Huang Lei is looking forward to eating hot pot and instant-boiled mutton in the snow, but the weather is not beautiful.

Huang Leifa Weibo looks forward to eating hot pot in the snow.

1905 movie network news Recently, Huang Leifa, who pays attention to the weather forecast, Weibo heard that it was going to snow, and he was very excited about eating hot pot: "I heard it was snowing, and I was so hungry lying in bed. It is best to eat mutton hotpot in snowy days, and spicy hot pot is also ok … …” Keep the true colors of gourmets.

Huang Lei lamented.: "Why isn’t it snowing … …”

However, it’s not snowing in Beijing at present, so Huang Lei has no choice but to update Weibo, showing a lot of cute photos of her daughter and lamenting: "Why isn’t it snowing … …” It seems that the hot pot will not be eaten again.