How to grow cherries big and sweet? Here comes the exclusive secret of Liubu’s new "Cherry King"

Another year of cherry red. On May 19th, at the opening ceremony of the 15th China Jinan Nanshan Cherry Picking Festival, after comprehensive evaluation by five authoritative experts in the industry, Qin Fujun, a grower in Majiayu Village, Liubu Street, Jinan City, won the title of "Cherry King" in Liubu Street this year with three indicators of sugar content of 29%, fruit diameter of 3.6 cm and best taste. At the opening ceremony, the simple fruit grower generously shared his exclusive planting secrets with the surrounding growers from the four dimensions of management in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Qin Fujun, a new cherry king in Liubu

In spring management, it is mainly pruning and fertilization. At this time, it is necessary to remove the branches of pests and diseases and cut the tree into "uniaxial extension". This tree-shaped nutrient is concentrated, ventilated and transparent, and almost every fruit can see the sun. In the management of fertilizer and water in spring, there is no need for nitrogen fertilizer, because the nitrogen fertilizer in everyone’s field is enough for big cherries to absorb. Qin Fujun suggested that the majority of fruit farmers should apply more organic fertilizer and potassium fertilizer. There is also a little trick about watering. Most people water after applying fertilizer, but Qin Fujun does the opposite, watering first and then fertilizing. He said that this method is not easy to dilute fertilizer. Because Liubu is sandy loam with strong air permeability, applying fertilizer and watering it will dilute, volatilize and dilute the fertilizer, which will cause waste and is not conducive to fruit absorption.

In summer management, it is mainly to control prosperity. Qin Fujun said: "Let’s remember that if the tree is too prosperous, it will not bear fruit. It will only blossom and bear no fruit. The core of controlling prosperity is: twisting the tip, picking the heart and pulling out the bud. "

In autumn management, be careful not to apply fertilizer after picking, because applying fertilizer after picking is a misunderstanding. According to Qin Fujun’s years of experience, the leaves of big cherry are thick and big, and the nutrients absorbed by photosynthesis alone are enough for flower bud differentiation. If chemical fertilizer is applied during this period, the cherry trees will grow in vain and cannot form flower buds smoothly, and the next year will almost blossom without fruit.

In winter management, Qin Fujun’s experience is "raising grass". His orchard is covered with grass. This grass has many advantages. It can cover the surface of soil in winter and achieve a certain degree of constant temperature. When the cold current comes, it can resist part of it. In other words, with grass, the orchard will not be out of production in extremely cold weather. In addition, the mixture of stone and sulfur should be applied once before winter and once in spring. It can kill insects and sterilize, keep warm, and reduce the harm caused by extreme weather.

After receiving this heavy medal, the new "Cherry King" has mixed feelings: "There are all kinds of flavors in it." Affected by the weather this year, cherry orchard of Qin Fujun’s family is also facing a reduction in production, but the overall situation is much better than that of local fruit farmers, thanks to his planting methods. Talking about why he was so generous in teaching his own planting experience, he smiled and said, "Common prosperity."

Liubu big cherry

Liubu Big Cherry Picking Festival has been held for 15 consecutive years. At the opening ceremony, Shandong Fruit Association, Vegetable Basket Production and Marketing Alliance and Shandong JD.COM Agricultural Trade Development Co., Ltd. signed strategic cooperation agreements with Liubu Sub-district Office respectively. On-site setting and evaluation of outstanding farmers in big cherry management, "Cherry King" evaluation, "Cherry" taste sweet food competition and on-site lottery interaction, etc., citizens and tourists have participated in it.

Cherry has been planted in Liubu street for hundreds of years. In the past, small cherries were mainly planted, which were small in size, poor in taste and not resistant to storage. Since 1995, Wangjiayu Village has taken the lead in clearing hills and preparing soil, returning farmland to fruits and renewing old varieties. It has used three years to develop a planting area of more than 2,000 mu of high-quality big cherries, including more than 20 varieties such as red light, Zaodaguo and Brooks. During this period, with Wangjiayu as the core radiation, the surrounding villages successively developed large cherry planting of 8,000 mu.

Liubu Sub-district Office is the main fruit production base in Jinan and the key ecological function protection zone.

This year, Liubu Street has introduced 11 high-quality new varieties, such as Samit, Luying -5, Santimei, Qizao, Santina, Cordia, LuoYaming and Luying No.3, which are characterized by large fruit, sweetness and storage resistance. Up to now, Liubu Street has more than 10,000 mu of large cherry industrial base, which has become the largest large cherry planting base in Jinan.

(Rural Popular Daily reporter Liu Zhenzhen)

Source: Rural Popular Daily