2017 Shanghai Auto Show opens, new energy vehicles become "mainstream"

  Beijing, April 20 (Reporter Zhu Hongyuan) According to the economic voice "Tianxia Finance", the 17th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition in 2017 opened yesterday. As the most influential international auto show in China, more than 1,000 vehicle companies and parts companies from 18 countries and regions participated in the exhibition this year, and 1,400 vehicles were exhibited. In addition to the traditional car brands, this year’s emerging new energy car brands, and Internet car companies that have received much attention have also brought their own products.

  The number of mass production vehicles of new energy vehicles exceeds that of traditional vehicles.

  This year’s Shanghai Auto Show has 113 first cars in the world, while there are 159 new energy exhibition cars, including 96 domestic manufacturers. New energy, smart cars and Internet-made cars have become the general trend of the development of the automobile industry. As Yin Tongyue, Chairman of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. said, the number of new energy production vehicles has exceeded the number of traditional vehicles.

  Yin Tongyue: "There are about three or four new energy vehicles this year. Now new energy vehicles have exceeded the amount of traditional vehicles. New energy vehicles mainly solve pollution and national energy security problems."

  At present, China is experiencing the largest and fastest urbanization process in the history of the world, with 20 million rural people flooding into cities every year. Although it promotes economic development and social progress, it also breeds a series of urban diseases. This has led many car companies to study the solutions of "pollution control" and "congestion control" and put forward the concept of "green transportation".  

  Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD, said: "As early as seven years ago, BYD launched ‘ Electrification of urban public transport ’ The solution is to give priority to the use of low-carbon and environmentally-friendly electric vehicles in the field of urban public transportation to reduce the exhaust pollution of the city. Now, this solution has risen to a national strategy. Major cities are accelerating the popularization of electric vehicles, which plays a positive role in alleviating smog. "

  Building cars on the Internet is the future trend.

  As far as the current development is concerned, the automobile is no longer a simple means of transportation. It will become an effective mobile means to maintain smart homes, smart grids and wireless city and build a low-carbon society. This has also prompted many internet companies to devote themselves to the automobile industry. Ge Jingdong, vice president of Sina, believes that building cars on the Internet must be the future trend.

  Ge Jingdong: "This is the trend of cross-border integration, ‘ Internet plus & rsquo; The combination with various industries, of course, does not rule out that some enterprises in this process have not figured out what is going on, are good at telling stories well, and have not done a good job in basic work, but they will slowly go to the past and leave some truly competitive projects. "

  It is necessary to establish a supporting system for battery treatment.

  At present, the embryonic form of a future automobile society is taking shape, and the independent innovation and market potential of China automobile industry will leave the world with a broader imagination. In the future, new energy vehicles and smart cars will continue to emerge, but Zhao Chen, the founder of Sina Auto Car Help, also expressed his concern.

  Zhao Chen: "But I think the biggest problem now is that we must do a good job in battery technology, and at the same time, the problems to be solved are: one is that it is difficult to charge, and the matching of residential areas and urban planning must keep pace. The second is batteries, because almost pure electric vehicles and new energy vehicles are still in a period of rapid development, but we should consider how to recycle and dispose of these batteries after these vehicles are scrapped. This is the most serious problem, and we can’t have many problems in the environment after decades of rapid development. Automobile manufacturers must play their social responsibilities, and a standard system must be established for recycling batteries and scrapping batteries. "