Your May Day holiday circle of friends has been contracted, and Yangzhou’s most beautiful online celebrity punching resort has a large inventory.

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  The charm of Jiangsu is inseparable from the long canal. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal connects 11 cities in Jiangsu, and 60% of the population lives along the river, so that the vast land and countless people can be nourished and multiplied, and towns have risen and prospered. In order to actively guide the new consumption mode of cultural tourism in Jiangsu Grand Canal Cultural Belt and promote the high-quality development of Jiangsu cultural tourism industry, the Provincial Cultural Tourism Department and the Provincial Radio and Television General Station jointly produced the all-media cultural tourism program "Travel All over Jiangsu". The program group traveled all over the province’s scenic spots and historical sites and old streets and alleys, found folk artists and craftsmen, visited experts and scholars in literature and history, and explored those moving stories behind the scenery, so that everyone "had the impulse to travel and was moved by culture.""Lead the audience to discover the unprecedented "fun Jiangsu".

  The program has been broadcast on Jiangsu Public News Channel since April 18th. The first broadcast time is from 20: 30 to 21: 00 every Thursday, and the second broadcast time is from 8: 50 to 9: 20 every Tuesday and Saturday.

  Huaizuo Mingdu, Zhuxi Jiachu"Yangzhou has always been a online celebrity resort for literati to" punch in ". In order to see Qionghua, Emperor Yangdi dug the Grand Canal to Yangzhou. Emperor Qianlong counted Jiangnan and must travel to Yangzhou many times. "The spring breeze is ten miles along Yangzhou Road, and it is better to roll a bead curtain." The May Day holiday is coming. Today, let’s take a trip with Xiaobian and have a look.Punch resort in YangzhouWhat’s the charm? Let’s appreciate the slow life in Yangzhou! 

  At the first stop, Yechun Tea House had morning tea and tasted Yangzhou for the first time.

  In the morning, you can’t really come to Yangzhou without experiencing morning tea. There are many tea houses in Yangzhou, and you won’t be disappointed when you walk into any one. As a family about years ago200Yechun, a 2000-year-old shop, not only has antique pavilions and beautiful natural environment, but its breakfast is also very characteristic of Yangzhou.

  Zheng Banqiao, one of the eight eccentrics in Yangzhou and a famous painter, once wrote:"Celebrities have never been able to judge water, and monks have loved to fight tea since ancient times.". Salt merchants who are rich in the world by the canal need elegance like spring snow even if they show off their wealth.Morning tea has become the best choice.Over time, I am not tired of eating fine and meticulous.

  Jade is selling,As soon as the food inside the barbecue is heated, it will turn yellow. This dish should be cooked, kept green and transparent, and the skin should be thin. Such an extreme pursuit has risen to art.

  In addition to thousands of layers of oil cakes and jadeite, Yangzhou morning tea also has famous snacks such as crab roe soup packets, boiled dried silk and stir-fried shrimps. so-called"Dry white soup is red and emerald green, pepper is red and ginger is yellow river shrimp."It tells the artistic essence of the color, flavor and shape of Yangzhou morning tea.

  Yangzhou morning tea also has a complete set of etiquette, including cold dishes, stir-fried dishes, snacks, staple foods, fruits and seasoning saucers. A meal of morning tea usually lasts for an hour or two.

  No wonder inYangzhou Painting Boat Record, the author Li Dougan so evaluation:My hometown tea shop is the best in the world.The morning tea in Yangzhou is the best in the world.

  At the second stop, you can swim in the sea of books and immerse yourself in the canal culture.

  Walking into Zhongshuge is like wading into a river of time, talking with scholars from ancient times to modern times. It turns out that this is a designer who uses the relationship between Yangzhou and the canal to guide readers into this vast ocean of knowledge by adopting a semi-circular design concept.

  Some of these words are about Yangzhou, and some are speeches by celebrities and works by writers. In a canal, human civilization flows.

  Look, is it like being in the bridge opening of Wuting Bridge? It feels like we are shuttling between bridge opening. The bookstore creates a sparkling feeling with lights. In this situation, Xiaobian just wants to stay here all day.

  In addition to the warm reading environment, Zhongshuge also has many interesting and fun cultural and creative products for tourists to choose from.

  The third stop is to innovate the special restaurant of Huaiyang cuisine and savor Yangzhou cuisine.

  Huaiyang cuisine is one of the four traditional cuisines in China, which originated in Yangzhou and Huai ‘an.Huaiyang cuisine is mainly based on river and lake seafood.Supported by the top knife-maker’s cooking skills,Pay attention to the original color and taste, fresh and refreshing.

  This wayGolden soup rolling stone mandarin fish,The raw materials are simple, the knives are exquisite, the collocation is exquisite, salty and palatable, and the original color of Huaiyang cuisine is still maintained in innovation, which should be the best inheritance.

  Zhang Guangbing, the founder of this restaurant, is the inheritor of authentic Huaiyang cuisine. In his hands, the traditional kitchen knife seems to have been given a new life, and Huaiyang cuisine has made new tricks. Brown sugar walnuts, two-color shrimps, shredded beef in cloth bags, etc., just the face value is very exciting.

  The fourth stop is the 486 non-legacy gathering area, "Yangzhou at the fingertips"

  Many people who come to Yangzhou to play will be related to this.486Non-legacy gathering area "Passing by,In fact, it’s opposite Geyuan.. Here, you may not think that these seemingly ink paintings are actually made of Yangzhou embroidery.

  And the bird cage. Yangzhou’s bird cages are not only elegant in style, complicated in production process, but also exquisite in materials. What is even more amazing is that even the details, it has achieved the ultimate. Ivory Gate, a bird food jar in Qing Dynasty, and one for officials to wear hualing.XuepoIt takes two years to make such a birdcage.sevenLast month, it was no easier than building a house.


  In Yangzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Cluster, masters rely on inheritance and continuous innovation to carry on precious memories from generation to generation. If you don’t think it’s enough here, you can go to the next oneChina Jade MuseumVisit,The skilled craftsmen here represent the famous Yangzhou craft in the jade industry!

  Hetian jade, Yangzhou worker.The best material comes from Hotan, and the best craft is in Yangzhou. There are two things in Yangzhou workers that are unique skills. One isShanzidiaoThere is another one.Chain life.

The mountain son carved Dayu to control water and Yushan Mountain weighed more than 10,000 kilograms. It took six years for skilled craftsmen to carve it here in Yangzhou.

Chain life

  This movable chain,The earliest collar technology can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period.The hole diameter of each chain must be the same size, and the carving also needs to be formed at one time. As long as there is a mistake in one chain, all efforts will be wasted. Yangzhou craftsmen have higher requirements for chain work. In order not to waste raw materials,A piece of jade can make works three times as high,Therefore, even in today’s advanced technology,"Chain life" still cannot be completely replaced by machines.

  In Yangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum, there is also a treasure of the town hall — —Emerald mantis cabbageThis emerald mantis cabbage is heavy.150Kilogram, lifelike, vivid, the price.Forget it. It’s priceless.

  The fifth stop Wen Qing must go to "Pishi Street"

  Pishi Street can be visited, eaten and played. Accommodation can also be a literary style.

  "wide residence"Just a family.A homestay that exudes traditional culture.. The furnishings in the hall are all non-legacy works by Yangzhou craftsmen. 

  In the homestay, we sawPoint snailCrafts.Point snailIt’s a skill,"Point" is the technique and "snail" is the raw material for making.It is actually made of luminous snails and pearl shells.

  The sixth stop, Slender West Lake Hot Spring Resort, is the "water jacket" of slow life in Yangzhou.

  When I came to Yangzhou, I experienced the "leather bag water" in the morning, but how can I not experience the "water foreskin" at night? The bathing culture in Yangzhou can be traced back to more than 2000 years ago. For Yangzhou people, bathing is not only a personal habit, but also a way of life, which is people’s love for life and the exploration of life fun. The content of bathing in Yangzhou is rich. In Slender West Lake Hot Spring Resort and some Tang Chi, precious Chinese herbal medicines such as saffron have been added, which can clear away heat, relieve depression and soothe the nerves.

  After taking a bath, you can also have a rest in the lounge and experience one of the three knives in Yangzhou.Pedicure knife.Pedicure knife, Yangzhou, is skilled in medicine, skilled in art, and passed down from generation to generation.Coupled with the exquisite skills of pedicurists, you are guaranteed to enjoy the satisfaction on your toes.

  Yangzhou is prosperous because of the canal, and it is infiltrated with a different cultural atmosphere."Who knows Zhuxi Road, the song is Yangzhou."If you haven’t been to Yangzhou, a trip to Yangzhou will definitely make you glad you came!

  The complete version of the second episode of "Traveling around Jiangsu" is presented! Poke the video to get more exciting ↓ ↓ ↓

   (Manuscript and video source: Editor of Jiangsu Guangdian Rong Media News Center/Zhang Quanquan)

Exploring Xiaomi automobile factory from zero distance, everything is ready except Dongfeng.

Xiaomi’s car-making plan, which is in full swing, has always been the focus of media attention. Recently, the interface news broke that Xiaomi has started trial production inside, producing about 50 prototype cars every week. In order to verify the relevant information and explore the Xiaomi factory at zero distance, the editor of First Electric Network rushed to Beijing Yizhuang Xiaomi Automobile Factory for a field visit.

At 3pm on September 6th, First Electric entered Xiaomi Automobile Factory in Yizhuang, Beijing and was unexpectedly allowed to enter. In the factory area, First Electric learned that this modern automobile factory covers an area of 720,000 square meters, with complete facilities and distinct areas. In addition to the factory buildings and office areas, there are many projects under construction. On the spot, relevant construction and operation preparations are continuing to advance. First Electric sees that some employees have entered the park office at present, and new people who are undergoing military training can also be seen in the factory.

In the factory, First Electric also saw two test vehicles based on Qin PLUS EV (parameter picture), and the roof part was similar to the top design of radish fast-running model, so it was guessed that it should be related to automatic driving and AI learning.

First Electric saw in the factory that the Xiaomi automobile manufacturing workshop has been completed, and related equipment has also entered the factory building. The workshop is temporarily in a state of debugging and looks like everything is ready.

The First Electric Field learned that there are currently 6 workshops in the park, including die casting, stamping, car body, painting, assembly and battery workshops.

In the die-casting workshop, First Electric saw the sign of "Xiaomi Super Die-casting", which indicates that Xiaomi Automobile will adopt advanced integrated die-casting technology.

In one of the factories, First Electric saw several parked vehicles in the distance. Due to the long distance, it is temporarily impossible to judge whether it is a prototype of Xiaomi car under production.

Based on what we saw on the spot, First Electric believes that the status of Xiaomi Automobile Factory has met the trial production conditions exposed by the media before, and the relevant mass production preparations should be fully promoted.

Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group, has publicly stated that "the car-making business will be carried out according to the original plan, and the time schedule will meet or slightly exceed expectations. This year, Xiaomi Automobile will also conduct winter and summer tests as planned. "

Combined with the public information on the recruitment website. At present, Xiaomi Automobile is recruiting relevant talents in a large area, especially workshop operators, marketing teams and technical talents related to autonomous driving, and has also started the site selection of offline sales stores. Some media have revealed the site selection requirements of Xiaomi Automobile for offline sales stores: more than 3,000 square meters, at least 120 parking spaces, adopting the model of Xiaomi mobile phone franchise store+delivery center+authorized car body panel and spray center similar to Huawei Smart Car Selection.

It is understood that at present, the biggest problem facing Xiaomi Automobile is the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the production qualification.

Some relevant media have revealed that Xiaomi Automobile will get the approval at the end of this year, which means that Xiaomi Automobile can start mass production at the end of this year; Regarding the production qualification, it has always been thought that Xiaomi Automobile will get the production qualification of Baowo in a high probability, but it backfired in the end. Up to now, the production qualification of Xiaomi Automobile is still a mystery. However, it has been learned from relevant channels that Xiaomi Automobile has solved the production qualification problem, and the way to adopt it is not known yet.

Now it seems that Xiaomi automobile may arrive ahead of time as long as conditions permit.

Summary of events reported by media in 2023:

  • In April, 2023, many media exposed the spy photos of Xiaomi car. The First Electric Network also captured the camouflage car charged by Xiaomi car in Beijing. Xiaomi car will be a coupe, and its tail shape is very eye-catching.
  • In June, 2023, some media exposed that Xiaomi Automobile Factory had been completed.
  • On July 4, 2023, Changchun FAW Fuwei Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (FAW Fuwei, 600742.SH), a supplier of Xiaomi Automobile, said on the investor interaction platform that the company is actively communicating with Xiaomi Automobile, and many molecular companies have entered the purchasing group of Xiaomi Automobile and will cooperate with Xiaomi Automobile as a component supplier.
  • In mid-July, 2023, the information of Xiaomi automobile battery pack will be exposed, which will adopt a 100-degree battery pack with an energy density of 157Wh/kg and a rated voltage of 726.7V V. It is expected to support 800V high-voltage fast charging technology.
  • On August 19, 2023, Xiaomi Automobile was exposed in the summer test spy photos in Xinjiang. When Lei Jun promoted the camera function of the latest mobile phone product X Fold on social media, the information inadvertently revealed also confirmed this point.
  • Recently, Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. registered the domain name of "xiaomiev”(EV" (EV is pure electric vehicle) website.

From all indications: Xiaomi car is really coming!

Will the first car built for Xiaomi, who dreams of having a fever, become the first car for young people?

This is also the most discussed point among netizens. No matter the previous explosion of "149,900 or 99,000", it seems unlikely now, even within 200,000. At present, the lowest price of models equipped with 100-degree battery packs on the market is around 300,000.

How much do you think Xiaomi will order?

Zhiji Automobile released the road map of intelligent driving products in the next 3-5 years and moved towards the end of automatic driving.

Beijing News Shell Finance News (Reporter Lin Zi) On August 16th, Beijing News Shell Finance reporter Zi Zhiji learned that Guo Hui, the chief scientist of Zhiji automobile intelligent driving, announced that Zhiji would officially open the public beta of "iAd City NOA" in October this year, and iAd intelligent driving would be fully data-driven, and most scenes would be automatically driven in the next 3-5 years, leading to the end of automatic driving.

From the road map, in the next 3-5 years, Zhiji Automobile will start the intelligent driving products to accelerate the running, and the intelligent driving products such as high-precision map NOA, urban NOA and commuting mode will be intensively launched. Among them, "going to the high-precision map NOA", IM AD will open the public beta in September; "City NOA", which started internal testing in April this year, is progressing smoothly and will start public testing in October; "Commuting mode" is expected to quickly cover 100+ cities nationwide in 2024; In 2025, IM AD will enter the era of Door to Door.

Zhiji Automobile was established on December 25th, 2020. It is a brand-new user-oriented automobile science and technology company jointly built by SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba Group. In July this year, SAIC announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Audi to jointly sprint the new electric intelligent track. It is reported that the two sides may cooperate on Zhiji’s electric vehicle platform.

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"anchor Doinb returns" to the hot search: it has stopped broadcasting and disappeared for nearly five months.

Today (April 5th), a number of news sources revealed on the Internet that Doinb, a well-known anchor of Betta Fish, was about to return to rebroadcast, and related topics were posted on Weibo Hot Search, attracting netizens’ attention.

Wandering stars

It is said that Doinb will return on April 6th, and many guests will help out during the rebroadcasting process, including IG-assisted Wink, Liangxiao Umbrella, Smile and others.

Wandering stars

It is understood that the last live broadcast of Doinb was on November 23, 2023, nearly five months ago. At present, many viewers have come to watch the live broadcast, and they have sent barrage to ask if the rumor is accurate.

Wandering stars

Wandering stars

Look quickly! All the secrets of LI are here.

  [car home Information] March 2 was a magical day. On the other side of the ocean, Musk talked about secret ambitions on Investor Day; Li Xiang, CEO of China and LI, spent five pages of PPT at the media communication meeting and shared it for two hours. In view of all the contents he shared, this paper only extracts the product information that everyone cares about, focusing on the follow-up product planning, autonomous driving progress and intelligent cockpit.

Some core messages:

1. Ideal to be a pure electric product, and still adhere to brand positioning: the luxury electric vehicle preferred by the family can be at the same price as the extended-range product.

2. NOA, the ideal city, was pushed to Max users in the fourth quarter.

3. Ideally, 8295 chips will be introduced, and L7/L8/L9 will support the replacement of 8295 chips.

Home of the car

■ What is the ideal pure electric vehicle?

  Friends who care about the ideal know that the ideal is not a dead-end extended range, but also pure electricity, and will make extended-range products until 2030. Unfortunately, at this communication meeting, we still don’t know what the ideal first pure electric product is. LI’s classmates told me that it is a "form you haven’t seen before", and the spy photos that have flowed out at present show that it may be an MPV. But obviously the ideal is not only a pure electric product, combined with the information of the financial report communication meeting at the end of February,The ideal pure electric product has a product sequence similar to the L series, which meets the needs of home users in the price range of 200,000-500,000.Of course, no matter what body shape it is, it is bound to have a big impact on the pure electric products that are mainly used at home at this stage.

Home of the car

"ideal pure electric MPV spy photos"

  However, no matter what this pure tram is, it still adheres to the ideal concept of "luxury electric car preferred by the family". Therefore, friends who care about their families can rest assured that the ideal pure electric product will not suddenly go off course, and get a big super-run with a speed of 100 kilometers for 3 seconds, so just wait and buy it.

  Li Xiang mentioned in his speeches everywhere that choosing extended range can solve two problems, one is battery cost and the other is energy supplement. Excellent manufacturers are trying their best to solve these two problems, such as Tesla’s extreme cost reduction and overcharging, and Weilai’s desperate efforts to build and replace power stations.

  The cost of batteries remains high, either manufacturers lose money to earn money or consumers spend more money; It is inconvenient to replenish energy. Some people say that an ideal range extender with low technical content directly hangs the 800 VSiC that a manufacturer has worked hard to make, which is not rough.

  Of course, we can’t say that the technology of 800V SiC is not good. In fact, the ideal pure electric vehicle is also this technology, and this technology is used to solve the above-mentioned cost and energy supplement problems.

Home of the car

  In terms of cost, Li Xiang said that 800V pure electric products are not so expensive, and they can achieve the same price as extended range. He said that the battery of 100kWh can last about 600km now, but we can use 80kWh through 800V and SiC components. And let the cost drop by 30,000-40,000 yuan, and the money saved will of course be piled up in the comfortable and intelligent configuration that we like to see.

  In terms of energy supplement, Li wanted to show a set of mode of household slow charging+urban fast charging (200kW)+ high-speed overcharge (480kW), and he also made the account clear. For example, a charging station with 480kW+3 250kW piles costs 1 million RMB, and 1,000 stations are built, which will be shared over five years, with an annual income of 2 billion, that is, 100 billion yuan.

  However, some people question this set of accounting logic and the pressure of the power grid. As we are not experts, we will not analyze it indiscriminately. In short, we all know that the ideal is to replenish energy, and it will not be worse than other manufacturers.

  Summarize the characteristics of ideal pure electric products: strong household attributes, the same price as extended range, and comfortable energy supplement. As for the time, although Li Xiang didn’t say it, according to the news in early February, it was off the assembly line in July and officially mass-produced in September.

Home of the car

  By the way, L5 is a big satellite in LI. At present, there are only two information points that Li wants to talk about in Weibo, namely, the non-SUV form and the price range of 200,000-300,000. However, according to Li Xiang himself, the ideal L7/L8/L9 is just like an Apple mobile phone, except for the case. This is really keep real… Then the L6 (five-seat SUV within 300,000) and L5 are estimated to be quite different. The form of non-SUV is a supplement to the ideal product line. After all, you have to walk on two legs these days.

■ NOA internal test of the ideal AD Max open city in the fourth quarter.

   It is not a new force to not engage in autonomous driving these days. In the new year, everyone began to roll up the city NOA. The ideal plan is to open the internal test of early bird users in NOA city on the ideal AD Max in the fourth quarter of this year. It should be noted here that the AD Pro version does not support urban NOA, but the actual experience of high-speed NOA is basically the same as that of the Max version, so you must pay attention when buying a car.

Home of the car

  Li Xiang believes that electric vehicles that cannot realize NOA in cities can only be called "electric vehicles", not "smart electric vehicles". The city NOA is actually similar to the high-speed NOA realized by many manufacturers at present, except that the scene is changed to the city, and the automatic driving from point A to point B is realized in the city without human takeover.

  From the second half of 2022, the city NOA has taken shape. Tucki, the pioneer of autonomous driving, pushed CNGP (city NOA, called by different manufacturers) on P5 in September 2022; Extreme Fox Alpha S HI and Huawei, WEY Mocha and Millie Zhixing have all realized this function.

Home of the car

"Tucki city navigation aid"

  At present, there are various factions and ideas under NOA in the city. For example, whether the high-precision map is used or not has undergone a series of changes and iterations. Previously, Tucki was a high-precision map player (it seems that he hasn’t completely given up now, and He Xiaopeng also proposed to speed up the review process of high-precision maps at the two sessions), and he also has Grade B mapping qualification. But now most players are gradually turning to the route of "emphasizing perception and ignoring maps", and in terms of perception, there are also pure visual Tesla and radar cameras.

  Under the mode of relying on high-precision maps, the city NOA will be limited to cities that allow surveying and mapping. For example, the city NCA of Polar Fox is still limited to Shenzhen and Shanghai. Li Xiang said that the ideal will not demarcate the city NOA one by one like the traditional model, but will promote NOA in many cities based on the big model and BEV (Bird’s Eye View, not electric cars). This is also the so-called software 2.0 era.

Home of the car

"Tesla’s perceptual process"

   BEV perception is to establish a bird’s-eye view of camera images from multiple perspectives and then perceive them, and cooperate with Transformer algorithm to make autonomous driving more cattle. In the case that Tesla, a pioneer, explores the road for everyone, domestic car companies have also started this set of operations. Li wants to predict that these companies using the Orin computing platform will basically deliver the earliest NOA; for testing in the fourth quarter of this year; By the end of the year, most head enterprises can achieve the level of Tesla at the end of 2011, and by 2024, everyone can generally achieve the level of Tesla in North America at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

  In the end, the city NOA does not need to become fully autonomous driving, but it can help drivers improve their experience when there is traffic jam every day. If more than 60% or even more than 80% of the cars in the city can be driven by this function, and the safety is no problem, it will have a huge change. Just as consumers buy a 20-30-story building, it is a fundamental difference whether there is an elevator or not.

  Judging from the current situation, autonomous driving also requires manufacturers to continuously educate users to use it, so that users can’t live without it. The utilization rate of assisted driving in LI is over 13%, and the utilization rate in high-speed scenes has exceeded 50%. According to the Spring Festival travel data released by Weilai, its total mileage is 276,699,061 kilometers, and the total mileage of NIO Pilot is 39,135,610 kilometers, about 14%.

  But judging from the situation of G9, another new force in Tucki, it has little effect on assisted driving. I think that autonomous driving is indeed the right way, but this road has a long way to go. Perhaps next year, with the landing of NOA in the city, the utilization rate of automatic driving assistance can be significantly improved.

■ Don’t worry, the old owner can upgrade 8295.

  LI is known as "creating a mobile home", so they collectively refer to the things in the car as intelligent technology, and this space will be the largest, most comfortable and most intelligent. Everyone holds a screen at home, so be sure to put more screens in the car. In this regard, everyone is most concerned about getting on the 8295 chip.

  The computing power of Qualcomm 8295 chip is eight times that of 8155. According to the current rhythm, the ideal may be the same as that of Jidu, and 8295 will be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year, and the ideal new product is expected to be released during this time period. Then the question is coming. What about the old L9/L8/L7? I believe that everyone has not forgotten the rights protection incident of Li ONE’s change before?

LI Ideal L9 2022 Max

  But don’t worry this time, the old car owner can change the 8295 chip, but the change and how much money are still under study. At that time, Zhu Yu, who spent 300 million yuan to upgrade the old car owner for free, was in the front. What would the ideal do? However, it should be noted that the ideal delivery volume is not comparable to that of Krypton in that year, so I suggest that the old car owners should have a bottom in mind first, and it may be more comfortable to lower their expectations in the future.

Home of the car

  After getting on the bus, the 8295 has greatly improved the intelligent cockpit, supporting more screens, stronger 3D rendering ability and millisecond voice. Even due to its powerful computing power, even if NVIDIA’s autopilot chip dies, it can take over autopilot … At present, 8295 is still a piece of jade to be carved, depending on how the manufacturer empowers it. According to Jidu, at present, manufacturers have not fully utilized 8295, especially in the AI part. Just as the ideal is also very concerned about AI, we can look forward to how the ideal plays 8295.

LI Ideal L9 2022 Max

  In addition, the "ideal classmate" has changed from the elephant scheme to the ideal self-research, and has now evolved into a new generation of end-cloud integrated architecture, which can support the deployment of stronger and more complex algorithms in the car. In addition, the self-developed algorithm has also improved in voice and visual interaction. LI believes that a good voice assistant should be awake, quick in execution, accurate in recognition, able to understand everything and speak human words. That is, to improve perception, performance and recognition. Suppliers can no longer meet their needs, so they turn to self-research.

■ Where is the degree of "self-research"?

  Next, we want to talk about "self-research". Tesla, the industry leader, has always been a leader in its self-developed chips; BYD, the king of China, is a moat for its self-developed and self-produced batteries, which can also be exported. Many car companies are also flaunting their own self-research on assisted driving, electric driving and engines. Where is the degree of "self-research"?

  LI believes that self-research and self-control are two dimensions, and the proportion of self-research and self-control should be controlled at 25%-30%, which should not be too high or too low. In addition to fully meeting the needs of users, we should also ensure the landing of core technologies and the safety of supply chain. The direction of self-research of ideal core technology is all related to platform technology. Such as extended-range electric, high-voltage pure electricity, smart space, intelligent driving and EEA electrical architecture. There will also be some self-developed technologies such as silicon carbide functional modules and three-in-one motors on the pure level stage.

Home of the car

  In terms of meeting the needs of users, for example, a "task master", the hardware and software of the task master can be called together. Li Xiang said, whether it is self-research depends on how many functions can be called in the task master. Some functions are not open to you by the supplier. Only you can call all the functions by self-research and combine them together.

■ Edit summary

    Generally speaking, this paper only shows a small part of the ideal spring communication meeting. At this communication meeting, what Li wants to share is not only about products and technologies, but also a lot about companies, growth and entrepreneurship. It can even be said that if you want to start a business, you can also benefit from listening to this communication meeting.

  In the first two months of the year 2023, the ideals are firmly in the top position of the new car-making forces. Obviously, the ideals still have big moves. So what level do you think LI can reach this year? Can you surpass the second-line luxury and challenge BBA? Welcome to communicate in the comment area. (Text/car home Xing Yueyang)

The official announcement of the 5th Pingyao International Film Festival will open on October 12th.

1905 movie network news On June 1, 2021, the Information Office of Shanxi Provincial Government held a press conference in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, announcing that the fifth Pingyao International Film Exhibition will be held in Pingyao Ancient City from October 12 to October 19.On the basis of maintaining the program structure, original direction and existing characteristics of the film exhibition, this year’s Pingyao International Film Festival was upgraded to a provincial project from the mechanism and "started again" with a new attitude. Since the day of the press conference, the 5th Pingyao International Film Exhibition has officially started to solicit films for the whole world, and the collection channel for industrial projects will also be opened before early June.

Wu Xiaohua, member of the Standing Committee of Jinzhong Municipal Committee and secretary of Pingyao County Party Committee, Li Wei, president of Shanxi Media College, and Jia Zhangke, founder of Pingyao International Film Exhibition, attended the conference. "Thanks to the great attention of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, thanks to the encouragement and support of the provincial leaders, and thanks to the concern and concern of the top and bottom of Shanxi Province for the Pingyao Film Exhibition, which is a powerful driving force for us to continue to run the film exhibition well." Jia Zhangke said at the press conference.

Wu Xiaohua, member of the Standing Committee of Jinzhong Municipal Committee and secretary of Pingyao County Party Committee, said that comprehensive guarantee will be provided for Pingyao International Film Exhibition in many aspects. "We sincerely thank all of you for your concern and support as always, and look forward to the film exhibition as scheduled," she said in her speech.

Li Wei, Dean of Shanxi Media College, focused on the construction of Shanxi film "production, learning, research, creation and exhibition". "The provincial party committee decided that Shanxi Film Academy of Shanxi Media College will join Pingyao Film Exhibition as the organizer, which is an important measure for the provincial party committee to lay out Shanxi film ecology." He said, "Our school will give full play to the advantages of disciplines and specialties to help the development of Pingyao International Film Exhibition; The rich resources of Pingyao International Film Festival will further help the combination of production and learning and enhance the academic activity and professional level of Shanxi Film Academy. "

"As a new film exhibition, Pingyao Film Exhibition has gained some experience and formed its own exhibition style and characteristics after four years of holding," concluded Jia Zhangke. "Pingyao Film Exhibition, which is about to enter its fifth year, has ushered in an important period of strategic opportunities and is in urgent need of reform and innovation."

In addition to adding Shanxi Film Academy of Shanxi Media College as the organizer of the film exhibition, Pingyao Film Exhibition will reorganize the management and curatorial team, refine the division of labor, and invite China film editor, film critic, documentary film researcher and painter Lin Xudong as the artistic director of Pingyao Film Exhibition, responsible for the overall planning and program content planning of the film exhibition; As the chief consultant of the film exhibition, responsible for the overall strategic consultation of the film exhibition and the selection of foreign language films. Marie-Pierre Duhamel-Muller, Wu Jueren, Cai Shaoyong, Alena Shamakwa, Tiputi Dikonya, Tomita Sanscrewdriver, Sandra Hebrew and Tiago Rael will continue to select films for Pingyao Film Festival on a global scale.

While reorganizing resources and refining the division of labor among teams, the 5th Pingyao Film Festival will also increase investment in the film project of "Starting from Shanxi" unit, including giving cash rewards to outstanding local films in Shanxi, giving cash rewards to outstanding local films in the film exhibition industry module, and providing more opportunities for industrial incubation for local film projects in Shanxi.

Referring to his role in this film exhibition, Jia Zhangke’s own Weibo said: "In the past, my biggest regret during the Pingyao film exhibition was that I didn’t see a single film. This year, I am expected to become the’ chief experience officer’ of the film exhibition, watch movies with the audience and listen to the speeches of the directors. "

At the press conference, Jia Zhangke also officially announced that MOMO, a leading open mobile social platform in China, will continue to support the 5th Pingyao International Film Festival as the chief partner. "MOMO has been accompanying the growth of Pingyao Film Festival since the first year of Pingyao in 2017, and I am very grateful for their strong support," he said.

Pingyao International Film Festival was founded in 2017 and is held every year in Pingyao ancient city with a history of 2,700 years. The fifth Pingyao Film Exhibition will continue the program structure of the previous four film exhibitions, and still consist of four sections: film exhibition, industry, academia and education, in which the film exhibition section maintains the original five units of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Premiere, Retrospect and Starting from Shanxi.

The fifth Pingyao International Film Exhibition was officially opened.

The 5th Pingyao International Film Exhibition is officially open to the world, and the film collection time will last from now until August 10th, 2021. The registered films can be registered online by clicking on, the official website of Pingyao International Film Festival.

The 5th Pingyao International Film Exhibition will be held from October 12th to 19th in Pingyao Film Palace, located in the ancient city of Pingyao, Jinzhong, Shanxi Province, co-sponsored by Pingyao Film Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Film Academy of Shanxi Media College. On the basis of showing outstanding films from all over the world, Pingyao International Film Festival pays special attention to discovering and actively promoting outstanding works of young directors from emerging and developing countries, providing a platform for these films to speak out, aiming at enhancing exchanges among filmmakers from all over the world, so as to activate and prosper the creation of world films.

After being selected by Pingyao International Film Festival, the registered films will have the opportunity to be screened in the five official units of this film festival. Official units include Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which focuses on new international directors, Premiere, which shows important commercial films, noteworthy works, master works or selected films of major international film festivals, Retrospect, which plans and shows film classics with unique perspectives and academic value around special themes, and Starting from Shanxi, which aims to promote the development of Shanxi film industry.

The 5th Pingyao International Film ExhibitionGuidance notes for film registration

1. Before submitting the registration information, the film registration applicant must read and agree to the Articles of Association of the 5th Pingyao International Film Exhibition (downloaded from, official website).

2. Deadline for registration: 24:00 on August 10th, 2021.

3. Registration fee: RMB 350 yuan or USD 60 yuan.

4. Log in to, official website, enter the film registration page, fill in the registration form and pay the registration fee according to the instructions.

5. A drama, cartoon or documentary with a duration of 70 minutes or more.

6. To register films, it is necessary to ensure that the transformation of DCP (Digital Film Package) is completed before September 20, 2021, and the film exhibition does not accept other screening formats.

7. The registered film has not participated in any film activity, exhibition or release in Chinese mainland in any form or version; It has not been published on the internet.

8. The Organizing Committee will give priority to films that can be premiered in Pingyao Film Festival in the world, internationally or in Asia.

9. If the dialogue of the registered film is non-Chinese Putonghua or non-English, it must be accompanied by Chinese or English subtitles.

10. The sample of the registered film should be submitted in the form of online link, which can include the picture watermark; The submitted sample version can be a production version, but the film exhibition version must be an administrative approval version; If the applicant submits different versions of the same film for many times, the organizing Committee will take the version submitted by the applicant for the first time as the standard.

China’s manufacturing is not inferior to Europe and America. Why does Li Bin have the confidence to say that "Weilai Automobile will not reduce its price"?

As of January 2021, the market value of Weilai broke through the $90 billion mark. However, in the past few years, Weilai has experienced a series of setbacks and difficulties, such as a number of financing plans falling through, massive layoffs, the resignation of senior executives and the bottoming out of the company’s stock price. Today, Weilai has crossed the line of life and death and regained the favor of capital.

In Li Bin’s own words, it is: "We were actually beaten on the ground with a left fist and a right fist, and then we got up, and then we were beaten on the ground and got up again. But we stopped. "

At the beginning of 2020, Weilai Automobile, which just walked out of ICU, encountered greater challenges: Tesla cut prices and capital rushed to the new energy automobile market … … What is the magic weapon for Weilai Automobile? What is Li Bin’s "happiness trouble"? From "controversy" to "disappointing", how did Wei Lai do it?

Let’s go on to find the answer at 10: 20 on Saturday night, February 6, in the second program of CCTV Finance’s "Meeting Big Coffee" in the fifth season. 

Porsche factory can’t compare with Jianghuai factory?

Weilai Automobile uses its strength to explain that China manufacturing does not lose to Europe and America! 

In the fourth season "Meet Big Coffee" program, Li Bin was questioned by many people because of the phrase "Porsche factory is not as good as Jianghuai automobile factory".

In this episode, Li Bin specially took the host Shi Xiaonuo to visit the factory of Weilai Automobile in Hefei. The factory was originally a swamp, and it took only 20 months to complete from completion to production. Walking into the factory, you can see that the internal equipment is advanced and orderly.

Inside the factory, a series of honors won by Weilai Automobile are displayed: Weilai ES8 ranked first in the quality list of new energy vehicles in China released by J.D. Power in 2019, which has surpassed well-known automobile brands such as BMW and Tesla (this list comes from one of the most professional and authoritative market research companies in the world, and it is also one of the most authoritative lists in the automobile industry), and Weilai ES8 won the European Body Award, becoming the first high-end brand in China at the European Body Selection Conference & HELL. …

In Li Bin’s view, all these honors show that the manufacturing in China has reached a high level, and the spring of domestic electric vehicle brands has arrived.

Li Bin, the "commentator", specially explained the "Porsche": "I visited the Porsche factory more than 20 years ago, and I felt that there was a big gap between us and Europe … … Now, China manufacturing has really reached a very high level in many aspects. "

Tesla cut prices, Weilai sales rose,

Why does Li Bin have the confidence to say that "Weilai Automobile will not reduce its price"?

In 2020, new energy vehicles will have a rapid development, and new forces such as Tucki, Ideality and Weimar will make great efforts in succession, while Tesla, the leader in new energy vehicles, will reduce the price from more than 400,000 yuan to more than 200,000 yuan. Faced with all these challenges, Li Bin has a "happy worry": the production capacity of Weilai Automobile is not enough. Users have to wait for two months or more to buy a Weilai car. 

Li Bin said that in 2020, the sales volume of Weilai Automobile will double that of 2019, but the automobile supply chain is complex and involves many parts, so it will take some time to expand the production capacity. Li Bin, who has experienced many storms, said that he should be "steady".

The most interesting thing is Tesla’s price reduction. The first price reduction has an impact on Weilai’s sales. Later, the price reduction will increase the sales of Weilai Automobile.

Facing the "price attack" from rivals, Li Bin said that Weilai Automobile would not reduce its price, because he believed that the price reduction was an emotional injury to old users. "We should be grateful to the users who have chosen us and be kind to them. This is the bottom line of an enterprise, and the bottom line of each enterprise is not the same. "

Li Bin also said that a penny is worth a penny. "The price of eating tuna is definitely different from that of eating crucian carp." Li Bin prefers to spend more money on building and changing power stations and improving services for users, because "there will always be users in this world who will recognize your value, as long as you don’t make black-hearted money."

Weilai is praised by users as "Haidilao" in the automobile industry.

Li Bin only scored 50 points for Weilai’s user service … …

Owners who have bought Weilai cars are full of praise for the service of Weilai cars. There is feedback from the owner, which is the most difficult time for Weilai, and the service is not discounted. The industry once said that Weilai Automobile was the "sea fishing" of the automobile industry.

However, Li Bin himself only scored 50 points (out of 100) for the service level of Weilai Automobile. Because he feels that "satisfying users is Weilai’s purpose, not a means". On the road that is good for users and car owners, Weilai has no end.

At an internal staff meeting, he asked the staff confidentially, when Weilai Automobile was the most difficult in 2019, who was more determined to buy a car than the company employees? "We paid all the employees, but the owner bought our car, and once the company went wrong, he would suffer actual property losses." 

Li Bin said that what made him "very unhappy" was that so far, no salesman of a company had ever fought for greater benefits for customers in front of him. Li Bin, on the other hand, has long set an example and got along with the owners of Weilai as relatives.

Every day, he will log on to Weilai APP, give big red envelopes to car owners, and regularly attend meetings with riders to "listen to the most primitive and authentic voice in business logic".

What kind of experience is it to grow up with a brand?

Many car owners have gone through the process of fighting wits with their families before buying the Weilai car, but once they drive it, there are few regrets. There are also car owners who have bought two Weilai cars in a row and asked Li Bin: "Why is Weilai so attractive?"

Li Bin’s answer is warm and sincere: "Technological progress will bring emotional experience … … (Buy Weilai car), car owners are willing to watch it grow up. Now it is impossible to have a mature car brand, which will give car owners a chance to grow together with it, but Weilai can. You watch how it overcomes difficulties a little bit, watch it grow up, and even become a part of its growth. "

It is probably this sense of accomplishment and value that makes Weilai car owners make a lot of warm moves: on Weilai Auto Show Day, hundreds of car owners will be present as volunteers to help Weilai sell cars; When Weilai was in the most difficult time, the user did not abandon it, but actively helped Weilai sell the car and pulled it back from the cliff. 

Why does Li Bin think Weilai’s listing was "unsuccessful"?

In 2018, Weilai Automobile boarded the NYSE. When everyone cheered for Weilai’s listing, only Li Bin felt that the listing was not successful. He revealed in "Meeting Big Coffee": Weilai Automobile plans to raise 2 billion US dollars, only 1.1 billion in the end. The funds originally raised should be enough for Weilai to "burn" for two years, but now it is only enough for one year.

What makes Li Bin feel even worse is that on a public occasion, an American fund investor openly said that you are all liars. Compared with Li Bin’s successful listing in the United States with Easy Car Network last time, Li Bin felt that "an era is over". But even if the rhythm is disrupted, Li Bin’s confidence in starting a business remains as firm as ever.

Li Ning is the platform of Weilai bus.

Li Bin revealed his small goal: one third of the world has one.

This left-behind child who walked out of Dabie Mountain has started a tossing entrepreneurial life since he was admitted to Peking University by counterattack. He has experienced four ventures, making three companies listed.

In Li Bin’s view, every time he starts a business, he has his own difficulties, but he is basically not swayed by considerations of gain and loss, and always takes "how big something is" as his mantra. He said that he didn’t care much about the share price of Weilai Automobile, because his mood always followed that and he couldn’t continue to start a business.

At a NIO DAY of Weilai Automobile, Li Ning gladly "stood on the platform" for Weilai Automobile. As the founder of the national sports brand, Li Ning has a certain meaning of "appreciate each other" to Li Bin. Li Bin revealed the development direction of Weilai to Li Ning: "The market we are aiming at is the market of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi … … See if there is any chance to achieve one third of the world in five years. " Li Ning gave Wei Lai encouragement and shared his secret of starting a business: "Starting a business and living is a great victory."

Indeed, the road to entrepreneurship is not easy, with flowers and applause on the one hand and cliffs and failures on the other. For this venture, Li Bin has great dreams. For example, Weilai Automobile can compete with first-tier foreign brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, and at the same time, he has a calm mind: "Many people have asked me if I want to start a business. In fact, it is very simple. You have to think about it. What should you do if you fail? If you fail, you are still willing to do it, then do it. "

On the track of new energy vehicles, the road ahead is still full of unknowns and dangers. At the end of the program, Li Bin said that the only thing he could do was to "look forward and move forward" … … For more stories about Weilai Automobile, at 10: 20 on Saturday night, February 6, the second phase of "Meeting Big Coffee" broadcast by CCTV Financial Channel continued wonderfully.

The United Nations Security Council held its first meeting on artificial intelligence, and China put forward five principles of governance.

  UN Security Council Secretary-General Guterres called for the establishment of a global regulatory body to supervise artificial intelligence, in much the same way as other institutions supervise aviation, climate and nuclear energy. The proposed institution is composed of artificial intelligence experts, sharing their expertise with government and administrative agencies that may lack relevant technical knowledge.

  Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, pointed out that in order to seek technological hegemony and build exclusive circles, some developed countries maliciously obstruct the technological development of other countries with various excuses and actions and artificially create technological barriers, which China resolutely opposes.

  On July 18th, local time, the UN Security Council held a high-level public meeting with the theme of "Opportunities and risks brought by artificial intelligence to international peace and security". Antonio guterres, Secretary-General of the Security Council, called for the establishment of a global regulatory body to supervise this new technology.

  This is the first time that the Security Council has held a meeting on artificial intelligence. Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, put forward five principles on the governance of artificial intelligence: first, adhere to ethics first; second, adhere to safety and controllability; third, adhere to fairness and inclusiveness; fourth, adhere to openness and tolerance; and fifth, adhere to peaceful use.

  It is still far from reaching a legally binding resolution.

  On the same day, Guterres, Jack Clark, co-founder of Anthropic, an artificial intelligence startup, and Ceng Yi, a researcher at the Institute of Automation, China Academy of Sciences, gave a briefing.

  Guterres warned that artificial intelligence is playing a role in many fields, but it may also be used by malicious people, including using it for terrorism, inciting hatred and violence. He welcomed the call for the establishment of a new UN agency, saying it would help to maximize the role of artificial intelligence and better manage risks. He said that the artificial intelligence regulatory agency of the United Nations should standardize, supervise and enforce the rules of artificial intelligence, and the supervision method is roughly the same as that of other institutions in supervising aviation, climate and nuclear energy.

  At the meeting, diplomats and leading experts in the field of artificial intelligence explained to the Security Council the risks and threats of artificial intelligence technology, as well as its scientific and social benefits. They said that although the development speed of this technology is accelerating, there are still many unknowns. "It’s like making an engine without understanding the combustion principle." Clark said that private companies should not be the only creators and regulators of artificial intelligence.

  The body proposed by the Security Council is composed of experts in the field of artificial intelligence, who will share their expertise with government and administrative agencies that may lack technical knowledge to solve the threat of artificial intelligence.

  At present, it is still far from reaching a legally binding resolution on governance. However, most diplomats support the formulation of global governance mechanisms and international rules.

  James Cleverly, the British Foreign Secretary who presided over the meeting, said: "No country is immune from artificial intelligence, so we must involve the broadest alliance of international actors from all fields." Britain holds the rotating presidency of the Security Council this month.

  China: Oppose the use of artificial intelligence to seek military hegemony.

  Zhang Jun pointed out in his speech that artificial intelligence, as a "double-edged sword", is good or bad, good or evil, depending on how human beings use it, how to regulate it, and how to coordinate science, development and security. The international community should uphold the true spirit of multilateralism, conduct extensive dialogues, constantly build consensus, and explore the guiding principles for the governance of artificial intelligence. China supports the United Nations to play a central coordinating role in this regard, supports Secretary-General Guterres to convene in-depth discussions among all parties, and supports all countries, especially developing countries, to fully participate in and make contributions.

  Zhang Jun put forward five principles about artificial intelligence governance. First, adhere to ethics first. To ensure that artificial intelligence technology will always benefit mankind, we must take "people-oriented" and "intelligence for goodness" as the basic criteria to standardize the development direction of artificial intelligence and avoid this technology becoming a "runaway wild horse". On this basis, gradually establish and improve the artificial intelligence ethics, laws and regulations and policy system.

  The second is to adhere to safety and controllability. There are many uncertainties in the development and application of artificial intelligence related technologies, and safety is the bottom line that must be kept. The international community should strengthen risk awareness, establish an effective risk early warning and response mechanism, ensure that risks beyond human control do not occur, ensure that machines do not kill themselves, and ensure that humans have the ability to press the stop button at critical moments.

  Guterres said on the same day that the United Nations must reach a legally binding agreement before 2026 to ban the use of artificial intelligence in automated war weapons.

  The third is to adhere to fairness and inclusiveness. Zhang Jun said that developing countries’ equal access to and utilization of artificial intelligence technologies, products and services is essential to bridge the technological gap, digital gap and development gap between North and South. In order to seek hegemony in science and technology and build an exclusive circle, some developed countries maliciously obstruct the technological development of other countries with various excuses and actions and artificially create barriers to science and technology. China firmly opposes this.

  The fourth is to adhere to openness and tolerance. The development of science and technology should achieve a relative balance between promoting technological progress and ensuring safe application. The best way is to maintain open cooperation, encourage interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary, cross-regional and cross-border exchanges and dialogues, oppose various forms of "small courtyard walls" and "decoupling and breaking chains", and create an open, inclusive, fair and non-discriminatory environment for scientific and technological development.

  The fifth is to adhere to peaceful use. It is necessary to focus on tapping the potential of artificial intelligence in promoting sustainable development, promoting cross-disciplinary integration and innovation, and better empowering global development. The Security Council can deeply study the application and influence of artificial intelligence in conflict situations and take measures to enrich the United Nations peace toolbox. All countries should uphold a responsible national defense policy and oppose the use of artificial intelligence to seek military hegemony and undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other countries.

  Zhang Jun said that China adheres to the concept of the community of human destiny and has always participated in the global cooperation and governance of artificial intelligence with a highly responsible attitude, and has successively submitted two position papers on the military application and ethical governance of artificial intelligence on the UN platform. China is willing to work with the international community to actively implement global development initiatives, global security initiatives and global civilization initiatives in the field of artificial intelligence, adhere to development priorities, safeguard common security, promote cross-cultural exchanges and cooperation, join hands with countries to share artificial intelligence technological achievements, and jointly prevent and respond to risk challenges.

Han Songluo’s brand-new collection of short stories "Love Story in Late Spring" was published: becoming Han Songluo who wrote novels.

Reporter Qu Peng
Han Songluo’s brand-new collection of short stories in late spring, Love Story in Late Spring, was recently published by People’s Literature Publishing House. With the unique brushwork of the northwest land, it coldly observed and meticulously recorded its own stories of the times.
The six short stories in Love Story in Late Spring all revolve around "running away". Without exception, they all run away, looking for themselves or the future, or a running-away ceremony that has no purpose, no end and no answer, but must be completed.
In The Fish Tank and the Sunlight, the novel takes Li Zhiliang’s "running away" as the anchor point, and begins to exert its strength and spread outward: the low-frequency noise of the fish tank, the boredom of adolescence, and the conversation of psychologists … Finally, the ultimate fate of all people is running away, and the destination of running away is not going to prosperity or the city, but to the wilderness, madness and a long road with no return.
"Love Song for Remy Young" describes the musical memory of a generation in the 1990s. Teenagers who dream of Guangdong and small towns shrouded in prosperity, people who want to be famous and fearless. He focused on the fate of the little people. After several years, the music ensemble, can everything be the same?
In the Golden Age of Remy Young, the hero Remy Young is trapped in a dirty, chaotic and crowded family, and he is eager to break out of the shackles and build a beautiful new world. As a teacher, he entered the space of the other, which is also true and false, and also ushered in his golden age, because he investigated the students who impersonated the college entrance examination. However, after leaving the wilderness again and again, he was shocked that everyone was telling and confessing, spreading dark rumors to the world. Finally, with a sigh, return to his real world.
My Father’s House of Fantasies is a inner senses connected with the real world, which is constructed in fantastic imagination. The sudden disappearance of my father when I was young made the building he designed a fantastic space for me. With the mystery of my father’s disappearance, "I" kept searching until the appearance of "Xu Lihu", which made me find some clues …
The opening of Love Story in Late Spring is the return of Pu Yilin. Lin, who has been abducted for more than 20 years, "went home", and the joy he recovered, familiar and unfamiliar relatives and friends, guilt and hatred hung over the Pu family for an instant. After the ups and downs, mother Fengtai fell into endless assumptions: if he was shown the "White Pagoda" near his home, could he get it-his son never left home, so he didn’t have to accept everything in front of him in a hurry and panic?
"Lonely Hunter" is the twilight, when "she" dials the phone number randomly generated in her mind, her unstable mood and whispers with no fixed destination. Don’t cross the line, don’t trespass, just simply vent everything. When the "beep" sounds, I return to the scene and look around as if nothing had happened …
Han Songluo
Han Songluo was born in Xinjiang and lived in Gansu. His life for more than forty years has been based on the northwest land. He added new content to northwest writing by his own way of not sticking to traditional writing techniques and narrative skills. According to Zhang Yiwei, a writer, Han Songluo’s novels are "westerns" of China’s contemporary literature. Zhang Li, a professor at the College of Literature of Beijing Normal University, also said that Han Songluo’s writing is full of fantasy and deep sense of reality, with a distant, wild and chilly wind. He is an unforgettable writer who brings new temperament. Perhaps it is precisely because of his delicate and never lazy perception of the changes of the four seasons in the northwest and everything around him, spying, thinking and writing that his words and works were cast. "Not everyone has to sing the same song, he has his own movement", which is perhaps the best annotation for him. He lived and wrote as a shadow, dancing in the county town, Shan Ye and fantasy.
It has been nearly 20 years since Han Songluo began to write prose at the age of thirteen or fourteen and published his works in 1995. He is Han Songluo who writes columns, film reviews, music reviews and even lyrics, but he is always Han Songluo who writes prose. Han Songluo, who has written a column for eighteen years, returned to the road of novel creation after he had finished supporting his family, buying a house and obtaining financial resources. First came Night in Spring Mountain, then Love Story in Late Spring. He began to write for himself, not for anything else.
Writers Li Xiuwen and Han Songluo have been close friends for many years. He has been recommending Han Songluo’s novels to people. Those brilliant and gloomy, running away and returning, those "serial" traditions and wilderness characteristics, those mysterious pursuits and teachings under the stars have been constantly experimented and refined by Han Songluo, and finally formed a fascinating novel world. "Now, as a novelist, he has finally been seen by more people. As his friend and colleague, I am deeply proud.
Readers who are familiar with Han Songluo know that many of his works contain the word "spring". For him, "spring" is like a self-evident code word between him and words and readers. Han Songluo said that when he was young, it took great courage to say that he liked flowers. However, it is hard for people who have really lived in the northwest not to fall in love after truly feeling the spring. In the northwest, spring is the beginning of everything, and flowers are so important. Now he can finally speak out his longing for spring and his love for flowers, which is a great freedom and unspeakable happiness. Therefore, the main element of the cover design of Love Story in Late Spring is a hazy, gorgeous and blooming flower, which comes from the famous Spanish photographer Paula Codo?er.

"Security is no small matter": What should I do when the game encounters security problems?

On March 5, 2024, Tropic Haze, the author of NS simulator "Yuzu", announced that it had reached a settlement with Nintendo, paid 2.4 million US dollars in compensation, stopped the subsequent simulator development and operation, and closed related websites.

Although many players complain that they wouldn’t use the simulator if it weren’t for the poor performance of NS machines. However, with the increasing awareness of copyright of players today, almost no one will refute the fact that "cracking games is illegal". "Game safety" is not only related to game manufacturers, but also closely related to players.

Some players are worried that they will be liquidated by Nintendo after using Yuzu simulator.

In fact, "game security" occupies a very important position in the game industry, and both players and practitioners have to deal with it almost every day. However, people usually don’t discuss it much, because "game security" has certain technical barriers.

In China, game security is almost directly linked to big factories. Because of the high cost of the security team, only big factories have enough financial resources. Large factories can make adequate plans before safety accidents happen, but on the other hand, small and medium-sized factories and independent developers, which also occupy most positions in the industry, often find it difficult to make appropriate responses when faced with various safety problems.

To this end, we found a high-tech security service provider FairGuard, which focuses on game reinforcement and anti-plug-in, and jointly found some game security cases that are close to gamers and practitioners and exposed to the public, and analyzed them from a professional perspective. We hope to let the public fully understand the specific operation, function and significance of game security.

In the field of game security, the worst professional but most common case type is DDoS attack (distributed denial of service attack). Because of its characteristics, small and medium-sized manufacturers and independent developers are more vulnerable to such attacks.

For example, the mobile game "Lesonas" launched on February 29th this year was attacked by DDoS organized by ACCN. The game had to be delayed for 1 hour, and many players reported that the game was stuck on the first day. Every time they read a line, it took more than 10 seconds to get to the next sentence. The main means of ACCN is to ask the project team to pay the "protection fee", otherwise it will keep attacking. Coincidentally, a mobile game with 7 digits for users is also attacked by DDoS at the service node. If it is not solved in time, the losses caused are incalculable.

Whether there are too many players or they are attacked can be intuitively observed from the background data.

The basic principle of DDoS attack is that the attacker uses a large number of "broilers" (computers remotely controlled by hackers) to occupy the bandwidth or CPU of the game server. If the game server is compared to a hotel, it is like the hotel just opened, and suddenly a group of people came to the door of the hotel to block the door, so that normal diners could not squeeze in, or this group of people entered the hotel and occupied most of the tables, and kept asking the waiter to order, but the waiter could not drive them away, and other diners were also affected.

In order to improve the efficiency of making money, it is often the studio with clear division of labor (such as ACCN organization) that uses DDoS attacks for extortion. Some people will "find" the games to be launched, and record the volume, type and online time of the games. Others will launch attacks according to these records, and there may be a special group of people who will be responsible for contacting various game project teams to confirm the payment.

A "special person" responsible for collecting money

Of course, these behaviors are illegal, but it is difficult for the project team to trace the source and pursue the responsibility. First, the members of such organizations may not be in China, and the server IP address has been transferred several times; Second, attackers generally use virtual currency transactions such as Bitcoin.

Every year, there are a large number of announcements about developers being blackmailed by ACCN organizations on game platforms such as TapTap. Although some platforms and publishers will provide protection services, for developers, "I am not afraid of thieves stealing, but I am afraid of thieves remembering". Attacks that come from the dark and I don’t know when will always be a hidden danger.

From the perspective of technical protection, DDoS attacks are only a matter of money. The volume of the game is different, and the traffic of the attack will be different. After all, the attack also needs to cost. If this degree is not balanced, it is likely to be a loss-making business.

The cost of "broiler" is low, but the cost of preventing "broiler" is high. For example, if an attacker uses "broilers" to attack the game server with 200G of traffic, then the game project team may have to buy 200G of public cloud (such as Tencent Cloud and Alibaba Cloud) resources for protection. The former may cost only a few hundred yuan, while the latter needs tens of thousands of yuan.

Protection products on Tencent Cloud

Attackers often take the lower value of the two as the "protection fee", but the project team can’t guarantee that the other party is honest. If the attacker "steals well" and only collects the protection fee once, the project team can barely accept it; But if the other party thinks you are a "fat sheep", they will blackmail you again and again. Many times, the project team dare not gamble, but they have no money to buy special protection services, so they can only pay the money.

In this regard, the relatively professional advice is to enhance safety awareness. Some developers don’t have the concept of prevention, and they often make up for it after the incident. However, the profit lost after the first DDoS attack is more than the money spent on early protection, which is not worth the candle.

According to the experience summarized by professional security service providers, the low-cost method is that as long as the project team buys public cloud resources or corresponding protection services in the first month of online, there will be basically no more studios to launch DDoS attacks. Small games can directly solve the problems that may cause great losses by spending less money.

Compared with DDoS, most people may know more about plug-ins and pay more attention to the impact of plug-ins on their own game experience.

Some plug-ins can monitor or directly modify game files, which will cause serious damage to the game ecology. FPS games have always been the hardest hit area for black-and-gray attacks because of their high category popularity, high cheating income and data storage in the client.

For example, in the "fake match" incident of the professional team "Crossing the Firewire" last year, the team invited the anchor team to play against the professional players in an open environment, and speculated through subsequent offline battles and whitewashing. Players find that the plug-in used by the anchor team is extremely concealed. If it is not because of the complete victory over the professional players, it is difficult for people to think of using the plug-in. In related reports, this kind of hanging is also called "anchor customized hanging".

There are two characteristics of "anchor custom hanging", one is just the right function castration, and the other is the anti-detection means with external intervention. The former is to make the anchor "icing on the cake" in technology and provide good enough "effect" in the game. For example, the "lock" function can only be triggered when the enemy appears and the sight is close to the enemy’s body. It is difficult for the naked eye to tell whether this tiny moving trace is from the plug-in. As for the latter-teams that do "anchor customization" services often sell special equipment together with plug-ins and put them in the equipment, which makes the official detection methods fail to some extent.

From the point of view of protection, game manufacturers often get plug-in samples first, and use the similar identification code in the plug-in samples to carry out preventive testing in the player’s game. If an official identification code appears in the background data of a player, then the official has the right to take measures, and generally it will not be blocked by mistake. However, the identification code of the anchor custom hanging is separate, and this process naturally doesn’t work.

However, even if the player’s behavior is not detected by the conventional process, the official can make manual judgment, which is based on the background environment and some behavior data of the player-reporting is meaningful at this moment.

If a player receives a large number of reports from other players, the official will check his background environment and behavior data, and give him a risk rating according to the results of the inspection. There are many dimensions of rating, generally to see whether the memory has been modified or whether it is in an unconventional environment (such as a virtual machine).

The security team will send the high-risk player ID to the project team, and the project team will decide the specific measures to be taken later. Some players may be "big R", charging a lot of money, and the direct title may cause legal disputes. If the manufacturer fails to produce enough "objective evidence", there will be a greater probability of losing the lawsuit. Therefore, some manufacturers will turn a blind eye to "big R", and for players below "small R", they would rather kill by mistake than let go.

Compared with anchor customization, "script" is less harmful, but it also has a direct impact on the balance and life cycle of the game. Scripts often appear in role-playing, card and strategy games. From the perspective of protection, scripts are directly linked to the studio, and MMORPG with economic system is the hardest hit area of the studio.

The role of scripts is to efficiently collect in-game resources and realize the obtained resources. In the long run, when the resources in the game are collected too much, the resources will become cheap, and players will tend to find a studio to buy resources instead of "earning" resources through their own game labor. In order to reduce costs, scripts often run on virtual machines or in the cloud. A studio with more than a dozen people may open thousands of scripts at the same time. In other words, in fact, the script is "endless".

Another phenomenon derived from scripts and studios is the "initial number". Chen Shiliu, the technical director of FairGuard, talked to me about this: nowadays, the second tour often requires players to exchange growth resources or roles through repeated work in the game. However, after the game has been in operation for one or two years, it is difficult for newcomers with self-built numbers to catch up with the progress of the game, and it is a common choice to buy "initial numbers" from the studio.

For example, on August 30, 2022, Nexon, the international service operator of Blue Archives, permanently banned 280,000 initial numbers, including not only those in the studio, but also many that have already flowed into the hands of players. This has caused "inflammation" among the players-players have taken lessons in the game and continued to play for a while, but after the manufacturer banned it, they did not provide compensation measures. Players will naturally question: Why didn’t the manufacturer deal with this violation immediately, but it took some time to deal with it?

Nexon has issued a ban announcement.

Chen Shiliu told me that this is because the script does not modify the game memory data, but is just a fixed "simulated click", brushing the trumpet and licking the wool. Therefore, the security team needs to proceed from the risk situation of the equipment and combine the behavior judgment of the player after boarding the number. For example, players need to touch several fixed positions on the screen when doing daily work in a mobile game, but the time and operation logic of manual operation and script opening are different. In the case of background protection, the background will immediately detect the abnormal behavior of players and prompt that there is script risk. However, unlike FPS’s "anchor customization", the connection of the second tour is often "weak connection", and this behavior of hanging scripts and brushing resources cannot be reported. Game manufacturers can only observe it for a long time and regularly "one pot".

"One pot" means lag, so it is difficult to consider whether there are players in the account playing normally and whether there is recharge behavior. It is worth noting that while the players are "on fire", there are also many examples of the game rising due to the reduction of studios.

In Japan, the origin of the "initial number", many manufacturers have acquiesced in the existence of the initial number and formed a "symbiotic" relationship with the studio during their long "Yan Shang" career. Some games may be small in size and lack of newcomers, and the initial number even plays a role in saving some channels and announcing costs for developers. As long as it doesn’t directly affect the experience of other players, some developers will tolerate some behaviors that slightly modify the game memory, such as "variable speed hanging".

Other manufacturers adopt the attitude of "people don’t lift, officials don’t investigate". For example, the "ACT" plug-in of MMORPG Final Fantasy 14, if the player only uses its "damage monitoring" and "mechanism broadcasting" functions, the official will not take the initiative to intervene. After all, this plug-in has really improved the player’s game experience. But in principle, the game is not allowed to use plug-ins. If you take the corresponding test data to "police" other players, it will be officially banned.

"Police" Plug-in in Final Fantasy 14

Generally speaking, whether it is a plug-in or not, it is necessary to analyze the specific situation. For players, as long as the game is played according to the normal process, it will definitely not be banned. In this process, manufacturers need to reflect on whether their game design and version planning are unreasonable, and whether players must rely on some kind of soft plug-in (script) to get a good experience? If this is the case, it is not surprising that after the manufacturers take measures to crack down, they are "burned".

Strictly speaking, modifying the plug-in of game memory is also a part of cracking, but there are many more serious cases of cracking, and in the field of game security, anti-cracking is also the most important part.

In cracking, the most typical case is Legend. In the early years, "Legend" was cracked, and the source code was leaked. Some people deleted the source code with ulterior motives and added their own servers, which became a private server. In the field of black ash production, when a game is cracked, the cracked results will inevitably spread like a virus. When private servers can generate huge benefits, many people will ignore the law and start taking risks.

Under normal circumstances, game developers need to find the copyright party to request authorization to make genuine products. Private servers are like "tax evasion", which saves the step of paying money to the copyright party. There are many benefits in private servers, so there are fewer players playing genuine ones and the losses caused are incalculable.

Li Lei, marketing director of FairGuard, said that there are at least 20 billion industrial chains in the "Legend" mobile games, which are being attacked every year, but they just can’t be beaten.

A small game cracking platform

Of course, "Legend" is because the code leaked and cracked too early, and there will be a situation of private servers. A more common "crack" is to make paid games available for free. This has also brought a series of chain problems: after some small games with in-house purchases are cracked, they will be sold online at low prices, causing losses to developers and operators; Embedding some programs in the installation package, collecting personal information of players during installation, and then selling the information for profit; Implanting illegal advertisements in the original internal purchase part to achieve the effect of imitating genuine products and making money; What’s more, it will adopt a "subscription system" to make profits systematically, far exceeding the bottom line that game security can tolerate.

However, there are fewer cases of cracking the whole game, while there are more cases of cracking encrypted resources. For example, the pictures, audio, text and other contents in the game are all "game resources". Before the game goes online, these resources need to be packaged and encrypted. Generally, the encryption methods of game manufacturers are relatively low, so they have to entrust a third party to further encrypt.

Li Lei mentioned that in recent years, the demand for content-based secondary games has suddenly increased. On the one hand, because the art cost of Second Tour is getting higher and higher, art resources have become one of the most important project assets, accounting for the bulk of the project cost. Once the art resources are cracked, it is very likely that there will be competing products with simpler playing framework but similar art content in the market soon-in the legal sense, the criteria for judging plagiarism and skinning of games are still strict, and developers may realize that competing products have cracked their own art resources, but it is difficult to find tangible evidence.

On the other hand, the cracking of resources means "spoiler", which will affect the ecology of the game community to a certain extent and may indirectly interfere with the version planning of the operators. For example, a second tour puts the character resources to be sold into the game in advance, which is cracked in advance and spread in relevant communities. This character will gradually lose its appeal to players in the information flow, resulting in a decrease in profit.

Li Lei highlighted the resource leakage incident of "Girl Frontline 2: Chasing and Releasing" last year, that is, the "Mrs. Raymond" incident. This resource leakage directly led to the subsequent public opinion outbreak, so that the developer scattered the network and lost the trust of the players. From the point of view of protection, it is inconceivable that with the size of "less than the top 2", there are security problems in game resources.

Last October, the unpacked content of Little Top 2 was everywhere on the Internet.

Li Lei said: "Generally, medium and large-scale games will contact professional companies to do encryption work six months before the start of testing. PvE or relatively’ stand-alone’ mobile games need to prevent situations like’ less top 2′, and PvP games should consider whether the cracked resources will be used to make plug-ins."

In fact, once the popular game resources are leaked, they will be spread quickly and widely. Although this behavior is illegal, it is difficult for game companies to hold the disseminators accountable. At this stage, what developers should do is to keep an eye on whether their project resources are used for sale or further malicious use to prevent the loss from expanding.

In the process of communication, we always mention a problem: some small manufacturers or independent developers easily ignore security issues, or have relevant knowledge, but lack experience in dealing with them. Although large and medium-sized factories have accumulated more or less relevant experience in the development process, they will sometimes "stumble" when faced with the rapid change and increasingly rampant black ash production.

In fact, whether it is reality or games, security has always been a big problem. As a developer, what you should do is to make a good plan in advance as far as possible to avoid problems and then find ways to solve them.

The so-called plan, buying "outsourcing services" from professional teams is an option, but not all. Developers should consider some design logic when making games: will it be used by criminals? Can you do some verification work from the server to improve the intrusion threshold of cracking and plug-in? In fact, these jobs don’t cost too much, but are more about ideas and "intentions". On this basis, if something goes wrong, we can avoid more losses to some extent by looking for a security team to deal with it.

For developers, such concepts and "intentions" are particularly important. If there is an excellent game, because the developer lacks security awareness, he doesn’t even know how to deal with the most basic DDoS attack problem when he goes online, which makes a team’s efforts for several years go up in smoke. This is not only the personal loss of the developer, but also the loss of the game industry.