Dazu Gulong non-legacy tea won two gold medals, and "Little Leaves" wrote "Great Articles".

Towering Bayue Mountain, long cologne tea. On January 8th, Chongqing Daily reporter learned that the winners list of the 8th China Chengdu International Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival Non-legacy Tea Fighting Competition was recently released, and Chongqing Dazu Gulong Tea Co., Ltd. won two gold medals in the green tea group and the black tea group of the Non-legacy Tea Fighting Competition.
▲ Gulong Ecological Tea Garden. Photo courtesy of respondents
One mountain, one water, one person, one leaf, one tree and one inheritance. Yibayue Mountain Range, Gulong Town, Yuxiu Dazu District, Zhong Ling, has dense forests, tinkling springs and rich humanities. Not only that, the history of Zen tea, which extends for thousands of years, is an important part of Dazu culture inheritance. As early as the Northern Song Dynasty, Bayue Mountain produced famous tea, so it was named "Shuinan Tea" because it was located in the south of Fujiang River. Bayue "Shuinan Tea" and Guanghan "Zhaopo", Emei "Baiya" and Ya ‘an "Mengding" are also called the four treasures of Shu tea, and they are fragrant in all directions.
The hand-made technique of Dazu Gulong Longya green tea originated from Chen Chunyu, a tea artist in Guangxu period of Qing Dynasty, and has been passed down from generation to generation. In September, 2020, the hand-made skills of Dazu Gulong Longya green tea were listed in the seventh batch of representative projects of district-level intangible cultural heritage in Dazu District. "We are very confident in the quality of Gulong tea, so we went to Chengdu to participate in the Tea Fighting Competition, and we look forward to helping the construction of the Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengdu and Chongqing with practical actions." Chen Wenjing, the inheritor of Dazu Gulong Longya green tea handcrafting skill, introduced that the judges comprehensively evaluated and scored the tea samples submitted for the competition in terms of shape, soup color, taste, aroma and leaf bottom. "Gulong tea stands out from the participating tea samples, which will greatly enhance the brand reputation and greatly help the non-genetic inheritance."
▲ Gulong Ecological Tea Garden. Photo courtesy of respondents
According to reports, Gulong Town is committed to doing two articles on "tea" and "mine", making full use of its own unique resources, focusing on the development idea of integrating agriculture, literature and tourism, deepening the cultural connotation, improving tourism facilities, accelerating the formation of a "tea sea fragrance, Zen life" resort, and striving to create a new Gulong that is small and special, small and refined, small and beautiful, small and strong, and small and rich. This makes Chen Wenjing see the hope that the non-legacy tea will glow with new vitality.
At present, Dazu Gulong Tea Co., Ltd. has more than 1,000 mu of ecological tea garden and more than 800 mu of wilderness tea garden, with rich varieties of tea, mainly producing black tea and green tea, which has driven the employment and income of local residents with "one leaf". "We are reviving the abandoned tea garden and driving farmers around the tea garden to take the road of integrated development of tea tourism and build a beautiful village together." Chen Wenjing said that non-genetic inheritors also went to schools such as Gulong Town Central Primary School to lead students to understand the tea culture in their hometown and sow the seeds of loving their hometown in their young hearts.
"In the early morning, the fog in the mountains hangs over this tea garden …" Chen Wenjing, born after 1980s, often incarnates as an anchor, promoting the Gulong tea and Dazu beauty in the form of short videos. She said that Dazu stone carvings are world-famous and Dazu tourism is booming. I hope that tourists can not only appreciate the stone carving culture in Dazu, but also stop and walk into the tea garden to taste the sweetness and sweetness of Gulong tea and feel the tranquility and peace from the heart.