[See you at 8: 00] online celebrity "Zhang Meili" was detained and the police collected clues about illegal crimes.

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The torch relay of Hangzhou Asian Paralympic Games was successfully concluded.

In the third quarter of the country, the direct settlement of medical treatment across provinces and different places exceeded 36 million.

More than 600 wetland nature reserves and 900 national wetland parks have been established nationwide.

Secretary of the Party Group of the former Legislative Affairs Office of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and any leader who violated the law seriously were expelled from the Party.

Zhang Xiulong, former deputy secretary and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was investigated.

6 people were killed in Pingguo explosion in Guangxi. 

A collision between a tour bus and a car occurred in Yunlin, Taiwan Province, resulting in 4 deaths and 22 minor injuries.

In case the commander announced the objectives of Gaza’s operational plan, saying that a new "security regime" would be established.

Hamas announced the release of two Americans, and UN agencies said that about 1.4 million people in Gaza were displaced. 

Trump and other three defendants have pleaded guilty in the case of trying to overthrow the presidential election in Georgia.

A large number of dead sardines appeared in a fishing port in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan.

An international research team deciphered the octopus genome map.

Online celebrity "Zhang Meili" was detained, and Shaanxi Suide police collected clues about illegal crimes.

A vocational college student in Sichuan slaughtered stray dogs? School: Two students involved were detained for observation and the police intervened.

The police in Zhangjiagang City intercepted more than a thousand cats: these cats would have passed 4.5 yuan off as pork and mutton per catty.

Jiangsu "scalpers" each accepted 100 yuan, took dozens of fans to the concert, and were detained.

A woman’s cat and coffee shop in Wuhan was scratched, and the merchant refused to pay the medical fee. Merchant: The cat has been vaccinated.

A woman in Chengdu, Sichuan Province threw 60,000 yuan by mistake, and the old man picked it up and returned it.

The topic of "fragile college students" is no longer just self-mockery, but also sounds an alarm for the physical health problems of contemporary college students.

— — China News Network commented that the word "crispy college students" quickly became popular on the Internet.

In Jiyuan, Henan Province, the Wangwu Mountain forest is completely dyed in autumn, and the red leaves enter the best viewing period.

In autumn, egrets fly, play and feed in the waters of Shangshan Park in Tengzhou City, Shandong Province.

  On October 21st, the China Sports Delegation of the 4th Asian Paralympic Games in Hangzhou announced that Huang Xiaolian and Sun Gang would be the flag bearers of the China Sports Delegation at the opening ceremony of the 4th Asian Paralympic Games in Hangzhou. Huang Xiaolian is a female wheelchair basketball player and won the silver medal in wheelchair basketball at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. Sun Gang is a male wheelchair fencer, who won individual and team gold medals in foil at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

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Staff: Accurate Music Language

  A special music performance was held in Montpellier, a city in the south of France. Eighteen birds played a wonderful movement on a Gibson electric guitar.

  With the piano entering more and more families, the staff has changed from "familiar face" to "explosive red" among the general public. Because in piano teaching, the notation of staff is widely used all over the world, and only the staff can fully express the music score.

  Notation is to music what words are to language.

  The earliest information of human music can only be preserved from generation to generation through oral instruction. Before the modern high-tech sound carrier appeared, there was only one notation for recording and storing music. At present, the most well-known staff faithfully "writes" the composer’s creative intentions and achievements, which can be called a spectacle created by human music civilization and a microcosm of the emergence and development of music language.

  1. The music recorded on plants opens the notation.

  The earliest origin of staff can be traced back to ancient Greece. Music occupies a very important position in the field of knowledge in ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks used two notations, both of which used letters or similar letters as symbols. One was used to record the melody of vocal music, and the other was used to record the melody of instrumental music. Vocal music notation originated in Ionian at the end of the 5th century BC, and instrumental music notation may be earlier. It is said that the music written in the Vienna National Library on the plant products called Pa Pirus is the oldest music in the world, with a history of two thousand years.

  Some studies also show that a city discovered in 1918, 100 miles southwest of Cairo — — In an ancient ruins in Oxilinkus, researchers found a written record of music — — A hymn fragment written on papyrus. In those days when music was usually spread by word of mouth, even the private remains scrawled on papyrus were extremely rare. This is also the only music record that survived in the first 400 years of Christianity. Above this hymn, the pitch and sound value are recorded by some alphabetic arrangement or simple auxiliary line symbols, which is also a typical feature of the earliest music score format. It has eight different notes, spanning an octave, these letters arranged in a straight line, each note corresponds to a scale, and the scale combination of long and short squares; The horizontal strokes and individual dots on the notes indicate which words should be emphasized when singing.

  In addition, a scholar from the University of California, Berkeley, published an article in 1985, demonstrating that the earliest musical notation was found on the cuneiform tablets originating from the two river basins.

  As the predecessor of staff notation — — Newham notation appeared in the 8th century AD. The word "Neum" comes from Greek, which means "symbol" and is a way to express music in the form of drawing. Since the 8th century, in order to prevent those uncommon hymns from being forgotten because of too long interval, monks who copied hymns added some symbols similar to language stress or punctuation at the top of the lyrics, indicating the up-and-down trend of hymns concisely. This symbol is called "Neum Spectrum".

  In the early days, Newham notation was limited to indicating the direction of hymn tunes, and could not indicate the pitch position and note length. Later, someone creatively used a straight line to mark Newham spectrum to the top and bottom of this straight line, and defined this straight line as F, so the ancestor of staff appeared — — A line spectrum.

  In the middle of the 9th century, a complete hymn melody copied with Newm symbols appeared. In the development of notation, some places began to arrange the upper and lower spatial distances between Neum symbols according to the size of intervals. Moreover, Newham notation indicating the pitch and interval structure of melody has gradually formed, and some symbols can indicate a single note or a group of notes, which helps people to record music melody completely. Later, this Newham spectrum gradually developed into two-line spectrum and three-line spectrum.

  It took nearly four centuries to change from color to black and white.

  Different from today’s black-and-white world, the staff was colorful in the process of reproduction.

  In the 11th century, Guido D ‘Alezzo, a musician in arezzo, Italy, added Newham spectral lines to four lines, and specified the pitch as D, F, A and C, and the range was about eight degrees. Different pitches were expressed by clef or color, and the red line represented F sound, and the yellow line or green line represented C sound, which made the pitch more accurate. This kind of music score was called "four-line score", and they later became high notes in the staff. Since then, due to the need of playing, Newham’s spectrum has appeared six-line spectrum, seven-line spectrum and even eleven-line spectrum. To commemorate the invention and birth of the staff, people called Guido D ‘Alezo "the father of the staff".

  Then, how does the staff come from "stepping on colorful auspicious clouds" return to the black and white world?

  More and more composers are involved in the exploration of more accurate music notation. By the 13th century, the four-line score used all black lines, only a Latin letter was written at the front of the line to indicate the absolute pitch of this notation. This method gradually became popular in Europe at that time. But unfortunately, it still can’t show a clear rhythm. Especially the multi-part melody is becoming more and more complex, and people urgently need to find a way to accurately describe the length of each sound. At this time, a monk named Frank in Cologne, Germany, pioneered the different lengths of "black notes" in his book The Art of Theorem Songs. This notation, which strictly specifies the length of notes, rests and marks, is a supplement and enrichment to Newham’s spectrum and can be called a landmark improvement in the development of line spectrum.

  In the 15th century, the trend of black notes receded, and the types of notes increased, and hollow notes appeared to represent the sound value, which is also commonly known as "white notes". With the development of line spectrum in this period, the position of pitch and the length of sound can be basically recorded, and the Fu Tou has also become a circle.

  In order to change the situation that the spectral lines of musical scores are too many and complicated, European countries later unified Newham spectrum into five lines, and the notes that are too high or too low were expressed by adding lines, which made the recording of pitch more perfect. Since the 17th century, the staff developed on the basis of Newham’s spectrum and quantitative notation tends to be perfect, gradually finalized and has been used ever since.

  After centuries of "tempering", the staff has gradually reached unprecedented accuracy. According to this, composers can mark the changes of volume, speed and timbre more carefully, which can be said to be "presented in detail"

  When water is full, it overflows. Too precise music "language" was later considered by some people as a "double-edged sword". Although it can convey the composer’s creative intention in detail, it squeezes the space for the performer to improvise, which makes the musician shout "not enough". As a result, the direction of notation has changed again, and the final interpretation right of music has been returned to the performers. The performers no longer stick to "accurate presentation" but boldly release their individuality, which makes each performance unique.

  At this point, music notation has gone through thousands of years of development, from being a summary of memos at first, to helping players repeat performances accurately, and then returning to the original point after a big circle.

  3. The first "cross-border" album recording traditional Chinese opera comes from Mei Lanfang.

  In the history of music development in China for thousands of years, there have been many ways of notation, such as subtractive notation, metrical notation, Lv Zi notation, etc. Up to now, except for Gongchi notation, there are a few old folk artists who are using it, and other notation methods are forgotten because they are too cumbersome.

  Accompanied by drums, ancient people sat together, playing games and cheering for fun — — In this way, the embryonic form of early China’s music score was derived from entertainment. Drum music in the Book of Rites Throwing Pots is the oldest ancient music score in China, which appeared in the Zhou Dynasty and has a history of more than 3,000 years. There are some comma symbols in the score, which are arranged vertically in turn, as well as the words "drum", "semi-drum" and "Xue drum". Experts speculate that these are the terms related to performance, and professionals can also simulate the powerful beat from them.

  In Guan Zi Di Yuan Pian written in the Spring and Autumn Period, a mathematical method for calculating the chord length ratio of each tone in pentatonic scale is recorded, which is called "three-point gain and loss method" in history, and the names of pentatonic scale "Gong, Shang, Jiao, Zheng and Yu" in China are completely described. As to where these five names came from, there are different opinions. Some say that they correspond to the stars, some say that they are derived from five animals, and some say that they are totems of ancient clans. All kinds of opinions paint a mysterious color on music and express the different musical concepts of China ancestors. Up to today, little is known about "Gong Shang Shu", but the five tones of "Gong Shang, Jiao, Zheng and Yu" are quite well-known. For example, in the theme song "Long Wen" of Happy Dictionary of CCTV, there is a lyric that "Gong Shang Jiao Zheng Yu, Qin Qi calligraphy and painting sing, peacocks fly southeast, and weaver girls will be cowherd &hellip. …” This song has been sung by stars many times, and it has also been on the Spring Festival Evening in 2010, which became a hit overnight.

  Compared with the western staff and notation, China’s classical music score does not form the accurate quantification of pitch and rhythm and the transcoding of digital symbols, but only the outline record of the basic pitch and rhythm of traditional music or aria, which gives the performers and singers much more freedom and uncertainty in creation than the western music score, so it is also called "frame score".

  The staff was introduced into China in the mid-17th century. There is a written record in Xieyun Duqu, a sequel to Lv Zheng Yi written by Emperor Kangxi in 1713, which published in detail the knowledge of western music theory such as staff, scales, roll names, etc. Although the staff at that time was only in its primary form and its symbols were very different from today’s, it was spread through this printed book.

  The staff, which has just entered the country, is only used to record and spread the classic songs and hymns that praise God sung in the Catholic church. It was not until the end of the 19th century that it was gradually accepted and used by Chinese people. In 1930, Mei Lanfang’s operas were recorded by musician Liu Tianhua for the first time, and Mei Lanfang’s Songs was published, which is also the first "cross-border" album in China to record traditional opera music with staff.

  4. The notation has been carried forward in China.

  There are two kinds of musical notation: numbers and letters. The most common musical notation is numbers, and its embryonic form first appeared in Europe in the 16th century. At that time, a French Catholic priest named Suaiti wrote music songs with seven sounds, namely 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, and compiled a pamphlet "New Methods of Learning plainsong and Music". In the mid-18th century, Rousseau, a famous French thinker who was famous for his book Confessions, also read the Proposal for New Musical Symbols to the Paris Academy of Sciences, and mentioned the "digital notation". Later, a group of social elites improved and popularized it, and finally formed the notation, which was also called "Galpa-Xie notation" in the west.

  This notation was introduced to Japan in 1882. In 1903, Zeng Zhimao, one of the earliest music theorists in the history of modern music in China, published the article "The General Idea of Music Theory" in a chinese magazine published in Tokyo, introducing the knowledge of western music theory, and published six songs such as "Training" and "Spring outing" in the form of comparison between notation and staff, which is the earliest record of Chinese people using notation at present.

  Shen Xingong, a modern music educator, was also one of the earliest disseminators of musical notation. His School Singing Collection was the first collection of musical notation written and published by China. Since then, notation has gradually spread to schools all over the country. In the 1930s, the mass singing movement of resisting Japan and saving the nation was widely carried out. At that time, famous pop songs, such as March of the Volunteers of Nie Er and The Yellow River Cantata of Xian Xinghai, were written by notation. With the widespread singing of these songs, notation gradually became popular among ordinary people in China.

  The notation of musical notation is the closest to the popular Gong-Chi notation in China, and it is simpler and more accurate to record the height of notes by musical notation. Therefore, musical notation has developed rapidly in China, and some experts even think that China is the country that absorbs and uses musical notation the best and develops it the most in the world. Especially in the field of folk music, notation fits the characteristics of Chinese folk music, because notation records only the general framework of melody, and more needs face-to-face communication between teachers and students; On the playing method of musical instruments, Chinese folk music has many special expressive force symbols, and the use of notation is clear and clear. If staff is used, it will become complicated. These are the important reasons why notation is highly praised by Chinese folk music.

  Of course, this is just a matter of habit. With the blending of modern Chinese and western cultures, more and more folk music also adopts the notation of line notation. In fact, in the field of folk music, there are still many places where staff can be used, and that is the ensemble moment. When all kinds of musical instruments play the same piece of music according to different parts, the powerful function of the staff is revealed, which is unmatched by the notation.

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  No one can replace the staff or the simple staff.

  Jacky Cheung, a Hong Kong singer who is known as the "God of Songs" in the Chinese music scene, once bluntly said that he did not know the staff, but only knew the simple music. Nowadays, at the scene of some music variety shows, some judges are repeatedly criticized by netizens because they can’t understand the staff. So, is the staff really more "advanced" than the notation?

  Experts pointed out that in the history of music development, people have created various different notations according to their own needs, and different musical instruments, regions and traditional cultures may produce very different notations. Such as guqin, using guqin notation; Traditional Chinese opera uses the notation of gongs and drums. There is also the traditional notation of Gongchi notation in our country, but now there are the most familiar notation, staff notation and so on. We can’t simply say which notation is the best, but which method is relatively scientific. Through accurate notes and various dynamic symbols and emoticons, we can try our best to return the expression intention of the original composer.

  Objectively speaking, staff notation and simple notation both play an important role in the field of Chinese music culture. They complement each other and have irreplaceable functions, but their users are different.

  Notation is simple and clear. Even now, many popular music still uses notation. Compared with other notation, staff has irreplaceable advantages. It records the level of music by the position of the Fu Tou of the note on five parallel horizontal lines, and indicates the length of the note by the different shapes of the note, which can not only visually indicate the pitch of the musical sound, but also accommodate the music information in a large amount, especially in recording and writing large-scale ensemble music with wide range, numerous parts and frequent tone sandhi. Therefore, since the 18th century, the staff has become the main position of music notation, and it has been widely used in the field of professional music in the world today.

  Nowadays, pianos have entered more and more families. In piano teaching, the notation of staff is widely used all over the world, and only the staff can fully express the music score. At the same time, the performance and singing of various music groups, the teaching of music colleges and the learning of piano children all played a very important role in the spread of staff.

  Do you know

  Can’t clap between concerts?

  At the end of the year, many concerts were held together. Watching a concert is different from watching a movie. There are many unwritten rules, such as not applauding between the movements of a symphony, waiting for a complete track to enter the venue when you are late, and so on. Where did these rules come from that the enthusiastic audience couldn’t understand?

  There was a controversy about whether there was applause between movements. Before the end of 19th century, clapping between movements was "not a thing". Mozart gets excited when he hears the applause of the audience when he plays. Once, in a letter to his father, he mentioned, "There is a passage in the middle of Allegro in the first movement, which I know the audience will like very much … … Sure enough, the audience were all in ecstasy and the applause was very warm. I expected this long ago. When I wrote this paragraph, I knew it would be very effective. At the end of the movement, this piece of music appeared again, and sure enough, the audience shouted again and asked to repeat it … …” Repeated applause made Mozart very happy. After the symphony, he even went to the Royal Garden to buy ice cream to reward himself.

  Until the end of 19th century, there were professional cheering people in European opera houses. The function of these "masters" was to cheer in some boring opera performances. Perhaps this move is not flattering. From the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, most audiences accepted the etiquette agreement of not clapping between movements. Moreover, it has been recognized by some composers. For example, in Mourning for the Dead, Mahler even pointed out that there should be no applause in the middle of the movement.

  In addition, there is an important etiquette for listening to the concert, that is, you can’t be late. If you are late for some reason, you must wait for the guidance of the theater staff and wait for a complete track (not a movement) before you can enter. In fact, being late was not condemned as early as the mid-19th century, because early concerts belonged to small gatherings in aristocratic circles, and being late and leaving early was commonplace. By the end of the 19th century, after Mahler was in charge of vienna state opera, he resolutely implemented the rule that late spectators were not allowed to enter the venue, even if the royal family members were late, which became a etiquette until now.

  There is such a saying

  The New Year concert originated from the old Strauss.

  The New Year is a common festival for people all over the world. There are many ways for people to celebrate the New Year, but holding a high-level concert is a program in major cities all over the world, welcoming the beginning of the new year with relaxed and wonderful music.

  The tradition of holding concerts in the New Year originated in Vienna. On December 31st, 1847, Johann Strauss I, the founder of the Strauss music family, held an open-air concert in the suburb of Vienna. The repertoire included symphonies, waltzes and polkas, which were warmly welcomed by the audience, so that the concert didn’t end until dawn the next day. This is the origin of the Vienna New Year Concert.

  Today, the annual New Year Concert held in Vienna Golden Hall is still the most eye-catching annual music event in the world. Most TV stations and radio stations around the world broadcast live, with tens of millions of listeners. Inspired by this tradition, many countries or cities in the world have also held New Year concerts to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

  the whole wide world

  Austrian composer’s manuscript sells at sky-high price

  The original manuscript of the score of Austrian composer gustav mahler’s Second Symphony was sold for 4.5 million pounds at an auction held in London, England recently. The 232-page score set a new record for the auction of the score.

  The music seller is the family of Gilbert Kaplan, an American economist and businessman who died two years ago. There is an amazing story behind the score. According to the Daily Mail, Kaplan was fascinated by this symphony, also known as Resurrection, after listening to it at Carnegie Hall in new york in 1965. Never having studied conducting, he is determined to conduct the best orchestra in the world to perform this piece of music one day and put his determination into action.

  Kaplan once described the feeling of listening to Resurrection as follows: "When I entered the concert hall, I was alone, but when I came out, I felt like I was struck by lightning." In the next 17 years, Kaplan traveled all over the world to listen to the performance of this symphony, and discussed his experience with professionals including conductors whenever he had the opportunity. In 1982, he finally stepped onto the stage of Lincoln Center in new york and realized his wish under the witness of many celebrities.

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2021 Shanghai Auto Show: Volkswagen’s new car is fully combed

  [car home New Car Launch] The 2021 Shanghai Auto Show has officially kicked off. During this auto show, the Volkswagen brand can be said to have a strong lineup. According to statistics, including FAW-Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen, Volkswagen (imported), SAIC Volkswagen Skoda and FAW-Volkswagen Jetta, nearly 20 new cars were launched, pre-sold and listed during the auto show. Today, this new car comb of Volkswagen Shanghai Auto Show will take stock of these new models for you.

Home of the car

★ FAW-Volkswagen brand:

FAW-Volkswagen brand new car fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic ID.6 CROZZ line-ups MEB platform/expected to be launched in the third quarter Brand-new Golf () GTI line-ups DKX2.0 inline 4-cylinder turbocharged engine TALAGON lanjing line-ups Brand-new medium and large SUV

ID.6 CROZZ starts.

  Faw-Volkswagen (|) adopts a family design language, and the closed front face is equipped with a penetrating light strip and a luminous LED logo. In addition, the IQ.Light LED matrix smart headlight function equipped on ID.4 is also retained. Interior parts such as 5.3-inch LCD instrument, 12-inch suspended central control panel and knob shift mechanism are also inherited from ID.4 In terms of power, the new car is expected to provide three power versions of 132kW/150kW/225kW and two driving modes of rear drive and four-wheel drive, and support five driving modes including custom mode. Equipped with ternary lithium batteries, the capacity is 62kWh and 83.4kWh respectively, and the cruising range of its long-life version can exceed 580km(NEDC).

Faw-Volkswagen ID.6 CROZZ 2021 PRO version

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The new golf GTI starts

  The domestic eighth-generation golf GTI continues the design of the overseas version, and the overall appearance is more concise. The black honeycomb grille on the front bumper is larger, and the fog lights composed of five LED light sources are cleverly hidden on both sides; The black decorative strips at both ends of the front bumper slightly increase the aggression; The iconic red line of China Net and GTI logo have also appeared in the "old place". The new car uses a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine code-named DKX, with a maximum power of 162 kW (220 HP), and the peak torque is expected to be 350 Nm, which is the same as that of the previous generation. According to the application data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the declared fuel consumption value of the new car is 6.7 liters/100 kilometers.

Home of the car

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TALAGON takes the lead.

  The front face design of Volkswagen TALAGON has a strong sense of hierarchy. The net and headlights are integrated into a "T" shape, and the interior is integrated with chrome-plated decoration, which looks very delicate. TALAGON is very slender from the side, and its wheelbase is 2980mm, which is consistent with SAIC Volkswagen Touran. The length, width and height are 5152(5153)/ 2002/1795mm respectively. In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with an EA888-DPL 2.0T engine, providing 330TSI and 380TSI power models. Referring to Touran, the maximum power of these two versions is 186 HP and 220 HP respectively, and the peak torque is 320 Nm and 350 Nm respectively, of which 380TSI is a four-wheel drive version.

Faw-Volkswagen Lanjing 2021 Basic Model

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★ SAIC Volkswagen brand:

SAIC Volkswagen brand new car fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic ID.6 X line-ups MEB platform/expected to be launched in the third quarter New touang x be listed Mid-term change/sale of RMB 282,000-362,000. New Touran be listed Mid-term change/sale of RMB 292,000-372,000.

ID.6 X starting

  Like ID.6 CROZZ, the ID.6 X is the first ID model specially built for China, and it is a sister model with ID.6 Crozz.. Appearance, SAIC Volkswagen ID.6 X adopts the family design language, and the closed front face is equipped with a penetrating light strip and a luminous LED logo, but it is different from ID.6 CROZZ in design details. From the side, the new car adopts a cross-border style and a two-color body design. In addition, it also uses the semi-hidden door handle design on ID.4, which can attract the attention of young consumers. In terms of the rear end, the overall design is relatively simple. ID.6 X and ID.6cross can be distinguished by the shape of taillights and bumpers. ID.6 X’s taillights are designed with curves, and bumpers are designed with straight lines, while ID.6cross is just the other way around.

Saic Volkswagen ID.6 X 2021 basic model

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The new Touron X is on the market.

  In terms of appearance, the new Touran X has greatly continued the design of the current model, and the main change is the addition of the R-Line appearance kit. The lower enclosure is decorated with bright black decorative panels. In addition, the "cooling hole" decorative panels on the engine compartment cover, the rearview mirror shell, and the front and rear bumpers are all decorated with the same bright black treatment. In terms of dimensions, the length, width and height of the new Touran X are 4917/1989/1719mm and the wheelbase is 2980mm respectively. In terms of power, the new car will continue the configuration of the current model, equipped with Volkswagen EA888 engine, with a maximum power of 220 HP, and another 2.5T model is expected to continue to be provided. In terms of transmission, the new car will continue to match the 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox and still support the full-time four-wheel drive system.

SAIC Volkswagen Touran X 2021 Basic Model

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The new Touran is listed.

   The new Tourang has adopted a brand-new front face design in appearance, and the overall outline of the headlight has changed obviously. Its interior has also been upgraded to IQ.Light full LED matrix headlights, equipped with functions such as automatic height adjustment, follow-up steering and intelligent far and near headlights. In addition, the penetrating LED strip and the flat Volkswagen LOGO in the center of the front can also be lit up, which is quite a new energy vehicle. The length, width and height of the new car are 5052/1989/1773mm and the wheelbase is 2980 mm. The tail shape still continues its square design style. The biggest change is that the taillights adopt the same penetrating design as the headlights, and the central LOGO can also be lit. With the design of running water turn signal and penetrating chrome-plated horizontal bars, the texture of the tail has been significantly upgraded. In terms of power, the new car will continue the configuration of the current model.

SAIC Volkswagen Tourang 2021 Basic Model

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★ Volkswagen (imported) brand:

Volkswagen (imported) brand new cars are fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic New weilan pre-sell Pre-sale is 268,000 yuan/listing is expected in July. Arteon Shooting brake line-ups The trunk volume is 565L (1632L in the rear row).

New weilan pre-sale

  As a mid-term redesigned model, the new Weilan continues the overall design of the current model, but some details have been adjusted. For example, the new car mainly upgraded the new style of front and rear surround and front and rear LED light groups, and updated the shape of LED daytime driving, further enhancing the sense of fashion. In terms of interior, the biggest highlight of the new car is to replace the steering wheel with a new style and upgrade the multimedia system. The addition of full LCD instrument and embedded central control panel has greatly improved the sense of science and technology of the whole interior. In terms of power, the new Weilan cancels the 1.4T and 2.0T high-power engines, and is only equipped with a 2.0T low-power engine. The maximum power of this engine is 137kW, and the peak torque is 320 N m. The transmission system is matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox.

Home of the car

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The new Arteon Shooting brake starts

  The new Arteon Shooting Brake adopts the latest design style of Volkswagen family in appearance. The front face adopts the "L"-shaped daytime running light running through the front face. As for the air intake grille of the China Net, it is integrated with the matrix LED headlights on both sides. On the side of the car body, the B-pillar line of the new car continues from the roof to the rear of the car, and it is integrated with the trunk, which better reflects the hunting style of Shooting Brake. It is reported that the new car will have a trunk volume of 565L, and the second row of seats will be extended to 1632L after being laid down. In the rear part of the car, a small spoiler is added to the rear of the car as an ornament, and with the exhaust design of the upper and lower sides, the visual impact of the whole rear is improved.

Home of the car

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★ Saic Volkswagen SkodaBrand:

SAIC Volkswagen Skoda brand new car fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic Brand new Ming Rui PRO line-ups It is expected to be pre-sold at the end of April and listed in May.

The new Ming Rui PRO starts.

  The brand-new Ming Rui PRO is a brand-new generation of Ming Rui. The three-dimensional waterfall grille newly designed on the front face is young and sharp, and the three-dimensional ridges on the engine cover outline the cutting profile of light and shadow, creating a three-dimensional sense. The wheelbase of the new car is lengthened by 44mm, and the length, width and height (including exterior parts) are 4753/1832/1469mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2730 mm.. The interior part of the new car center console adopts a brand-new design, and the through silver decorative strip divides the whole into two parts, which makes the overall shape layered. At the same time, the new car adopts a 10.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, and is equipped with a three-spoke multi-function sports steering wheel of the same model as the overseas version. The 12.1-inch multimedia touch screen in the central control center adopts a floating design, and a row of traditional button control areas are reserved below it. In addition, the electronic shift mechanism of the new car has also been upgraded to a lever design, which further enhances the overall sense of science and technology of the new car interior. In terms of power, the new domestic Skoda Ming Rui will be equipped with the familiar 1.4TSI engine with a maximum power of 150 HP, and the gearbox is expected to match the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

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★ FAW-Volkswagen JettaBrand:

Faw-Volkswagen Jetta brand new car fully combed car make and model Listing/pre-sale/launch characteristic VA3 30th Anniversary Edition line-ups Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Jetta’s Birth VS5 30th Anniversary Edition line-ups Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Jetta’s Birth VS7 30th Anniversary Edition line-ups Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Jetta’s Birth VS7 Panda Edition line-ups Variation of Special Edition Model/Black Front Edition VS7 Black Front Edition line-ups Special edition vehicle/body blackening treatment VS7 Yishi Edition line-ups Special edition models/more cooking equipment

VA3 30th Anniversary Edition Launch

  In terms of appearance, the 30th Anniversary Edition of Jetta VA3 is not much different from the ordinary version. It adopts family-style design, the lattice grille on the front face is very distinctive, and more chrome-plated elements also look young and fashionable. The new car has added the word "30" in the B-pillar position to reflect the particularity of the 30th anniversary edition, and added two body colors of manganese stone black and platinum gray. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4501/1704/1469mm and the wheelbase is 2604mm respectively. The interior design reflects the significance of the commemorative edition by adding beige seats, the 30th anniversary embroidery of the front seat headrest and the 30th anniversary logo of the welcome pedal. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 112 HP and a peak torque of 145 Nm. The transmission system is matched with Aisin 6-speed automatic gearbox.

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VS7 Panda Edition Launch

  In terms of appearance, the overall design of Jetta VS7 is basically followed, and the details of the car body are blackened. Specifically, the new car blackens the front grille, dense spokes and mirrors on both sides to make the new car look more sporty. It is worth mentioning that the new car also adopts a new color scheme to make it look more fashionable. In terms of configuration, the new car has added the "30" anniversary LOGO at the B-pillar position, the appearance has increased the black sports surround, and the polar white car paint has been added. In the interior, the center console becomes all black, and the beige color scheme is added to the seat. The panda version is actually optimized on the basis of the black front version. The body size of the new car is 4624/1841/1644mm and the wheelbase is 2730 mm. In terms of power, it will continue to be equipped with a 1.4T high-power engine with a maximum power of 150 HP and a maximum torque of 250 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic manual transmission, and only the predecessor version is available.

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VS7 Black Front Edition Starts

  As a special edition model, its overall appearance basically follows the design and modeling of the current Jetta VS7, and the body details are blackened. Specifically, the official blackened the front grille, dense spokes and mirrors on both sides of the car to make the new car look more sporty. As for the interior, it also follows the existing design and uses a lot of straight lines. Although it is different from the design language of Volkswagen family, most parts are still common with Volkswagen products, such as air conditioning panel, dashboard, steering wheel and gear shift lever, which are all familiar smells. In terms of configuration, the new car has added a black appearance sports kit, a LOGO for the 30th anniversary, and new paint colors of polar white and manganese stone black. In addition, the interior has also become an all-black dashboard and a beige seat has been added. The body size of the new car is 4624/1841/1644mm and the wheelbase is 2730 mm. In terms of power, it will continue to be equipped with a 1.4T high-power engine with a maximum power of 150 HP and a maximum torque of 250 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic manual transmission, and only the predecessor version is available.

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Full text summary:

  This year’s Shanghai Auto Show, Volkswagen’s lineup can be said to be extremely huge, and every brand is very interesting to pull out. The launch of ID.6 CROZZ and ID.6 X further demonstrates the steady development pace of Volkswagen in the new energy sector. I believe that Volkswagen, as the overlord of traditional energy sales, will definitely bring a blood shed to the new energy sector. (Text/car home Liu Xiangyu)

Liu Yuning of Modern Brothers can get a hot search even after watching TV. Is it still the boiling point?

Why are these hot searches boiling? Yesterday’s "Weibo Hot Search List" analyzed the new gameplay of hot search: there are a lot of people, which is the embodiment of hot discussion. Hot search becomes a hot topic after extensive participation and discussion by users, and it will be upgraded from hot to boiling.

This reminds me of a hot search last week: Liu Yuning has a clear voice.

Maybe many people just saw this hot search word and reacted like me: I don’t know who Liu Yuning is. It turns out that he is the lead singer of the modern brothers band from Tik Tok-Ning Ge Liu Yuning.

In 2014, Liu Yuning, guitarist Azhuo and keyboard player Dafei formed the band "Modern Brothers". With the modern brothers’ covers of "Walking", "Telling the truth", "Answer" and "I shot myself" becoming popular overnight, the popularity of the modern brothers became out of control and became a new force in the music world that cannot be ignored more and more. 

The voice of Liu Yuning, a modern brother, is not only spread by the ubiquitous media such as shops broadcasting in streets and lanes, mobile TV in buses and subways, and mobile phones of pedestrians on the road, but also known by people. Even the little tricks he is used to singing are well known by fans.

Last Sunday, in the program "The Masked Singer Will Guess" of Jiangsu Satellite TV, the masked singer who was fully armed made his debut. He not only attracted the attention of the audience with his cool blue mecha, but also attracted the attention of fans more quickly when he opened his mouth. Isn’t he Liu Yuning, a modern brother, with a height of over 180, a unique voice and a stage trick that can’t be changed even if he is hiding in the mecha? Enthusiastic netizens immediately had a heated discussion about his true identity, never letting go of any clues, and shared them on the internet, which instantly sparked hot spots.

Coincidentally, Liu Yuning also updated his Weibo that night, which made some netizens have to wonder whether he deliberately released smoke bombs to hide his identity, in an attempt to confuse people. Therefore, a large number of netizens flocked to Weibo, Liu Yuning, to ask him for proof.

Whether the real identity of masked singer "Super Change" is Liu Yuning has not yet been determined. But good music should be respected. Many people say that the modern brother Ning Ge became popular overnight, but as long as you know his past, you will know how much effort he has made, and no one can succeed casually. Liu Yuning’s eight years of ups and downs and hard work have brought him today’s achievements. After he became famous, he once said that he could win the love of so many people. In fact, those who work hard will shine one day!

Is "super change" a better brother? We’ll lock in Jiangsu Satellite TV’s "Masked Singer Will Guess" at 9: 00 on Sunday night, or open Youku Video at 21: 40 to watch the exclusive online video. See you later!

I’ve been invisible for several years, and the folding screen is ok again.

Text | Deep Eyes Finance Zhang Wei

The folding screen caught fire in 2022 and the fire spread all the way to 2023.

The title of "the first year of folding screen" was born in 2022, one of the reasons is the high growth of folding screen shipments in 2022. According to IDC data, in the third quarter, China shipped more than 1 million folding screens, up about 246% year-on-year.

More importantly, this transcript of the folding screen was achieved in an environment of overall decline in smartphone shipments. According to the consulting data of Ai Media, the overall shipment volume of China mobile phone market will drop from 560 million in 2016 to 310 million in 2020. In 2021, mobile phone shipments rebounded slightly, but the overall environment is still not optimistic, with an annual shipment of only 350 million units.

It is not only the China market that participates in this folding screen carnival. According to Counterpoint research report, it is estimated that the global folding screen mobile phone market will increase by 52% year-on-year in 2023, reaching 22.7 million units.

You know, since the birth of the folding screen mobile phone, it has always been a niche track because of its relatively small market share, average sales volume and general market response.

When it was launched in the early years, it was also vomited by users because of the high price, obvious screen creases and heavy weight. Then, why did the folding screen, which was not welcomed by capital and market before, grow against the trend this year?

1. Capital betting, folding screen to become a new story?

Behind the fierceness of folding screen mobile phones is the embarrassment that mobile phone manufacturers urgently need to grow.

In the downturn of consumer market, the butterfly effect of mobile phone consumers is triggered: consumers who have no money in their belts naturally reduce their demand for mobile phones, and their replacement rate drops, which leads to a downward trend in mobile phone shipments. From January to November 2022, the total shipments of mobile phones in the domestic market totaled 244 million units, down 20.2% year-on-year.

In this context, as a relatively new product form, folding screen has become a "life-saving straw" in the mobile phone industry, and major mobile phone manufacturers have taken this opportunity to get involved in folding screen mobile phones.

At present, almost all mainstream mobile phone manufacturers have released new folding screen mobile phones, including Huawei’s Pocket S, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4, OPPO’s Find N, Xiaomi’s Mix Fold2, VIVO’s X Fold+, etc., and the competition is fierce.

In 2022, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi and other mobile phone manufacturers released more than 10 folding screen mobile phones. According to the current news, there will be many new folding screen machines released in 2023, and even Apple has rumors that it will release folding screen smart phones in 2023.

In the past, high-end machines competed for chips, image capabilities, screen refresh rates, etc. Now, due to the involvement of smartphones in the Red Sea, technologies have entered a mature stage, and these technologies have been decentralized to low-end machines.

Although mobile phone manufacturers bet on the folding screen market, the herd effect is not fully applicable to consumers. In the era of information explosion, consumers are no longer the lambs to be slaughtered who are completely obedient to others.

On the one hand, from the perspective of mobile phone form, the design of folding screen is more futuristic. Compared with the previous folding screen mobile phones, the subdivision of scenes is one of the factors contributing to the growth of folding screen mobile phones, which means that folding screen mobile phones can radiate a wider range of people, and their product design, size, thickness and operation are different from business scenes, car scenes and game fields.

For example, OPPO Find N2 has not only paid attention to the internal and external screens, but also started to cut into the half-folded hovering, so that the mobile phone has a natural bracket, which brings more brand-new experiences to users from entertainment, and is more abundant in watching videos, photography and other leisure games.

Another example is Huawei’s main "folding screen meta-universe", which starts from smart life and exerts its strength on the external screen, and can obtain the weather, payment, camera, application and other dynamics without unfolding the screen. It can be said that the segmentation scene of the folding screen has jointly contributed to the shipment.

At the same time, the product forms of horizontal folding inner screen, horizontal folding outer screen and vertical folding screen also meet the habits and preferences of different people.

On the other hand, high-end is the only way for most industries to mature, and the mobile phone industry is no exception. According to relevant data, the average selling price of mobile phones in China market has increased from 1500-2000 yuan to 3000 yuan. The sales volume is falling, the average selling price is rising, and high-end mobile phones are increasingly favored by consumers.

In order to enhance the competitiveness of products, mobile phone companies are gradually abandoning the original sea tactics and moving towards the "fine machine" mode. According to the data released by China Xintong Institute, from January to October 2022, there were 308 new models on domestic brands, down 10% year-on-year.

The folding screen just meets the needs of users’ high-end machines. However, compared with the "puffy" folding screen four years ago, the folding screen now is more "material".

Previous folding screens always revolved around two problems: poor quality and high price. The report on the development trend of GFK China Folding Screen Smartphone released in 2022 shows that weight and price are still the core issues that prevent users from buying folding phones.

At the same time, according to the survey data of Ai Media Consulting, nearly 80% of the interviewed users buy folding screen mobile phones for entertainment needs, and the reason why the interviewed users don’t buy folding screen mobile phones is that they are expensive, accounting for 59.5%.

Under the focus of mobile phone manufacturers, according to the folding screen mobile phones recently launched by mobile phone manufacturers, today’s folding screen mobile phones are lighter, cheaper and have stronger endurance. For example, on December 25th, OPPO released the new folding screen flagship machine-—OPPO Find N2, which weighs only 233g and costs less than 9000 yuan.

Like the flagship machine Pocket S launched by Huawei, the weight is controlled at 190 grams while maintaining the screen size; Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is only 263 grams; Xiaomi’s MIX Fold weighs only 262 grams. Nowadays, almost all folding screens have controlled the weight below 300 grams, which makes it more convenient for users to use.

The price problem doesn’t stop there, and the price will remain downward. According to the Counterpoint research report, in view of the increasingly fierce competition in the folding screen smartphone market, it is expected that its price will be more close to the people in 2023. It can be said that the folding screen mobile phone confirms its "worth" step by step.

2. Self-developed core parts, "cost reduction" achieved initial results.

In order to change the status quo and make the folding screen realize another spring in the mobile phone industry, mobile phone manufacturers choose to break through from the upstream of the industrial chain.

Previously, in the folding screen mobile phone industry, Samsung not only dominated the industry, but also controlled the main components. According to Fomalhaut Techno Solution in the report, Huawei folding mobile phones Mate Xs and Xiaomi Mix Fold both use flexible screens made by Samsung, and Korean parts account for about 30% ~ 50% of the total.

According to the Monitoring Report of Folding Screen Mobile Phone Industry in China in 2022, the quality problem is the biggest concern for users to buy folding screens. Among the quality problems concerned by consumers, the crease of mobile phone is the most concerned, and hinge technology is the key to the crease problem.

And the main cost of folding screen mobile phone is 69% higher than that of non-folding mobile phone, of which the main cost comes from hinge and screen. According to the data of CGS—CIMB, the BOM cost of Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s first-generation folding screen mobile phone, was 636.7 USD, of which the display module cost was 218.8 USD, accounting for 34.4%, and the mechanical/electromechanical structure cost was 87.5 USD, accounting for 13.7%.

The display module cost of Samsung’s bar phone Galaxy S9+ accounts for 21%, and the mechanical/electromechanical structure cost accounts for 7.9%. From the perspective of BOM cost, screens and hinges are the main sources of the increase in the cost of folding screens.

In order to eliminate "bad reviews" and prevent key parts such as hinges and flexible screens from getting stuck in the neck, China brand has been gradually realized.Domestic substitution. The data shows that the number of patent applications related to folding screen hinge technology in China is on the rise, and the number of patent applications related to folding screen hinge in China is 160 in 2020.

At present, independent research and development of hinge technology has gradually become the core solution of mainstream terminal factories. According to the incomplete statistics of the potential silver optical chain, the hinge technology of various terminal factories has been constantly breaking through and innovating with the release of products, such as the aerospace-grade floating silver hinge of VIVO and the double-rotating eagle wing hinge of Huawei.

On the other hand, the folding screen mobile phone on the market has been optimized from 100,000 times in the early stage to 400,000 times, which is obviously improved.

According to the forecast of relevant industry organizations, the global hinge market for folding screen mobile phones will be 1.267 billion yuan in 2021, and it is expected to increase by 136.8% year-on-year to 2.999 billion yuan in 2022, which shows that hinge technology is the focus of the current breakthrough of folding screen.

Moreover, the domestic upstream display industry has achieved breakthroughs in technology, manufacturing and market, and domestic panel manufacturers such as BOE, Shentianma, TCL Huaxing and Visionox have accelerated the innovation and mass production of flexible screens. According to Omdia data, the global OLED production capacity is expected to increase from 31.51 million square meters in 2021 to 75 million square meters in 2027.

Including the optimization of appearance, Samsung has weakened the width of the hinge and the black edge of the screen, accounting for the external screen of the Galaxy Z Fold.

Judging from the recently released new products, the functions of folding screen mobile phones have become more and more perfect, such as the newly released X Fold+ of VIVO, which continues the characteristics of VIVO bar mobile phones, focusing on battery life and fast charging functions. Similarly, the latest Find N2 released by OPPO also has the function of improving endurance and satisfying fast charging.

3. Has the problem of folding screen been solved?

The folding screen mobile phone market has maintained growth for several consecutive quarters, and the growth rate in the third quarter of this year has also reached a new high. In the forecasts of various institutions, the folding screen market is expected to grow significantly.

So, can this situation be maintained, and who is buying a folding screen mobile phone?

The market is inseparable from the word supply and demand. If there is supply, there will be demand.

From the demand side, users as a whole are younger. The data shows that the young people under the age of 35 among the latest folding screen mobile phone users have increased significantly, accounting for 58.2%. Therefore, the supply and demand sides change rapidly in functions such as battery life and thinness.

In addition, according to the daily interactive big data, users of folding screen mobile phones not only have high requirements for mobile phones, but also have certain pursuits for quality of life. For example, they love to use life sharing apps such as Little Red Book and Public Comment.

From the demand side, the folding screen mobile phone has gradually developed from the ready to the development stage. The oversized screen is no longer as "chicken ribs" as before, but has derived more entertainment, business and other performances in terms of user needs.

However, after a year of focus, have the problems of folding screen phones really been solved?

Of course not. In the process of development, any industry will inevitably encounter different problems.

Even though the folding screen market has maintained growth for several consecutive quarters, the reason for maintaining high growth lies more in the focus of mobile phone manufacturers and the small market scale.

On the whole, the optimization of folding screen market has achieved initial results, but the problem has not really been solved. Different from the big step forward of the industrial chain, the recognition degree of folding screen is still at a low level, whether from product design to personal experience.

Judging from the black cat complaint data, most complaints about folding screen mobile phones are still focused on screen quality.

At present, most social platforms are still full of spit on folding screen mobile phones, and some of the reasons for spit are still the problems that were spit out a few years ago, including but not limited to screen off-line, liquid leakage, black spots and so on.

The main frequency of the folding screen model is not as durable as that of the integrated model, and the damage degree is higher. What is more "fatal" is that the follow-up maintenance cost is also higher. Taking Samsung’s latest Z Flod4 as an example, the price of the inner screen+outer screen assembly has reached 4,460 yuan, even for the lower-priced Samsung ZFILIP 4, the assembly price of the inner and outer screens also needs 2,460 yuan.

In the solution to the screen, the practice of major mobile phone manufacturers is to launch a broken screen saver service. Like Huawei’s Pocket S and VIVO’s Fold+, the official broken screensaver price is as high as 1199. The broken screensaver is not only high in price, but also guaranteed for only one year, which invisibly increases the follow-up cost of consumers.

The development of folding screen is also in line with the "first cause effect". In the early stage of development, due to the product’s too small, high price, fragile screen and other problems, it brought a deep negative impression to consumers, which led to the difficulty of market education in the later stage and the low recognition of the product.

One of the key problems is that the crease of mobile phone has not been verified by the market.

Even with the rapid development of hinge technology, the current folding screen market is still in the development stage. The major mobile phone manufacturers have launched newly upgraded folding screen mobile phones for more than one year, while the average service life of a mobile phone is three years.

The screen material will accelerate the aging speed after being folded for a long time. Although official website publicizes that the current flexible screen can be folded for 500,000 times, it does not rule out the possibility that the screen will be folded because of repeated folding.

According to the observation of "Deep Eyes Finance", the folding screen mobile phone just changes the product form, its functional integrity is not as good as that of the straight smart phone, and the improved functions are basically corresponding to the straight smart phone.

The main highlights of folding screen are split screen and multi-video viewing, but these requirements are not just needed by users and are irreplaceable.

As a high-end series product that has been tempered in the market for four years, its underlying logic is undoubtedly to meet the premise that "the folding screen is indeed better than the ordinary straight mobile phone".

Compared with the straight mobile phone, the straight mobile phone with the same price is obviously better from the processor. For example, Huawei’s Pocket S is equipped with 4G Snapdragon 778 processor, and the price starts at 5988. The P50 released by Huawei last year was equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, and the price was only 4,088 when it was released.

Hard power is important, and soft power is indispensable. On the whole, the folding screen mobile phone still has a large market space, but when imagining the future, we should also study how to meet the demand side and strive for a larger market share.

The small plane was chased by the US military plane and eventually crashed. The information on the crew was revealed!

  BEIJING, June 5 (Xinhua)-According to foreign media reports, on the 4th local time, a light plane was suspected to have broken into the sky above Washington, USA, and was chased by American fighter planes at high speed. The light plane eventually crashed in Virginia, and the identity of the owner and crew of the plane attracted attention.

  According to The Washington Post and The New York Times, this plane is a private business plane registered with a company named Encore Motors of Melbourne in Florida, USA.

  Image source: The New York Times report screenshot

  American media contacted the company’s operator, 75-year-old John Roupell, by telephone. He revealed that his daughter, two-year-old granddaughter, nanny and pilot were all on the plane.

  John Roupell said he knew little about the crash. He said in a choked voice that if the plane loses pressure, "they will all fall asleep and never wake up again … … I don’t think they have found the wreckage yet. It drops at a speed of 20,000 feet per minute, and no one can survive in this situation. "

  The Daily Beast, an American news website, noted that Barbara Roupell, the wife of John Roupell, was registered as the president of Encore Motors of Melbourne, but she declined to comment.

  According to the records of the Federal Election Commission obtained by this website, Mr. and Mrs. John Roupell are both well-known business people in Florida. In the past few years, they have donated money to many Republican candidates running for federal office, including hundreds of thousands of dollars to former President Trump and his political organization.

  According to the report, public information shows that Barbara Roupell is also a long-term member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). Since 2002, she has been a member of the NRA Women’s Leadership Committee.

  On the 4th local time, a Cessna light plane was suspected to have broken into the sky above Washington, and the US F-16 jet fighter scrambled for high-speed pursuit, causing a sonic boom over the US capital. During this period, the US military tried to establish contact with the pilots on Cessna plane.

  According to the statement of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Cessna plane took off from Elizabethan, Tennessee on the 4th and was scheduled to fly to Long Island, new york. But inexplicably, the plane turned around over Long Island and plummeted over Washington, D.C.. The plane later crashed in the mountains of southwest Virginia.

  It is not clear why the Cessna plane did not respond to the control of the authorities, and it is not clear why it crashed.

How to grow cherries big and sweet? Here comes the exclusive secret of Liubu’s new "Cherry King"

Another year of cherry red. On May 19th, at the opening ceremony of the 15th China Jinan Nanshan Cherry Picking Festival, after comprehensive evaluation by five authoritative experts in the industry, Qin Fujun, a grower in Majiayu Village, Liubu Street, Jinan City, won the title of "Cherry King" in Liubu Street this year with three indicators of sugar content of 29%, fruit diameter of 3.6 cm and best taste. At the opening ceremony, the simple fruit grower generously shared his exclusive planting secrets with the surrounding growers from the four dimensions of management in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Qin Fujun, a new cherry king in Liubu

In spring management, it is mainly pruning and fertilization. At this time, it is necessary to remove the branches of pests and diseases and cut the tree into "uniaxial extension". This tree-shaped nutrient is concentrated, ventilated and transparent, and almost every fruit can see the sun. In the management of fertilizer and water in spring, there is no need for nitrogen fertilizer, because the nitrogen fertilizer in everyone’s field is enough for big cherries to absorb. Qin Fujun suggested that the majority of fruit farmers should apply more organic fertilizer and potassium fertilizer. There is also a little trick about watering. Most people water after applying fertilizer, but Qin Fujun does the opposite, watering first and then fertilizing. He said that this method is not easy to dilute fertilizer. Because Liubu is sandy loam with strong air permeability, applying fertilizer and watering it will dilute, volatilize and dilute the fertilizer, which will cause waste and is not conducive to fruit absorption.

In summer management, it is mainly to control prosperity. Qin Fujun said: "Let’s remember that if the tree is too prosperous, it will not bear fruit. It will only blossom and bear no fruit. The core of controlling prosperity is: twisting the tip, picking the heart and pulling out the bud. "

In autumn management, be careful not to apply fertilizer after picking, because applying fertilizer after picking is a misunderstanding. According to Qin Fujun’s years of experience, the leaves of big cherry are thick and big, and the nutrients absorbed by photosynthesis alone are enough for flower bud differentiation. If chemical fertilizer is applied during this period, the cherry trees will grow in vain and cannot form flower buds smoothly, and the next year will almost blossom without fruit.

In winter management, Qin Fujun’s experience is "raising grass". His orchard is covered with grass. This grass has many advantages. It can cover the surface of soil in winter and achieve a certain degree of constant temperature. When the cold current comes, it can resist part of it. In other words, with grass, the orchard will not be out of production in extremely cold weather. In addition, the mixture of stone and sulfur should be applied once before winter and once in spring. It can kill insects and sterilize, keep warm, and reduce the harm caused by extreme weather.

After receiving this heavy medal, the new "Cherry King" has mixed feelings: "There are all kinds of flavors in it." Affected by the weather this year, cherry orchard of Qin Fujun’s family is also facing a reduction in production, but the overall situation is much better than that of local fruit farmers, thanks to his planting methods. Talking about why he was so generous in teaching his own planting experience, he smiled and said, "Common prosperity."

Liubu big cherry

Liubu Big Cherry Picking Festival has been held for 15 consecutive years. At the opening ceremony, Shandong Fruit Association, Vegetable Basket Production and Marketing Alliance and Shandong JD.COM Agricultural Trade Development Co., Ltd. signed strategic cooperation agreements with Liubu Sub-district Office respectively. On-site setting and evaluation of outstanding farmers in big cherry management, "Cherry King" evaluation, "Cherry" taste sweet food competition and on-site lottery interaction, etc., citizens and tourists have participated in it.

Cherry has been planted in Liubu street for hundreds of years. In the past, small cherries were mainly planted, which were small in size, poor in taste and not resistant to storage. Since 1995, Wangjiayu Village has taken the lead in clearing hills and preparing soil, returning farmland to fruits and renewing old varieties. It has used three years to develop a planting area of more than 2,000 mu of high-quality big cherries, including more than 20 varieties such as red light, Zaodaguo and Brooks. During this period, with Wangjiayu as the core radiation, the surrounding villages successively developed large cherry planting of 8,000 mu.

Liubu Sub-district Office is the main fruit production base in Jinan and the key ecological function protection zone.

This year, Liubu Street has introduced 11 high-quality new varieties, such as Samit, Luying -5, Santimei, Qizao, Santina, Cordia, LuoYaming and Luying No.3, which are characterized by large fruit, sweetness and storage resistance. Up to now, Liubu Street has more than 10,000 mu of large cherry industrial base, which has become the largest large cherry planting base in Jinan.

(Rural Popular Daily reporter Liu Zhenzhen)

Source: Rural Popular Daily


Two Apple 16 yuan netizens shouted: I can’t afford fruit this year.

  Recently, many people have found that the price of fruits has gone up. Fruits such as litchi and cherries, which are usually relatively expensive, are even more expensive than "don’t want to buy" … … According to the data released by the Nutrition Society of China recently, the average daily fruit intake of urban and rural residents in China is at a low level, so experts suggest that a person should eat one catty of vegetables and half a catty of fruit every day. In this regard, the online discussion group went astray, "Fruit is more expensive than meat", which expressed the voice of many netizens in one sentence.

  Fruit is more expensive than meat.

  Netizen: "My heart hurts when I eat."

  Yang Yuexin, chairman of the China Nutrition Society, pointed out that fruits and vegetables provide the human body with daily essential vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, plant compounds and other nutrients, and are an important part of a reasonable diet. Insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables will increase the morbidity and mortality of hypertension, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Ma Guansheng, vice chairman of the Nutrition Society of China, even suggested that we should ensure that there are vegetables in meals and fruits every day, and one should eat one catty of vegetables and half a catty of fruits every day. Unexpectedly, for this statement, many netizens have exploded, and the topic has gone astray collectively. Listen to the personal experience of netizens:

  "peaches are 20 yuan a catty, and you can’t afford fruit in Hainan"; "Nectarine is 15 yuan a catty, and the taste is still average"; "Six little mango 58 yuan, really can’t afford it"; "A quarter of a watermelon is 17 yuan, which hurts when you eat it"; "Even the unpretentious apples have gone up in price. The total price of two apples with average appearance and taste is 15.98 yuan, almost 8 yuan each. Can you believe it?" Judging from everyone’s feedback, the most "kind" banana is: "Just three bananas are more than a catty, and all the others have started with six pieces. I really can’t afford it."

  Netizens like rabbits sleeping standing up: I can’t afford to eat, and now fruit is more expensive than meat. The glory of the king, a netizen, beat his younger brother: Now the price of fruit is almost catching up with that of seafood. I can’t afford it, so I can only eat one and a half kilos of vegetables.

  The reporter visited the retail terminal

  Three apples are equal to a catty of pork belly.

  On the 14th, the reporter visited several farmers’ markets and supermarkets in Chengdu. The price tag on the fruit and what the vendors said confirmed this: the price of fruit is indeed a bit high recently.

  In a chain supermarket, a catty of cherries is 50 yuan, and a randomly weighed cherry is 1.25 yuan, which can buy an egg with a moderate price; A catty of red Fuji 9.9 yuan, the price of three red Fuji apples can buy a catty of pork belly; Peaches are 16.8 yuan a catty, and the prices of three peaches and a catty of pork belly are also quite the same. "The most expensive is cherries, 50 yuan/kg, cherry 35 yuan/kg, mangosteen 25 yuan/kg, and the cheapest banana is 5 yuan/kg." In an ordinary farmer’s market in Jinjiang District, a fruit merchant told reporters that even the most common apples have sold to 11 yuan for 1 catty, which is several pieces higher than the price at this time last year. In the store next door, the price of cherries has reached 70 yuan/Jin. Vendors say that all the fruits sold in the store are seasonal, and if they are sold out of season, the price is more expensive. "Since the beginning of this year, the price of fruit has risen sharply, and our business is not good." In the farmer’s market, the vendors frowned. As for the reasons, they are not very clear.

  On a nationwide scale, the prices of various fruits are on the rise. According to the monitoring of "National Agricultural Products Wholesale Market Price Information System" of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, among fruits, the biggest increase is Red Fuji apple. Since mid-March, the ring has been showing a year-on-year growth trend, and in the past two weeks, the year-on-year increase has even exceeded 40%. In addition, after the Spring Festival, the price of bananas has been higher than that of the same period last year, and the price of watermelons has been rising year-on-year for nearly two months.

  The fruit retail data released recently in many places also point to the same result: price increase. For example, according to the information released by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, the average retail price of fruits increased by 0.2% from May 6 to May 12. Due to the rainy weather last week, the transportation and storage costs of fruits increased slightly, driving the overall price of fruits to rise. According to the data of Guangxi Department of Commerce, from May 6 to May 12, the retail price of fruits was 9.46 yuan/kg, and the price increased by 1.94% from the previous month. Among the seven retail fruit varieties monitored, the retail prices of apples, grapes, pears, watermelons and lychees rose.


  Why is fruit so expensive this year?

  Too much rain during the flowering period of Longquan loquat leads to reduced production.

  "The price of loquat is good this year, and the bad ones are removed, and the large and small fruits are packaged and sold. 10 yuan weighs a catty, which is twice as high as last year." Zeng Xinjian is a big loquat planter in Longquan industrial and rural areas, planting 20 mu of loquat. Due to the weather, there is too much rain at the flowering stage of loquat, which leads to insufficient flower bud differentiation, low fruiting rate and nearly half of loquat yield. "In the past, it was possible to produce 1,500 kg to 2,000 kg per mu, but now it is reduced by about 1,000 kg per mu, and the overall output is reduced by at least 40%." Zeng Xinjian said that at the end of April, loquat was about to mature, entered the last expansion period, and suffered from high temperature. The loquat facing the sun all showed "sun scars" to varying degrees. "The taste of this kind of loquat has not changed, but the appearance is very poor, and the purchaser will not want it. It must be picked out when picking." Zeng Xinjian said that as a result, the output has dropped by tens of thousands of Jin, making the overall output drop by 60%, the output drop and the price of loquat rise, making his income this year lower than last year. "Last year, it was able to sell for 120,000 yuan, and this year it is estimated to be only 80,000 yuan."

  Zhang Wenxiang, director of the workers’ and peasants’ villages, said that there are 2,000 mu of loquat planting areas in industrial and rural areas. At present, the purchase price is from 10 yuan to 12 yuan/kg. Due to weather factors, the overall output has dropped this year, but the price has doubled compared with the same period last year. "It is estimated that the income of villagers this year will be the same as last year."

  Large watermelon growers switched jobs, resulting in reduced production.

  At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Chengdu Pengzhou Mengyang Fruit Wholesale Market was deserted. Last year, the watermelon area where Ren Dajie was located was not like this.

  "Even at this time last year, the watermelons were sold from one end to the other." Sister Ren has been engaged in watermelon business for more than ten years. This year, the price of watermelon is really high and "affordable". At present, Chengdu basically sells local watermelons in Dayi. It has been sold for half a month since 3.1 yuan/Jin -3.3 yuan/Jin, which was listed in early May, and the wholesale price is still maintained at 2.5 yuan/Jin -2.6 yuan/Jin.

  "In previous years, just two or three pieces were listed. In a few days, a large number of watermelons were listed, and they immediately fell to a few hairs." Ren Dajie said that the main reason is the reduction of production. In the past few years, the price of watermelon continued to be low. Last year, it suffered from floods. Large growers lost money year after year, and large growers in other places retreated and changed careers, resulting in a decline in production, at least by half. "As soon as the price is high, many people will stop eating, and fewer people will buy melons."

  Apple and pear suffered from frost during flowering period, resulting in reduced production.

  Speaking of the prices of apples and pears, Deng Darong, who has been a fruit wholesaler for 30 years, said, "It is rare for decades, and the price has risen fiercely, quickly and greatly." Deng Darong said that the apples sold in the market are all from Jingning County, Gansu Province. At present, the wholesale price of apples varies according to the size of the fruit, and the price is 5 yuan/Jin -8 yuan Jin. The reason is that in April last year, when the apple bloomed, the northern part suffered from frost, the fruit setting rate was low, and the output was significantly reduced by 2/3, and the appearance was not good. Since it was purchased and put into storage last year, all localities began to snap up, and the purchase price per Jin was higher than that of previous years. This year,

  "When the output is small, all localities are grabbing goods, and the price is even higher when they grab it." Deng Darong said that in addition to apples, there are pears and other fruits affected by frost. He predicted that although apples and pears are out of stock at present, there is little room for future price increases. "It has reached the peak, and the possibility of rising again is very small."

  Insufficient nutrition of litchi and other reasons lead to reduced production.

  For litchi, this year is a veritable small year. At present, the litchi sold in Chengdu comes from Haikou, and the output has decreased by at least two-thirds. Now the wholesale price is 17 yuan/Jin -18 yuan/Jin. He Qun, the person in charge of Renping Fruit Industry Co., Ltd., said that litchi has a three-year cycle. The year before last and last year were bumper harvest years, and this year happens to be a small year for litchi. "The bumper harvest for two consecutive years has excessively consumed the nutrition of branches. In addition, last year, it was a warm winter in the south, and it was affected by rain, which directly led to a decrease in yield." She predicted that Guangdong litchi would be listed in the next few days, but it was also affected by the reduction in production, and the price dropped slightly, but there was not much room for decline.

  The origin of cherries is not large, and the price has been high over the years.

  And online celebrity fruit "cherries", He Qun said, this is a normal price, which is not much different from previous years. Recently, cherries sold for 70 to 80 yuan a catty, because cherries are produced in Shandong. "People produce early, the output is not big, and the price has been high over the years." He Qun said. Now Wenchuan and Hanyuan cherries have been listed, and the wholesale price is from 15 yuan/kg to 25 yuan/kg, and the price is not much different from previous years.


  National Bureau of Statistics: Prices will not remain high.

  The State Council Press Office held a press conference on the morning of 15th. Liu Aihua, spokesperson of the National Bureau of Statistics, introduced the national economic operation in April this year and answered relevant questions. Liu Aihua said that consumer prices rose by 2.5% in April, an increase of 0.2 percentage points over the previous month. The year-on-year increase of individual varieties has risen, and the year-on-year increase of pork, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits has exceeded 10%. There are two factors that led to the increase in April, one is the increase in pork prices, and the other is that fresh vegetables and fruits with strong seasonality are greatly affected by seasonality. Among them, from the price of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, these two varieties are obviously affected by seasonal factors of extreme weather, and these seasonal short-term shocks are not sustainable, and the price increase of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits will not last at a high level. From these aspects, food prices have a stable foundation.

Jiyuan: Heyuan Street Primary School held the theme forum of "Learning-welcoming Classroom" in city primary schools.

In this activity, four teachers, Zhai Huimin, Wang Fang, Zhou Libo and Ran Huixia, shared the educational research and practical achievements of "Yue Xue Classroom" with teachers. Teacher Zhai Huimin shared "Yue Pin Le Xiang-Teaching and Research Practice Based on Primary School English Spelling Teaching", which used wonderful cases to analyze the selection method of primary school English theme scenes and the teaching mode of "independent Yue Pin"; Teacher Wang Fang shared "Reading Pleasure-A Preliminary Study on the Construction of English Reading Curriculum in Primary Schools", which introduced the construction and practice of E-interest English curriculum from the aspects of curriculum construction background, curriculum system design and curriculum framework. Teacher Zhou Libo shared the "Discourse-based Training Practice of" Yue Xue Classroom "in primary school English, which deeply interpreted Yue Xue classroom from the aspects of the development process, teaching concept and teaching paradigm, and pointed out the direction and strategy of Yue Xue topic practice. Finally, Mr. Ran shared "Based on the Curriculum Horizon, Implementing the" Happy Learning Classroom "in Primary School English", which made the teachers here have a deeper understanding of the "happy learning classroom" and pointed out the direction for English teaching in the future.

There is a kind of beauty called autumn in Lianyungang!

  An autumn rain and a cold, while feeling the rustling autumn rain, we also realize that late autumn is coming.

  Lianyungang, with four distinct seasons and picturesque scenery in every season, what will it be like in autumn?

  Once autumn comes to other places in Lianyungang, no matter how beautiful it is, it will only be!

  Every grass and tree is beautiful, like God knocking over the palette.

  Huaguoshan in autumn

  Nature covered the mountains with a layer of hazy gold with magical fingers. Looking from the foot of the mountain, layers of shadows fell, and the shades of colors alternately complemented each other between the ups and downs of the mountains. An autumn landscape painting was beautifully staged in Huaguo Mountain.

(Image from official WeChat of Huaguoshan Scenic Area in Lianyungang)

  In autumn, the most beautiful place in Yuntai Mountain on the sea is to climb high and look far, climb to the Genting observation deck, the main peak, and overlook the blue sea and blue sky by the railing, stretching for thousands of miles, and seagulls soar freely on the water.

(Image from the official WeChat of Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area at sea)

  Yueyadao scenic spot

  In the golden autumn of October, the powder-worn grass has entered its full bloom, and the crescent island at this time is as romantic and beautiful as a fairy tale.

(Reporter: Yan Jinyong Correspondent: Photo by Yaxuan Wang)

  Xishuanghu scenic spot

  In autumn, the wind is fresh and refreshing, and it grows along the embankment in the south of Xishuang Lake, and the autumn red in Yiyi Lake along Chun Lv. When the maple, sapium sebiferum and reeds in the scenic spot enter the colorful moment, the whole scenic spot is as colorful as the color palette of nature, which is particularly beautiful.

(Image source learning power)

  In autumn, in Dayi Mountain, the red leaves are covered with mountains, and the layers of forests are all dyed. If the color is flame from the valley to the mountainside and from the mountainside to the top, it is like an oil painting.

(Image source Dayi Mountain Scenic Area)

  Chaohewan scenic spot

  In autumn, what is left for Chaohe Bay Scenic Area is the endless sea of golden flowers and dreamy sea of pink flowers, as well as cosmos, Puwei, sulfur chrysanthemum … A beautiful autumn scenery map of Chaohe Bay in the flower world.

  (Image source Chaohewan Scenic Area)

  In the Garden of Eden Scenic Area, in the golden autumn, the powder and verbena in the Garden of Eden enter the endless pink and purple world in full bloom. Whenever the wind blows, the whole powder and verbena field rises and falls like waves, which is very beautiful.

(Image source Chaohewan Scenic Area)

  Cangwu Green Garden

  The golden autumn is cool, and the osmanthus fragrance is fragrant. Recently, the osmanthus in Cangwu Green Park is competing to open and usher in the most fragrant season of the year. The fragrance of osmanthus can’t help but make people stop looking for it.

  (Reporter: Yan Jinyong correspondent: photo by Zhang Kejin)

  Li Nian Forest Farm, although it is already late autumn, when you drive on the "Shuanglin Highway" leading to Li Nian Forest Farm, your eyes suddenly light up. The colored zebra crossing on the highway points to both sides of the distant road, and the flowers bloom as if entering the spring and the heaven.

(Image source learning power)

  haizhou bay

  In Haizhou Bay, many seagulls sometimes hover and dance in a coastal aquaculture beach, and sometimes stroll in the shallows … … Together with Bihai Jinsha, it constitutes an ecological beauty.

(Reporter: Zhang Zerui correspondent: photo by Si Wei and Wang Panming)

  Shuoxiang Lake

  In autumn, guannan county Shuoxiang Lake is full of beautiful fish, fat shrimp and reeds, and a group of wild ducks are lined up in the middle of the lake. They spend most of their time "floating" on the lake to rest and occasionally flap their wings.

(Image source learning power)

  This is the autumn in Lianyungang, the shortest season among the four seasons and the most unforgettable season.

  (Source: Lianyungang Publishing Editor/Wang Wei)