WANDA CINEMAS’s most important project premiered this year, and "Three Battalions" entered the New Year’s Eve file.

enter12After mid-June, the competition for lunar new year’s eve stalls has intensified, and the film "Three Battalions" will also be released on12moon15Day in.The film "Three Battalions" is produced by Chen Sicheng, directed by Dai Mo, written by Zhang Ji, and starring Zhang Yi. It tells the story that the three battalions led by Cheng Bing were imprisoned for accidentally causing the death of the suspect when they detected a vicious case. After being released from prison, Cheng Bing led the members of the three battalions to pursue the murderer and finally arrested the murderer.

Recently, The Three Battalions held its premiere in Beijing. This is the fourth time this year that Zhang Yi has met the audience in the cinema as the leading role after "Man Jiang Hong", "Knife Point" and "Priceless Treasure".

Zhang Yi plays Cheng Bing, the captain of the Third Brigade of Criminal Investigation in the movie "Three Brigade". Zhang Yi thinks that the ups and downs of fate and the growth on the way to chase the murderer are the most attractive parts of this story. Although Zhang Yi only appeared as the leading actor in the cast list, according to the screenwriter Zhang Ji, Zhang Yi participated in designing the details of several scenes. For example, in the original plot design, the master Lao Zhang, played by Yang Xinming, died of overwork and illness, but Zhang Yi thought that the first half of the plot needed ups and downs, so the death of Lao Zhang in the final film was related to the pursuit of the murderer.

Poster of the movie "Three Battalions"

And "ups and downs" is not exactly the same as "dramatization". Zhang Ji once worked as a screenwriter for realistic films such as "Chinese Partner", "Dear" and Leap, and won the Best Screenwriter Award in the 33rd Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award with Leap. Zhang Ji said at the premiere that in the process of creating Three Battalions, he, producer Chen Sicheng and director Dai Mo all hoped that the film would present a more simple and grounded texture.

Chen Sicheng directed the detective chinatown series, and participated in the Sheep Without A Shepherd series and The Lost Woman as a producer and producer. These films also make Chen Sicheng deeply bound with labels such as "commercial films" and "reverse cool articles". Dai Mo, the director of "Three Battalions", once directed the film "manslaughter 2"",and" detective chinatown "online drama of the same name. Dramatization is the commonality of Chen Sicheng and Daimo’s previous works, but Zhang Ji thinks: "They are determined to return to the original." Zhang Ji revealed that in his original script, he chose Looking Back and Heart in Action as the interludes of the film. He thought that the film might need more genre and some sensational parts, but Chen Sicheng finally chose a more down-to-earth version of Young Men’s Ambition.

The film "Three Battalions" is adapted from the documentary literary work "Please tell the director that the task of the three battalions has been completed". The article was published in "Netease Human Studio" in 2018. In the comment area of the article, the most popular message is that the theme of the article is suitable for adaptation into a movie. In 2019, "Netease Human Studio" said that it officially signed a contract with Wanda Pictures, and Wanda Pictures exclusively obtained the film and television copyright of this article.

Poster of the movie "Three Battalions"

The Third Battalion is also one of the few master control projects in WANDA CINEMAS this year. Although WANDA CINEMAS turned a profit from net profit in the first half of the year, the income from cinema screening accounted for over 60%, while the income from film production, distribution and related businesses was only 202 million yuan, accounting for less than 3% of the total revenue. According to public information, WANDA CINEMAS participated in Wandering Earth 2 in the first three quarters."Space Exploration Editorial Department", "Enthusiasm", "Put all your eggs in one basket", "Volunteer Army: Attack by Xiongbing" and "Rescue the Suspect" and other projects, but only as one of the joint producers. The cumulative box office of WANDA CINEMAS’s project "Countdown Love You" is only2637.0Ten thousand yuan, WANDA CINEMAS’s dilemma in the content section can be seen. "Three Battalions" can be said to be the most important master control project in WANDA CINEMAS this year, and it is also the key project of WANDA CINEMAS’s revenue in the content section this year.

In addition, on December 6,WANDA CINEMAS announced that its indirect controlling shareholder, Beijing Wanda Cultural Industry Group Co., Ltd., its wholly-owned subsidiary, Beijing Hengrun Enterprise Management Development Co., Ltd., and its actual controller, Wang Jianlin, intend to transfer 51% equity of its controlling shareholder, Beijing Wanda Investment Co., Ltd., to Shanghai Ruyi Investment Management Co., Ltd. And inThis year 7June, Shanghai Confucianism has been to22.62Buy Beijing Wanda Investment at a price of 100 million yuan.49% of the shares, through the form of indirect holding shares in WANDA CINEMAS. If this transaction is completed, the control right of WANDA CINEMAS Company will change. The "Three Battalions" is the first master control project released after WANDA CINEMAS announced this news, which will not only directly affect the revenue of WANDA CINEMAS, but also to a certain extent.Shanghai Confucianism has an influence.

Shanghai Taobao Film Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., which belongs to Alibaba Pictures, is also one of the producers of Three Battalions. Before the premiere, the film "Three Battalions" appeared in the list of films to be shown announced by Ali Pictures at this year’s Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, and onceAppeared as the closing film of the domestic new film exhibition of Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival.. In addition, the "Three Brigade" has been in December.2Day and12mooneightTwo rounds of screening will be launched on the 20 th, and the third round of national screening will also be held in12moon11SolsticeOpen on the 14th.

As of December12The total box office of screening and pre-sale of "Three Battalions" exceeded.More than 78 million yuan, Lighthouse Professional Edition wants to see more than 160,000 people..On the same day as The Three Battalions, there was also The God of Dogs directed by luc besson, whose reputation in Douban is slightly better than The Three Battalions, but the number of people who want to see it is slightly lower. Detective Conan: The Fish Shadow of Black Iron and Furious Tide starring Nick Cheung and Ehan Juan will also be released on December 16th. It remains to be seen whether the Three Battalions can break through the tight encirclement.


Wen Jian’s second test is coming! On the Multiple Growth Points of China Mobile Games (0302.HK) from "The Sword World"

On December 15th, the "Sword Quest" test of "World of the Sword" started on time. Behind the reservation of official website exceeding 2.38 million, the combination of high-quality IP content and various real gameplay experiences may help "World of the Sword" become an excellent long-term operation product.

As the first multi-terminal test in China, Guofeng Xianxia’s open world game, with the second test of "Fairy Sword World", we may wish to further explore the logic of this product. What’s the significance for the Chinese mobile game with "Fairy Sword World"?

1. Upgrade and optimize the "Ask Sword" test, and give the answer with gameplay content and experience.

After the initial test, the project team of "Fairy Sword World" made in-depth optimization according to the feedback and suggestions of the players. After 148 days of hard work, some of the 115 items were optimized and added in stages.

Whether it is the brand-new map scene of the game and the detailed quality of the picture, or the new exploration gameplay and combat mechanism, it has been completely improved compared with the first test.

On the one hand, judging from the officially released version quality comparison report video, Fairy Sword World reconstructs the classic scene of Fairy Sword with high-definition technology, and adds the design of wind field effect, weather system, real-time physical light and shadow, which makes the scene and character model in the game more real and natural on the seamless map of 384 square kilometers, greatly improving the player’s sense of game experience.

On the other hand, the unique maze gameplay, the copy gameplay of "Cave in the Earth", the "Hidden Lai" which is one of the multiplayer social gameplay, the "Enchanted gameplay" which is exclusive to the Fairy Sword World, and the single multiplayer mode further enhance the player’s gaming experience. For example, the brand-new "smart mode" of single-player coexistence allows players to seamlessly switch between single-player mode and multi-player mode.

Different from most open-world games in the market with secondary elements and European and American themes, "Fairy Sword World" is based on the IP of Fairy Sword and Chivalrous Man. It is the first open-world game with the theme of national wind and Chivalrous Man, providing players with immersive content experience and free world exploration and interaction.

This product is a brand-new story based on the story of Xian Jian, which fully shows China’s spiritual core and humanistic feelings. Some market participants believe that "Fairy Sword World" is a heavyweight new work that completes the last puzzle in the fairy sword IP content matrix.

Behind more than 2.38 million reserved users and rich and diverse content settings, it can be seen that "Fairy Sword World" is undoubtedly a competitive new travel product. It is reported that at present, "Fairy Sword World" has started testing on PC, mobile phone and cloud game, and VR/MR version and host version will be launched in the future. A huge fan base is expected to contribute well to Chinese mobile games after the official launch of "Fairy Sword World". The next step is just to wait for its value to be realized.

2. A variety of new tours are ready to go, and the global layout creates multiple growth points.

However, for game companies, a single product and a single market cannot support their long-term sustainable development. This is because the game market and players’ needs are constantly changing. If game companies only rely on one product or one market, it is difficult to meet the needs of players and cope with the changes in the market.

Therefore, only by constantly introducing new products and expanding new markets can we meet the different needs of players and expand more market share, at the same time, we can enhance our core competitiveness and consolidate our market position.

In this regard, relying on rich game reserves, China Mobile Games has formed a complete new tour online plan to create a new engine for diversified performance growth.

Looking back on 2023, Ultraman Gathering, Swallowing the Starry Sky, My Royal Sword Diary, legend of sword and fairy’s Sword-wielding Quest and Master the World were launched one after another, and the file-not-deleted test of National Street Basket, a competitive end-game tour with no numerical value, was officially scheduled for December 29th.

In the layout of sea business, All-Star atrix, legend of sword and fairy’s Sword Quest, Biography of Cao Cao in the New Three Kingdoms, and True Warriors in the Three Kingdoms have also been launched in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, and Europe and the United States.

Extending the perspective, China Mobile Games will launch a number of new tour products in the domestic and overseas markets in the past two years, covering action role-playing, simulation management, card strategy and other game types.

With the rich product reserves entering the intensive release period, China Mobile Games is expected to attract more players and users, improve brand awareness and stickiness, and is expected to drive the growth of China Mobile Games and drive the release of company value.

In the domestic market, in addition to The Fairy Sword World, Douro Continent: Shrek College, Management Life of Country Love, Fighting against the Sky: The Summit, Douro Continent Reversing Time and Space, and Daily Life of Chat Groups have all obtained domestic editions, and entered the final stage of pre-launch testing, and are expected to be launched gradually in 2024.

In overseas markets, it is expected that in 2024, Soul Street: Born King, Apocalypse Action, Douluo Mainland: Shrek College, DreamWorks: Guardian of the Moon, Fighting against the Sky: The Peak, and The Biography of Cao Cao in the New Three Kingdoms will be launched in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. "True Three Kingdoms Warriors" was launched in Japan; "Code: DreamWorks All-Star" was launched in Europe and America.

Zhang Yijun, the first vice chairman of China Audio-visual and Digital Publishing Association, said at the just-concluded "2023 Game Growth Trend Forum": "Small games are gradually becoming an important field of game industry development because of their advantages such as more accurate distribution, higher user conversion rate, lower research and development cost and wide application of scenarios."

It is reported that the layout of mobile games in China has been over two years, except for nine games, such as The Legend of the Fantasy, The Gunman of the Whole People: The King of the Border, The Legend of the Sword of Kyushu, The Master of the World, etc. In 2024, there were nearly 20 well-known games, such as Swallowing the Starry Sky, The Legend of the New Shooting Carving Heroes, and The Husband-in-law.

3. Summary

From the perspective of the industry, the recent third quarterly report of the game industry clearly shows that under the background of the normalization of the current game version number, the acceleration of overseas distribution, and the reduction of costs and efficiency of AI technology, high-quality companies with rich product reserves, strong self-research strength, complete online plans and high praise from players will take the lead in welcoming the double repair cycle of valuation and performance.

From the "Fairy Sword World", which has attracted much attention from the market, to the new tour products that will be launched intensively, the diversified IP game ecosystem of Chinese mobile games may have given the answer.

The 5th World Archaeological Forum was held in Shanghai.

Author: Wenxuan

On December 15th, the opening ceremony of the 5th World Archaeological Forum Shanghai was held in Shanghai. Li Qun, Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism and Director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Gao Xiang, President of China Academy of Social Sciences, and Gong Zheng, Mayor of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government attended and spoke.

Li Qun pointed out that the China municipal government attaches great importance to the work of cultural relics, actively promotes the high-quality development of China archaeology in the new era, constantly strengthens policy support, innovates development mode, and sets up the working idea of "grand archaeology", and is willing to exchange and learn from each other and share achievements and experiences with international counterparts on the road of building archaeology with Chinese characteristics, China style and China style. He said that in the face of climate change, the common challenge of all mankind, it is necessary to provide historical reference for the sustainable development of mankind through the unique perspective of archaeology. China’s State Administration of Cultural Heritage will actively support the research on ancient environmental changes and the relationship between man and land, learn from the past and make joint efforts to protect the common earth home of all mankind. Archaeological circles in China will further open up archaeological projects, conduct civilized exchanges and dialogues, and make China contributions to the prosperity of the world’s civilized gardens. We are willing to join hands with our international counterparts, implement the global civilization initiative, earnestly fulfill our international responsibilities, actively share the experience and technology in dealing with climate change, and contribute to the protection of the common cultural heritage of mankind.

Gong Zheng said that Shanghai insists on promoting high-quality development with high-level protection, getting inspiration and nutrients from the evolution of human civilization, and promoting the modernization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Gao Xiang said that the World Archaeological Forum is committed to innovation and cooperation, and China archaeology should constantly bring new impetus and new opportunities to the world archaeology with new development.

The theme of this forum is "Climate Change Archaeology and Social Sustainable Development". The forum awarded the lifetime achievement award of the 5th World Archaeological Forum to Professor Yan Wenming of Peking University, and awarded the major field archaeological discovery award of the 5th World Archaeological Forum and the major archaeological research achievement award of the World Archaeological Forum.

Relevant comrades from China Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Institute of Archaeology of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage, Shanghai Research Institute and Shanghai University, and more than 200 experts and scholars from more than 40 countries attended the meeting.

Li Qun also investigated Fuquanshan Site and Songze Site Museum, and the relevant departments of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and responsible comrades of the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage participated in the investigation.

Editor: Yang Yapeng and Yan Menglin

Audit: Xu Xiuli 

Producer: Li Xueliang

The "God of War" in Nordic Mythology, Analysis on the Style of GW E Series of world of tanks

Recently, the holiday action of "world of tanks" is in full swing, and many captains have gained a lot of favorite advanced tanks and 3D styles from the holiday action activities, among which the 3D style "Tyre" of self-propelled artillery GWE series is highly praised by players. The cool and domineering shape has made many captains fondle admiringly, and they are also very curious about the story behind the 3D style of this tank.

The god of war in Norse mythology, the god who mastered the power of thunder.

Compared with the unfamiliar "Tyre", I believe that the conductor is more familiar with the name "Thor". Yes, he is the famous god of war, the god in charge of war and agriculture in Nordic mythology. Armed with the hammer of Thor, he can defeat any opponent in the battlefield. Even among the gods in Nordic mythology, there are only a handful of gods who can fight with Tyre, so the name "Tyre" also represents absolute strength and aggression!

The output monster in the battlefield, the absolute attack of "Thor’s Hammer"

The setting of Nordic mythology also influenced the later Germanic areas. Because the 21 cm Mrser 18 used at that time was the largest caliber field gun, the design of "caliber is truth" made it become the "Thor’s Hammer" in the battlefield at that time. It is worth mentioning that the 21cm Mrser 18 is also the main gun used in the GWE series, so it is not surprising that this tank has a "Tyre" 3D style.

GW E’s 3D style "Tyre" adopts the design of "Geely Clothing" which is very popular among military fans. Hanging cloth strips around the tank can effectively cover the sharp edges and corners of the tank, making it difficult to be found in the jungle and other places. The 3D style of "Tyre" also adds two accessories with historical background to GW E. MG42 machine gun and LG40 recoilless gun are important equipment carried by special forces or airborne troops in the mountains in history, and the infantry is gradually advanced through close fire support.

Although GW E series does not have the precision of the 261 project and the single-shot damage of T92, this tank has a very balanced property and a steady and continuous output. By using this 3D style in the game, the captains can not only appreciate the heavy sense of history of this 3D style, but also experience the powerful comprehensive performance of GW E series!

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The longest war launched by the United States will be lost in this way!

The first war launched by the United States in the 21st century, the longest war launched by the United States so far, is about to lose.
Of course, Americans will certainly argue: Who said I lost? We signed a peace agreement and left peacefully.
On the surface, it is. After 19 years of bloody war, the United States and the Taliban shook hands and made peace. On the afternoon of February 29th, the United States and the Taliban signed a peace agreement in Qatar.
A historic agreement.
But in the 19 years of bloody war, as the only superpower in the world, the United States paid the lives of 2,400 young soldiers, resulting in more than 20,000 soldiers being disabled, and the war cost more than 750 billion US dollars. In the end, the Taliban did not collapse, but also controlled most of Afghanistan, and now it is going to make a comeback. On the contrary, the United States will withdraw its troops.
Who won? Who lost?
But the United States is more helpless.
The 19-year war has increasingly proved that Afghanistan is a big quagmire.
Keep fighting, America can’t defeat the Taliban.
Even if there are more advanced drones and more powerful cruise missiles, Americans are at a loss in the face of the Taliban hiding in the mountains.
Advanced weapons have a price, and American soldiers are more expensive, but the Taliban just can’t kill them. On the contrary, they have increased their counterattack against the United States. In the past 2019, dozens of American soldiers were killed, which is the biggest casualty of the United States in Afghanistan for many years.
Not to mention one 19 years, that is, several 19 years, Americans can’t win.
Besides, for Americans, what if they win? Can you send troops to stay in Afghanistan? That’s a sitting duck waiting to die.
The United States has long wanted to withdraw, but it has been unable to withdraw.
Desperately withdraw, where to put your face. Moreover, the Taliban did not give Americans a good face at all.
Originally, in September last year, the United States had held nine rounds of negotiations with the Taliban and could sign a peace agreement immediately.
But in September of that year, the Taliban launched another attack, and another American soldier was killed. This is trampling on the American red line. Trump suddenly became angry: Stop talking!
Americans want to get back more chips that are not on the negotiating table.
The United States is going to fight again, but the Taliban there are even worse: Americans, you must regret it even more.
In the next few months, the two sides fought again. But what makes Americans helpless is that the indiscriminate bombing of the Taliban did not work. On the contrary, the Bagram Air Force Base, the largest military base in Afghanistan, was attacked by the Taliban.
In January this year, although the United States and Iran were at loggerheads, the United States suffered the most, especially in Afghanistan. The Taliban killed many more American soldiers.
Even if you are impulsive and take risks again, Trump should have a set of accounts.
The red line of Americans has become a dotted line, and everything in face is secondary after all. In the end, let’s talk about it.
So, on the last day of February 2020, the United States and the Taliban signed a peace agreement.
For Americans, the lesson is painful.
Originally, there was no suspense in this war. One side is the only superpower in the world, and the other side is just a guerrilla regime. Moreover, at that time, the United States stood at the moral high ground and avenged the September 11 incident. Whoever sheltered bin Laden was the enemy.
The Taliban didn’t understand the situation at the time.
According to the tradition of Afghan tribes, bin Laden and Al Qaeda are their guests, and guests cannot be expelled. So he flatly refused to hand over bin Laden. As a result, the angry Bush administration launched a war against Afghanistan.
It was really devastating at first. In the winter of 2001, the Taliban was expelled from Kabul. However, the United States never imagined that the war had just begun, and it would take 19 years to fight.
Also in 2001, I went to Afghanistan and started my first battlefield career. Among them, it is bitter and sweet, and it is a long story.
American nightmare seems doomed from the beginning. At that time, in Kabul, the city was in the hands of the United States and allied forces, but in the surrounding mountains, it was the Taliban camp.
The fierceness of the mountain people really makes people gasp in admiration. Afghans are proud to tell me,This is the tomb of empires. They have defeated two empires: the British Empire and the Soviet Union, and will definitely defeat the third empire-the United States.
Of course, the Taliban itself has been criticized by the international community, such as extremely conservative religious ideas, especially the imprisonment of women, and the extreme behavior of destroying the Bamiyan Buddha.
But Afghanistan is Afghanistan, and the Taliban is the Taliban. The Taliban has the support of the bottom people and its superior guerrilla warfare ability, which makes the United States have to accept the reality.
After signing the peace agreement, Trump also lamented at the White House:The Taliban is a great warrior, a great warrior. If you don’t believe it, just ask the Soviets …
The United States is clapping its hands to withdraw, but for Afghanistan and the whole pattern of Central Asia, it means a new blood shed.
After all, in Kabul, there is the Afghan regime supported by Americans. How can the Taliban and the Ghani regime get along?
This is reminiscent of the tragedy after the withdrawal of the Soviet Union.
Najibullah was the leader of the Afghan puppet regime supported by the Soviet Union at that time. After the withdrawal of the Soviet Union, the resistance immediately attacked Kabul, and najibullah’s regime collapsed. He himself had to take refuge in the United Nations office.
The resistance was polite at least, but the Taliban, which rose later, was not polite at all.
On September 27th, 1996, Taliban soldiers who invaded Kabul finally found najibullah. According to what people in Kabul told me at that time, the poor former leader was executed in an insulting way. His mouth was stuffed with money, his genitals were cut off, and then he was shot dead at random. After his death, his body was hung on the lamppost in the city square for a long time …
The cruel execution of najibullah also showed the world the horror of the Taliban.
After 19 years, the Taliban will definitely enter Kabul again.
Finally, don’t say much. Recently, the focus of the world is not Afghanistan. Just like Trump’s press conference, reporters asked several questions about Afghanistan, and more about the spread of Covid-19.
The Americans are going to run away, and the life and death of the Afghans are also neglected by the Americans.
Some regrets:
First, no matter how powerful the empire is, it also has its own weaknesses.
Weapons are very important, but the United States, which has the most advanced weapons in the world, launched a 19-year war and paid 2400 lives, but still failed to defeat the Taliban. In this world, the wicked have their own grinding. Seeing a photo of the Taliban, a westerner commented: They never learn English, but they teach more than 40 countries a lesson!
Second, a war is over, but blood shed is coming.
Just as the Soviet Union withdrew its troops in those years, then the guerrillas captured Kabul, and then there was a more bitter civil war. How does the powerful Taliban divide power with the Kabul regime? What will happen to those Afghans who have worked with Americans? Americans have left a mess and a new blood shed.
Third, the people are the most miserable.
We went to Afghanistan in 2001, when Kabul airport was destroyed, and we landed at Bagram Air Force Base. On the road to Kabul, there is a wilderness full of mines, and there are still the wreckage of destroyed tanks and artillery on the roadside. Seeing the people fleeing in panic, there is really a deep sadness:Better be a peaceful dog than a stray.This is really the cry of the ancients.
We really don’t live in a peaceful world, but we are fortunate to live in a peaceful country.
Although we are now in another war without smoke, at least we have seen the dawn of victory.
Still cherish the present and cherish peace!