Beita District Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau: Building a "Safe Bottom Line" for the Prohibition of Fireworks and Firecrackers.

Red Net News January 31 ST(Correspondent Liu Longying Liu Yimeng) As the year is approaching, the Beita District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau will strengthen the publicity and inspection of fireworks and firecrackers in its jurisdiction, build a clean and tidy urban environment, and effectively eliminate the safety hazards caused by fireworks and firecrackers.
In Gaobao Community of Tianjiang Street, urban management law enforcement team members went into commercial stores to publicize the dangers of setting off fireworks and firecrackers, and guided the general public to strive to be communicators of civilized new winds, not to set off fireworks and firecrackers, and to live a fresh, environmentally friendly, comfortable and safe low-carbon year.
In order to further strengthen the management of "no burning and no releasing" of fireworks and firecrackers during the Spring Festival, public officials of all party and government organs, enterprises and institutions in Beita District signed a letter of commitment not to set off fireworks and firecrackers in the no-firing area of the city. The District Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau makes full use of publicity columns, car broadcasts, LED display screens in stores, and publicity materials distributed in the market to widely publicize the relevant laws and regulations on the prohibition of fireworks and firecrackers. Implement grid management responsibility, strengthen inspection and duty work in key areas and time periods, and build a daily supervision system. Strengthen publicity and education, actively guide the general public to use sound, light and electricity products instead of traditional fireworks and firecrackers, and choose safe, environmentally friendly and novel festive ways such as festive music and flowers to celebrate the Spring Festival.
In the next step, Beita District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau will continue to increase the publicity of fireworks and firecrackers, strengthen inspections and investigations on key places and high-incidence periods, discourage discharge in time, and strive to create a safe, orderly and peaceful holiday atmosphere.