Joint venture challenger, Geely Xingyue L listed for sale at 137,200 yuan.

During this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, Geely Automobile built a new SUV model named Xingyue L based on CMA architecture, and released "SUV Disruptive Action", which opened the curtain to challenge the mainstream joint venture SUV. After waiting for three months, Xingyue L was officially listed in Hangzhou on July 20th.

This time, Xingyue L launched two power combinations, 2.0TD-7DCT EVO and 2.0TD High-Tech -8AT, with a market guidance price of 137,200 yuan to 185,200 yuan. Among them, Xingyue L’s exclusive Cuiyu magic color suit costs 5,000 yuan, including Cuiyu magic color special car paint+Cuiyu double suede interior, double five-spoke pulse exclusive wheels+magic color exclusive car keys.

At the same time, Geely Automobile has also prepared a variety of car purchase benefits for users who purchase the Star Yue L, such as a financial subsidy of up to 10,000 yuan, an increase and replacement subsidy of 7,000 yuan, free basic traffic for life, free maintenance for 4.5 years or 120,000 kilometers, and free warranty for 5 years or 150,000 kilometers.

Challenge the three flagship standards

As the main model of Geely in SUV products in the future, Xingyue L is also challenging the mainstream joint venture SUV models. And it has been comprehensively advanced from three levels: intelligence, security and luxury.

First of all, on the intelligent level, Xingyue L is equipped with the strongest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, which supports 5G high-speed network and drives multiple screens with one core. At the same time, the new car is first equipped with Geely Galaxy OS system, which can realize the three-screen linkage of IMAX and the four-screen linkage of 25.6-inch AR-HUD–creating a smart cockpit with the largest "screen ratio".

In addition, under the blessing of CMA’s new intelligent and evolvable electronic and electrical architecture, Xingyue L has the intelligent expansion potential in the next 5 to 10 years. In addition, Xingyue L also has the global FOTA capability, which is the first engine power OTA, so that fuel vehicles can achieve multi-dimensional upgrades like pure trams.

Thanks to the 24 sensing elements with the largest number of mass-produced fuel vehicles, Xingyue L has nine large-area security. Among them, the EMA emergency steering assistance system carried by the new car can help the driver to make emergency avoidance when danger comes and minimize the possibility of injury; Elk passed the test with a score of 79km/h, giving users the strongest protection with the ultimate safety experience.

Finally, at the luxury level, Xingyue L is fully aligned with the products of 300,000 yuan. The straight waterfall air intake grille, with the appearance of matrix headlights on both sides, gives people a tall and tough visual experience. With a length, width and height of 4770mm×1895mm×1689mm and a wheelbase of 2845mm, Xingyue L has surpassed the level of joint venture competitors at the same level.

The luxury of Xingyue L is also reflected in the power. The new car is equipped with 2.0T high and low power engines of Volvo Drive-E series, which are matched with 7-speed wet DCT gearbox and 8AT gearbox respectively. The addition of the sixth generation electro-hydraulic four-wheel drive system of Borgwarner, the first in China, further highlights the comprehensive mechanical quality of Xingyue L.

Popularize high-end products

At the listing conference of Xingyue L, Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, who has not participated in such activities for a long time, also came to the scene to cheer for Xingyue L platform. In Li Shufu’s view, Xingyue L is of epoch-making significance. It is neither a traditional car nor a new energy car, but it inherits the advantages of traditional cars, absorbs the highlights of new energy cars and creates its own characteristics.

Two years ago, Xingyue, the first model of Geely Automobile CMA architecture, went on the market, which broke the inherent cognition of users’ distrust of the three major parts of China. Last year, the launch of Xingrui, the first car product under CMA framework, broke through the "family car standard" previously formulated by joint venture brands.

With the listing of Xingyue L, Geely Automobile officially released the "High-end Series of Geely Brand CMA"-named "China Star" at the event site. Geely Automobile believes that China Star represents the highest level of automobile brands in China at present, and will challenge the high-end market in the future to provide users with high-value products and realize the popularization of high-end products. And in the global automobile industry, we will fight for "China automobile value" and set a new benchmark of "China automobile value" with three high values.

In Geely Automobile’s view, the first high value of China Star is to lead the era of global architecture. The release of China Star can also be regarded as a brand-new advance of Geely’s architecture. At present, Volvo, Link and Geely CMA architecture products have been recognized by more than 1 million users around the world. By 2024, all products of Geely brand will fully realize the construction of cars!

The second high value is to lead the global hybrid new energy era. In the future, Geely will continue to promote the "Blue Geely Action Plan". In September this year, Geely Automobile will launch a global power brand and build a Geely GHS2.0 intelligent hybrid system, achieving 43.32% of the world’s highest thermal efficiency and more than 40% fuel saving rate. In the future, GHS2.0 dual-engine intelligent hybrid system will be first installed on China Star.

The third high value is to lead the global era of 5G smart travel. Geely has made diversified layouts in the fields of LEO synchronous satellite, V2X vehicle-road coordination and high-level autonomous driving, and has the ability to link smart city traffic. By 2022, we will see Geely automobile with L4 unmanned driving and intelligent digital cockpit in Hangzhou Asian Games.

Gan Jiayue, CEO of Geely Automobile Group, said: "The high value of China Star Three leading the world is one of the’ China Geely’ schemes for China Automobile to go global, become bigger and stronger. As the global leader of China Automobile, Geely will fight for the’ China Automobile Value’, look for the direction, strengthen its belief, and work hard to make China Automobile travel all over the world. "

Write at the end:

First of all, from the product point of view, Xingyue L should have the strength to compete with or even surpass the joint venture products in terms of intelligence, safety and luxury, and the price of 137,200 yuan to 185,200 yuan, while fully surpassing the product strength value of the strong joint venture brand, it can be said that it is full of sincerity without requiring users to spend a penny more.

The release of China Star highlights Geely’s brand dream of "being great because of happiness" forged in 35 years. As Li Shufu said: "For more than a decade, Geely has cooperated with global partners to overcome one difficulty after another and solve one problem after another to achieve today’s product achievements of Xingyue L. What users buy is not an isolated automobile product, but the result of Geely’s systematic service and high-tech ability. I firmly believe that Xingyue L will lead the intelligent transformation of traditional automobiles and make positive contributions to the intelligent development of China automobile industry. "

Super Google search and navigation! 2K2 will get Google G1

    [December 16th Pacific Computer Network Heilongjiang Harbin News] Google G1 is the first smartphone to use the Google Android operating system platform. Android is a brand new system platform and has formed a competitive situation with classic operating systems such as Symbian, Windows Mobile, Linux, palm OS and BlackBerry. Therefore, Google G1 has been widely concerned by the market since its launch. Google G1 is equipped with Qualcomm MSM7201 processor, supports mainstream QWERTY standard keyboard, Wi-Fi wireless connection and other functions, and provides Google services such as Google Maps, Street View service, Gmail, YouTube, etc. Now the latest price of the product is 2250 yuan.

HTC Dream G1
HTC Dream G1  Gallery  review  forum  quote  Online shopping price

    The Google G1 adopts the side-sliding full keyboard body often used in smartphones, and the QWERTY full keyboard on the lower panel after pushing the upper sliding cover will appear. The tail of the Google G1 is slightly tilted up and cannot be pulled away at the same time as the upper sliding cover. The body size is 117 × 55 × 16mm, the weight is 158g, and the size and weight are relatively moderate. The bottom of the screen is the navigation button area. The back cover of the fuselage is treated with a matte process, which is not easy to stain fingerprints. It feels excellent. The screen is equipped with a 3.17-inch 260,000-color touch screen with a resolution of 480 × 320 pixels. The image quality is full and bright. On the back of the fuselage is equipped with a 3.10 million pixel camera, supports digital zoom and a variety of shooting options, supports up to 2048 × 1536 resolution photo shooting and audio video shooting.

HTC Dream G1
battery close-up

HTC Dream G1
Airframe appearance

    The G1 is equipped with a Qualcomm 7201 processor with a main frequency of 528MHz, and has a built-in 128MB ROM and 64MB RAM memory space, providing strong support for many programs and applications on the Android platform. The system aspect is the biggest attraction of the G1. The G1 is the first mobile phone to use the Google Android operating system. The Android operating system platform is quite open. The Internet search giant Google has given the G1 a lot of practical software, and the search function has undoubtedly become the housekeeping skill of the G1. The search function of the G1 can access almost all information on the Internet. The built-in player supports AAC, AAC +, AMR-NB, MIDI, MP3, WMA and other audio formats as well as full-screen playback of WMV, MPEG4, 3GP (H.263) and other video formats, providing excellent entertainment capabilities.

HTC Dream G1

    The G1 has a built-in GPS receiver, supports A-GPS network assistance and powerful Google Maps, supports Google Street View, and adds walking navigation to take into account the many friends who like to walk. The G1 also has Shopvy Savvy comparison shopping program, Ecorio itinerary manager, BreadCrumbz to create your own roadmap based on maps and photos to share the world with friends. In other respects, the G1 is a 3G mobile phone that supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WiFi/UMTS/HSDPA networks. In addition to data cable transmission, it also supports Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR function.

HTC Dream G1
back of the fuselage

PConline Product Library– Specifications
Dream G1
Mobile phone frequency band:
WCDMA (3G), GSM, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS850/1900/2100MHz
Main screen parameters:
480 × 320 pixels
Camera pixels:
3.20 million pixels
40 chords, support MP3 ringtones
Support bluetooth, bluetooth v2.0, A2DP bluetooth stereo
WiFi (WLAN):
Support WiFi, support 802.11 b/g
Expansion card:
Support TF card (microSD card), up to 8GB
IT Mall:
Online shopping price
  > > More details(Pictures, quotations, parameters, comparisons, comments from netizens, reviews and quotes) 
  > > Product related resources download(Games, themes, software, movies, wallpapers, ringtones, e-books) 

    editorial reviewGoogle G1’s body design is elegant. Although it has been on the market for more than a year, its screen, camera, processor and other configurations are still quite mainstream. It uses the Google Android operating system and has very rich scalability and smooth response speed. Now the product price is more reasonable, interested friends can pay attention.

    Harbin netizensnotebookGroup buying group: 57894001, camera digital group buying group: 57894880,cell phoneGroup buying group: 57895039. Pacific Net Heilongjiang Station will regularly hold group buying to return the majority of netizens.

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[Business name] Harbin YOOBAOSmartphoneexperience store Chat with the merchant QQ
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Say love with music **** E live re-screening Jay Chou concert, setting the highest online concert viewing record

  Recently, the panoramic music live performance brand TME live officially announced the launch of the "Miracle Live Replay Plan", allowing those miracle scenes that have caused waves in the long river of time to cross time and return to the public eye. The first "Miracle Live" Jay Chou’s "Strongest Demon Tianlun on the Surface" concert was broadcast on May 20 through Tencent Music Entertainment Group’s (TME) QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music, WeSing four major platforms, and TME’s WeChat Channels matrix. In an instant, the whole network formed a screen swiping frenzy. Hundreds of millions of netizens shouted "My youth is back" and created the highest viewing record for an online concert.

  On May 17, TME live officially announced the first "Miracle Live", featuring two miraculous live concerts by the king of Chinese pop music and national singer Jay Chou, "Mo Tianlun" and "The Strongest on the Surface", and chose to re-release them on the evening of May 20 and May 21, so that hundreds of millions of music fans can hear love, feel love, and express love in the songs that accompany youth.

  In order to allow more fans to watch and enjoy the best music experience in this unprecedented "Miracle Live", TME Live has integrated cross-platform broadcast resources, including QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music, WeSing, and TME’s WeChat Channels matrix. In addition, under the music promotion ecosystem of Tencent Music, Weibo Music and Sina Music also serve as the promotion partners of this "Miracle Live" to support cross-platform, multi-matrix, and systematic support.

  This unprecedented "miracle scene" has also won the unprecedented love of hundreds of millions of music fans. 12 hours after the official announcement of TME live, the number of reservations on TME’s four platforms exceeded 10 million, and on the night of the "Mo Tianlun" concert re-screening on May 20, it created the highest online concert viewing record; and at the level of social publicity, Tencent Music re-screened Jay Chou’s concert, setting the highest online concert viewing record; the whole concert that night won Weibo’s trending topic list 30 +, and the whole network searched nearly 40 +. The topic of "Jay Chou’s concert re-screening" continued to top the chart Weibo’s trending topic list and entertainment list. Until it detonates.

  "Miracle Live Replay Plan" premieres, featuring Jay Chou’s "Strongest Demon Tianlun on the Surface" concert to express love with music

  No matter how the pop music performance market changes and changes, there are always some stages that are not limited by time and space, emitting a dazzling light for a long time, becoming a "miracle scene" passed down by word of mouth, shaking a generation with its unique charm, and echoing in the long river of time.

Say love with music *** E live re-screening Jay Chou concert, the highest online concert viewing record _fororder_ picture 10

  Adhering to the concept of "good music lasts forever", TME live premiered the ultra-clear restored version of Leslie Cheung’s enthusiastic concert in the world in early April this year, which won the attention and love of many music fans. Therefore, TME live will present more divine music scenes that have touched countless music fans in the form of online replays for music fans, and create the "Miracle Live Replay Plan". The plan will be divided into multiple chapters such as "Looking Back", "Looking Back" and "Return" in the future. The "Looking Back" will reunite the outstanding peak singers, the "Looking Back" pays tribute to the music legends that have never left, and the "Return" reproduces the miracle of Hong Kong music, leading music fans to return to the classics and revisit the track of spring.

  Re-screening is a kind of feeling, reproducing the top of the music of singers and musicians; re-screening is also an attitude, paying tribute to the classics that have never been forgotten in the Chinese music scene. It is the hope of the "Miracle Live Re-screening Project" that allows music fans to gain strength and feel happiness from good.

  For the first performance of the "Miracle Live Replay Project", TME live invited Jay Chou, the king of Chinese pop music and a national singer, to give two concerts of "Mo Tianlun" and "The Strongest on the Surface", and carefully selected on May 20 and May 21, which were full of romance. Not only did the ceremony give music fans a unique holiday gift, but also let music fans once again hear love, feel love, and express love in the songs that accompany youth and growth.

  Create the highest viewing record for online concerts, and online live sets a new paradigm of win-win for users, singers, and brands

  The good content lasts for a long time, and the replay of the "Strongest Demon Tianlun on the Surface" concert is still applauded and well received. In the replay of the "Demon Tianlun" concert on the night of May 20, under the four platforms of QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music and WeSing under the WeChat Channels matrix of TME Music, the bullet comments and comment areas of the screen are "My youth is back" "My youth is back" "Tears" "Nice" swipe screen.

  And when TME live put this originally offline concert on the online replay, this already iconic and influential concert released stronger energy, and the number of online viewers of the concert also set an industry record. Before the replay was over, the cumulative number of viewers on all broadcast platforms had exceeded the total number of people on the two tours of "Mo Tianlun" and "Surface Strongest".

  In fact, before the replay, only 12 hours after the official announcement of "The Strongest Demon Tianlun on the Surface", the number of reservations on TME’s four platforms exceeded 10 million, and the number of reservations on the whole network broke 20 million before the broadcast. According to relevant industry sources, the number of appointments has now greatly exceeded the highest reservation record in the entire music industry. It is reported that TME’s QQ music team also worked overtime overnight to increase server capacity for expansion.

  The re-screening of the "Strongest Demon Tianlun on the Surface" concert was not only swiped on WeChat Moments, Weibo Music and Sina Music were the publicity partners of this time. With the help of multi-matrix systematic social publicity, the re-screening of the "Demon Tianlun" concert also won the first place in Weibo’s trending topic list 30 + on the night of May 20, and continued to top the chart Weibo’s trending topic list and entertainment list.

  In addition, as the exclusive title sponsor of this concert replay, Pepsi is equivalent to buying a concert ticket for each viewer, which together created the highest viewing record for an online concert.

  A veteran performance practitioner said: "The re-screening of Jay Chou’s’The Strongest Demon on the Surface ‘concert is a benchmark online concert operation case. The organizer, TME live, brings users the most classic music content, gives singers the most effective platform to reach music fans, and gives commercial customers the widest consumer base and breaking the circle. It has achieved a win-win situation for all parties. It can be said that after two years of operation, TME live has gradually promoted the innovation of the performance industry."

  In fact, in the two years since the establishment of the brand, TME Live has held over 120 online concerts, and in the process, it has rapidly completed the iteration and continuous evolution of the brand and business.

  "Miracle Live" is not the first pioneering move of TME live. As early as two years ago, Liu Xianhua’s special concert used OCTIV technology for the first time to present the industry’s first panoramic virtual performance. After that, he continued to explore the music content ecosystem, using the world’s top XR stage technology, diversified to show Billie Eilish’s powerful music sensory world, and also joined hands with Mayday at the FLY TO 2022 New Year’s Eve concert to open the prelude of the domestic music meta-universe on TMELAND, surpassing the imagination of music fans again and again with strength and action.

  It is reported that in the future, TME live’s "Miracle Live Replay Program" will also use leading technologies such as the highest-definition digital audio and video technology and streaming media transmission to connect the past and the present, and continue to work with powerful global music partners to present timeless classic performances. It is believed that more "Miracle Live" will continue to break the limitations of time and space, allowing more global-level shocking scenes to return to the public eye, bringing the most intimate company and lasting touching to every music fan. (Photo/Chen Dong)

The world premiere of Avita’s flagship sedan 12 will begin deliveries in the Chinese market in the fourth quarter of this year

On September 5, the future smart luxury coupe – Avita 12 made its world debut in Munich, Germany. As one of the brand’s first coupe models and dual flagships, Avita 12’s stunning styling has attracted attention from all walks of life.

"It’s so beautiful, I think it’s a model with a close to full score in appearance," some netizens commented, and this view was echoed by many netizens in the comment area. It is understood that the Avita 12 is positioned as a medium and large new energy coupe, with a body length of 5020mm and a wheelbase of 3020mm. 

According to reports, Avita 12 is designed by the Avita Global Design Center in Munich, Germany, and adheres to a forward-looking, extreme, and pure design philosophy.

The car has a bright three-dimensional curved surface and a high streamline profile, which makes the whole vehicle have a high degree of design recognition. At the same time, Avita 12’s creative lamp design, in addition to the iconic E-shaped LED curvature headlight group, also exclusively created a HALO screen, so that the car does not stop running, but also becomes an emotional intelligent partner for users, bringing unique human-vehicle interaction.

At the same time, Avita 12 has a number of unique designs, such as double zero gravity seats in the front row of the car, smart light-sensitive front windshield, smart light-sensitive panoramic canopy, 35.4-inch 4K panoramic widescreen. At the same time, there are high-definition streaming media inside and outside rearview mirrors, rearless porthole hatchback design, etc., so that this car shows a strong sense of future technology.

In terms of interior design, the cockpit of the car adopts a minimalist design concept. Each door is individually equipped with a clamshell-style hidden storage space to ensure the storage capacity while maintaining the visual consistency and privacy of the cockpit. The center console also adheres to this principle, adaptively lifting and lowering the wireless charging island and cup holder to give users intimate details.

It is understood that Avita 12 is the second product born in the "new generation of intelligent electric vehicle technology platform – CHN", equipped with HarmonyOS 4.0, also equipped with Huawei’s high-end intelligent driving system ADS 2.0, reducing dependence on high-precision maps, to achieve high-speed sections, urban sections and parking links and other full scene coverage driving experience. In the fourth quarter of this year, Avita 12 will be delivered in the Chinese market.

Upstream News, Sangjian

Promote the high-quality development of the city’s care for the next generation! The working meeting of the city’s working Committee was held

Following the announcement on March 29th that the price of Zhiji L7 Pro was 408,800 yuan, this time, Zhiji Automobile announced the configuration and price of Zhiji L7 Dynamic for 368,800 yuan.

At the press conference, Zhiji Automobile announced the record of Zhiji L7 drifting continuously for 1 hour, 6 minutes, 258 laps and 43.646 kilometers.

Zhiji L7 has the power comparable to that of a 4.0T engine, and the zero-acceleration performance of the whole vehicle for more than 10 consecutive times has no attenuation. At the same time, based on the high-density energy battery, the four-wheel drive version has a cruising range of 615km CLTC, which meets daily travel.

Zhiji L7 ran into the "3-second acceleration club" with the measured result of 3.87s acceleration of 000 km. Zhiji L7 has a length of more than 5 meters and a wheelbase of 3.1 meters, and can achieve an ultra-small turning radius of 5.4 meters. Zhiji L7 adopts electric four-wheel vector drive technology, and the rear wheel can achieve a super steering angle of 12 in both directions, which can realize the intelligent adjustment of "virtual wheelbase" under different working conditions.

According to reports, in terms of performance configuration, Zhiji L7 Dynamic is equipped with 400V voltage power density, straight waterfall cooling oil gallery design, innovative technology of 8-layer Hair-pin flat wire winding and magnesium alloy shell. Zhiji L7 cooperated with Williams Foresight Engineering Team to test and adjust 108 chassis indexes and software parameters in two rounds at Millbrook proving ground in England.

Zhiji Auto founded the "Clean Taste Workshop", allowing users of Zhiji L7 Dynamic to enjoy the clean taste space 180 days in advance. Zhiji L7 Dynamic has 9 double-deck sound insulation glass, equipped with silent tires and silent motors, to create a quiet driving cabin. At the same time, its intelligent audio-visual system has a 1120W power amplifier and customized software algorithms, which can create a real and highly restored stereo field and create an ethereal sound field by immersive audio-visual. Zhiji L7′ s "huge immersive intelligent scene screen" that can be lifted automatically can enter the "sound, light and electricity global immersive super-running mode" with one button.

AITO asks M5 Smart Driving Edition for limited time: 18,000 yuan for purchasing HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-end smart driving bag at half price during the year.

On June 28th, AITO Automobile announced today that the price of purchasing HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-end smart driving package at one time is 18,000 yuan, and the limited-time promotion will end on December 31st, 2023!

Yu Chengdong said that after the OTA upgrade in July, the intelligent driving function of urban NCA will be opened in five cities, namely, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Hangzhou. In the third quarter of this year, the urban NCA that does not rely on high-precision maps will land in 15 cities, and will increase to 45 cities in the fourth quarter.

At the 2023 Huawei Smart Car Solution Conference held in April this year, Huawei released ADS 2.0, a high-level intelligent driving system, which officially declared that "people drive safer and make smart driving easier".

According to reports, Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0 buys out 36,000 yuan at one time, and subscribes to 720 yuan for 7,200 yuan every year and every month. The four highlights of IT House are as follows:

1, safety leading generation:

ADS 2.0 is equipped with the industry’s first laser fusion GOD network, which is more accurate in obstacle identification and safe and smooth even in complex traffic scenes.

2, the high-speed is more assured, and the urban area is more comfortable:

ADS 2.0 optimizes the high-speed experience. After the optimization, the average manual takeover mileage is increased from 100km to 200km, and it is easy to cope with up and down ramps and channel obstacle avoidance.

3, with or without pictures can open:

The NCA intelligent driving pilot equipped with ADS 2.0 can cover 90% of urban scenes, and can be opened with or without maps.

4. Smart parking can be parked when it is visible:

The performance and scene of intelligent parking are further improved. With the assistance of AVP parking service and 360 full range obstacle perception blessing, intelligent parking can be carried out across the ground, underground parking lots and mechanical parking spaces.

Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0 will be launched by AITO’s M5 advanced intelligent driving version, and has been adapted to the full range of Aouita 11 and the new Hi version of Extreme Fox Alfa S.

Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0 is available in three versions: basic package, advanced package and advanced package. Details are as follows:

Huawei advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0 basic package: active safety assistance, adaptive cruise assistance and 360 panoramic view;

Huawei advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0 advanced package: high-speed lane cruise assistance, high-speed intelligent driving navigation assistance, urban lane cruise assistance, intelligent parking assistance and remote parking assistance;

Advanced package of Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0: urban intelligent driving navigation assistance, urban lane cruise assistance enhancement and parking service assistance.

It is reported that AITO Wenjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition is the first model equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, equipped with an overhead laser radar, three millimeter-wave radars, 11 high-definition cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars, superimposed with new antenna technology, which doubles the signal and takes the lead in realizing high-speed and urban high-order intelligent driving functions independent of high-precision maps.

According to the official, Huawei’s ADS 2.0 intelligent driving system has achieved a major breakthrough in understanding various road elements such as roads and traffic lights even without high-precision maps, making driving more intelligent, safer and more reliable.

According to the official introduction, the newly upgraded Huawei ADS 2.0 has the industry’s first GOD network with laser fusion. Through the perception of multi-sensor fusion such as laser radar, millimeter wave radar and camera, special-shaped obstacles can also be identified. The average manual takeover mileage has increased from 100km to 200km;; NCA intelligent driving navigation can cover 90% of urban scenes; With the assistance of AVP parking service and 360 full range obstacle perception blessing, intelligent parking can be carried out across the ground, underground parking lots and mechanical parking spaces, supporting intelligent parking of up to 160 parking spaces.

Urumqi Volvo XC90 new energy is on sale with a discount of 186,000 yuan! Act quickly.

[car home Urumqi Promotion Channel] Good news! Good news! If you buy a car now, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a discount of up to 186,000! This highly acclaimed SUV model is currently being promoted in Urumqi, with a minimum starting price of 708,900. If you want to know more about the discount details, you may wish to click the "Check Car Price" button in the quotation form to get a higher discount!

Volvo XC90 New Energy is a luxury SUV with simple overall style, which shows the essence of Nordic design. The front face adopts a unique chrome grille, with sharp LED headlights and exquisite fog lights, which makes the whole car look more fashionable and dynamic. The body lines are smooth and concise, which highlights the exquisiteness and luxury of the car. The rear part, the use of black glass area and chrome-plated decorative strips make the rear look more exquisite and increase the layering of the vehicle. Generally speaking, the design of Volvo XC90 new energy is simple and elegant, fashionable and dynamic, showing the perfect combination of luxury and technology.

Volvo XC90 New Energy is a medium and large SUV with a body size of 4953*1958*1772mm, a wheelbase of 2984mm, and tires with front and rear tracks of 275/45 R20. The car side lines are smooth and dynamic, showing a luxurious and steady style. The moderate height of the car body makes the whole car look more atmospheric, and the combination of the length and width of the car body also makes the interior space more spacious and comfortable.

The interior design of Volvo XC90 New Energy is simple and elegant, with luxurious materials and exquisite craftsmanship to create a high-quality driving experience. The steering wheel is made of leather, which supports manual up-and-down and forward-and-backward adjustment, making it convenient for the driver to adjust to the most comfortable position. The central control screen is 9 inches in size and equipped with voice recognition control system, which can control multimedia system, navigation and telephone. The front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for passengers to charge. The front row also has a mobile phone wireless charging function. The seats are made of fabric and leather. The main driver and co-pilot seats support the adjustment of front and rear, backrest, height, leg rest and lumbar support. The driver’s seat and co-pilot seat also have heating, ventilation and massage functions. The second row of seats supports front and rear and backrest adjustment, and the rear seats can be laid down in proportion, flexibly adapting to different space requirements. Generally speaking, the interior design of Volvo XC90 New Energy is full of humanity, providing passengers with a comfortable and convenient driving experience.

Volvo XC90 New Energy is equipped with a 2.0T 310 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 228 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m.. The car is equipped with an 8-speed automatic gearbox, which can provide a smooth shifting experience and ensure the high efficiency and robustness of power output. This engine not only provides sufficient power, but also pays attention to fuel economy, bringing users a more environmentally friendly and economical driving experience.

Thanks to the owner of car home for sharing his comments on Volvo XC90 new energy. From his words, we can feel his love for this model. The body lines are simple and not so sharp, which makes him feel very suitable for his age, and the design of Raytheon’s hammer headlights and Viking axe also impressed him. He said that the score of the front is higher than that of the rear, which also proves the success of Volvo XC90 new energy in design. Overall, the design of this model has been affirmed and appreciated by the owner.

Has entered the trial production stage! The factory satellite map first exposed, Xiaomi car is coming?

Recently, we obtained a real satellite photo of Xiaomi Automobile Factory from relevant channels. It is reported that the factory has 6 workshops, and it is already in the trial production stage, producing about 50 prototype cars every week, with an annual production capacity of 150,000 in the future.

Specifically, this is the first phase satellite image of Xiaomi Automobile’s factory in Yizhuang, Beijing. As can be seen from the picture, the factory has six workshops, namely, die casting workshop, stamping workshop, body workshop, painting workshop, assembly workshop and battery workshop. In addition, according to informed sources, Xiaomi Automobile is expected to get the approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology during the year, and will fully accelerate the mass production of Xiaomi Automobile.

On the other hand, the construction of Xiaomi Automobile Factory will be divided into two stages. The first stage will start in April 2022 and be completed in June 2023, covering an area of 720,000 square meters and consisting of four buildings and a modern test facility.

In fact, in August, the spy photos of Xiaomi Automobile’s road test in Xinjiang were exposed, and it was said that Xiaomi Automobile will be officially listed in the first half of 2024. Looking back at the previous spy photos, we can see that the whole new car adopts a slip-back design, and is equipped with a laser radar, a five-frame wheel rim and a multi-piston brake caliper, among which the wheel rim style and caliper are different from other spy photos previously exposed. As for the side and tail, the whole spy photos have not changed much from the previous exposure. Among them, the car will use the design of frameless doors and be equipped with a semi-circular taillight group, and it is expected to be equipped with a spoiler design.

In terms of intelligent configuration, it is reported that the new car will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip, which is ahead of the current Snapdragon 8155 chip in performance. It is expected that all new energy brands will also load the 8295 chip one after another next year. At the same time, it will also be equipped with Xiao Ai classmate (intelligent voice), car machine to get through Mijia (smart home), support mobile phone non-inductive unlocking, magnetic charging gun and so on. In addition, the car will be equipped with three laser radars, four millimeter-wave radars, and a Xiaomi Pliot driver assistance system, as well as automatic parking in the support area.

According to the previous news, the length, width and height of the new car are 4860/1980/1666 mm respectively, and the body length and width are similar to those of Tucki P7, but the height of Xiaomi car is 20 cm higher than that of Tucki P7.

In terms of power, it is reported that its battery pack has a rated voltage of 726.7V, a rated capacity of 139Ah, a battery pack capacity of 101kWh and a weight of 642kg, which means that the new car will support 800V high-voltage fast charging with great probability. In addition, it was previously reported that Xiaomi Automobile will be equipped with 90kWh and 120kWh batteries, with a battery life of 766km and 1036km respectively. Then, combined with the latest exposure of 101kWh, it is expected that its battery life will be around 900km.

To put it further, Changchun FAW Fuwei Auto Parts Co., Ltd. previously said that the company was actively communicating with Xiaomi Automobile, and many molecular companies had entered the purchasing group of Xiaomi Automobile and completed the quotation of the first model of Xiaomi. At the same time, it is reported that Xiaomi Automobile has started to screen delivery centers. Xiaomi Automobile requires that the candidate venue "can provide at least 120 parking spaces" and the construction area "cannot be less than 3,000 square meters".

The editor said:Compared with the target of mass production in the first half of 2024, it seems that Xiaomi automobile has accelerated its pace from mass production, which is worthy of recognition for Xiaomi, who is "building a car behind closed doors". Of course, its product strength is also worthy of our expectation. What kind of competitiveness can it have in the face of many rival models in the current market, and will it appear in the automobile field as a "price butcher"? As far as the current progress is concerned, what kind of performance do you think Xiaomi Automobile can achieve?

Some currencies are destined to be just "looking at the moon in the water", and becoming a smart car owner is a reliable choice.

Recently, people who may be familiar with the "currency circle" have heard that a currency named NFT has suddenly become popular in the market, which shows that under the ignition of Bitcoin, various capitals have entered the related fields of blockchain, digital currency and digital rights. But so far, these "currencies" are still castles in the air without entity endorsement, so the author suggests that everyone should wait and see carefully and not blindly enter the game.

Different from the above-mentioned "virtual currency", Zhiji Automobile, a user-oriented automobile science and technology company led by SAIC recently, put forward their CSOP user digital rights plan. Generally speaking, we can understand this plan as letting cars participate in "mining", thus achieving a win-win situation for users and enterprises. You know, Zhiji Automobile is backed by SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba, so there is no need to question the credibility of CSOP users’ digital rights plan.

At the beginning of the establishment of Zhiji Automobile, it will become the "implementer of travel change in the intelligent era" as the development goal of the enterprise, and the CSOP user digital rights plan is one of the "killer weapons" for Zhiji Automobile to achieve its goal. Recently, the CSOP User Data Rights and Interests Plan announced two major mining methods of users’ digital assets, namely "in-program mining" and "cultivation mining". This new gameplay, like cultivating games, makes practitioners call themselves "experts".

As the name implies, "internal program mining" is a process in which users exchange "original stone" based on the data generated by daily vehicles, which accounts for about 70% of the total amount of original stone. From the moment users drive Zhiji cars, they have started the "in-program mining" mode. With the increase of vehicle mileage and time, the number of raw stones obtained will also increase accordingly, and every kilometer driven will not be wasted.

In contrast, the "original stone" of "cultivation mining" has a long access path, but it can provide users with interesting and extensive social experience, and this part of the original stone accounts for about 30% of the total amount. Users can win "Crystal" by participating in APP interactive tasks and brand co-creation tasks, and accumulate a corresponding number of "Crystal" to extract "Zhiji Mine Box". The "mine box" is like a blind box, which randomly drops "treasures", including rich user rights and interests.

Zhiji Auto’s CSOP user data rights plan not only creates a new way of playing, but also has a deeper meaning. Zhiji hopes that in this way, users and car companies can communicate and achieve a win-win situation. Through the data provided by users, Zhiji Automobile constantly improves and optimizes its products and enhances its brand image. Users can exchange real income by providing driving data, so as to truly create with enterprises.

Why are the illegal online celebrity people so "tenacious" when they put on "new vests" for live webcasting?

  In recent years, with the increasing supervision, the illegal and illegal phenomena such as obscenity, violence and blood, and fraudulent donation in live webcasts have been greatly reduced. However, it should not be ignored that some webcasting chaos has now been replaced with "new vests", and unhealthy or even illegal content still appears in the webcast room from time to time.

  Acts such as hitting the "edge ball" still exist

  Not long ago, the Public Security Bureau of Rongxian County, Zigong City, Sichuan Province issued a notice saying that since 2018, female anchor Tang Moumou has filmed fishing videos wearing bright exposure and red scarf in farmland in order to gain eyeballs and increase the number of fans and videos, and uploaded four edited videos on the Aauto Quicker platform with the account of "Yibin Yingying", and the number of videos played has reached more than 3 million times. According to the Public Security Administration Punishment Law, the police detained Tang for 12 days and fined 1000 yuan, ordering him to delete relevant videos.

  Zhu Wei, deputy director of the Communication Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, pointed out that Tang’s behavior is one of the most common chaos in the current webcast — — Spread vulgar culture.

  "The current webcast chaos is very different from that of previous years. Compared with illegal acts such as pornography and violence, it is now more chaos such as infringing on the privacy of others, promoting feudal superstitions and spreading vulgar culture." Zhu Wei said, "Vulgar behaviors such as female anchors wearing red scarves are more common in webcasts. In fact, this phenomenon has existed almost since the appearance of webcasting. Compared with pornography and other illegal acts, this kind of behavior mainly violates public order and good customs, and is more in a relatively obscure gray area. "

  Exposed clothes, sexually suggestive actions, live broadcast of foul language, and public ridicule of the Nanjing Massacre … … In recent years, news about the misconduct of webcasting is common in newspapers. These behaviors are not exactly the same as illegal behaviors, but essentially a kind of "edge ball" behavior, which also makes some anchors take advantage of it.

  In addition to playing "edge ball", the boundary of webcasting has also caused controversy. In 2018, some anchors used the network car as the carrier to broadcast the order taking process without the customer’s knowledge, and the live broadcast targets were mostly female passengers; In April this year, Chen Mou, a star, was broadcast live by an anchor in Betta when she was shopping with her children. Chen Mou was very dissatisfied with this and angered the anchor. Many news events have brought the chaos of webcasting into people’s field of vision again and again.

  Interests drive some anchors to exploit loopholes.

  According to the 43rd Statistical Report on the Development of Internet in China, as of December 2018, the number of live webcast users in China reached 397 million. Nowadays, users have basically developed the habit of watching live broadcasts, with high viewing frequency and strong willingness to pay. In addition, with the rise of mobile live broadcast platforms, the threshold for live broadcasts has been greatly lowered, and it has become possible for everyone to broadcast live and everything can be broadcast live.

  Some insiders believe that the huge profit margin and market of webcasting have attracted the influx of venture capital and live broadcast practitioners, which has also caused a mixed environment of webcasting.

  In recent years, webcasting platforms have sprung up one after another, so many people have entered the live broadcast industry and become professional or part-time anchors. However, the low threshold of live broadcast makes it unnecessary for anchors to undergo strict examination of their qualifications and qualities. Driven by the huge profits that live webcasting can bring, some anchors have no rules and legal awareness, and constantly gain attention by breaking through the legal bottom line and infringing on public order and good customs, and then get rewards from fans and even seek huge profits. However, some popular anchors have gradually ignored the responsibility of guiding the public to establish correct values after receiving a large number of fans. Previously, the network anchor Tianyou was banned by the National Network Information Office for describing in detail all kinds of feelings after drug abuse in the form of rap in the live broadcast.

  At the same time, the gray area provides space for the breeding of network chaos. At present, there are no clear laws and regulations to regulate and punish some behaviors that violate public order and good customs, which makes some anchors take advantage of the loopholes.

  There are not only anchors, but also webcasting platforms. For the chaos of webcasting, the webcast platform can’t stay out of it. If the live broadcast platform knows that the anchor violates the law and does not stop it, it should also bear corresponding responsibilities.

  At present, there are great loopholes in the audit of anchor and live content in the webcast platform. After several rounds of governance, the domestic mainstream live broadcast platforms have made great progress in anchor management, content control and on-site supervision, and formed relatively perfect self-examination and self-correction rules. However, there are some informal small live broadcast platforms that spread through some illegal ways and underground ways. The live broadcast content is mostly obscene, pornographic and naked.

  Constructing blacklist system of information sharing

  In order to create a clear live broadcast environment, in fact, the regulatory authorities have already started to rectify the chaos of webcasting and formulated corresponding laws and regulations.

  Since December 1, 2016, the National Network Information Office has implemented the "Regulations on the Management of Internet Live Broadcasting Services", which put forward specific requirements for live broadcasting qualifications, content management, credit system, etc., and set a bottom line for standardizing Internet live broadcasting services. According to the Regulations on the Management of Internet Live Broadcasting Service, the network platform should establish a content review platform and an information review mechanism, implement hierarchical and classified management, and implement the trial before the management of the live broadcast of Internet news information and its interactive content. Some live broadcast platforms have also introduced management rules to regulate the behavior of anchors and users. On February 7, 2018, the Ministry of Public Security deployed public security organs across the country to carry out the "Net Net 2018" special campaign to crack down on network crimes. In that year, 12,000 websites such as obscene pornography were banned and closed nationwide, and 44 major cases of online obscene pornography were listed and supervised.

  Some experts believe that at present, China has made remarkable achievements in rectifying the chaos of webcasting. However, due to the low illegal cost and high supervision cost of the live broadcasting industry, there will still be "fish escaping from the net". In view of the existing "edge ball" and vulgar behaviors, we can take enumeration to concretize the contents and behaviors prohibited by law from live broadcast, so as to improve the operability of the law. At the same time, a blacklist system for information sharing should be established to prevent the illegal online celebrity from appearing again.

  The insiders believe that webcasting is not an anchor’s entertainment behind closed doors, but a performance for the public. The live broadcast platform is not as simple as just providing a platform without any responsibility. We should establish a pre-prevention mechanism, improve the quality of relevant employees, and establish a qualification review mechanism for live broadcasters or a professional anchor training mechanism. Relevant departments must also comprehensively use a variety of regulatory measures and work together to stop hacking illegal accounts, confiscate illegal income, and even close illegal live broadcast websites to prevent the live broadcast platform from becoming a hotbed for nourishing illegal online celebrity.