Super Google search and navigation! 2K2 will get Google G1

    [December 16th Pacific Computer Network Heilongjiang Harbin News] Google G1 is the first smartphone to use the Google Android operating system platform. Android is a brand new system platform and has formed a competitive situation with classic operating systems such as Symbian, Windows Mobile, Linux, palm OS and BlackBerry. Therefore, Google G1 has been widely concerned by the market since its launch. Google G1 is equipped with Qualcomm MSM7201 processor, supports mainstream QWERTY standard keyboard, Wi-Fi wireless connection and other functions, and provides Google services such as Google Maps, Street View service, Gmail, YouTube, etc. Now the latest price of the product is 2250 yuan.

HTC Dream G1
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    The Google G1 adopts the side-sliding full keyboard body often used in smartphones, and the QWERTY full keyboard on the lower panel after pushing the upper sliding cover will appear. The tail of the Google G1 is slightly tilted up and cannot be pulled away at the same time as the upper sliding cover. The body size is 117 × 55 × 16mm, the weight is 158g, and the size and weight are relatively moderate. The bottom of the screen is the navigation button area. The back cover of the fuselage is treated with a matte process, which is not easy to stain fingerprints. It feels excellent. The screen is equipped with a 3.17-inch 260,000-color touch screen with a resolution of 480 × 320 pixels. The image quality is full and bright. On the back of the fuselage is equipped with a 3.10 million pixel camera, supports digital zoom and a variety of shooting options, supports up to 2048 × 1536 resolution photo shooting and audio video shooting.

HTC Dream G1
battery close-up

HTC Dream G1
Airframe appearance

    The G1 is equipped with a Qualcomm 7201 processor with a main frequency of 528MHz, and has a built-in 128MB ROM and 64MB RAM memory space, providing strong support for many programs and applications on the Android platform. The system aspect is the biggest attraction of the G1. The G1 is the first mobile phone to use the Google Android operating system. The Android operating system platform is quite open. The Internet search giant Google has given the G1 a lot of practical software, and the search function has undoubtedly become the housekeeping skill of the G1. The search function of the G1 can access almost all information on the Internet. The built-in player supports AAC, AAC +, AMR-NB, MIDI, MP3, WMA and other audio formats as well as full-screen playback of WMV, MPEG4, 3GP (H.263) and other video formats, providing excellent entertainment capabilities.

HTC Dream G1

    The G1 has a built-in GPS receiver, supports A-GPS network assistance and powerful Google Maps, supports Google Street View, and adds walking navigation to take into account the many friends who like to walk. The G1 also has Shopvy Savvy comparison shopping program, Ecorio itinerary manager, BreadCrumbz to create your own roadmap based on maps and photos to share the world with friends. In other respects, the G1 is a 3G mobile phone that supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WiFi/UMTS/HSDPA networks. In addition to data cable transmission, it also supports Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR function.

HTC Dream G1
back of the fuselage

PConline Product Library– Specifications
Dream G1
Mobile phone frequency band:
WCDMA (3G), GSM, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS850/1900/2100MHz
Main screen parameters:
480 × 320 pixels
Camera pixels:
3.20 million pixels
40 chords, support MP3 ringtones
Support bluetooth, bluetooth v2.0, A2DP bluetooth stereo
WiFi (WLAN):
Support WiFi, support 802.11 b/g
Expansion card:
Support TF card (microSD card), up to 8GB
IT Mall:
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    editorial reviewGoogle G1’s body design is elegant. Although it has been on the market for more than a year, its screen, camera, processor and other configurations are still quite mainstream. It uses the Google Android operating system and has very rich scalability and smooth response speed. Now the product price is more reasonable, interested friends can pay attention.

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Original Ren Xianqi’s recent situation in the United States: Dinner with 54-year-old wife in Vietnamese restaurant, 18-year-old straight-A student daughter makes a rare appearance

On August 15, 57-year-old famous singer Ren Xianqi made a rare appearance in the United States. He took advantage of the break in his concert in the mainland to come to the United States with his 54-year-old wife and 18-year-old daughter!

This is where netizens met Ren Xianqi at a Vietnamese affordable restaurant in front of the University of Illinois in the United States. The 57-year-old Ren Xianqi looked like a young man from a distance, with black and straight hair. He wore short sleeves of more than 2,000 yuan, jeans, and high-top black shoes. He looked as cool as Yu Chengqing, really handsome, and still as down-to-earth as ever.

Compared to Jay Chou’s recent personality attire, it is obvious that Ren Xianqi is very peaceful and standardized:

Ren Xianqi stood at the door of the restaurant and saw that it was an ordinary small shop. Some netizens found that Ren Xianqi, his wife and daughter ordered a few simple side dishes, and each person spent about 10 dollars, which is equivalent to more than 70 yuan per capita consumption, which is not much different from the per capita consumption of small cities in the mainland.

Ren Xianqi looked at the menu carefully. His 18-year-old daughter made a rare appearance, wearing a ball head, handsome and delicate features, dressed in white clothes, looking dignified and tall, and her whole body was not carved.

Ren Xianqi’s daughter is a straight-A student. This time, she was admitted to this famous school in the United States to go to college. Ren Xianqi, who is very busy with concerts in the mainland, took the time to send her daughter to school in the United States.

This is a super famous school in the United States, our country’s director Ang Lee, as well as our country’s modern educator Tao Xingzhi, mathematician Hua Luogeng are all studying in this school, this school has produced more than 20 Nobel Prize winners!

His daughter was excellent, and when she was admitted to a famous American school, Ren Xianqi sang even harder. This should be due to the good education of Ren Xianqi and his wife Chen Zeyu. Just like Zhang Yimou’s son and Obama’s daughter went to the same university, Zhang Yimou was also very energetic in making movies!

Ren Xianqi is very peaceful everywhere, without the appearance of a star at all, and if someone takes a photo, he will not look like some celebrities. When he sees people taking pictures, he points at fans, and looks ferocious. He takes the initiative to greet fans. The local temperature is a little lower.

His 54-year-old wife also showed up. She was very reserved and low-key, with prominent eyes. She wore fashionable clothes, orange-red tops, socks, and denim shorts.

In 2002, when the 36-year-old Ren Xianqi was at the height of his career, he married 33-year-old Chen Zeyu, which shocked the entertainment industry. How could such a popular handsome man marry an ordinary woman?

It turned out that Ren Xianqi and his wife had known each other when they were in school. Ren Xianqi took a fancy to his wife’s inner show. They had been married for 21 years, and Ren Xianqi and his wife had been in love for 21 years.

Now Ren Xianqi and his wife have a pair of children, and their 18-year-old daughter has been admitted to a famous school. Ren Xianqi’s concert is very happy, and his wife continues to support her husband and children, and does a good job of helping her, and the family’s life is beautiful and happy. What else do you pursue in life?

Therefore, every time Ren Xianqi goes to a place, he goes to a small town to socialize with ordinary people. This is the scene of Ren Xianqi going to Xi’an Hui Street for dinner. He ordered a double mutton steamed bun and ate it crazily, praising Ren Xianqi repeatedly!

After Ren Xianqi settled his daughter into school in the United States, he returned to prepare for the next concert and continue to earn money.

Do you like Ren Xianqi? Why are the children he nurtures very down-to-earth and excellent?

Responsible editor:

618 Which TVs are cost-effective? The budget is 2000-5000 yuan, and these nine can be "bought with your eyes closed".

Every year on 618, the TV industry’s internal volume is also quite serious, and many TVs will experience price plunge. At this time, a lower price can get a better configuration and a better experience. So, during the 618 period in 2024, the budget is 2000-5000 yuan. What TV to buy is cost-effective and more cost-effective. It doesn’t blow or black. The following models are recommended for everyone. It is recognized that it is cost-effective, and there are almost no bad reviews. You can "buy it with your eyes closed". Everyone is welcome to like and collect.

1. TCL65V8E

Reference price: 2099 yuan

This TV has 4K resolution and supports 120Hz high brush. This TV offers a 2GB + 32GB large memory combination, uses a quad-core A55 classic processor, and uses the TXR image quality enhancement engine as an auxiliary when the price is so affordable. This TV supports AI far-field voice control and supports 6 screen projection methods.

This TV has no boot ads, using a metal full screen design, more exquisite workmanship, this TV supports dual-band WiFi, and has Rheinland low blue light eye protection certification, image quality is good.

2. FFALCON Thunderbird, Crane 6 Pro 24 55S585C Pro

Reference price: 2899 yuan

This is a rare flagship processor TV at the same price. It uses a powerful quad-core A73 architecture high-performance processor with a combination of 4GB + 64GB of large memory, ensuring excellent performance and smooth system experience. The image quality of this TV is also good. It uses Mini-LED backlight technology, and its 55-inch version has 384 light control zones and peak brightness of 1300nit.

This screen also realizes up to 95% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, with troublesome standard colors, it supports MEMC motion compensation function, supports VRR variable refresh rate, and has ALLM low latency mode. It can bring a smooth gaming experience and movie viewing enjoyment. Due to its backing on TCL, this TV also has no boot ads. Supports far-field voice control function, and the price/performance ratio is also very good.

3. Xiaomi TV S65 Mini LED 65 inches

Reference price: 3499 yuan

This TV uses a 65-inch 4K resolution VA panel and a Mini-LED display technology. It is currently the most cost-effective 65-inch HDR TV. It has 392 light control zones and 1200nit peak brightness, which can bring a more realistic picture reality effect and viewing experience. Its screen supports 144Hz high brush and MEMC motion compensation. While maintaining a smooth picture, the details are also richer.

This TV is equipped with a four-core A73 processor, provides a 4GB + 64GB large memory combination, and comes with a surging OS system pre-installed, making the linkage between devices more convenient. It has dual HMDI 2.1 lessons, supports VRR and ALLM technologies, and plays games more smoothly, clearly and naturally. Its screen realizes a 94% P3 wide color gamut, with 16bit color depth, and the experience is also good in all aspects.

4. Xiaomi TV S Pro 65 inches

Reference price: 4499 yuan

This TV uses Huaxing Optoelectronics 4K VA soft screen, and also uses Mini LED backlight technology. Its 65-inch version has 896g light control partition, peak brightness of 2200nit, and supports 144Hz high brush, realizing DLG technology. It is a product recognized as cost-effective at 4000 price points. It uses a four-core A73 architecture high-performance chip with a 4GB + 64GB large memory combination.

Color cover, the screen also realizes a 94% P3 wide color gamut, and supports phosphor technology. This TV also supports VRR, ALLM, and MEMC motion compensation, which is almost a blessing for gamers. It supports WiFi 6 network protocol, built-in ambient light sensor, can intelligently adjust the screen brightness, pre-installed Surging OS system, Xiao Ai can also bring a good experience.

5. TCL 65T7K

Reference price: 4299 yuan

As a chip born in 2024, its price is also relatively close to the people. Compared with the T7H, the configuration upgrade is obvious. It adopts a more advanced Mini LED display technology, with 512 light control partitions, peak brightness of 1600nit, and can achieve 4K 144Hz full channel high brush function. This TV also has MEMC motion compensation function. Playing games can bring a smoother experience.

This TV is equipped with a four-core A73 architecture high-performance chip and uses 2.1-channel HiFi-level professional audio. It provides a combination of 4GB + 64GB large memory and a metal full-screen design, which gives people a more atmospheric feeling. It supports NFC and dual-band WiFi. There are no ads when it is turned on. It supports 7 ways of efficient screen projection. It is worth recommending.

6. TCL 55Q9K 55 inches

Reference price: 4199 yuan

This is an upgraded version of the TCL Q10G Pro. The configuration has been greatly improved, but the price is very close to the people, and the cost performance is very high. It also uses Huaxing Optoelectronics 4K resolution V-ah soft screen and Mini LED backlight technology. It has 720 light control partitions, and the XDR peak brightness has reached 2400nit. In TVs of the same price, the cost performance can be described as explosive.

This TV is also equipped with a four-core A73 architecture flagship chip, with a 4GB + 64GB large memory combination, it supports WiFi 6, also has 144Hz high brush function, has DLG frequency doubling technology, has a wide color gamut of 98% DCI-P3 quantum dots, and the image quality is quite delicate and pleasing. It also supports a variety of efficient screen projection, and the core experience is excellent.

7. Hisense 65E5N PRO

Reference price: 3999 yuan

This is also a popular model launched this year. It is equipped with a 65-inch VA soft screen, the same 4K resolution, and uses Mini LED backlight technology. It has excellent image performance, with 336 light control zones and a peak brightness of 1300nit. It realizes a 93% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, which can better restore colors and bring smart and pleasant color display. Its screen also supports 144Hz high brush, MEMC sports are good, and ARR and ALLM technologies are realized.

This TV also uses a quad-core A73 architecture high-performance chip, with 4GB + 64GB large memory, to ensure a smooth system experience, its screen supports Dolby Vision and IQ, which can bring a visual experience comparable to cinema level. It also uses Hisense Xinxin Ai adjustment algorithm, and the overall image quality performance remains high.

8. Hisense 65E7K

Reference price: 4899 yuan

The current price of this TV has been reduced, and it can be bought for only 4899 yuan. As a member of the high-end TV, it uses a 4K resolution IPS panel with a 120Hz high brush, and uses Mini LED backlight technology, with 336 backlights. The peak brightness is 1200nit, and the display effect is more realistic. It is also equipped with the Xinxin X Master Edition picture quality chip, with a 95% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, which can bring a more transparent and layered picture.

This TV also uses a four-core A73 architecture high-performance chip, with a 4GB + 64GB large memory combination, it supports Dolby Vision, and also has matte film anti-reflective technology for higher viewing angles. This TV is also equipped with an ambient light sensor, which can be combined with the ambient brightness to automatically adjust the screen brightness. The AI camera provided can realize intelligent interaction functions, and the comprehensive cost performance is also good.

9. Skyworth 65A5D Pro

Reference price: 3999 yuan

As a popular TV created by Skyworth in 2024, the Skyworth 65A5D Pro has now also been reduced in price, making it a cost-effective model at the current 4000 price point. It is equipped with a quad-core A73 architecture chip, which has a 1.8GHz main frequency and stronger performance. With a 4GB + 64GB large memory combination, it can bring a smoother picture. Its screen is also backlit with Mini LED, with a peak brightness of 1300nit.

This TV also has 240 light control zones, supports 144Hz high brush, and has three-dimensional dual speakers tuned by HARMAN as an auxiliary, which can also enjoy a movie viewing experience comparable to the cinema at home. This battery also supports AI voice control and supports dual-band WiFi function. All aspects of the experience are also good.

What do you think of the above 9 TVs?

From 138,700 yuan, Geely Galaxy L7 is officially listed

  [Autohome new car launch] On May 31, Geely (|) was officially launched.The new car has launched a total of 5 configuration models.The price range is 13.87-17 3,700 yuanAs the first model of Geely’s new mid-to-high-end new energy series, the Galaxy L7 will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of a 1.5T engine and a 3-speed DHT gearbox, with a comprehensive cruising range of 1370km under CLTC conditions. The new car is positioned as a compact SUV, and competitors are targeting models such as the BYD Song PLUS DM-i.

More exciting videos are available on the Autohome video platform

Geely Galaxy L7 guide price Model Selling price (10,000 yuan) 55Km PRO 13.87 55Km AIR 14.37 115Km PLUS 15.37

115Km MAX


115Km starship




Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023 1.5T 115km MAX

Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023 1.5T 115km Starship

  Looking at the new car, the Galaxy L7 adopts the design language of "Galaxy Light". The front of the car is designed with a closed grille, and the front of the car looks very full through smooth curves. In addition, the new car also incorporates popular design elements such as through light strips and split headlights to make it look very avant-garde. In terms of body color, the new car will be available in six body colors, namely Morning White, Midnight Black, Dawn Grey, Clear Sky Blue, Twilight Mountain Purple and Galaxy Colorful White.

Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023 1.5T 115km Starship

Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023 1.5T 115km Starship

Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023 1.5T 115km Starship

  From the side, the new car uses a two-tone body design to create a floating roof feeling, and through the smooth line design to make it look like a crossover SUV, enhancing the appeal to young consumers. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4700/1905/1685mm, and the wheelbase is 2785mm. In terms of the tail, we can see that the through taillights, large-size spoilers and diffusers are not absent. At the same time, the lower enclosure echoes the design of the two ends of the taillights, which looks very dynamic.

Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023 1.5T 115km Starship

Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023 1.5T 115km Starship

Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023 1.5T 115km Starship

Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023 1.5T 115km Starship

  Entering the car, the new car will be equipped with a combination of 10.25-inch instrument + 13.2-inch central control screen + 16.2-inch co-pilot screen as standard. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with an 8155 chip and a Galaxy N OS system. The operation mode of the central control screen is very close to that of a smartphone, and it also supports gesture control and a four-zone intelligent voice system. The overall technological sense is outstanding. In addition, the new car can also be upgraded with a 25.6-inch AR HUD display to further meet the needs of different users.

Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023 1.5T 115km Starship

Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023 1.5T 115km Starship

Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023 1.5T 115km Starship

  In addition to the functions of electric adjustment, heating, ventilation, and memory, the main driver’s seat is also equipped with physiotherapy functions, and the passenger seat is also equipped with electric leg supports. At the same time, the car also supports cinema mode. When turned on, the rear seat will automatically recline to a comfortable angle of 125 degrees. In addition, the new car is also equipped with 11-speaker Infinity audio, car fragrance, negative ion generator, mobile phone smart Bluetooth key, and L2-level driving assistance.

Geely Automobile, Galaxy L7 2023 1.5T 115km Starship

  In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a new generation of Raytheon Electric Hybrid 8848 system, which is composed of Raytheon 1.5T four-cylinder hybrid special engine + 3-speed variable frequency electric drive DHT Pro (the motor uses P1 + P2 scheme). The system has a comprehensive maximum power of 287kW (390 horsepower), a comprehensive maximum torque of 535 Nm, and an acceleration of 0-100km/h of 6.9 seconds. In addition, the new car has a pure electric battery life of 55km and 115km respectively (CLTC conditions), corresponding to a comprehensive cruising range of 1310km and 1370km respectively (CLTC conditions), a comprehensive fuel consumption of 2.35L/100km and 1.3L/100km respectively (WLTC conditions), and a power loss fuel consumption of 5.23L/100km (WLTC conditions).

● Competitors:

BYD, Song PLUS New Energy 2021 DM-i 110KM Flagship PLUS

"BYD Song PLUS DM-i"

BYD, Song Pro New Energy 2023, Champion Edition DM-i 110KM Transcendent

"BYD Song Pro DM-i"

  In terms of price, battery life, body size, and configuration, Galaxy L7’s competitors are all directly targeting BYD Song PLUS DM-i and Song Pro DM-i models. Now that there is a clear goal, Galaxy L7 will naturally have stronger product power and cost-effectiveness, and then it can only slowly win consumers and the market through time.

● Editor’s comment:

  From the official release of the Galaxy series in February this year to the official launch of the first product, Galaxy L7, there was only a gap of more than three months. The fast pace of Geely Galaxy’s products is indeed rare, and in addition to the L7, Galaxy L6, Galaxy E8 and other products will also be launched this year, which also shows Geely’s determination to attack the plug-in hybrid market. Can Galaxy L7 quickly gain consumer recognition, gain a firm foothold in the market, and pose a threat to BYD? Let’s wait and see. (Text/Autohome Guo Chen)

In February, Celeste new energy vehicles increased by 360% year-on-year. Aito asked the world to win the monthly sales champion of new forces.

  On March 1st, Cyrus Group Co., Ltd. (601127.SH hereinafter referred to as "Cyrus") released the February production and sales express. The data shows that in February, the sales volume of Sailis new energy vehicles reached 30,257, a year-on-year increase of 360.04%; From January to February, 2024, the sales volume of Celeste new energy vehicles totaled 67,095 vehicles, up 485.37% year-on-year.

  In February, 2024, AITO asked the whole department to deliver 21,142 new cars, AITO asked the new M7 to deliver 18,479 cars in a single month, with a cumulative delivery of more than 100,000 cars. The cumulative delivery of the M7 in the asking sector was set to exceed 150,000 cars, leading the first monthly sales list of new forces in China market with absolute advantage, creating a new record for the sales of single cars of China automobile brands.

  Cyrus ranks among the top five luxury brands in the world.

  Since the beginning of this year, AITO has shown sustained upward momentum. According to the data, from January 1st to February 18th, 2024, Celestial World ranked among the top five luxury brands in China market with a cumulative sales volume of 46,200 vehicles. It is worth mentioning that in the sales list of the fourth week of February (February 19-February 25), Celestial World ranked among the TOP3 luxury brands with a weekly sales volume of 7,200 vehicles, beating the traditional luxury cars Audi and Mercedes-Benz, second only to Tesla and BMW, becoming the highest ranked China brand in the luxury brand list.

  On February 26th, the nationwide delivery of Celestial M9 was fully launched, and over 100 cities officially ushered in large-scale delivery. As the latest product jointly built by Celestial Automobile and Huawei for three years, Celestial M9 has been well recognized by users, and it has exceeded 50,000 vehicles in 62 days since its listing. In addition, all versions of AITO Wujie M5/ New M7 have also started to speed up delivery, and the car can be delivered in 2-4 weeks at the earliest. It is reported that at present, Sailis has more than 700 experience centers and more than 200 user centers in 220 cities, bringing users a better product and service experience.

  Super factory completed and put into use institutions continue to be optimistic

  On February 5th, Sailis Auto Super Factory was completed and put into use. It is built in accordance with international leading standards and industrial Internet requirements, and has four characteristics of high efficiency, intelligence, cutting-edge and green, which has become a new benchmark for China new energy automobile intelligent manufacturing factory. The factory has more than 3,000 robots intelligently cooperating to realize 100% automation of key processes; Use the industry’s first quality automation testing technology to achieve 100% quality monitoring traceability; Through the world’s leading 9000T die casting machine, the highest integration among integrated die casting parts is realized; At the same time, it also achieved the highest production efficiency in the world.

  Zhang Xinghai, chairman (founder) of Celestial Group, said: "The M9 is a high-end luxury boutique model that we have built with our heart, adhering to the tenet of’ taking users as the center and serving users wholeheartedly’. We will continue to iterate and improve, improve at the fastest speed, and meet the needs of all users as much as possible. Let the high-end be higher, the luxury be more luxurious, and the intelligence be smarter! "

  Many institutional research reports are also optimistic about the future market performance of Celestial M9. Huaxin Securities Research Report pointed out that at present, the M9 has been delivered, and the new model is expected to continue to exert its strength. According to the latest research report of Founder Securities, with the increasing proportion of sales in AITO’s brand after the production capacity of M9 climbs, the volume and price of Cyrus are driven upward in Shuang Sheng, and it is expected that the profit contribution of models will turn a profit in June 2024 at the earliest, and the profit cycle will be started in the third quarter of 2024.

Sudden attention! 6 boards, big cows, hot spots?

K diagram 002988_0

  Recently, A-share board stocks have emerged in an endless stream, like 14 boards.11-plate10-plateWait, now it’s your turn.. The stock has been trading for six consecutive days since the daily limit of the word board began on November 7, becoming the "king of the board" of the current A shares. At the close of trading on Tuesday, it still had 33,000 orders to seal the daily limit, which was about 120 million yuan according to the latest price of 37.77 yuan.

  The data shows that there are currently 15 A shares (including) recorded 2 or more consecutive daily limit, andTied for the first place with 6 boards.andTied behind with 4 boards., Sampton,It is 3 connecting plates.


Going to Huawei to ask the world?

  According to public information, it is a large aluminum profile manufacturer integrating professional research and development, manufacturing and sales. And its recent surge in share prices, a high probability and the company’s recent multiple games.At the event, it was mentioned that Huawei asked about the community.

  Haomei New Materials first mentioned in the record of investor relations activities disclosed on October 30 that the company has obtained a total of 280 fixed-point projects in the first half of the year, and its customers cover joint venture models such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda and Toyota, and Guangzhou Automobile Ai’ an.Domestic brands such as Huawei Wenjie and Changan. This business (referring to automobile lightweight business) is throughEnterprises indirectly supply all kinds of aluminum extrusion materials and components to vehicle manufacturers, and indirectly supply them to Wenjie series vehicles.Pallet products. On October 31st, Haomei New Materials rose by 7.6%.

  Then, on November 3rd, the record of investor relations activities disclosed by Haomei New Materials once again stated that the company had made a fixed point for the series of models of Wenjie, mainly providing pallet products, but the previous quantity was always small, and after mass production of Wenjie M7, it brought a certain order increment to the company. On November 6, Haomei New Materials rose by 4.1%. Then there is a wave of 6 boards.

  In the last two stock transactions, it fluctuated abnormally.In China, Haomei New Materials kept silent about the world, only saying that most of the lightweight materials and components provided by the company need to be processed and assembled by enterprises and then supplied to the automobile factory.


Receive a letter of concern from the exchange

  On Tuesday, Haomei New Materials received a letter of concern from Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked Haomei New Materials to explain whether the company’s disclosure on automobile lightweight business was true, accurate and complete in the recent record of investor relations activities and the two announcements of abnormal fluctuations in stock trading on November 9 and November 13, and whether there was speculation and hot spots.

  In addition, Haomei New Materials is also required to check whether the directors, supervisors, senior managers and their immediate family members have bought or sold the company’s shares and whether there is any suspected insider trading.


great momentum

  Recently, the concept is really strong. On Tuesday, the sector index rose by 1.19%, with a cumulative increase of 12.91% since October 24, and a cumulative increase of 36.45% since it bottomed out on April 27 this year.

  If you only look at Tuesday, among the concept stocks, in addition to the daily limit of Haomei New Materials,It is also the daily limit closing;Up more than 7%;Up over 6%;Up more than 5% and so on.


The new car in the world is on fire

  The strength of the concept plate should be said to have something to do with the hot sales in the field of inquiry. The data shows that 12,700 vehicles were delivered in October, up 78% from 7,125 vehicles delivered in September.

  In addition, the new M7 has continued to be popular since it was officially listed on September 12th. In the first month of listing, it has exceeded 60,000 vehicles, 70,000 vehicles after 45 days of listing, and 80,000 vehicles after 50 days of listing, with the latest breakthrough of 86,000 vehicles. There is also the unlisted M9, and the number of blind orders has exceeded 25,000.

  beforeIt is estimated that in 2023.Automobile sales reached 85,000 vehicles, up 6% year-on-year, of which M5 and M7 models sold 45,000 and 40,000 vehicles. In 2024, the automobile sales reached 255,000 vehicles, up by 200% year-on-year, among which the sales of M5, M7 and M9 vehicles were 7.5, 11 and 70,000 vehicles.

  It is pointed out that the M9 represents a new round of cooperation between Huawei and Intelligent Car Selection, and it is the first vehicle platform in China to participate deeply, including intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving. M9, which will be listed soon, is expected to continue to enhance the brand power of AITO.


The car is still booming.

  Judging from the whole car market, the car is still in a hot trend. Previously, the Federation estimated that the wholesale sales volume of new energy passenger car manufacturers in October was 890,000, a year-on-year increase of 32% and a quarter-on-quarter increase of 7%.

  Look at the part againBrand, sold 301,800 vehicles in October, up 38.57% year-on-year. In the first 10 months, the cumulative sales volume was 2,381,500 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 70.36%.

  Delivery reached a record high, exceeding 40,000 vehicles, reaching 40,400 vehicles, up 302.1% year-on-year and 12.09% quarter-on-quarter. As of October 31, 2023, a total of 284,600 vehicles were delivered throughout the year.It also achieved a breakthrough in October, with the monthly delivery reaching 20,000 vehicles for the first time;The number of cars delivered in October was 16,100, a year-on-year increase of 59.8%.

  It is believed that it is expected to usher in the inflection point of the second increase of permeability. The reason is that the vehicle supply is further enriched, the intelligent+fast charge+long battery life experience is improved, and the cost compression drives the price down, sinking into a more competitive price range.

  DongguanIt is said that the achievements of the "100-city Linkage" Automobile Festival and the "Thousands of Counties and Towns" new energy going to the countryside activities by the Ministry of Commerce have appeared, and superimposed car companies have started a new round of promotional activities, and the demand for car purchases has continued to be released. Looking forward to the follow-up, the orders of the new car companies led by Huawei Auto have achieved rapid growth during the National Day holiday, and the market fever is expected to continue, which may drive the automobile consumption at the end of the year to consolidate the realization of the steady growth goal of the automobile industry throughout the year.

  Besides,It is believed that many car companies have launched sub-brands to enrich their product matrix, and their high-end brands and personalized brands will gradually go public, which will promote the demand growth in the fourth quarter.

It is for investors’ reference only and does not constitute investment advice.

What kind of car is e300?

Mercedes-Benz E300 is a luxury car. The following is its related introduction:

In terms of appearance, the front face design of Mercedes-Benz E300 is the same as that of the imported version, with sharp lines of split high beam and low beam, and the overall effect is young and dynamic, completely washing away the image of "capital". The LED light group in the front of the car explains the word fashion more thoroughly. From the appearance, the new E-class extended edition of Mercedes-Benz has no change from the imported E-class, but some adjustments have been made for the China market in terms of body length, width and wheelbase. The body length of the domestic Mercedes-Benz E-Class extended version is 5012mm, the wheelbase is increased by 140mm, reaching 3014mm, and the body width remains unchanged.

In terms of interior, the interior of Mercedes-Benz E300 is dark gray, which looks younger. With brown seats, it feels very upscale. The center console focuses on the large-size GPS navigation screen, which is clear and easy to read. The middle part is the audio control button, which is convenient for the driver to operate. The lower part is the air conditioning control button, which is simple and convenient to operate.

As a luxury car, Mercedes-Benz E300 not only has a young and dynamic design in appearance, but also has exquisite interior, providing drivers with a comfortable driving experience. At the same time, the adjustment of its body size also makes it more suitable for the demand of China market. If you need to know more about Mercedes-Benz E300, you can go to Mercedes-Benz official website or a physical store to learn more about it.

Beijing will carry out unmanned vehicle highway test management rules to be announced in June.

Today (April 13th), Beijing Intelligent Networked Automobile Policy Pioneer Zone was officially announced. In the future, in the pioneer area, unmanned taxis will try commercial operation, and six expressways and urban expressways, including Daxing Airport Expressway, will welcome unmanned vehicles to test on the road.

Kong Lei, member of the Working Committee of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone and deputy director of the Management Committee, revealed that it is expected that in June this year, the implementation rules for the test management of driverless vehicles are expected to be announced, and the safety officers in driverless taxis plan to withdraw vehicles one after another this year to achieve "unmanned" driving.

At present, there are many unmanned vehicles in Beijing Economic Development Zone for testing. Beijing News reporter Li Muyi photo

Detailed rules for the implementation of expressway test management for unmanned vehiclesWill be introduced

According to the policy plan, the high-speed test of self-driving cars will be opened in Beijing Intelligent Networked Vehicle Policy Pioneer Zone, including six expressways and urban expressways around Yizhuang, including Daxing International Airport Expressway, Beijing Section of Jingtai Expressway, Beijing Section of Beijing-Tianjin Expressway, South Fifth Ring Road (from the new airport expressway to the Beijing-Tianjin expressway), South Sixth Ring Road (from the new airport expressway to the Beijing-Tianjin expressway) and Daxing Airport North Line Expressway. Initially formed a physical area covering cities, airports, highways, urban expressways and other scenes.

Kong Lei introduced that regarding the test of expressways, specific access standards are still being formulated. "Because expressways are more complicated, they also involve safety issues. It is now estimated that around June this year, the implementation rules for the test management of self-driving vehicles on highways will be introduced. "

Driverless taxis will charge a certain "taxi fare"

At present, citizens can experience driverless taxis for free in Beijing Economic Development Zone. According to the policy plan, in the future, enterprises in the pioneer area can carry out business operations based on fees. This means that driverless taxis will charge passengers a certain fee.

So, what is the "taxi price" of driverless taxis? Kong Lei said that at present, there is no specific charging standard for driverless taxis, and further research is needed. "It is possible to charge a certain fee symbolically at first, and then gradually adjust it to the charging standard corresponding to the travel service, which requires a process."

At the same time, with the development of commercial operation services of driverless taxis, their service specifications will be more specific, such as what kind of standardized services will be provided for passengers, and what standards are there for health and safety in the car. The driving range of driverless taxis will also be expanded.

In addition, it is worth noting that according to the current regulations, there is a security officer in the driverless taxi that can be experienced at present, but the security officer does not touch the steering wheel during driving. In the future, will there be security officers in the driverless taxis in the pioneer area?

In this regard, Kong Lei analyzed that the "unmanned operation" of driverless taxis is the development direction, but the premise is that the vehicle has been proved to be safe and there have been no accidents during driving. Only when it meets the safety requirements can it be considered to enter "unmanned".

He also stressed that "unmanned" also needs to go through certain procedures. "The safety officer may first transfer from the driver’s seat to the co-pilot seat, then to the back seat and finally withdraw. After withdrawing the security officer, we will also arrange monitors at the remote end or in the cloud. These links will have certain requirements and standards. "

Kong Lei revealed that it is expected that security officers will be arranged to evacuate vehicles this year, but there will be certain restrictions on the driving area of vehicles. "At the beginning, the safety officers were allowed to withdraw from some specific road sections, which would have certain requirements for vehicle speed and remote control ability. This is also a gradual process."

Large-scale trial operation such as independent parking service will be carried out in the policy pioneer area.

In addition, the policy pioneer zone will support the trial operation and commercial operation services of intelligent networking scenarios. Support enterprises to carry out large-scale trial operation and commercial operation services such as self-driving travel service, intelligent networked bus, self-driving logistics vehicle and independent parking service.

Kong Lei said that the policy pioneer area will formulate application methods for new self-driving products. Explore the traffic rules and traffic management mode suitable for unmanned vehicles driving on the road, give corresponding road rights, and establish a safety supervision system for unmanned vehicles. Explore the replacement of existing electric three-wheeled and four-wheeled express vehicles in the field of express terminal distribution.

Know a little more

The construction task of phase 1.0 of the high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone was basically completed.

In September, 2020, the Beijing Municipal Government decided to build the world’s first networked cloud-controlled high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone, which settled in Beijing Economic Development Zone. Kong Lei introduced that by building a complete system of vehicle, road, cloud, network, map technology, policy and industry, the demonstration area can realize the deep integration of vehicle and network and the coordination of vehicle and road, and accelerate the safe and large-scale operation of high-level autonomous driving. At present, the phase 1.0 construction task of the demonstration area has been basically completed.

Kong Lei said frankly, "In the process of construction, we found that the development of new technologies is generally ahead of the formulation of government management policies, which leads to certain obstacles in the application and promotion of new products." In order to solve these problems, relying on the high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone, Beijing has set up an intelligent networked policy pioneer zone, built a moderately advanced policy management system, provided support for the application and promotion of new products, technologies and models of intelligent networked automobiles, and created a business environment for policy-friendly industrial development.

The reporter learned that in 2017, Beijing took the lead in introducing the management measures for self-driving road testing in China. In the past four years, six supporting policy documents such as manned loading and unmanned testing have been issued one after another, and the management measures have been continuously improved. Up to now, Beijing has opened 200 self-driving public test roads, with a total length of about 700 kilometers, and issued 571 sets of test licenses for 87 self-driving vehicles of 14 enterprises, with a cumulative safety test mileage of more than 2.68 million kilometers. The data has been at the forefront of the country.

Great Wall Gun Beijing Auto Show Brush C-position, set up a new pickup order by going to sea ecologically!

At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, the Great Wall Gun, the leader of pickup trucks in China, occupied an absolute C position: the 2.4T Great Wall Gun, a "global high-performance pickup truck", officially opened for pre-sale, and the pre-sale price of the 2.4T passenger gun was 148,800 yuan; The pre-sale price of commercial gun 2.4T is 126,800-138,800 yuan. In addition, the high-end luxury off-road new energy pickup truck, Shanhai Gun Hi4-T, was unveiled at the same time, bringing more power, more complete scenes and extremely reliable benchmark car experience.

Since 2019, the Great Wall Gun was born, which triggered the upgrade revolution of pickup truck market in China. Every time a new product is launched, it will quickly become popular in the market, thus boosting industrial upgrading. This year’s Beijing Auto Show, the new car of Great Wall Gun is heavy, what kind of vitality can it inject into the future market?

First of all, sales at home and abroad will be boosted by "fuel". According to the latest data, Great Wall pickup trucks sold 17,569 vehicles worldwide in March, accounting for nearly 50% of the domestic market; From January to March, a total of 43,495 new pickups were sold. Great Wall pickup trucks sold 3,440 vehicles overseas in March, a year-on-year increase of 25%. From January to March, the cumulative export volume of Great Wall pickup trucks reached 10,414 vehicles, up 19% year-on-year. In China, the Great Wall pickup truck has written the myth that "the domestic terminal market share is nearly 50%"; Overseas, the Great Wall pickup truck has maintained the leading position in export sales of China pickup truck brand with a high-spirited attitude. After the follow-up power of this impressive sales volume is added with the most powerful diesel pickup truck within 200,000 in China-the Great Wall Gun 2.4T model and the optimal solution of new energy pickup truck-the Shanhai Gun Hi4-T, the global sales volume of the Great Wall Gun will be "opened" again.

In addition, Shanhai Gun Hi4-T and its brother model Shanhai Gun HEV are the top three swords in the world. "Great Wall Cannon, China Cannon and Global Cannon", with the continuous innovation in pickup truck categories, the models that closely fit various scenes and take into account the whole scene are constantly enriched and upgraded. Great Wall Cannon has improved Chinese people’s understanding of pickup truck categories and led the industry’s passenger, high-end, intelligent and diversified development. At the same time, its overseas popularity and influence are increasing day by day, and it has been listed in more than 50 countries on four continents around the world and won the annual awards in Australia, South America and South Africa. With the new energy becoming the general trend of global pickup truck development, Great Wall Gun stands out in the world by virtue of its technological and innovative advantages, and the speed of globalization is becoming increasingly obvious, which is also the most proud thing of China’s pickup truck manufacturing industry!

Like a bamboo, globalization is speeding up.

In March, at the 2024 Bangkok International Auto Show in Thailand, the Great Wall Shanhai Cannon HEV, which was positioned as the "new first-class smart pickup truck", officially opened for pre-sale, becoming the first new energy pickup truck product in Thailand’s auto market, and won the Best Commercial HEV Model Award from the Auto Show Organizing Committee in 2024.

In Thailand, pickup trucks are indispensable to people’s lives, and half of new car sales come from pickup trucks every year, forming a culture of using cars in the whole scene. However, in Thailand, China pickup truck is actually facing great challenges if it wants to gain a foothold in the market. Japanese auto giants have long occupied a dominant position, and the established market barriers is like a steel plate that is difficult to penetrate. However, judging from the current situation, the Japanese auto giants have a serious sense of crisis, and the once unbreakable market order seems to be blown to pieces in front of the Great Wall Gun.

First of all, this is due to the strong technical strength and innovation ability of Great Wall pickup truck, which can quickly launch smarter products that are more in line with the current global development, so that overseas consumers have more choices and better choices in choosing pickup trucks. Moreover, the advantages of the Great Wall pickup truck service system in China have been extended overseas, so that international consumers can also enjoy better and more convenient service guarantee.

As the first and only hybrid pickup truck model in Thailand, Shanhai Gun HEV has played a role in inciting and reshaping the pickup truck market in Thailand, making Thailand an important position for the globalization of the Great Wall Gun, radiating a wider Southeast Asian market, and accumulating strength for the continuous development of the ASEAN market, thus speeding up the globalization goal of the Great Wall Gun sword pointing to the top three in the world.

Since its birth, Great Wall Cannon has set its sights on the global market, enhanced its product strength and value by deeply applying the ride-sharing technology to the dual-use products of passengers and merchants, and persisted in global R&D, global manufacturing and global sharing to build a truly global car. In addition, the Great Wall Cannon is rooted in overseas local culture, and has tailored a new way of playing pickup trucks for the local area, integrating the Chinese pickup truck culture created by the whole scene, cross-circle and users into it, and realizing the "firing" upsurge of powerful circle-breaking.

Up to now, Great Wall Gun has been listed in more than 50 countries on four continents, representing China pickup truck in the global market. Judging from the specific market situation, the Great Wall Gun has completed a relatively complete layout in the global typical pickup truck market:

In Australia, Great Wall Gun became the first China automobile brand to receive a five-star safety rating under the new test standard of ANCAP in 2021. In 2023, the sales volume of the Great Wall Cannon squeezed into the seventh place in Australia, a year-on-year increase of 23.2%.

In Russia, the Great Wall pickup truck won the sales crown in 2023, an increase of 250.6% compared with 2022. The Great Wall Cannon ranks first in model sales, and the sales of King Kong Cannon and Fengjun series enter the top ten in pickup truck sales list.

In South Africa, the Great Wall brand ranks first in China, and in 2022, the South African Automobile Industry Association won the "Best New Pickup Truck of the Year" award against many international big-name models. In 2023, the Great Wall cross-country gun won the South African pickup truck model award of the year, which once again enhanced the recognition of the Great Wall gun by South African consumers.

In the Middle East, Great Wall Motor signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Teyseer Motors, a local car dealer in Qatar, thus officially entering the Qatar market, including pickup trucks. This cooperation means that the Great Wall pickup truck will fully cover the six markets of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

On the other side of the globe, the Great Wall Gun was produced locally in Ecuador. In Chile, the Great Wall Cannon went on the market for one month and won the "Best Pickup of the Year" award selected by MT ONLINE, ranking first in monthly sales for many times.

Win honor with strength and beat the market with products. Starting from Thailand, Brazil and Mexico will be the markets for the further development of the Great Wall Gun. Following the footsteps of Great Wall Motor, the globalization process of Great Wall Gun is in full swing.

Ecological going out to sea, "double-line" development

All along, the Great Wall Gun has been trying to "break the ice" in enhancing Chinese people’s awareness of pickup trucks, and actively promoting multi-scene use and expanding pickup truck users. At present, new energy is an irreversible development trend of the automobile industry, and new energy is also an opportunity to bring pickup trucks into the mainstream automobile product circle and further promote the household and passenger use of pickup trucks.

In order to enhance the value of pickup trucks, Great Wall Gun has spared no effort. The globalization strategy of Great Wall Gun has been rapidly upgraded to "going out to sea in an ecological way", taking the lead in the field of new energy, paving the way for its own brand and China pickup truck to popularize and enhance its popularity in the world in the future.

In fact, before it became the first and only hybrid pickup truck model in Thailand, Shanhai Artillery HEV was unveiled in Australia, and it will also be the first hybrid pickup truck mass-produced in Australia. From the time point of view, the Great Wall Gun has competed with Ford and Toyota in the decisive battle field of new energy, the future global pickup market, and seized the "highland".

Compared with the Great Wall Gun, the American and Japanese pickup truck giants are obviously slow in the layout of pickup trucks. The Ford Ranger plug-in hybrid model will not be launched until 2025, while the Toyota Hilux only has a 48V light mixing system, and the hybrid model is still missing.

To achieve the goal of becoming the top three pickup trucks in the world, Great Wall Gun needs long-term planning and execution in product upgrading. The Great Wall Gun never pulls its crotch in terms of products, and it has a rapid upgrade and update, and also has multiple unique design functions. In the tide of pickup truck’s new energy, the Great Wall Gun has shown its power to shake the global pickup truck pattern, and it is only a matter of time before it takes a place in the world.

It is worth mentioning that in the new energy products and globalization strategy of Great Wall Gun, the layout of "two-line development" is adopted, and the domestic market is the foundation.

In terms of new energy products, Shanhai Gun HEV is specially aimed at overseas markets, and Shanhai Gun Hi4-T, which was unveiled at Beijing Auto Show, is a surprise left by Great Wall Gun to domestic users. Compared with other hybrid forms, the Shanhai Gun Hi4-T retains the advantages of the traditional hard-core pickup truck to the maximum extent, but also incorporates the characteristics of new energy power, which can be both oil and electricity.

Shanhai Gun Hi4-T is equipped with 2.0T+9HAT powertrain and matched with P2 motor. Under parallel drive, the comprehensive power of the system is 300kW and the maximum comprehensive torque is 750 N m. The maximum power of P2 motor is 120kW and the maximum torque is 400N·m, and the peak efficiency is over 95%. The motor can reach the maximum torque in an instant, which makes the acceleration of the whole vehicle 100 kilometers only 7.15 seconds.

In this 2.0T+9HAT super hybrid system, a 2.0T Miller cycle hybrid engine is used, with the maximum power of 185kW and the maximum torque of 380N·m, and the maximum torque output can be achieved at 1700~4000rpm. The strong combination of hybrid special engine and high-power motor combines the characteristics of high engine stability and strong explosive power of motor, which makes the whole vehicle start lightly and overtake quickly. In extreme scenes such as getting out of trouble and climbing, the motor will assist the engine and comprehensively improve the explosive power of the vehicle. Even in extreme driving environments such as plateau, high temperature and cold, the power performance is still strong. Intelligent energy control system reduces the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle, achieving the purpose of economy and fuel saving.

In terms of safety, the battery layout of Shanhai Gun Hi4-T is groundbreaking, and it is fixed on the inner side of the transverse and longitudinal beams of the frame and above the frame at multiple points, thus avoiding the collision of the battery pack. At the same time, the protective plate is designed, and the surface is galvanized+electrophoretic+scratch-resistant coating, and the three-layer protection improves the rust-proof and scratch-resistant performance.

Because it is a hybrid model, Shanhai Gun Hi4-T has three power modes: pure electric, hybrid and intelligent. The battery has a partial capacity of 37.1kW?h, which can meet the pure battery life of 100km. Coupled with the 75L super-large fuel tank, the comprehensive cruising range can reach 780km. Moreover, in the intelligent mode, the oil and power consumption are both reduced, the comprehensive fuel consumption can be as low as 2.5L/100km, and the feed fuel consumption is only 10.2L/100km. The charging time is also quite saving. With 50kW high-power DC fast charging, the power can be changed from 30% to 80% in 26 minutes.

With the blessing of "electricity", the Shanhai Gun Hi4-T also has a powerful external discharge function. The discharge port supports 5.5kW high-power external discharge, which meets the outdoor expansion of coffee machines, projectors, most household appliances, etc., and is enough to solve the power consumption problems such as outdoor camping and picnics. Two 220V power connectors are reserved in the cab and the trunk, with 120W in the cab and 2.2kW in the trunk power supply, which can support the power demand of multiple devices at the same time. In addition, the new SOC energy management strategy can automatically adjust the proportion of oil and electricity according to the user’s habits, road conditions, traffic conditions, etc., and realize the personalized adaptation of the whole scene and all terrain. In addition, the Shanhai Gun Hi4-T adopts non-decoupled mechanical four-wheel drive with three locks, and the whole vehicle can easily match different car scenes to meet the needs of various outdoor scenes such as self-driving travel and camping.

Many innovations in the fuel version of Shanhai Gun, such as: equipped with advanced intelligent driving assistance system, the first design in China to improve the convenience of multi-scene use, luxurious riding experience and intelligent level in the car, C6 towing qualification that can meet the certification of 3.3-ton trailer, NVH quiet design, etc., have been extended to Shanhai Gun HI4-T.

In terms of globalization strategy, new energy products are a sharp weapon to open and expand overseas markets, while the domestic market is the base camp for the Great Wall Gun to continue to innovate, which not only enhances the influence of pickup trucks in China, but also continuously delivers "shells" to overseas markets, improving and strengthening its overseas competitiveness.

In 2024, the Great Wall Gun has been constantly upgrading its products: the model of "King Kong Gun" equipped with ZF 8AT gearbox was officially launched; Passenger guns, commercial guns and off-road guns have added 2.4T diesel engines of the same model as Shanhai guns, and the traction qualification has been upgraded to 3 tons.

It is not difficult to see that upgrading to a stronger engine and a more advanced gearbox is the next direction of the Great Wall Gun in domestic products. At the same time, "improving the overall performance" is also the development focus of the Great Wall Gun fuel pickup truck, which not only brings more satisfactory car experience to all kinds of users, but also helps the brand to achieve the two-way power of "fuel and new energy" in overseas markets.


Looking back, when Great Wall Cannon became an independent brand of pickup trucks and shouted the slogan of "becoming the top three in the world", many people knew in their hearts that it was to compete directly with pickup truck giants such as Ford, Toyota and Isuzu. But how many people can foresee that the Great Wall Gun can rise rapidly in six years and achieve today’s achievements.

"Strong civil war, expert in foreign war"! At home, although the joint venture has played its cards and introduced the latest models of the same model from overseas to China, the Great Wall Gun has always gained the upper hand in the contest with the joint venture. Overseas, the pace of globalization of the Great Wall Gun is solid and powerful, and it has quickly opened up big markets such as Australia. With the help of the new energy trend, Great Wall Gun began to March into important markets such as Thailand, and its own technological advantages and innovation ability seemed more like a duck to water.

Mid-Autumn National Day Super Long Holiday to "Xiaolong Game"

  Mid-Autumn Festival+National Day is about to begin. Have you planned where to play? Some people shuttle through the hutongs with yellow leaves in autumn and want to feel the fireworks of a city; Someone broke into northern Xinjiang and wanted to see the fleeting precious autumn colors of the grassland, but if you haven’t had time to make a travel plan, you can actually experience a happy long vacation in the city. A "Xiaolong Game" that integrates fun driving, grand prizes and happy experience must not be missed!

  It coincides with the opening of the international auto shows in Tianjin and Xi ‘an. During the two time periods from September 28th to October 4th (Tianjin) and October 1st to 7th (Xi ‘an), the Haval brand and its famous star model, Haval Xiaolong MAX, will bring well-designed experience subjects in the outfield of the two exhibitions, and there will be premium rewards for participation, which will bring to friends who love challenges, are eager to experience electric four-wheel drive driving and are bored to visit the exhibition.

  Seven fun ways to play, all-round electric four-wheel drive waiting for you.

  In this event, there are seven subject challenges, static and dynamic, and there are surprises in customs clearance. Users can win rich rewards by participating, and experience the advantages of Haval Xiaolong MAX in intelligent vehicle control, four-wheel drive control and super-large space in one stop.

  ① Top rushing on high slope: 60% slope challenge, in which the challenger drives the vehicle to 60% of the simulated slope, stops the engine after reaching the halfway stop line, and then starts the vehicle again to continue climbing to the top of the slope, which means the challenge is successful. Testing the driving skills of starting on a half-slope is also a good opportunity to experience Haval Xiaolong MAX’s steady start on a slope, which brings stronger grip and safety performance to daily passing through ice, rain and snow slopes.

  ② Blade Challenge: Have you ever heard of "blade overtaking" in stunt driving? In this 25-degree side slope challenge, the challenger needs to drive Haval Xiaolong MAX and use one-sided wheel to drive through the 25-degree side slope. This course mainly takes you to experience the professional chassis adjustment, front and rear independent suspension and higher strength of Haval Xiaolong MAX. It’s time to test your skills!

  (3) Walking on the flat ground: Sleeper road challenge, which simulates the bumpy road surface in daily driving. The challenger needs to drive the vehicle to the sleeper road, and the vehicle will start at zero speed. If it passes smoothly, it will be regarded as a success of the challenge. Fearless of bumps, experience the comfortable and calm driving experience brought by Haval Xiaolong MAX.

  ④ Multiple dilemmas: By simulating the comprehensive dilemma of SUV, challenge the comprehensive ability of Haval Xiaolong MAX to drive in potholes. Participants can experience Haval Xiaolong MAX’s Hi4 electric four-wheel drive, which explodes enough power to help you get out of trouble under the complex road environment in the suburbs.

  ⑤ Eye-catching: The challenger observes around the car body and accurately finds out how many induction probes Haval Xiaolong MAX has, so that it can pass the customs;

  ⑥ Keep your word: The challenger wakes up the intelligent voice system in the MAX cockpit of Haval Xiaolong, and releases 10 voice commands continuously and quickly. After the car system successfully recognizes and completes the operation, it passes through the customs;

  ⑦ "big" show: outdoor scene back row space experience, the challenger will put the Haval Xiaolong MAX seat flat and arrange the back row air cushion bed as required according to the guidelines, and pass the customs upon completion;

  In addition to the above links, this activity also brought the experience of family camping. Using Haval Xiaolong’s MAX 3.3kW external discharge function to connect electrical appliances, you can also taste drinks, punch in and take photos, and get the most special "tourist photos" in your circle of friends.

  As an all-round electric four-wheel drive new energy SUV, Haval Xiaolong MAX not only took the first ride on the new intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology Hi4 of Great Wall Motor, but also equipped with a new generation of Coffee OS smart cockpit and coffee smart driving that just completed OTA upgrade. Through millisecond-level response, intelligent voice interaction with one word and ten meanings, Hi4 electric four-wheel drive technology and wide interior size as a medium-sized SUV, it helps to challenge users to successfully complete a customs clearance experience, and the vehicle cost performance will be known after the test!

  Rich rewards, turning over the National Day file, challenging for good gifts.

  While completing the challenge, the government also brought rich rewards to friends in different degrees. After receiving VIP or SVIP cards from Harvard staff in the exhibition hall and completing the game in the field, you can get rich gifts customized by Harvard.

  In addition, this time Haval also made an unprecedented profit for car purchase. At present, ordering Haval Xiaolong MAX can enjoy the 0 yuan renewal plan, a limited purchase gift certificate from 299 yuan to 12,000 yuan, a cash expansion gift from 2,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan, and an online lottery of 10,000 yuan. Now, some subscribers have won a cash reward of 10,000 yuan, and buying a car during the activity is definitely full of value.

  This "Xiaolong Game" Haval National Electric Four-wheel Drive Talent Competition is a series of activities for more than two months, which will cover 100 cities across the country, including urban challenges in 26 cities and interactive challenges of prize-winning games in national distribution stores, rich gift awards and unprecedented interactive gameplay. Participating users will have the opportunity to be invited to participate in the year-end winter challenge finals, pay attention to the official news of Haval, and register in your city to start enjoying this "Xiaolong Game" carnival!