At this moment, defending the WTCR championship.

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Although the COVID-19 epidemic continues to ravage, the final race of WTCR RV World Cup, which was originally scheduled to be held in Italy, was chosen to be held on November 15th in Aragon, Spain, but it still does not prevent it from being a world-class automobile race. In the end, Cyan Racing Lynk & Co team won the championship and runner-up in the third race in one fell swoop, and defended the championship with 429 points.

So far, the team has won 6 drivers’ championships in the six races of the WTCR RV World Cup in 2020, and won the podium for 19 times. Jan Herashe also won the drivers’ championship, representing the first time to win the world’s top car championship at his 24-year-old age, and becoming the youngest champion driver in WTCR history.

During the race, Cyan Racing Lynk & Co did not have a smooth ride. In the first race, due to the wet road surface of Aragon track, all the racing tires lacked grip and rushed out of the track many times. The team adopted the tire strategy of dry before wet, so it took the lead in the initial stage.

However, due to the car accident in the second race, Jan Ahrasche’s biggest competitor retired. Therefore, after the second race, Cyan Racing Lynk & Co team defended the 2020 WTCR team championship ahead of schedule.

Ordinary spectators may be more interested in this racing car. In this race, the BOP counterweight of 03 TCR racing car is 60Kg, and the supplementary counterweight is 40Kg. The whole car reaches 1365Kg, making it the heaviest racing car in this race. To know that the 03+ car weight of four-wheel drive has exceeded 1610Kg, you can imagine how much effort TCR has made in weight reduction.

At the same time, the height of the chassis is kept at 80mm, which is undoubtedly more suitable for the track compared with the coupe model of 120 mm-130 mm. As for why it doesn’t look so low? In order to ensure the tire strength, TCR racing car did not use tires with lower flat ratio. Even in such a difficult situation, the four drivers of the team were not affected at all.

Such excellent performance on the field benefited from the world-leading CMA basic module architecture, and continued to build high-end products with "high value, high performance, high technology, high safety and high value" for the global market, forming a three-dimensional product layout. At the same time, the 03 TCR racing car based on the 03 prototype not only won the honor in WTCR RV World Cup, but also remained strong in TCR CHINA.

In October, the monthly sales volume of automobiles reached 21,868 vehicles, up about 55.78% year-on-year, achieving seven consecutive months of growth. Among them, the sales volume of Model 03 reached 7,167 vehicles in October, becoming its main force and the only self-owned brand vehicle that can stand on the A+ market. Its continuous creation of automobile sports culture ecology makes everyone feel the rise of independent brands.