Mid-Autumn National Day Super Long Holiday to "Xiaolong Game"

  Mid-Autumn Festival+National Day is about to begin. Have you planned where to play? Some people shuttle through the hutongs with yellow leaves in autumn and want to feel the fireworks of a city; Someone broke into northern Xinjiang and wanted to see the fleeting precious autumn colors of the grassland, but if you haven’t had time to make a travel plan, you can actually experience a happy long vacation in the city. A "Xiaolong Game" that integrates fun driving, grand prizes and happy experience must not be missed!

  It coincides with the opening of the international auto shows in Tianjin and Xi ‘an. During the two time periods from September 28th to October 4th (Tianjin) and October 1st to 7th (Xi ‘an), the Haval brand and its famous star model, Haval Xiaolong MAX, will bring well-designed experience subjects in the outfield of the two exhibitions, and there will be premium rewards for participation, which will bring to friends who love challenges, are eager to experience electric four-wheel drive driving and are bored to visit the exhibition.

  Seven fun ways to play, all-round electric four-wheel drive waiting for you.

  In this event, there are seven subject challenges, static and dynamic, and there are surprises in customs clearance. Users can win rich rewards by participating, and experience the advantages of Haval Xiaolong MAX in intelligent vehicle control, four-wheel drive control and super-large space in one stop.

  ① Top rushing on high slope: 60% slope challenge, in which the challenger drives the vehicle to 60% of the simulated slope, stops the engine after reaching the halfway stop line, and then starts the vehicle again to continue climbing to the top of the slope, which means the challenge is successful. Testing the driving skills of starting on a half-slope is also a good opportunity to experience Haval Xiaolong MAX’s steady start on a slope, which brings stronger grip and safety performance to daily passing through ice, rain and snow slopes.

  ② Blade Challenge: Have you ever heard of "blade overtaking" in stunt driving? In this 25-degree side slope challenge, the challenger needs to drive Haval Xiaolong MAX and use one-sided wheel to drive through the 25-degree side slope. This course mainly takes you to experience the professional chassis adjustment, front and rear independent suspension and higher strength of Haval Xiaolong MAX. It’s time to test your skills!

  (3) Walking on the flat ground: Sleeper road challenge, which simulates the bumpy road surface in daily driving. The challenger needs to drive the vehicle to the sleeper road, and the vehicle will start at zero speed. If it passes smoothly, it will be regarded as a success of the challenge. Fearless of bumps, experience the comfortable and calm driving experience brought by Haval Xiaolong MAX.

  ④ Multiple dilemmas: By simulating the comprehensive dilemma of SUV, challenge the comprehensive ability of Haval Xiaolong MAX to drive in potholes. Participants can experience Haval Xiaolong MAX’s Hi4 electric four-wheel drive, which explodes enough power to help you get out of trouble under the complex road environment in the suburbs.

  ⑤ Eye-catching: The challenger observes around the car body and accurately finds out how many induction probes Haval Xiaolong MAX has, so that it can pass the customs;

  ⑥ Keep your word: The challenger wakes up the intelligent voice system in the MAX cockpit of Haval Xiaolong, and releases 10 voice commands continuously and quickly. After the car system successfully recognizes and completes the operation, it passes through the customs;

  ⑦ "big" show: outdoor scene back row space experience, the challenger will put the Haval Xiaolong MAX seat flat and arrange the back row air cushion bed as required according to the guidelines, and pass the customs upon completion;

  In addition to the above links, this activity also brought the experience of family camping. Using Haval Xiaolong’s MAX 3.3kW external discharge function to connect electrical appliances, you can also taste drinks, punch in and take photos, and get the most special "tourist photos" in your circle of friends.

  As an all-round electric four-wheel drive new energy SUV, Haval Xiaolong MAX not only took the first ride on the new intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology Hi4 of Great Wall Motor, but also equipped with a new generation of Coffee OS smart cockpit and coffee smart driving that just completed OTA upgrade. Through millisecond-level response, intelligent voice interaction with one word and ten meanings, Hi4 electric four-wheel drive technology and wide interior size as a medium-sized SUV, it helps to challenge users to successfully complete a customs clearance experience, and the vehicle cost performance will be known after the test!

  Rich rewards, turning over the National Day file, challenging for good gifts.

  While completing the challenge, the government also brought rich rewards to friends in different degrees. After receiving VIP or SVIP cards from Harvard staff in the exhibition hall and completing the game in the field, you can get rich gifts customized by Harvard.

  In addition, this time Haval also made an unprecedented profit for car purchase. At present, ordering Haval Xiaolong MAX can enjoy the 0 yuan renewal plan, a limited purchase gift certificate from 299 yuan to 12,000 yuan, a cash expansion gift from 2,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan, and an online lottery of 10,000 yuan. Now, some subscribers have won a cash reward of 10,000 yuan, and buying a car during the activity is definitely full of value.

  This "Xiaolong Game" Haval National Electric Four-wheel Drive Talent Competition is a series of activities for more than two months, which will cover 100 cities across the country, including urban challenges in 26 cities and interactive challenges of prize-winning games in national distribution stores, rich gift awards and unprecedented interactive gameplay. Participating users will have the opportunity to be invited to participate in the year-end winter challenge finals, pay attention to the official news of Haval, and register in your city to start enjoying this "Xiaolong Game" carnival!