The top ten bull stocks were released in May! The best stock rose 176%

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  The A-share market closed in May. In May, which continued to fluctuate,The cumulative decline was 3.57%, 4.80% and 5.65% respectively.

  The industry with the biggest increase in May is defensive.Industry, up 4.28%; The best stock staged a "20CM" daily limit five times this month., a cumulative increase of 176.10%.

  The data shows that as of the close of May 31, the total market value of A shares was 89.13 trillion yuan, a decrease of 2.72 trillion yuan from the beginning of this month.

  On the capital level, the data shows that the cumulative net outflow of northbound funds in May was 12.136 billion yuan, of whichfund2.6 billion yuan,The net outflow of funds was 14.736 billion yuan. As of May 30th, in May, the balance of financing in the two cities bought 3.455 billion yuan, and financiers actively increased their positions.

  The best stock rose 176%

  In May, the three major indexes of A shares all fluctuated and adjusted.Driven by the sector, the Shanghai Composite Index once stood at 3,400 points, while the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index and the Growth Enterprise Market Index continued to adjust.

  According to the data, in May, among the 31 industries in Shenwan, only, electronics, communications, environmental protection, computers and national defense.The industry rose by 4.28%, 2.26%, 1.36%, 0.48% and 0.03% respectively; Other industries all fell, with retail trade, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, and architectural decoration industries leading the decline, falling by 11.66%, 10.05% and 8.87% respectively. In addition, building materials,, petroleum and petrochemical,Both fell by more than 8%.

  In May, the data showed that 2501 A-share stocks rose positively, 179 stocks rose more than 20%, and 34 stocks rose more than 50%. Excluding those listed in MayThe top ten bull stocks are,Among them, 4 stocks rose more than 100%.

Top ten bull stocks in May


  The top ten bull stocks in May were distributed in machinery and equipment, textiles and clothing, electronics, light industry manufacturing, computers, communications, media and other industries, and AI+was the place with more bull stocks in May.

  The biggest increaseIn May, the cumulative increase was 176.10%, during which there were five "20CM" daily limit, including "20CM" daily limit for four consecutive trading days from May 18 to May 23. As a human formFengli Intelligent, a concept stock, was well received by the market in the middle and late May, and its market value rose from 2.664 billion yuan at the beginning of May to 7.355 billion yuan at the end of May.

  The stocks with the biggest decline fell by nearly 90%

  In May, the data showed that 2,648 A-share stocks fell, and 40 stocks fell by more than 30%. Excluding the new shares listed in May, the top ten stocks that fell were.

  Among them, except for, which has entered the delisting period, the other 8 stocks are all. It is worth noting that,,,, and have determined the delisting rules for transactions that will trigger the delisting of face value.

  The above-mentioned ten stocks with the top decline are distributed in industries such as computer, coal, real estate, medicine and biology, commerce and retail, building decoration, electronics, etc., among which there are four in the real estate industry.

The top ten stocks that fell in May


  For the June market,It is said that both historical experience and fundamentals suggest that the current market has entered the bottom, and there is little room for further downside. The dilemma reversal may come in June.

  Galaxy believes that from a fundamental point of view, there is no basis for A shares to continue to fall in their current position. At present, it is still in the process of shock bottoming, and it is laid out.Machine. After the short-term negative emotions are fully released, the market is expected to stabilize and then go up, still focusing on structural opportunities.