SHEIN reshapes the rules of global fashion industry with the innovative model of "SHEIN Chain"

As its name implies, "fruit chain" is the global hardware industry chain led by Apple, which symbolizes large-scale orders, technical support and significant growth opportunities for related enterprises, and its strict supplier screening system is regarded as a strength certification and promotion ladder. In the fashion industry, "SHEIN Chain"/"HI Chain" is an unprecedented value chain.

"SHEIN Chain" is a value chain built by SHEIN, covering upstream and downstream partners such as garment factories, textile and supporting service providers. With the support of digital technology, it cooperates efficiently to jointly design, produce and sell fashion products to the world. "SHEIN Chain", like "Fruit Chain", shows strong integration and growth potential, and innovates the cooperation mode of traditional fashion industry chain in a unique mode.

Being in the position of "chain owner" in the industrial chain, SHEIN’s significance to chain enterprises goes beyond the simple order relationship. Like SHEIN, Apple has a global "fruit chain" as a component supplier and assembler, and it delegates its own product design concept and technological innovation ability to suppliers in the form of supply chain.

The same is true of SHEIN. At the domestic headquarters, the company has mastered a full set of technologies, R&D, flexible manufacturing methodology and product standards. By investing heavily in smart supply chain construction, it has fed back the extremely efficient production mode to the domestic clothing industry chain and transformed it into real productivity through the global sales system.

However, although they are both "chain owners" of the physical manufacturing industry, the values played by SHEIN and Apple in their respective industries have both similarities and differences. What they have in common is that Apple and SHEIN are both physical manufacturing industries, and both need a large number of skilled industrial workers and mature manufacturing production lines. Therefore, every newly opened factory will bring a lot of jobs to the local area. Advanced production technology and mode are also absorbed by every eco-chain enterprise through the form of technology decentralization.

The uniqueness of SHEIN lies in its eco-chain, which actively advocates and promotes the concept of flexible infrastructure, permeates this concept into every eco-chain enterprise that cooperates with it, effectively promotes the continuous progress, upgrading and transformation of these enterprises, and drives the chain enterprises to grow continuously.

Before cooperating with SHEIN, these factories basically had no systematic and intelligent operation mode, and mainly relied on manual operation, using traditional tools such as Excel and mail to arrange production, which was inefficient and weak in competitiveness in the industry. Since joining hands with SHEIN, these factories have undergone earth-shaking changes, successfully transformed from traditional to digital, and become modern digital factories. This not only significantly reduces the waste of materials, but also greatly shortens the waiting time of workers and improves the overall production efficiency.

Specifically, the production standards and quality requirements of each style of SHEIN brand will be synchronized to all suppliers in real time through online digital tools, and suppliers will make production scheduling, production management, find problems in time and make adjustments through online digital management tools. After completing this set of standardized operating procedures formulated by SHEIN, these chain enterprises seem to have undergone a profound digital and intelligent transformation baptism, transformed themselves from the traditional manufacturing mode, and became a typical representative of modern production in the industry, which also promoted the garment industry cluster to move towards a more resilient, efficient and flexible new industrial chain structure as a whole.

To sum up, as the world’s four major brands, SHEIN has successfully subverted the cooperation mode of the traditional fashion industry supply chain with its innovative "SHEIN Chain" model, and effectively promoted the continuous progress and industrial upgrading of garment manufacturing enterprises in China and even around the world. In the future, as SHEIN continues to deepen the construction of smart supply chain, increase investment in technology research and development, and further expand and optimize the global sales network. We have reason to believe that "SHEIN Chain" will play a greater leading role in the global fashion industry and create a more agile, sustainable and competitive new generation of industrial clusters.