very sharp, equipped with slender LED daytime running lights. The front of the car is equipped with a blackened air intake net, which is integrated with the lines of headlights, further widening the visual width of the front of the car. The lower enclosure is equipped with a blackened air inlet, which is matched with a two-color large-size five-spoke wheel rim, which well reflects the sports attribute.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  From the side of the car body, the new car adopts a slip-back shape, and the body lines are very smooth, which enhances the sense of movement and helps to reduce the drag coefficient. The line of the side window comes to an abrupt end in the C-pillar part, which looks very recognizable. In addition, the length of the new car is 4709mm and the width is 1849mm, which is larger than that of Kia Forte as a whole. From the rear of the car, the new car seems to be equipped with penetrating taillights, but only the L-shaped areas on both sides can actually be lit.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In terms of interior, the new car is made of Kia’s brand-new design language, with dark green color matching and a newly designed double-spoke flat-bottomed steering wheel. Kia’s LOGO is not centered and its shape is very avant-garde. The new car is equipped with a full LCD dashboard and a large LCD central control panel, but the center console still retains some physical buttons to facilitate the operation of common functions.

Home of the car

  In terms of power, the new car will provide two options: 1.6T and 2.0L engines, of which the maximum power of the 1.6T engine is 190 HP and the maximum power of the 2.0L engine is 147 HP. The transmission system will be matched with the 8-speed automatic gearbox and CVT continuously variable gearbox respectively.

◆ Kia K4 hatchback version

  At the 2024 new york Auto Show, KIA officially announced that it will launch a new hatchback version of KIA K4 in North America, which will be officially released this year. The car will be built based on the new Kia K4 and will share the powertrain.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Kia K4 hatchback version

Kia (imported) Forte 2024 basic model

Kia (imported) Forte 2024 basic model

Kia K4 sedan edition

  Judging from the official map released at the scene, the hatchback version will still adopt the design of the sedan version in the front face, and it seems to have very good sports attributes as a whole. The rear of the car will adopt a hatchback shape, and the roof line will be straighter and extend out of the roof spoiler. Other designs, including taillights and rear enclosure, will continue the appearance of the sedan version.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with two options: 1.6T and 2.0L engines. The 1.6T engine has a maximum power of 190 HP and a peak torque of 264 Nm. The transmission system is matched with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The 2.0L engine has a maximum power of 147 HP and a peak torque of 179 Nm, and its transmission system is matched with CVT continuously variable gearbox.

◆ Jennisseth X Gran Berlinetta concept car

  Genesis x Gran Berlinetta Concept, a brand-new concept car of Jennisseth, has been launched in the Gran Turismo 7 game before, and it is equipped with an e-SC V6 engine with a maximum speed of 10,000 rpm. In the real world, Janice also built a 1:1 model car for display.

Jennisseth Jennisseth X concept car 2024 Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo

Jennisseth Jennisseth X concept car 2024 Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo

Jennisseth Jennisseth X concept car 2024 Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo

Jennisseth Jennisseth X concept car 2024 Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo

Jennisseth Jennisseth X concept car 2024 Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo

Jennisseth Jennisseth X concept car 2024 Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo

Jennisseth Jennisseth X concept car 2024 Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo

Jennisseth Jennisseth X concept car 2024 Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo

Jennisseth Jennisseth X concept car 2024 Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo

Jennisseth Jennisseth X concept car 2024 Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo

Jennisseth Jennisseth X concept car 2024 Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo

Home of the car

  According to the official, the concept car adopts the design of "anti-wedge attitude", the front face still continues the family style, and the double light strip design is very recognizable. It is worth mentioning that the hood of the car will adopt gull-wing door design, and the exhaust is also integrated at the hood, which is very advanced in concept. The rear of the vehicle creates a standard oval shape through a spoiler, and is equipped with a large diffuser below, and integrated with a vertically designed taillight, which is quite a taste of Formula One racing.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  Entering the car, the concept car adopts a double-seat layout, and the overall center console is very simple. The penetrating central control panel is embedded in the center console, and two knobs are equipped below for control. The steering wheel is very competitive in shape, with a built-in display as the dashboard and a HUD head-up display. In addition, the car is also equipped with a knob design with a display screen on the steering wheel and door panel, which may be worth learning in future production cars.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  In terms of power, the concept car will be equipped with a V6 engine named e-SC in the virtual world, which will be equipped with an electric turbocharger. With the maximum speed exceeding 10000rpm, it can generate the maximum power of 882 HP and the maximum torque of 1,071 Nm. In addition, the car will be equipped with a motor, and the maximum power of the system can reach 1,086 HP and the maximum torque is 1,337 Nm.

◆ Jennisseth Neolun concept car

  The name "Neolun" in the Neolun concept car of Jennisseth comes from the combination of the Greek word "neo" and the Latin word "luna", which symbolizes Jennisseth’s increasingly enterprising and innovative, and defines the brand’s vision for the future.

Geniseth Geniseth Neolun 2024 Concept

Geniseth Geniseth Neolun 2024 Concept

Geniseth Geniseth Neolun 2024 Concept

Home of the car

  The Neolun concept car of Jennisseth adopts the future direction of product development and design. The official said that its design was inspired by the white glazed moon jar, and the whole car was simple in shape. However, the iconic front face shape of Jennisseth brand was outlined through the integrated light set of the car body, and the two-color car body color matching "midnight black" and "sky blue" highlighted the exquisite and elegant temperament.

Geniseth Geniseth Neolun 2024 Concept

Geniseth Geniseth Neolun 2024 Concept

Geniseth Geniseth Neolun 2024 Concept

  The most striking feature of the side of the car body is that it adopts the door-to-door design without B-pillar, which provides more open and redundant internal space. It is reported that the door-to-door design without B-pillar of Jennisseth has reached the mass production level. The Neolun concept car of Jennisseth has an electric welcome pedal, which automatically starts when passengers get in and out of the car. When the door is closed, the welcome pedal will be retracted to the car body, showing a seamless design. In addition, the new car is equipped with 24-inch wheels.

Geniseth Geniseth Neolun 2024 Concept

Home of the car

  The design of a large number of horizontal lines at the tail makes it look more generous, and the shape is also simple. The integrated light group highlights the taillight shape and outlines the strength and weight of the model. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5253/2097/1836mm and the wheelbase is 3297 mm.

Geniseth Geniseth Neolun 2024 Concept

Geniseth Geniseth Neolun 2024 Concept

Geniseth Geniseth Neolun 2024 Concept

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  From the perspective of interior, the sense of technology and comfort coexist, and the front rotating seat of Jennisseth Neolun concept car provides passengers with maximum space and practicality. In addition, the car is inspired by the concept of "sudden warming" of floor heating, and the heating elements carried by the concept car of Jennisseth Neolun are all over the instrument panel, door trim, floor, seat back and side of the central armrest, thus achieving efficient heating of the whole car.

Geniseth Geniseth Neolun 2024 Concept

Geniseth Geniseth Neolun 2024 Concept

Geniseth Geniseth Neolun 2024 Concept

Geniseth Geniseth Neolun 2024 Concept

Geniseth Geniseth Neolun 2024 Concept

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Home of the car

  In detail, the indigo cashmere leather in the car is seamlessly integrated with the retro-style purple silk leather, which is impregnated with ecological pigments. In addition, for the sound system, the official said that the advanced acoustic architecture was adopted, and the high, medium, bass and subwoofer speakers were exquisitely arranged to provide an immersive audio experience.

◆ Jennisseth GV60 Magma concept car

  With the official appearance of the GV60 Magma concept car, the JYNISES Magma project was officially launched, marking the brand’s official entry into the high-performance field under the leadership of legendary driver Jacky Ickx. The goal of Janice is to develop high-performance vehicles based on the existing product matrix, covering every production vehicle, taking into account the improvement of aesthetics and performance experience. The GV60 Magma concept car of Jennisseth will be the first high-performance concept car under Magma plan to enter the mass production stage.

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  The GV60 Magma concept car was built on the basis of the GV60, and it is still positioned as a medium-sized crossover SUV with pure electricity, built on the pure electric platform of E-GMP. The new car unveiled this time has upgraded its battery and motor configuration.

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Home of the car

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  In terms of appearance, the new car has a stylish and sporty appearance, and the family’s iconic double-layer split headlight design is highly recognizable. The GV60 Magma concept car is equipped with three air holes above the main air intake to provide additional cooling for the vehicle.

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  The lower edge of the side window of the car body keeps rising and cooperating with the waistline of the car body, and the roof keeps pressing backwards from the front of the car, forming a coupé design at the rear of the car. The wheel eyebrows and the lower edge of the car body are decorated in the same color as the car body, and the doors also use hidden door handles, facial recognition and fingerprint recognition systems.

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  In addition, the body is integrated with wings to strengthen the downward pressure on the front axle. The larger fender and integrated wheel arch design are helpful to reduce kinetic energy consumption and improve the cooling efficiency of cold braking system. In addition, the car will be equipped with 21-inch titanium and silver rims and integrated with air circulation discs, which will play a role in cooling the brake system.

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Home of the car

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  At the rear of the vehicle, the new car adopts a rounded tail shape, and the design of sliding back perfectly echoes this design. In order to increase the sports characteristics, a hard-core spoiler with high-position brake lights is added to the tail. The taillights echo the headlights, and they are still split-type headlights with sharp shapes.

  For the interior, the back of the chair, bucket seat and rhombic stitching are made of Magma’s signature lava orange and titanium ash, and are wrapped in black NAPPA leather and suede.

  As for power, at present, the power output of the GV60 is different according to different models, which are the performance version (sports mode -320kW/605 Nm; Boost mode -360kW/700 Nm), standard rear drive (168kW/350 Nm) and standard four-wheel drive (234kW/605 Nm). In Boost mode, the acceleration of the car from 0 to 100 km/h is 3.9 seconds. The new car adopts the front McPherson rear 5-link suspension, and is equipped with a 77.4kWh battery pack. The maximum cruising range of CLTC can reach 645 kilometers. If fast charging is used, it can charge from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes, supporting 400V class fast charging and 800V ultra-high speed fast charging. DRIFT mode provides an unprecedented drift experience for driving enthusiasts.

◆ Janice G80 Magma Special Edition

  The special edition of JYNISES G80 Magma (Lava Orange Special Edition) is based on the current JYNISES G80 body. As a special edition model, it not only has its own body color scheme, but also has a lower profile and a full sense of muscle. It is worth noting that the G80 Magma special edition of Janice will be hand-made and sold exclusively in the Middle East, with a limited edition of 20 vehicles.

  This time, Janice released the Magma high-performance plan, and Janice will develop high-performance models based on the existing product matrix, covering every production model. In the future, the products born in the Jennisseth Magma project will be painted with lava orange as a symbol of identity.

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  Specifically, the G80 Magma special edition of Janice basically continues the design of the current model, and the iconic large mouth net of Janice has a strong visual impact. However, the front face of the new car has a stronger sense of weight. With the headlight group with parallel line style and the front lip with exaggerated visual effects, it doesn’t look angry.

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  Viewed from the side, the elegant proportion of the new car presents a very smooth line design, creating a retro-like beauty. The C-pillar is not like a conventional car, but directly connected to the rear of the car, forming a coupe-like shape. In addition, the lower part of the car body has a quite obvious wide-body effect, and with the low-lying car body structure, the sense of movement is directly full.

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   The design surrounding the rear of the car is more radical. The circular exhaust design with two sides creates a strong sporty atmosphere. The license plate rack area is still inverted trapezoid, and the whole rear of the car looks more layered.

  In terms of power, at present, the current model of Janice G80 adopts a 2.5T engine, with a maximum power of 304 HP and a peak torque of 442 Nm. It also provides a 3.5T engine overseas, with a maximum power of 380 HP. The transmission will match the 8-speed automatic manual transmission, and each model is available in rear-drive and four-wheel drive versions.

2021 Shanghai Auto Show: Volkswagen’s new car is fully combed

  [car home New Car Launch] The 2021 Shanghai Auto Show has officially kicked off. During this auto show, the Volkswagen brand can be said to have a strong lineup. According to statistics, including FAW-Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen, Volkswagen (imported), SAIC Volkswagen Skoda and FAW-Volkswagen Jetta, nearly 20 new cars were launched, pre-sold and listed during the auto show. Today, this new car comb of Volkswagen Shanghai Auto Show will take stock of these new models for you.

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★ FAW-Volkswagen brand:

FAW-Volkswagen brand new car fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic ID.6 CROZZ line-ups MEB platform/expected to be launched in the third quarter Brand-new Golf () GTI line-ups DKX2.0 inline 4-cylinder turbocharged engine TALAGON lanjing line-ups Brand-new medium and large SUV

ID.6 CROZZ starts.

  Faw-Volkswagen (|) adopts a family design language, and the closed front face is equipped with a penetrating light strip and a luminous LED logo. In addition, the IQ.Light LED matrix smart headlight function equipped on ID.4 is also retained. Interior parts such as 5.3-inch LCD instrument, 12-inch suspended central control panel and knob shift mechanism are also inherited from ID.4 In terms of power, the new car is expected to provide three power versions of 132kW/150kW/225kW and two driving modes of rear drive and four-wheel drive, and support five driving modes including custom mode. Equipped with ternary lithium batteries, the capacity is 62kWh and 83.4kWh respectively, and the cruising range of its long-life version can exceed 580km(NEDC).

Faw-Volkswagen ID.6 CROZZ 2021 PRO version

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The new golf GTI starts

  The domestic eighth-generation golf GTI continues the design of the overseas version, and the overall appearance is more concise. The black honeycomb grille on the front bumper is larger, and the fog lights composed of five LED light sources are cleverly hidden on both sides; The black decorative strips at both ends of the front bumper slightly increase the aggression; The iconic red line of China Net and GTI logo have also appeared in the "old place". The new car uses a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine code-named DKX, with a maximum power of 162 kW (220 HP), and the peak torque is expected to be 350 Nm, which is the same as that of the previous generation. According to the application data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the declared fuel consumption value of the new car is 6.7 liters/100 kilometers.

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TALAGON takes the lead.

  The front face design of Volkswagen TALAGON has a strong sense of hierarchy. The net and headlights are integrated into a "T" shape, and the interior is integrated with chrome-plated decoration, which looks very delicate. TALAGON is very slender from the side, and its wheelbase is 2980mm, which is consistent with SAIC Volkswagen Touran. The length, width and height are 5152(5153)/ 2002/1795mm respectively. In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with an EA888-DPL 2.0T engine, providing 330TSI and 380TSI power models. Referring to Touran, the maximum power of these two versions is 186 HP and 220 HP respectively, and the peak torque is 320 Nm and 350 Nm respectively, of which 380TSI is a four-wheel drive version.

Faw-Volkswagen Lanjing 2021 Basic Model

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★ SAIC Volkswagen brand:

SAIC Volkswagen brand new car fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic ID.6 X line-ups MEB platform/expected to be launched in the third quarter New touang x be listed Mid-term change/sale of RMB 282,000-362,000. New Touran be listed Mid-term change/sale of RMB 292,000-372,000.

ID.6 X starting

  Like ID.6 CROZZ, the ID.6 X is the first ID model specially built for China, and it is a sister model with ID.6 Crozz.. Appearance, SAIC Volkswagen ID.6 X adopts the family design language, and the closed front face is equipped with a penetrating light strip and a luminous LED logo, but it is different from ID.6 CROZZ in design details. From the side, the new car adopts a cross-border style and a two-color body design. In addition, it also uses the semi-hidden door handle design on ID.4, which can attract the attention of young consumers. In terms of the rear end, the overall design is relatively simple. ID.6 X and ID.6cross can be distinguished by the shape of taillights and bumpers. ID.6 X’s taillights are designed with curves, and bumpers are designed with straight lines, while ID.6cross is just the other way around.

Saic Volkswagen ID.6 X 2021 basic model

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The new Touron X is on the market.

  In terms of appearance, the new Touran X has greatly continued the design of the current model, and the main change is the addition of the R-Line appearance kit. The lower enclosure is decorated with bright black decorative panels. In addition, the "cooling hole" decorative panels on the engine compartment cover, the rearview mirror shell, and the front and rear bumpers are all decorated with the same bright black treatment. In terms of dimensions, the length, width and height of the new Touran X are 4917/1989/1719mm and the wheelbase is 2980mm respectively. In terms of power, the new car will continue the configuration of the current model, equipped with Volkswagen EA888 engine, with a maximum power of 220 HP, and another 2.5T model is expected to continue to be provided. In terms of transmission, the new car will continue to match the 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox and still support the full-time four-wheel drive system.

SAIC Volkswagen Touran X 2021 Basic Model

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The new Touran is listed.

   The new Tourang has adopted a brand-new front face design in appearance, and the overall outline of the headlight has changed obviously. Its interior has also been upgraded to IQ.Light full LED matrix headlights, equipped with functions such as automatic height adjustment, follow-up steering and intelligent far and near headlights. In addition, the penetrating LED strip and the flat Volkswagen LOGO in the center of the front can also be lit up, which is quite a new energy vehicle. The length, width and height of the new car are 5052/1989/1773mm and the wheelbase is 2980 mm. The tail shape still continues its square design style. The biggest change is that the taillights adopt the same penetrating design as the headlights, and the central LOGO can also be lit. With the design of running water turn signal and penetrating chrome-plated horizontal bars, the texture of the tail has been significantly upgraded. In terms of power, the new car will continue the configuration of the current model.

SAIC Volkswagen Tourang 2021 Basic Model

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★ Volkswagen (imported) brand:

Volkswagen (imported) brand new cars are fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic New weilan pre-sell Pre-sale is 268,000 yuan/listing is expected in July. Arteon Shooting brake line-ups The trunk volume is 565L (1632L in the rear row).

New weilan pre-sale

  As a mid-term redesigned model, the new Weilan continues the overall design of the current model, but some details have been adjusted. For example, the new car mainly upgraded the new style of front and rear surround and front and rear LED light groups, and updated the shape of LED daytime driving, further enhancing the sense of fashion. In terms of interior, the biggest highlight of the new car is to replace the steering wheel with a new style and upgrade the multimedia system. The addition of full LCD instrument and embedded central control panel has greatly improved the sense of science and technology of the whole interior. In terms of power, the new Weilan cancels the 1.4T and 2.0T high-power engines, and is only equipped with a 2.0T low-power engine. The maximum power of this engine is 137kW, and the peak torque is 320 N m. The transmission system is matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox.

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The new Arteon Shooting brake starts

  The new Arteon Shooting Brake adopts the latest design style of Volkswagen family in appearance. The front face adopts the "L"-shaped daytime running light running through the front face. As for the air intake grille of the China Net, it is integrated with the matrix LED headlights on both sides. On the side of the car body, the B-pillar line of the new car continues from the roof to the rear of the car, and it is integrated with the trunk, which better reflects the hunting style of Shooting Brake. It is reported that the new car will have a trunk volume of 565L, and the second row of seats will be extended to 1632L after being laid down. In the rear part of the car, a small spoiler is added to the rear of the car as an ornament, and with the exhaust design of the upper and lower sides, the visual impact of the whole rear is improved.

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★ Saic Volkswagen SkodaBrand:

SAIC Volkswagen Skoda brand new car fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic Brand new Ming Rui PRO line-ups It is expected to be pre-sold at the end of April and listed in May.

The new Ming Rui PRO starts.

  The brand-new Ming Rui PRO is a brand-new generation of Ming Rui. The three-dimensional waterfall grille newly designed on the front face is young and sharp, and the three-dimensional ridges on the engine cover outline the cutting profile of light and shadow, creating a three-dimensional sense. The wheelbase of the new car is lengthened by 44mm, and the length, width and height (including exterior parts) are 4753/1832/1469mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2730 mm.. The interior part of the new car center console adopts a brand-new design, and the through silver decorative strip divides the whole into two parts, which makes the overall shape layered. At the same time, the new car adopts a 10.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, and is equipped with a three-spoke multi-function sports steering wheel of the same model as the overseas version. The 12.1-inch multimedia touch screen in the central control center adopts a floating design, and a row of traditional button control areas are reserved below it. In addition, the electronic shift mechanism of the new car has also been upgraded to a lever design, which further enhances the overall sense of science and technology of the new car interior. In terms of power, the new domestic Skoda Ming Rui will be equipped with the familiar 1.4TSI engine with a maximum power of 150 HP, and the gearbox is expected to match the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

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★ FAW-Volkswagen JettaBrand:

Faw-Volkswagen Jetta brand new car fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic VA3 30th Anniversary Edition line-ups Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Jetta’s Birth VS5 30th Anniversary Edition line-ups Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Jetta’s Birth VS7 30th Anniversary Edition line-ups Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Jetta’s Birth VS7 Panda Edition line-ups Variation of Special Edition Model/Black Front Edition VS7 Black Front Edition line-ups Special edition vehicle/body blackening treatment VS7 Yishi Edition line-ups Special edition models/more cooking equipment

VA3 30th Anniversary Edition Launch

  In terms of appearance, the 30th Anniversary Edition of Jetta VA3 is not much different from the ordinary version. It adopts family-style design, the lattice grille on the front face is very distinctive, and more chrome-plated elements also look young and fashionable. The new car has added the word "30" in the B-pillar position to reflect the particularity of the 30th anniversary edition, and added two body colors of manganese stone black and platinum gray. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4501/1704/1469mm and the wheelbase is 2604mm respectively. The interior design reflects the significance of the commemorative edition by adding beige seats, the 30th anniversary embroidery of the front seat headrest and the 30th anniversary logo of the welcome pedal. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 112 HP and a peak torque of 145 Nm. The transmission system is matched with Aisin 6-speed automatic gearbox.

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VS7 Panda Edition Launch

  In terms of appearance, the overall design of Jetta VS7 is basically followed, and the details of the car body are blackened. Specifically, the new car blackens the front grille, dense spokes and mirrors on both sides to make the new car look more sporty. It is worth mentioning that the new car also adopts a new color scheme to make it look more fashionable. In terms of configuration, the new car has added the "30" anniversary LOGO at the B-pillar position, the appearance has increased the black sports surround, and the polar white car paint has been added. In the interior, the center console becomes all black, and the beige color scheme is added to the seat. The panda version is actually optimized on the basis of the black front version. The body size of the new car is 4624/1841/1644mm and the wheelbase is 2730 mm. In terms of power, it will continue to be equipped with a 1.4T high-power engine with a maximum power of 150 HP and a maximum torque of 250 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic manual transmission, and only the predecessor version is available.

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VS7 Black Front Edition Starts

  As a special edition model, its overall appearance basically follows the design and modeling of the current Jetta VS7, and the body details are blackened. Specifically, the official blackened the front grille, dense spokes and mirrors on both sides of the car to make the new car look more sporty. As for the interior, it also follows the existing design and uses a lot of straight lines. Although it is different from the design language of Volkswagen family, most parts are still common with Volkswagen products, such as air conditioning panel, dashboard, steering wheel and gear shift lever, which are all familiar smells. In terms of configuration, the new car has added a black appearance sports kit, a LOGO for the 30th anniversary, and new paint colors of polar white and manganese stone black. In addition, the interior has also become an all-black dashboard and a beige seat has been added. The body size of the new car is 4624/1841/1644mm and the wheelbase is 2730 mm. In terms of power, it will continue to be equipped with a 1.4T high-power engine with a maximum power of 150 HP and a maximum torque of 250 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic manual transmission, and only the predecessor version is available.

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Full text summary:

  This year’s Shanghai Auto Show, Volkswagen’s lineup can be said to be extremely huge, and every brand is very interesting to pull out. The launch of ID.6 CROZZ and ID.6 X further demonstrates the steady development pace of Volkswagen in the new energy sector. I believe that Volkswagen, as the overlord of traditional energy sales, will definitely bring a blood shed to the new energy sector. (Text/car home Liu Xiangyu)

China’s manufacturing is not inferior to Europe and America. Why does Li Bin have the confidence to say that "Weilai Automobile will not reduce its price"?

As of January 2021, the market value of Weilai broke through the $90 billion mark. However, in the past few years, Weilai has experienced a series of setbacks and difficulties, such as a number of financing plans falling through, massive layoffs, the resignation of senior executives and the bottoming out of the company’s stock price. Today, Weilai has crossed the line of life and death and regained the favor of capital.

In Li Bin’s own words, it is: "We were actually beaten on the ground with a left fist and a right fist, and then we got up, and then we were beaten on the ground and got up again. But we stopped. "

At the beginning of 2020, Weilai Automobile, which just walked out of ICU, encountered greater challenges: Tesla cut prices and capital rushed to the new energy automobile market … … What is the magic weapon for Weilai Automobile? What is Li Bin’s "happiness trouble"? From "controversy" to "disappointing", how did Wei Lai do it?

Let’s go on to find the answer at 10: 20 on Saturday night, February 6, in the second program of CCTV Finance’s "Meeting Big Coffee" in the fifth season. 

Porsche factory can’t compare with Jianghuai factory?

Weilai Automobile uses its strength to explain that China manufacturing does not lose to Europe and America! 

In the fourth season "Meet Big Coffee" program, Li Bin was questioned by many people because of the phrase "Porsche factory is not as good as Jianghuai automobile factory".

In this episode, Li Bin specially took the host Shi Xiaonuo to visit the factory of Weilai Automobile in Hefei. The factory was originally a swamp, and it took only 20 months to complete from completion to production. Walking into the factory, you can see that the internal equipment is advanced and orderly.

Inside the factory, a series of honors won by Weilai Automobile are displayed: Weilai ES8 ranked first in the quality list of new energy vehicles in China released by J.D. Power in 2019, which has surpassed well-known automobile brands such as BMW and Tesla (this list comes from one of the most professional and authoritative market research companies in the world, and it is also one of the most authoritative lists in the automobile industry), and Weilai ES8 won the European Body Award, becoming the first high-end brand in China at the European Body Selection Conference & HELL. …

In Li Bin’s view, all these honors show that the manufacturing in China has reached a high level, and the spring of domestic electric vehicle brands has arrived.

Li Bin, the "commentator", specially explained the "Porsche": "I visited the Porsche factory more than 20 years ago, and I felt that there was a big gap between us and Europe … … Now, China manufacturing has really reached a very high level in many aspects. "

Tesla cut prices, Weilai sales rose,

Why does Li Bin have the confidence to say that "Weilai Automobile will not reduce its price"?

In 2020, new energy vehicles will have a rapid development, and new forces such as Tucki, Ideality and Weimar will make great efforts in succession, while Tesla, the leader in new energy vehicles, will reduce the price from more than 400,000 yuan to more than 200,000 yuan. Faced with all these challenges, Li Bin has a "happy worry": the production capacity of Weilai Automobile is not enough. Users have to wait for two months or more to buy a Weilai car. 

Li Bin said that in 2020, the sales volume of Weilai Automobile will double that of 2019, but the automobile supply chain is complex and involves many parts, so it will take some time to expand the production capacity. Li Bin, who has experienced many storms, said that he should be "steady".

The most interesting thing is Tesla’s price reduction. The first price reduction has an impact on Weilai’s sales. Later, the price reduction will increase the sales of Weilai Automobile.

Facing the "price attack" from rivals, Li Bin said that Weilai Automobile would not reduce its price, because he believed that the price reduction was an emotional injury to old users. "We should be grateful to the users who have chosen us and be kind to them. This is the bottom line of an enterprise, and the bottom line of each enterprise is not the same. "

Li Bin also said that a penny is worth a penny. "The price of eating tuna is definitely different from that of eating crucian carp." Li Bin prefers to spend more money on building and changing power stations and improving services for users, because "there will always be users in this world who will recognize your value, as long as you don’t make black-hearted money."

Weilai is praised by users as "Haidilao" in the automobile industry.

Li Bin only scored 50 points for Weilai’s user service … …

Owners who have bought Weilai cars are full of praise for the service of Weilai cars. There is feedback from the owner, which is the most difficult time for Weilai, and the service is not discounted. The industry once said that Weilai Automobile was the "sea fishing" of the automobile industry.

However, Li Bin himself only scored 50 points (out of 100) for the service level of Weilai Automobile. Because he feels that "satisfying users is Weilai’s purpose, not a means". On the road that is good for users and car owners, Weilai has no end.

At an internal staff meeting, he asked the staff confidentially, when Weilai Automobile was the most difficult in 2019, who was more determined to buy a car than the company employees? "We paid all the employees, but the owner bought our car, and once the company went wrong, he would suffer actual property losses." 

Li Bin said that what made him "very unhappy" was that so far, no salesman of a company had ever fought for greater benefits for customers in front of him. Li Bin, on the other hand, has long set an example and got along with the owners of Weilai as relatives.

Every day, he will log on to Weilai APP, give big red envelopes to car owners, and regularly attend meetings with riders to "listen to the most primitive and authentic voice in business logic".

What kind of experience is it to grow up with a brand?

Many car owners have gone through the process of fighting wits with their families before buying the Weilai car, but once they drive it, there are few regrets. There are also car owners who have bought two Weilai cars in a row and asked Li Bin: "Why is Weilai so attractive?"

Li Bin’s answer is warm and sincere: "Technological progress will bring emotional experience … … (Buy Weilai car), car owners are willing to watch it grow up. Now it is impossible to have a mature car brand, which will give car owners a chance to grow together with it, but Weilai can. You watch how it overcomes difficulties a little bit, watch it grow up, and even become a part of its growth. "

It is probably this sense of accomplishment and value that makes Weilai car owners make a lot of warm moves: on Weilai Auto Show Day, hundreds of car owners will be present as volunteers to help Weilai sell cars; When Weilai was in the most difficult time, the user did not abandon it, but actively helped Weilai sell the car and pulled it back from the cliff. 

Why does Li Bin think Weilai’s listing was "unsuccessful"?

In 2018, Weilai Automobile boarded the NYSE. When everyone cheered for Weilai’s listing, only Li Bin felt that the listing was not successful. He revealed in "Meeting Big Coffee": Weilai Automobile plans to raise 2 billion US dollars, only 1.1 billion in the end. The funds originally raised should be enough for Weilai to "burn" for two years, but now it is only enough for one year.

What makes Li Bin feel even worse is that on a public occasion, an American fund investor openly said that you are all liars. Compared with Li Bin’s successful listing in the United States with Easy Car Network last time, Li Bin felt that "an era is over". But even if the rhythm is disrupted, Li Bin’s confidence in starting a business remains as firm as ever.

Li Ning is the platform of Weilai bus.

Li Bin revealed his small goal: one third of the world has one.

This left-behind child who walked out of Dabie Mountain has started a tossing entrepreneurial life since he was admitted to Peking University by counterattack. He has experienced four ventures, making three companies listed.

In Li Bin’s view, every time he starts a business, he has his own difficulties, but he is basically not swayed by considerations of gain and loss, and always takes "how big something is" as his mantra. He said that he didn’t care much about the share price of Weilai Automobile, because his mood always followed that and he couldn’t continue to start a business.

At a NIO DAY of Weilai Automobile, Li Ning gladly "stood on the platform" for Weilai Automobile. As the founder of the national sports brand, Li Ning has a certain meaning of "appreciate each other" to Li Bin. Li Bin revealed the development direction of Weilai to Li Ning: "The market we are aiming at is the market of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi … … See if there is any chance to achieve one third of the world in five years. " Li Ning gave Wei Lai encouragement and shared his secret of starting a business: "Starting a business and living is a great victory."

Indeed, the road to entrepreneurship is not easy, with flowers and applause on the one hand and cliffs and failures on the other. For this venture, Li Bin has great dreams. For example, Weilai Automobile can compete with first-tier foreign brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, and at the same time, he has a calm mind: "Many people have asked me if I want to start a business. In fact, it is very simple. You have to think about it. What should you do if you fail? If you fail, you are still willing to do it, then do it. "

On the track of new energy vehicles, the road ahead is still full of unknowns and dangers. At the end of the program, Li Bin said that the only thing he could do was to "look forward and move forward" … … For more stories about Weilai Automobile, at 10: 20 on Saturday night, February 6, the second phase of "Meeting Big Coffee" broadcast by CCTV Financial Channel continued wonderfully.

"Innovation Subversion" or "Life Assistant" —— Observation of "Artificial Intelligence" from Summer Davos Forum

  Xinhua News Agency, Tianjin, June 29th  Title: "Innovation Subversion" or "Life Assistant" — — Observation of "Artificial Intelligence" from Summer Davos Forum

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Bai Jiali and Yin Siyuan

  "Generative Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Enemy?" "Keep pace with the times: embrace the artificial intelligence revolution and improve the level of artificial intelligence" … … At the Summer Davos Forum held in Tianjin, artificial intelligence once again became a "hot topic" concerned by political and business people, experts and scholars.

  As a window for observing the world and cutting-edge dialogue, how do guests discuss the relationship between artificial intelligence and human life at this economic event? In their eyes, will artificial intelligence bring "innovation subversion" or become a "life assistant"?

  Life is closely related to it.

  At the high-profile Summer Davos Forum, guests from different countries and fields started a dialogue on topics related to artificial intelligence. The reporter observed that a common cognition of the guests was — — With the new wave of artificial intelligence triggered by ChatGPT, artificial intelligence is pouring into all walks of life.

  The "Top Ten Emerging Technologies Report 2023" published by the World Economic Forum "Fresh" reveals the emerging technologies that will have the greatest impact on the world in the next three to five years. Among them, generative artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence assisted medical care are listed. The report also pointed out that generative artificial intelligence is developing rapidly and will lead to subversive changes in many industries such as education and research.

  Baidu’s ERNIE Bot, Iflytek’s iFLYTEK Spark Cognitive Model, 360 Group’s 360 Wisdom Brain, and brand-new AI mapping tools are changing our way of life and work.

  The 14th Summer Davos Forum. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xin photo

  "In the past six months, nearly 100 companies have entered the generative artificial intelligence market." Zhang Yaqin, academician of China Academy of Engineering and president of Tsinghua University Intelligent Industry Research Institute, said at the forum that artificial intelligence will play a great role in intelligent transportation, intelligent internet of things and intelligent medical care.

  In the forum dialogue, Zhao Yan, chairman and general manager of Huaxi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., mentioned a new scene of artificial intelligence application, which may bring more benefits to future women. She believes that artificial intelligence may be able to play the role of "AI assistant" in the future, assisting professional women to complete their work at special times such as pregnancy.

  "Artificial intelligence is being applied in all aspects of life and is quietly changing people’s lives." Wang Guan, co-founder of Kezhi Technology and director of the Smart Finance Laboratory of Ningbo Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Shanghai Jiaotong University, said that in the near future, with the blessing of artificial intelligence, people’s lives will undergo tremendous changes.

  Medical treatment has become a hot spot of application.

  In the forum, a special robot attracted guests to stop. "This is an intelligent diagnosis robot for depression developed by the R&D team of Tianjin University." The staff introduced the new achievements in the field of brain-computer interface research and development to the guests. "Just wearing a device, you can collect the signals of cerebral cortex neurons and pass ‘ Decoding ’ Achieve a quantitative assessment of depression. "

  From auxiliary diagnosis, to drug research and development, to medical management, a long history of medicine is colliding with brand-new artificial intelligence, expanding its broad development prospects. The guests predicted that artificial intelligence may become a key promoter of the rapid development of the medical field.

  According to Liu Jiren, chairman of Neusoft Group, the diagnosis of diseases by artificial intelligence will make our diagnosis process change from relying on the ability of each doctor to relying on calculation and collective wisdom, which will reduce the difference of medical services.

  Forum guests talk about the future of artificial intelligence. Xinhua News Agency reporter Bai Jiali photo

  "When researchers conduct experiments, it is likely that they can only do ten or one hundred at a time, but with AI, they can conduct a large number of experiments simultaneously and generate massive data." Ina klassen Berg, chief commercial officer of Ginkgo Biological Studio, explained the positive role of artificial intelligence in promoting drug research and development.

  Zhou Xiaping, senior vice president of Novo Nordisk and president of Greater China, said that enterprises have begun to try to speed up the process of drug research and development by using artificial intelligence tools, and at the same time, use artificial intelligence to help patients better manage chronic diseases.

  The changes that artificial intelligence has brought to the medical industry are still going deeper. Lu Yimin, general manager of China General Technology Group, said that when the group integrated medical resources, it found that the regionality of medical resources in China was prominent, the deployment cost of innovative technologies was high, and the platform access capacity was insufficient, so the promotion was facing challenges. He believes that with the support of AI, it is possible to solve long-standing problems such as the imbalance of medical resources and improve the quality of primary medical services more effectively.

  In the future, security "fences" should be set up.

  While the huge potential of artificial intelligence is rapidly released, how to avoid potential security risks? At the forum, the guests had a heated discussion around this topic.

  In the face of everyone’s concern, "What jobs will be reduced due to the introduction of AI technology?" Li Dongsheng, the founder and chairman of TCL, believes that new technologies can help improve the revenue and competitiveness of enterprises, thus creating more new jobs and possibilities, so as to achieve a balance between improving labor efficiency and ensuring the well-being of employees.

  So what areas should we try to use this technology? Wang Guan said that some areas with zero tolerance for errors should not use generative artificial intelligence for the time being, but for repetitive work that allows mistakes to a certain extent, it can take the lead in docking this technology.

  New achievements in research and development such as brain-computer interface in the exhibition area attract guests to stop. Xinhua News Agency reporter Bai Jiali photo

  Many guests thought that the biggest problem facing generative artificial intelligence, in particular, was that "there is no way to judge whether the content provided is true or false, and it is possible to fabricate a piece of content to confuse users." Feng Yan, a professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, bluntly said that in every field that needs to be decided, people have to have the final say, and machines can only provide assistance.

  "Generative artificial intelligence can improve life, and the biggest problem it faces in the future is how to improve its accuracy." Alex Zhvoronkov, founder and CEO of Yingsi Intelligent, said.

  In the face of known and unknown risks, Zhang Yi, a senior partner of King & Wood Law Firm, who attended the meeting, believes that firstly, laws and regulations should be rationally used to deal with the risks and impacts brought by artificial intelligence, and a governance framework and standards with broad consensus should be formed through laws to form a security "guardrail" and create a more dynamic development environment under its guidance.

I’ve been invisible for several years, and the folding screen is ok again.

Text | Deep Eyes Finance Zhang Wei

The folding screen caught fire in 2022 and the fire spread all the way to 2023.

The title of "the first year of folding screen" was born in 2022, one of the reasons is the high growth of folding screen shipments in 2022. According to IDC data, in the third quarter, China shipped more than 1 million folding screens, up about 246% year-on-year.

More importantly, this transcript of the folding screen was achieved in an environment of overall decline in smartphone shipments. According to the consulting data of Ai Media, the overall shipment volume of China mobile phone market will drop from 560 million in 2016 to 310 million in 2020. In 2021, mobile phone shipments rebounded slightly, but the overall environment is still not optimistic, with an annual shipment of only 350 million units.

It is not only the China market that participates in this folding screen carnival. According to Counterpoint research report, it is estimated that the global folding screen mobile phone market will increase by 52% year-on-year in 2023, reaching 22.7 million units.

You know, since the birth of the folding screen mobile phone, it has always been a niche track because of its relatively small market share, average sales volume and general market response.

When it was launched in the early years, it was also vomited by users because of the high price, obvious screen creases and heavy weight. Then, why did the folding screen, which was not welcomed by capital and market before, grow against the trend this year?

1. Capital betting, folding screen to become a new story?

Behind the fierceness of folding screen mobile phones is the embarrassment that mobile phone manufacturers urgently need to grow.

In the downturn of consumer market, the butterfly effect of mobile phone consumers is triggered: consumers who have no money in their belts naturally reduce their demand for mobile phones, and their replacement rate drops, which leads to a downward trend in mobile phone shipments. From January to November 2022, the total shipments of mobile phones in the domestic market totaled 244 million units, down 20.2% year-on-year.

In this context, as a relatively new product form, folding screen has become a "life-saving straw" in the mobile phone industry, and major mobile phone manufacturers have taken this opportunity to get involved in folding screen mobile phones.

At present, almost all mainstream mobile phone manufacturers have released new folding screen mobile phones, including Huawei’s Pocket S, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4, OPPO’s Find N, Xiaomi’s Mix Fold2, VIVO’s X Fold+, etc., and the competition is fierce.

In 2022, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi and other mobile phone manufacturers released more than 10 folding screen mobile phones. According to the current news, there will be many new folding screen machines released in 2023, and even Apple has rumors that it will release folding screen smart phones in 2023.

In the past, high-end machines competed for chips, image capabilities, screen refresh rates, etc. Now, due to the involvement of smartphones in the Red Sea, technologies have entered a mature stage, and these technologies have been decentralized to low-end machines.

Although mobile phone manufacturers bet on the folding screen market, the herd effect is not fully applicable to consumers. In the era of information explosion, consumers are no longer the lambs to be slaughtered who are completely obedient to others.

On the one hand, from the perspective of mobile phone form, the design of folding screen is more futuristic. Compared with the previous folding screen mobile phones, the subdivision of scenes is one of the factors contributing to the growth of folding screen mobile phones, which means that folding screen mobile phones can radiate a wider range of people, and their product design, size, thickness and operation are different from business scenes, car scenes and game fields.

For example, OPPO Find N2 has not only paid attention to the internal and external screens, but also started to cut into the half-folded hovering, so that the mobile phone has a natural bracket, which brings more brand-new experiences to users from entertainment, and is more abundant in watching videos, photography and other leisure games.

Another example is Huawei’s main "folding screen meta-universe", which starts from smart life and exerts its strength on the external screen, and can obtain the weather, payment, camera, application and other dynamics without unfolding the screen. It can be said that the segmentation scene of the folding screen has jointly contributed to the shipment.

At the same time, the product forms of horizontal folding inner screen, horizontal folding outer screen and vertical folding screen also meet the habits and preferences of different people.

On the other hand, high-end is the only way for most industries to mature, and the mobile phone industry is no exception. According to relevant data, the average selling price of mobile phones in China market has increased from 1500-2000 yuan to 3000 yuan. The sales volume is falling, the average selling price is rising, and high-end mobile phones are increasingly favored by consumers.

In order to enhance the competitiveness of products, mobile phone companies are gradually abandoning the original sea tactics and moving towards the "fine machine" mode. According to the data released by China Xintong Institute, from January to October 2022, there were 308 new models on domestic brands, down 10% year-on-year.

The folding screen just meets the needs of users’ high-end machines. However, compared with the "puffy" folding screen four years ago, the folding screen now is more "material".

Previous folding screens always revolved around two problems: poor quality and high price. The report on the development trend of GFK China Folding Screen Smartphone released in 2022 shows that weight and price are still the core issues that prevent users from buying folding phones.

At the same time, according to the survey data of Ai Media Consulting, nearly 80% of the interviewed users buy folding screen mobile phones for entertainment needs, and the reason why the interviewed users don’t buy folding screen mobile phones is that they are expensive, accounting for 59.5%.

Under the focus of mobile phone manufacturers, according to the folding screen mobile phones recently launched by mobile phone manufacturers, today’s folding screen mobile phones are lighter, cheaper and have stronger endurance. For example, on December 25th, OPPO released the new folding screen flagship machine-—OPPO Find N2, which weighs only 233g and costs less than 9000 yuan.

Like the flagship machine Pocket S launched by Huawei, the weight is controlled at 190 grams while maintaining the screen size; Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is only 263 grams; Xiaomi’s MIX Fold weighs only 262 grams. Nowadays, almost all folding screens have controlled the weight below 300 grams, which makes it more convenient for users to use.

The price problem doesn’t stop there, and the price will remain downward. According to the Counterpoint research report, in view of the increasingly fierce competition in the folding screen smartphone market, it is expected that its price will be more close to the people in 2023. It can be said that the folding screen mobile phone confirms its "worth" step by step.

2. Self-developed core parts, "cost reduction" achieved initial results.

In order to change the status quo and make the folding screen realize another spring in the mobile phone industry, mobile phone manufacturers choose to break through from the upstream of the industrial chain.

Previously, in the folding screen mobile phone industry, Samsung not only dominated the industry, but also controlled the main components. According to Fomalhaut Techno Solution in the report, Huawei folding mobile phones Mate Xs and Xiaomi Mix Fold both use flexible screens made by Samsung, and Korean parts account for about 30% ~ 50% of the total.

According to the Monitoring Report of Folding Screen Mobile Phone Industry in China in 2022, the quality problem is the biggest concern for users to buy folding screens. Among the quality problems concerned by consumers, the crease of mobile phone is the most concerned, and hinge technology is the key to the crease problem.

And the main cost of folding screen mobile phone is 69% higher than that of non-folding mobile phone, of which the main cost comes from hinge and screen. According to the data of CGS—CIMB, the BOM cost of Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s first-generation folding screen mobile phone, was 636.7 USD, of which the display module cost was 218.8 USD, accounting for 34.4%, and the mechanical/electromechanical structure cost was 87.5 USD, accounting for 13.7%.

The display module cost of Samsung’s bar phone Galaxy S9+ accounts for 21%, and the mechanical/electromechanical structure cost accounts for 7.9%. From the perspective of BOM cost, screens and hinges are the main sources of the increase in the cost of folding screens.

In order to eliminate "bad reviews" and prevent key parts such as hinges and flexible screens from getting stuck in the neck, China brand has been gradually realized.Domestic substitution. The data shows that the number of patent applications related to folding screen hinge technology in China is on the rise, and the number of patent applications related to folding screen hinge in China is 160 in 2020.

At present, independent research and development of hinge technology has gradually become the core solution of mainstream terminal factories. According to the incomplete statistics of the potential silver optical chain, the hinge technology of various terminal factories has been constantly breaking through and innovating with the release of products, such as the aerospace-grade floating silver hinge of VIVO and the double-rotating eagle wing hinge of Huawei.

On the other hand, the folding screen mobile phone on the market has been optimized from 100,000 times in the early stage to 400,000 times, which is obviously improved.

According to the forecast of relevant industry organizations, the global hinge market for folding screen mobile phones will be 1.267 billion yuan in 2021, and it is expected to increase by 136.8% year-on-year to 2.999 billion yuan in 2022, which shows that hinge technology is the focus of the current breakthrough of folding screen.

Moreover, the domestic upstream display industry has achieved breakthroughs in technology, manufacturing and market, and domestic panel manufacturers such as BOE, Shentianma, TCL Huaxing and Visionox have accelerated the innovation and mass production of flexible screens. According to Omdia data, the global OLED production capacity is expected to increase from 31.51 million square meters in 2021 to 75 million square meters in 2027.

Including the optimization of appearance, Samsung has weakened the width of the hinge and the black edge of the screen, accounting for the external screen of the Galaxy Z Fold.

Judging from the recently released new products, the functions of folding screen mobile phones have become more and more perfect, such as the newly released X Fold+ of VIVO, which continues the characteristics of VIVO bar mobile phones, focusing on battery life and fast charging functions. Similarly, the latest Find N2 released by OPPO also has the function of improving endurance and satisfying fast charging.

3. Has the problem of folding screen been solved?

The folding screen mobile phone market has maintained growth for several consecutive quarters, and the growth rate in the third quarter of this year has also reached a new high. In the forecasts of various institutions, the folding screen market is expected to grow significantly.

So, can this situation be maintained, and who is buying a folding screen mobile phone?

The market is inseparable from the word supply and demand. If there is supply, there will be demand.

From the demand side, users as a whole are younger. The data shows that the young people under the age of 35 among the latest folding screen mobile phone users have increased significantly, accounting for 58.2%. Therefore, the supply and demand sides change rapidly in functions such as battery life and thinness.

In addition, according to the daily interactive big data, users of folding screen mobile phones not only have high requirements for mobile phones, but also have certain pursuits for quality of life. For example, they love to use life sharing apps such as Little Red Book and Public Comment.

From the demand side, the folding screen mobile phone has gradually developed from the ready to the development stage. The oversized screen is no longer as "chicken ribs" as before, but has derived more entertainment, business and other performances in terms of user needs.

However, after a year of focus, have the problems of folding screen phones really been solved?

Of course not. In the process of development, any industry will inevitably encounter different problems.

Even though the folding screen market has maintained growth for several consecutive quarters, the reason for maintaining high growth lies more in the focus of mobile phone manufacturers and the small market scale.

On the whole, the optimization of folding screen market has achieved initial results, but the problem has not really been solved. Different from the big step forward of the industrial chain, the recognition degree of folding screen is still at a low level, whether from product design to personal experience.

Judging from the black cat complaint data, most complaints about folding screen mobile phones are still focused on screen quality.

At present, most social platforms are still full of spit on folding screen mobile phones, and some of the reasons for spit are still the problems that were spit out a few years ago, including but not limited to screen off-line, liquid leakage, black spots and so on.

The main frequency of the folding screen model is not as durable as that of the integrated model, and the damage degree is higher. What is more "fatal" is that the follow-up maintenance cost is also higher. Taking Samsung’s latest Z Flod4 as an example, the price of the inner screen+outer screen assembly has reached 4,460 yuan, even for the lower-priced Samsung ZFILIP 4, the assembly price of the inner and outer screens also needs 2,460 yuan.

In the solution to the screen, the practice of major mobile phone manufacturers is to launch a broken screen saver service. Like Huawei’s Pocket S and VIVO’s Fold+, the official broken screensaver price is as high as 1199. The broken screensaver is not only high in price, but also guaranteed for only one year, which invisibly increases the follow-up cost of consumers.

The development of folding screen is also in line with the "first cause effect". In the early stage of development, due to the product’s too small, high price, fragile screen and other problems, it brought a deep negative impression to consumers, which led to the difficulty of market education in the later stage and the low recognition of the product.

One of the key problems is that the crease of mobile phone has not been verified by the market.

Even with the rapid development of hinge technology, the current folding screen market is still in the development stage. The major mobile phone manufacturers have launched newly upgraded folding screen mobile phones for more than one year, while the average service life of a mobile phone is three years.

The screen material will accelerate the aging speed after being folded for a long time. Although official website publicizes that the current flexible screen can be folded for 500,000 times, it does not rule out the possibility that the screen will be folded because of repeated folding.

According to the observation of "Deep Eyes Finance", the folding screen mobile phone just changes the product form, its functional integrity is not as good as that of the straight smart phone, and the improved functions are basically corresponding to the straight smart phone.

The main highlights of folding screen are split screen and multi-video viewing, but these requirements are not just needed by users and are irreplaceable.

As a high-end series product that has been tempered in the market for four years, its underlying logic is undoubtedly to meet the premise that "the folding screen is indeed better than the ordinary straight mobile phone".

Compared with the straight mobile phone, the straight mobile phone with the same price is obviously better from the processor. For example, Huawei’s Pocket S is equipped with 4G Snapdragon 778 processor, and the price starts at 5988. The P50 released by Huawei last year was equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, and the price was only 4,088 when it was released.

Hard power is important, and soft power is indispensable. On the whole, the folding screen mobile phone still has a large market space, but when imagining the future, we should also study how to meet the demand side and strive for a larger market share.

Han Songluo’s brand-new collection of short stories "Love Story in Late Spring" was published: becoming Han Songluo who wrote novels.

Reporter Qu Peng
Han Songluo’s brand-new collection of short stories in late spring, Love Story in Late Spring, was recently published by People’s Literature Publishing House. With the unique brushwork of the northwest land, it coldly observed and meticulously recorded its own stories of the times.
The six short stories in Love Story in Late Spring all revolve around "running away". Without exception, they all run away, looking for themselves or the future, or a running-away ceremony that has no purpose, no end and no answer, but must be completed.
In The Fish Tank and the Sunlight, the novel takes Li Zhiliang’s "running away" as the anchor point, and begins to exert its strength and spread outward: the low-frequency noise of the fish tank, the boredom of adolescence, and the conversation of psychologists … Finally, the ultimate fate of all people is running away, and the destination of running away is not going to prosperity or the city, but to the wilderness, madness and a long road with no return.
"Love Song for Remy Young" describes the musical memory of a generation in the 1990s. Teenagers who dream of Guangdong and small towns shrouded in prosperity, people who want to be famous and fearless. He focused on the fate of the little people. After several years, the music ensemble, can everything be the same?
In the Golden Age of Remy Young, the hero Remy Young is trapped in a dirty, chaotic and crowded family, and he is eager to break out of the shackles and build a beautiful new world. As a teacher, he entered the space of the other, which is also true and false, and also ushered in his golden age, because he investigated the students who impersonated the college entrance examination. However, after leaving the wilderness again and again, he was shocked that everyone was telling and confessing, spreading dark rumors to the world. Finally, with a sigh, return to his real world.
My Father’s House of Fantasies is a inner senses connected with the real world, which is constructed in fantastic imagination. The sudden disappearance of my father when I was young made the building he designed a fantastic space for me. With the mystery of my father’s disappearance, "I" kept searching until the appearance of "Xu Lihu", which made me find some clues …
The opening of Love Story in Late Spring is the return of Pu Yilin. Lin, who has been abducted for more than 20 years, "went home", and the joy he recovered, familiar and unfamiliar relatives and friends, guilt and hatred hung over the Pu family for an instant. After the ups and downs, mother Fengtai fell into endless assumptions: if he was shown the "White Pagoda" near his home, could he get it-his son never left home, so he didn’t have to accept everything in front of him in a hurry and panic?
"Lonely Hunter" is the twilight, when "she" dials the phone number randomly generated in her mind, her unstable mood and whispers with no fixed destination. Don’t cross the line, don’t trespass, just simply vent everything. When the "beep" sounds, I return to the scene and look around as if nothing had happened …
Han Songluo
Han Songluo was born in Xinjiang and lived in Gansu. His life for more than forty years has been based on the northwest land. He added new content to northwest writing by his own way of not sticking to traditional writing techniques and narrative skills. According to Zhang Yiwei, a writer, Han Songluo’s novels are "westerns" of China’s contemporary literature. Zhang Li, a professor at the College of Literature of Beijing Normal University, also said that Han Songluo’s writing is full of fantasy and deep sense of reality, with a distant, wild and chilly wind. He is an unforgettable writer who brings new temperament. Perhaps it is precisely because of his delicate and never lazy perception of the changes of the four seasons in the northwest and everything around him, spying, thinking and writing that his words and works were cast. "Not everyone has to sing the same song, he has his own movement", which is perhaps the best annotation for him. He lived and wrote as a shadow, dancing in the county town, Shan Ye and fantasy.
It has been nearly 20 years since Han Songluo began to write prose at the age of thirteen or fourteen and published his works in 1995. He is Han Songluo who writes columns, film reviews, music reviews and even lyrics, but he is always Han Songluo who writes prose. Han Songluo, who has written a column for eighteen years, returned to the road of novel creation after he had finished supporting his family, buying a house and obtaining financial resources. First came Night in Spring Mountain, then Love Story in Late Spring. He began to write for himself, not for anything else.
Writers Li Xiuwen and Han Songluo have been close friends for many years. He has been recommending Han Songluo’s novels to people. Those brilliant and gloomy, running away and returning, those "serial" traditions and wilderness characteristics, those mysterious pursuits and teachings under the stars have been constantly experimented and refined by Han Songluo, and finally formed a fascinating novel world. "Now, as a novelist, he has finally been seen by more people. As his friend and colleague, I am deeply proud.
Readers who are familiar with Han Songluo know that many of his works contain the word "spring". For him, "spring" is like a self-evident code word between him and words and readers. Han Songluo said that when he was young, it took great courage to say that he liked flowers. However, it is hard for people who have really lived in the northwest not to fall in love after truly feeling the spring. In the northwest, spring is the beginning of everything, and flowers are so important. Now he can finally speak out his longing for spring and his love for flowers, which is a great freedom and unspeakable happiness. Therefore, the main element of the cover design of Love Story in Late Spring is a hazy, gorgeous and blooming flower, which comes from the famous Spanish photographer Paula Codo?er.

At this moment, defending the WTCR championship.

Steam potential Auto-First| Bai Yifeng

Although the COVID-19 epidemic continues to ravage, the final race of WTCR RV World Cup, which was originally scheduled to be held in Italy, was chosen to be held on November 15th in Aragon, Spain, but it still does not prevent it from being a world-class automobile race. In the end, Cyan Racing Lynk & Co team won the championship and runner-up in the third race in one fell swoop, and defended the championship with 429 points.

So far, the team has won 6 drivers’ championships in the six races of the WTCR RV World Cup in 2020, and won the podium for 19 times. Jan Herashe also won the drivers’ championship, representing the first time to win the world’s top car championship at his 24-year-old age, and becoming the youngest champion driver in WTCR history.

During the race, Cyan Racing Lynk & Co did not have a smooth ride. In the first race, due to the wet road surface of Aragon track, all the racing tires lacked grip and rushed out of the track many times. The team adopted the tire strategy of dry before wet, so it took the lead in the initial stage.

However, due to the car accident in the second race, Jan Ahrasche’s biggest competitor retired. Therefore, after the second race, Cyan Racing Lynk & Co team defended the 2020 WTCR team championship ahead of schedule.

Ordinary spectators may be more interested in this racing car. In this race, the BOP counterweight of 03 TCR racing car is 60Kg, and the supplementary counterweight is 40Kg. The whole car reaches 1365Kg, making it the heaviest racing car in this race. To know that the 03+ car weight of four-wheel drive has exceeded 1610Kg, you can imagine how much effort TCR has made in weight reduction.

At the same time, the height of the chassis is kept at 80mm, which is undoubtedly more suitable for the track compared with the coupe model of 120 mm-130 mm. As for why it doesn’t look so low? In order to ensure the tire strength, TCR racing car did not use tires with lower flat ratio. Even in such a difficult situation, the four drivers of the team were not affected at all.

Such excellent performance on the field benefited from the world-leading CMA basic module architecture, and continued to build high-end products with "high value, high performance, high technology, high safety and high value" for the global market, forming a three-dimensional product layout. At the same time, the 03 TCR racing car based on the 03 prototype not only won the honor in WTCR RV World Cup, but also remained strong in TCR CHINA.

In October, the monthly sales volume of automobiles reached 21,868 vehicles, up about 55.78% year-on-year, achieving seven consecutive months of growth. Among them, the sales volume of Model 03 reached 7,167 vehicles in October, becoming its main force and the only self-owned brand vehicle that can stand on the A+ market. Its continuous creation of automobile sports culture ecology makes everyone feel the rise of independent brands.

Is the village superior to Russia superior? Guizhou Football United played against Dzenit on November 17th.

According to "Colorful Guizhou Network", "China Daily" and other media, Guizhou will form a Guizhou Football League to play a game with Russia and Dzenit. Tickets for the competition can be collected free of charge, and the audience is controlled at around 30,000 people.

This series of football activities includes Guizhou Football United Trial, International Football Carnival, Tianhetan Football Night and so on. In terms of football competition, Guizhou Football United will select the best professional players in Guizhou through trials to form Guizhou Football United, which will compete with UEFA Cup and Super Cup champion and Russian Dzenit Football Club in Guiyang Olympic Sports Center on November 17th.

The football carnival will be held on the evening of November 16th, and international trade fairs, roadside music festivals and interactive sports activities will be held outside the stadium. Citizens and friends will enjoy players competing on the same stage, Guizhou minority songs and dances, drone performances and fireworks shows; You can also taste Chinese and Russian specialties, products and experience sports parent-child interaction projects.

It is reported that this activity aims to strengthen cultural exchanges among BRICS countries, further enhance the external visibility and influence of colorful Guizhou and Shuang Shuang Guiyang, promote exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in sports, culture, economy and other fields, and enhance the friendship between the Chinese and Russian peoples.